It’s Just Business

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Steve and Karen were sales reps for an industrial equipment manufacturer. This weekend they were going out of town to make a sales presentation, and late Friday afternoon Steve received a phone call from the hotel they had booked rooms at. Apparently the hotel had overbooked and now instead of having two rooms available for Karen and himself, there was only one room available, but it did have two beds. Steve put the hotel employee on hold and called Karen. She didn’t have any problem sharing a room if he didn’t, and there was no sense in going through the hassle of finding another hotel this late, so Steve let the hotel know they would take the room.

Steve and Karen had worked together for several years, they were pretty good friends. Steve was openly gay, so he didn’t anticipate any problems with them sharing a room for the weekend. Steve and Karen’s plane got in a little late so by the time they got to the hotel they had just enough time to grab a bite to eat, and head up to their room. Steve and Karen were pretty comfortable around each other, so Karen changed into a beat up old football jersey and climbed into bed. Steve went shirtless, with some old running shorts, and turned in as well.

Two hours later, around 1AM, Steve heard a thud. Apparently Karen had moved around in her sleep and knocked something off the nightstand. Steve groggily looked over to see it was the clock radio. Steve was just about to go back to sleep when he noticed that he had a massive hard-on, and it was clearly visible through the sheet he had over him. Right then he heard Karen yawn. Steve quickly sat up and scrunched the sheet up over his crotch to hide his swollen member.

Karen rolled over to face him and said, “Hey you’re up.”

Steve was desperately trying to hide his erection as Escort Büyükçekmece he said, “Uh yeah.”

Karen sat up and threw the sheet off of herself revealing that she was totally naked. “Karen!” Steve exclaimed.

“What,” Karen said puzzled.

“Uh…you don’t have any clothes on.”

Karen gave him a oh c’mon look. “Dude you supposed to be gay aren’t you, what’s the big deal?”

Karen got up, went into the bathroom, filled a glass with water, then came back and sat next to Steve on his bed “I sleep in the nude all the time, besides it’s fucking hot in here.” Karen started talking to Steve about the sales pitch they were going to have to put on tomorrow, but for Steve it was going in one ear and out the other. Steve’s cock was still hard. Not just hard really hard, and his back was starting to hurt sitting up trying to conceal it. It got to be too much for Steve so he kind of shifted himself to get more comfortable, but he dropped the sheet in the process.

“Holy Shit!” Karen exclaimed. “Dude that is one big fucking dick.”

“Karen!” Steve was clearly embarrassed at his co-worker seeing him like this.

“What…you’re the one that’s gay dude, not me…Shit!!! I didn’t know you were fucking hung like that.”

Steve started stammering, “I..uh.”

“Look we have a big day tomorrow, you have to relax, roll over on your stomach.” Karen ordered.

Karen started to give Steve a back massage to help him relax. “Damn you’re tense dude, loosen up.” Karen observed.

Steve shut his eyes and started to relax a bit. “There, that’s better.” said Karen.

“Wow, you’re really good at this.” Steve complimented.

Karen had taken a few massage therapy classes, so she actually did know what Çatalca escort she was doing. Steve was really enjoying the massage when Karen leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “Turn over.” Steve rolled over on his back to reveal that he was still just as hard as before. “Looks like you’re still pretty worked up” said Karen.

Steve looked down at his rigid penis. “Oh….well I guess…” Karen grabbed Steve’s shaft and bent down towards it. Steve was shocked at her movement. “Karen!!! what are you doing?”

Karen looked up at him. “You get blowjobs from guys don’t you?”

Steve started stammering. “Well yeah…but.”

Karen gave him a push in the chest “So what’s the difference…Just lie back and shut the fuck up.”

Karen took Steve’s cock in her mouth and started sucking. Steve was enjoying it, Karen could tell that much from his soft moaning and the way his hips were gyrating. Karen was beginning to notice that even though she was giving her friend some pretty good head, if she did say so herself, poor Steve hadn’t cum yet.

“Dude, what’s up?” Karen asked Steve as he looked up at her with a frustrated expression.

“I don’t know…I just can’t….ugggh I just can’t cum!!!”

Karen put her head on Steve’s shoulder. “Oh you poor baby….Look you need to relax, so I have to do this.” Karen climbed on top of Steve and straddled him.

“Karen I don’t….”

“Shhh, look we have a big day tomorrow, you can’t be tense.”

Karen guided Steve’s penis inside her. “Ooooh Goddamn!!!” Karen said out loud as Steve’s swollen sex organ filled her. “You are hard as a rock.” Karen didn’t waste any time with foreplay, she was bouncing on Steve’s cock like a wild woman. She grabbed Steve’s chest to give her the Esenler escort bayan leverage to slide up and down on his massive pole, but as hard as she was riding him she still hadn’t felt Steve cum. Soon Karen felt herself orgasm. As soon as the waves of pleasure subsided, she lifted herself off of Steve and his still hard penis slid out of her. “You still didn’t cum.” Karen asked.

Steve fell back on the bed and put both hands over his face. “Fuuck…I just can’t..I don’t know what’s wrong.”

Karen felt sorry for her friend. “Don’t worry honey, I have one more thing I can try.” Karen got up and started fumbling through her suitcase.

Steve was lying on his bed, his dick was throbbing between his legs. It was so hard it actually hurt. “Ugggh I need to shoot this fucking load!!!” Steve screamed out loud.

“Don’t worry baby I’ll take care of you.” said Karen.

Steve looked up at Karen. “What the fuck.” he said out loud.

Karen had produced a strap-on dildo from her luggage, and was standing there with a giant black cock dangling between her legs. “Don’t just stand there looking at me like an idiot gay boy, get your ass in position.” Karen ordered.

Steve jumped up onto all fours and Karen positioned herself behind him. Karen inserted the sex toy into Steve’s ass and he immediately let out a loud moan. She only slid it in about three more times before Steve’s body tensed up. Karen looked down between his legs to see ropes of cum shooting from his dick. It almost looked like he was peeing cum. Steve was frozen on his hands and knees as

Karen crawled up on the bed beside him and put her arm around his shoulder. She looked down at the giant puddle of sperm pooled beneath his finally deflating cock. “Daaaaamn dude, that’s a lot of fucking cum.”

Steve looked over at her and started to laugh. “Yeah.”

Karen slipped the strap-on off, tossed it across the room and said “Dude, the hotel’s gonna be pissed, you better clean that shit up.”

Karen stood up, gave Steve a pat on the butt, walked over, climbed into her bed, and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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