Holiday Vibrations

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The vibrating panties had been her new husband’s idea. This was the first time they were hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner. Amy was nervous about having Jordan’s parents, his two brothers and their wives. He was the youngest and she knew his mother was still mourning him being out of her nest.

He’d come up to her that morning and handed her a wrapped box with a bow. The surprise had distracted her from the panic attack that she was in the midst of. Once she opened the box, she was confused. Was that a small ice pack attached to the crotch? Because honestly… some mornings after their vigorous lovemaking…some comfort in that area might be a good idea…

“Put them on.” He’d said with a wicked glint in his eye. “I’ll go and finish the vacuuming.

She turned to question him… but he was gone.

Already starting to fret about what needed to be done before the first guest arrived – who she feared would be his mother – she slipped into the panties, then finished dressing. She had decided on a semi-casual skirt. Feminine and flowy, she liked the way it swirled when she moved. The ease of movement would relax her. Drawing a comfortable v-neck sweater over her head she walked over to the bathroom to put up her hair.

She had a bobby-pin in her mouth and her hands in her hair when the first vibration hit. The hair pin clattered into the sink as her jaw dropped open and her hands went down to clutch the counter.

Her startled eyes caught sight of her husband in the mirror, leaning against the doorframe of the bedroom, his hand resting in his pant’s pocket. She turned to stare at him as he brought the small remote out in his hand, aimed it and pressed something. Another strong vibration hit her… causing her to close her eyes as the wave of sensation washed over her

She looked up at him again… caught between amazement, arousal and alarm. “You can NOT do that to me all day!” She blushed crimson red at the idea of her knees going weak with sexual vibrations while she was dealing with his family.

He crossed the distance between them with a caring look on this face… and a lustful glint in his eye.

“That was ‘High’. I won’t use that in public. But think of it as a way for me to … comfort you? At least distract you today – even if I can’t be beside you the whole time.” He was kissing her neck and face as he talked, which any other day would have distracted her directly back to their bed.

She pushed him back to arms length. “I don’t know.”

He put his hand back in his pocket and this time the vibration was far less. Just a soft buzzing. It was still very enjoyable. It brought a smile to her face

“All right.” She leaned in and kissed him hard. “But right now we have to get moving! There is still SO much to do…”

He shook his head as she grabbed the pins and finished doing up her hair as she walked, listing chores and preparations to be done the entire time. He did understand that it was important to her that the evening go well. He was also aware of how stressful dealing with his family could be. After all, he’d been at it a lot longer than she had. He patted his pants pocket, then adjusted himself and grinned. He was confident he could make the day better for both of them.


She was going to check the pies for the third time when the buzzing began between her legs and radiated both up to her belly and down to her knees. She clutched at the counter and gave a small moan. All right – that was going to have to stop. The soft vibrations that she enjoyed through the morning had kept her smiling as she worked, but she could hardly start moaning in the midst of the event. She put her oven gloves down and walked out the kitchen door towards the front of the house to find that husband of hers… And found instead that the first relatives had arrived.

“There she is.” Her husband grinned at her, winked, then continued to welcome relatives in. “It seems they’ve all arrived at once, hun.”

He stood helping his sister-in-law Janice out of her coat. The other, Helen, was already peering out of the hall to inspect the house. Amy was glad that her teenage niece and nephew had opted to stay at home. The small house was already feeling crowded.

She shot Jordan a split second glare that no one else saw, then walked forward to give hugs and general greetings. The brothers, Beylikdüzü escort Jim and Jeff, entered moments later, bearing wine.

“Mom and Dad have just pulled up – we may as well just give the tour once.” He added.

Moments later she was standing with his father, whom she had greeted warmly, waiting for his mother to release him from the longest “I’ve missed you” hug she had ever seen. Frank’s patience lapsed before hers.

“Let him go, Emily.” He said. “We’re here all afternoon – and you’ve talked all week about wanting to see their new house.”

The mother broke the hug as if nothing had been said, walked over to Amy smiling, hugged her briefly and began to look past the hallway into the living room.

The tour quickly broke into two groups at the top of the stairs. Jordon, his father and his eldest brother Jim, barely broke stride as each room was named and waved at. They rapidly disappeared back down the stairs. Amy ended up standing at the doorway of each room, with her second brother-in-law Jeff, as Emily, Janice and Helen walked through each room, checked the view from each window and asked – in each room – what was going to be changed “once they were settled”.

At the door of the spare bedroom, she distracted herself by giving Jeff a sideways-glance. She did not like to stereotype based on gender, and yet she did not remember him voicing any previous interest in interior design. He seemed quite pleased and relaxed, leaning against the door jam with his hands in his pockets.

“So, this will be the nursery?” Emily asked. Amy’s mouth dropped open, partially due to shock and partially due to the medium strength vibrating that had suddenly started between her legs. She blushed pink and was saved when her sister-in-law Helen gently chided the matriarch of the family about the fact that they were just newlywed and that they were not even the next in line to provide grandchildren, at which point Emily’s eyes locked on Jeff – who promptly straightened up and headed down the stairs to safety. Amy, who was looking into the room, saw a secretly pleased smile pass over Janice’s face.

As they passed the living room, Amy stuck her head in to make sure Jordan had offered everyone beverages. He smiled at her and she felt the now familiar buzzing match the glint in his eyes. Shooting him a look of half gratitude and half irritation, she gave her head a subtle shake to try and signal “enough”. However, not moments after she rejoined the women, who were inspecting each table setting of her good dishes, she was gripping the back of a dining room chair to keep her knees from buckling as a stronger wave hit her. She was only partially coherent as Janice asked if she could use the upstairs bathroom.

“Of course.” She smiled, happy for the distraction. “Please, let me know if you need anything.”

Jordan had the intelligence to appear at the end of the tour – which finished in the kitchen at the rear of the house. He came up behind her and put his arms around her – which relieved the irritation but also made her self-conscious around his mother.

“I’ll help Amy get the food to the table. You two had better get out there and keep Dad and Jim’s latest debate from over-heating.” He suggested.

As soon as the swinging door closed behind his mother, Jordan moved his mouth along Amy’s neck and his hands began to massage her breasts. She turned in his arms and poured every ounce of built-up passion she had been repressing into a kiss. 1…2… 3.. Amy counted to 10 inside her head and then stepped back. Jordan opened up his mouth to protest…

“Dinner. Your family is out there waiting for their dinner!” she reminded him.

Several emotions passed over Jordan’s face in quick succession. Amy got the impression that he would happily give out the name of the nearest restaurant and show his family the door. He clawed his hands through his hair and took a deep breath.

“All right. What can I do to help?” he asked.

“Could you check on Janice upstairs and see if she needs anything? I’m worried she’s not feeling well. I think she might be pregnant!”

“I don’t think so, she asked for a glass of wine when I was taking drink orders. Besides – Jeff went up to check on her.”

Amy nodded absently while checking pots and getting out serving bowls. Part of her was a little sorry Beyoğlu escort bayan that she didn’t know a special family secret – and that there wasn’t a new baby on the way. She liked babies, she just didn’t want to have one. Strange, since Janice certainly had a glow about her.

The vibrating began between her legs again. She spun around with a full bowl of mash potatoes in her hands to glare at her grinning helpmate.

“Here”. She handed Jordan the heavy bowl. ” I will just have to keep your hands occupied.” She pointed to the dining room and returned to preparing the feast for serving.


When the last main course dish had been served, Amy could finally relax. She smiled as she remembered how Jordan had matched soft vibrations with his favorable tasting noises through-out dinner: “Mmmmmm” She cherished the fact that she had earned a compliment from Emily on her recipe for French-cut beans. She was surrounded by satisfied people.

Everyone had helped to clear the table and the family was enjoying another glass of wine before dessert. Leaning back with her nearly full wine glass, she allowed herself to finally relax. She began to pay some attention to the discussions

occurring around the table.

Her father-in-law and Jim had evidentially been going around over the modern definition of a good husband. When you joined the family, it was explained to you that Frank and Jim lived to antagonize each other and it was best to pay them little heed and, especially, to avoid encouraging one over the other. It was also understood that these debates continued until Emily said “James!” – at which point the topic was dropped.

With a light buzz beginning from the wine, she listened to first one then the other man make points about the proper role of a husband and her mind began to form counter-points and retorts. She struggled to remember that these two would purposefully say inflammatory things to push each other’s buttons (and those of their audience).

She leaned forward to make a comment, then leaned back as she thought better of it. As she did she felt a deliberate vibration between her legs. Across the table, she noticed that Janice’s mouth also snapped shut, swallowing her words and then gave Jeff an intent look. Jeff strangely, seemed to have been watching her.

She looked over at Jordon, who was smiling back at her. The vibrations began to come in short, gentle waves. With the majority of the day finished – and a success – she allowed herself to change the angle of her hips under the table and really enjoy the sensations her naughty husband was sending her. She concentrated solely on the role of the man in HER life.

She stared over her wine glass at him and allowed her arousal to show in her eyes. She trusted that the alcohol would be blamed for the flush rising on her cheeks. The debate at the other end of the table was intensifying. She played a game with herself and clenched her sex muscles every time the speaker changed. Ignoring what they were actually saying, the conversation was getting so heated that her vagina was almost spasming to keep up. The vibrations on her clit mixed with her relief and celebratory mood were combining to make her extremely wet and ready… she was getting close… she let Jordon see it in her eyes…

“Amy and I will get dessert!” Jordon announced, maybe a little loudly, but it seemed as if he was raising his voice to carry over the din. He and Amy rapidly pushed back their chairs and nearly collided in their rush to get through the swinging kitchen door.

Before the door shut completely, they heard the family signal:

“James!” The distraction of the debate was over.

She deftly flicked the heat off oven so that the pies would just warm and not burn. Then she braced herself against the counter by the sink. Jordon knew this position well. It was how she began rewarding him for washing the dishes.

Jordon dropped to his knees on the linoleum, pushed her skirt up to her waist and buried his nose in her crotch. She whimpered at the additional pressure… she was so sensitive, so ready. He inhaled reverently and grinned up at her.

“I’ve wanted to do this all afternoon.” He admitted. “Knowing you were walking around wet… I don’t remember anything anyone has said to me today. Every sip I took…” he ran Escort Bomonti his tongue along the sopping edge of her panties “I imagined sampling your juice instead.”

“Jordan” she gasped out. “Hurry.” She nearly ripped at the panties in her haste and they flew halfway across the floor as she kicked them free. She spun and bent over the sink with her hot, flushed, soaking pussy displayed and begged him with eyes, voice and body to take her – join her in the release that they were both desperate for.

He swiftly undid his belt, opened his fly and dropped his pants to his knees. Pulling his swollen cock out of the confining briefs, he ran it smoothly across her dripping valley. She shuddered.

“Please, please, please…” She could do nothing but beg. Her body felt on fire. Hours of arousal had pushed her need to an urgent level.

He placed just the head against her hole and she cried out. Wild eyed, she looked around, grabbed at a pot holder and clamped her mouth down on it to contain her screams.

With a swift movement of his hips, Jordan buried his shaft in her all the way to his balls. Amy screamed into her gag. Her hips moved back against him almost immediately, her body greedy for more. He pulled out and slammed in again. She hung tight to the edge of the sink as the acute spikes of sensation made her dizzy.

“Amy” he moaned, plunging over and over, increasing his speed with each stroke while plumbing her to the limit each time. The high pitched noises increased as Amy leaned farther over the sink, opening for him, changing the angle to increase their satisfaction. Balancing on her chest, she reached between her legs to stroke her swollen, tender clit. Once… twice… thrice…

Amy’s head flew back and her scream of joy at the long sought for orgasm reverberated through her whole body. Jordon kept up this pounding, pushing her to keep the waves of release crashing over her. He held his pace for a few more thrusts… then he too let the tension that had built in his thighs and groin explode up his cock and burst into his waiting, accepting bride.

They hung as if suspended in space for a few haggard breaths, then collapsed in a heap on the floor, leaning exhausted against the cupboards.

The kitchen door swung in and Amy had a split second to pull her skirt down over both of them. The speed of the move caused her discomfort due to interrupting her state of perfect satisfaction. Whichever relative was about to appear was not going to get the best Christmas present.

Jeff grinned at his little brother and then deliberately stared at the floor.

“Jeff. Get out!” Jordan growled.

“Consider it payback for 2005, brat” he said. “Oh, and next time I give you some brotherly advice – don’t buy EXACTLY the same model as I own. Janice has been receiving cross signals all afternoon. You have until Christmas to get a different model. Those things are as bad as baby monitors for picking up nearby signals. Not that I’m THAT upset. Put it this way – Janice and I are going to offer to do the dishes and you are going to LET us. Now – don’t glare at me – I did you a favour. It was Mother who was wondering what was keeping you.”

Amy’s face had been flaming red with embarrassment – until the full realization of what he was saying dawned on her. She suddenly paled to sheet white at the thought of her mother-in-law entering the kitchen and seeing her in such a position.

Cracking a huge grin, Jeff swung back into the dining room saying loudly “They are just whipping the cream!”

Jordon sighed and banged his head lightly against the cabinet doors. He hugged Amy close.

“We did buy the instant whip cream, right?”

Amy slowly turned her face towards Jordan, not even sure which emotion to lead with, so many were warring inside her.

In a brilliant move of self-preservation, Jeff took her face in his hands and kissed her – soundly, yet affectionately.

“I love you.” He said. “I am so proud to have you as my wife.”

Wrung out from the roller coaster of emotions, her eyes teared slightly and she kissed him back tenderly.

“I love you too.”

She laughed – it was the best option. She hugged him close and then found her feet and quickly smoothed her skirt and re-pinned her hair. Grabbing the instant whip cream from the fridge, she quickly adorned the pies and stacked them on trays as Jordan readied the ice cream and dishes.

As they prepared to return to the room full of family, she turned to him with a mischievous, yet certain, expression on her face and tucked something into his pants pocket.

“Dear – when we have my family at Christmas, it’s your turn to wear the panties.”

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