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It was difficult to explain to people who did not understand; sometimes Amy didn’t understand it herself. She was twenty-two years old, happily married to a man who gave her all he could, the sex was good but she couldn’t get enough. Amy had always been easily aroused and from a very young age she had discovered the art of self- satisfaction. She would lie for hours, naked in her room under the covers, exploring her vagina, inserting her fingers and anything else she could find which she could push up into her young pussy. Over the years Amy taught herself many different ways of arousing herself and keep herself aroused for hours, perhaps now and again a quick rub on her clit or pulling her panties up in between her pussy lips and ass cheeks would keep her wet and wanting until she could find somewhere private to strip off her panties, squat down and plunge her fingers into her sopping cunt.

Amy dated numerous boys, some of whom had to be led by the cock and shown step by step how to push their adolescent erections up into her pleasure pot. She found that by dating the older boys she didn’t have to tutor her lovers and she could concentrate on getting well and truly laid. At one stage, before Amy met her husband, she had taken on three guys at the same time. It had been fantastic; all three had given her a good reaming. It was the first time she had taken a cock in her ass. She had often pushed her anti-perspirent can up into her rectum, it was the same size and shape as an erect phallus and she had made herself cum explosively while sliding the hard bulbous shape into her anus while furiously agitating her erect clit with her fingers.

That night on the field with the three guys was different however, Amy had taken them individually into her ass and had cum each time one of them blew his sticky load up inside her wide-spread anus. The climax of the evening was when she sat on the one stiff pole, bent forward and spread her ass cheeks for the second guy to press his thick, purple head against her tight, puckered ring. Slowly, relaxing. She pressed back against his hardness and gasped as the thick meaty tube slid easily into her sphincter. It didn’t take long before the heat of her twin holes had the two of them pumping furiously in and out of her slippery entrances.

Amy took the third young man in her mouth and sucked on his large rod, cupping his balls, she could feel the oncoming explosion of semen as he tensed his ass, thrust his cock to the back of her throat and ejaculated a thick stream of sticky semen into her throat. As he came Amy felt the other two cocks throb and she leaned back to take them both deeply inside her. Both cocks began spurting hot jets of sperm into Amy at the same time and she let go and allowed her orgasm to take her. The shafts inside her slippery holes splashed her insides with deliciously warm liquid, shot after shot was deposited into her gaping depths and her pussy and ass contracted around the intruders, milking them of their delicious loads.

That night Amy had gone home with semen dripping from both her holes, she worn no underwear and she relived the orgasms in her mind as she felt their seed dribbling down her inner thighs. It was the most memorable fuck she had ever had and she often fantasized about it during sex with her husband as well as during her many masturbation sessions. Amy could just not get enough, she was always ready for sex, she thought about it constantly. She realized that it was bad when she had an orgasm shaving her pussy one day. Amy always shaved her pussy, smooth and sensitive, Escort Başakşehir just how she liked it. She hardly ever wore panties under her knee length cotton skirts; she preferred the sensation of the tiny gusts of wind licking at her exposed sex as she walked. There was the additional thrill of knowing that her naked slit was available for a quick fingering should she get the chance.

Amy loved to walk in the Mall, watching other people, fantasizing about them, getting herself worked up and dripping, her nipples hard and erect against her shirt. A seat at the back of the coffee shop guaranteed her a bit of privacy under the table where her hand would slip up between her parted thighs and stroke the soft space between her puffy cunt lips. Sometimes she would continue stroking herself under the table when the waitress came to take her order. Amy would look the girl in the eye and order a chocolate chip muffin as she pushed her long middle digit into her tightly closed vulva. It gave her such a thrill to stimulate her inner pussy while the people at the next table continued unaware of what she was doing. Sometimes Amy would lift her skirt and spread her thighs, opening her cunt wide, knowing that the long cloths over the tables hid her wet slit from the gaze of the fifty year old dude across from her.

As she grew older Amy’s life became a never ending striving for orgasm. She never grew tired of it, her husband tried to keep up but couldn’t and he would often help Amy to masturbate to orgasm once or twice before pushing his thick cock up inside her, that way there was a chance that he may satisfy her. During the day when Amy’s husband was at work she would often walk around the house naked or do some gardening wearing only a thin cotton vest and running shorts. She knew that the men going by could see the perfect outline of her pert tits as she moved. Amy would deliberately bend forward with her ass toward them and part her thighs “for balance.” The view of her firm ass cheeks spread apart by the shorts and the soft flesh of her smooth outer lips peeping out from the rim of the crotch drove them mad but at the same time made her pussy drool.

After such episodes Amy would have to look for some kind of relief from her sexual tension. At times her fingers would bring her to a fast climax but at times it took a lot more to satisfy Amy’s craving to cum. After walking in from the garden Amy would strip naked, pushing her hand down between her legs, feeling her wet lips sucking on her fingers, all the while searching for something to bring her relief. At times Amy would start the spin cycle of her washing machine, lift one leg and place it on top of the machine and parting her lips with her fingers, place her cunt slit along the edge of the lid of the machine. The vibrations would roughly stimulate Amy’s clit where it pressed against the rounded edge and tease the tight openings of her pussy and anus as she pressed firmly against the hardness. Her orgasms were always explosive, sending waves of electric trills deep into Amy’s cunt. She would feel the contracting muscles of her pussy and ass and once she came so wildly that she released a stream of warm liquid squirting down the side of her washing machine. Amy was amazed, she never thought that she could ejaculate and had on numerous occasions tried to do it again but had failed.

One afternoon Amy was relaxing on the porch outside, wearing very little as usual when a courier van pulled up. She knew she had not ordered anything by courier so she Bayrampaşa escort assumed that it must be for her husband. Amy watch intently as a man fetched a large parcel from the back of the van and strode up to where she sat. It did not take him long to notice Amy’s figure and that very little covered it. He seemed to be having trouble keeping his eyes off the space between Amy’s legs. She was sitting with her knees up, cross-legged and the thin strip of fabric between her legs had pulled up between her ample lips, parting them and at the same time exposing them on either side. Amy knew he could see her cunt lips but she was more intrigued with the parcel and she discovered that it was addressed to her, strange.

Amy signed for the parcel, watched the van leave and went inside to see what it was that had been sent to her. Intrigued, she opened the envelope that came with the parcel and read the note inside. It was from her husband and said:

“Hope it can keep up with you, I can’t. Enjoy it with all my love.”

Amy was now very curious to know what the present was. She carefully opened the box, on the top was an instruction manual and when she saw the picture on the front she knew exactly what it was and she smiled. It was an electro mechanical masturbator. Amy had wanted one for ages and had shown her hubby one in a magazine one day, jokingly telling him that she would love to ride one. The machine comprised of an electric motor with a remote speed control, which, through a system of pulleys drove a flywheel, which, in turn, drove a piston, which could be set to different stroke depths. On the end of the piston could be fixed any assortment of female fuck toys, from dildos to, well, pretty much anything.

Amy was so excited; she briefly skimmed through the list of rudimentary tools she would need to assemble the new toy. Jumping up she hastily returned with the necessary assistance and set about assembling the machine, step by easy step. After an hour Amy sat back and admired her handiwork. Once assembled the machine looked rather strange, but not unappealing. Amy had read in the instructions that a variety of heads were supplied with the unit but that various other heads were available for purchase.

At the bottom of the box Amy found a velvet bag with a drawstring. When she opened it and tipped it out she discovered an assortment of tips to fit onto the piston of the machine. Some were latex and others silicon but judging by their shape they had one common purpose, to be inserted into various body cavities. There were some that had knobblies on that looked like off road motorbike tyres, others were smooth, all different lengths and thicknesses. The one that Amy fancied most was a long thick artificial cock with a big set of balls, behind the balls was a threaded hole where the piston screwed into. Amy took all of the toys and went and gave them a good wash, feeling each one as she soaped them up well, imagining each one sliding into her tight holes.

It wasn’t long before Amy felt the familiar stirring of her clit as it swelled up between her lips. Running her fingers over the slippery dildos was really turning her on. She had hoped to wait for her hubby to return before trying out her new toy but she knew by the slippery feeling between her legs that she would not be able to hold out.

Drying each dildo carefully, Amy went back to where she had left her machine. She knelt down and screwed on the artificial cock. Once more reading through the instructions she carefully adjusted Beşiktaş escort bayan the height setting and, using the remote, switched it on. The little motor whirred and the piston began to move back and forth. Amy stared mesmerized at the silicon cock pumping back and forth as if connected to an invisible man. Her cunt contracted and she felt her panties getting wet as she knelt with her legs apart next to the machine. With a few deft movements Amy removed her shorts and panties and was sitting in front of the machine with the cock pumping back and forth towards her. Pressing the remote, she stopped the piston and by turning the flywheel set the piston to its maximum length. Lying back, Amy now positioned herself closer to the large head of her new friend, spreading her legs as she moved in until the tip of the gadget touched her pussy lips and she reached down and opened her vagina with her fingers, exposing her wet entrance. Amy took hold of the shaft of the dildo and guided it into her cunt. She sighed as the head pressed past the ring of her entrance and slid up into her. By moving herself forward she slowly impaled herself on the thick dildo until she felt the head press against her uterus.

Amy knew that that would be the deepest the dildo could be thrust up into her and with shaking fingers she pressed the “start” button on the remote. The little motor whirred again and Amy almost screamed. The firm shaft of the dildo suddenly began to pull out of Amy’s pussy, the shaft and head were much larger than her hubby’s and it was a shock when her soft inner walls were suddenly assaulted by the wonderful friction. Just as the head was about to pop out of her pussy the piston changed direction and pushed the silicone dick back into her. Fumbling with the remote, Amy slowed the speed down until the cock was being inserted and withdrawn at a tantalizing pace. It felt incredible.

Slowly, as Amy got used to the action of the dildo and her inner pussy grew accustomed to the size, so she shifted slightly, making the dildo touch her where it felt good. Her cunt was beginning to leak juices profusely and she could feel warm wetness run down between the cheeks of her ass. Lifting her knees slightly, Amy opened herself up more to the rhythmic thrusts of the dildo. Before she knew it her knees were fully elevated and she had reached between her thighs and was holding her lips open with her fingers. With the controller in her one hand, Amy controlled the speed of the thrusts to suit her ever-increasing arousal. The thick shaft was pumping in and out of her at a mean rate now and Amy could feel the rumblings of an approaching orgasm. Biting her lip, she reached down with her hand and probed with her finger for her tight little rectum. She teased the hole, made slippery by her own juices.

Amy moaned out loud as slight pressure was enough to slip her finger into the sensitive opening. She increased the speed of the machines thrusts into her cunt and arched her back as the first wave of her orgasm hit her and she heard squishy noises coming from between her legs. The sensation of her orgasm became one long explosive convulsion as her inner muscles closed around the thick silicon dildo and her probing finger. Amy grunted and lifted her knees against her tits, trying to make the machine stab deeper into her open pussy.

It was difficult to concentrate to slow the piston down as her orgasm subsided, her whole body convulsed as the dildo continued rubbing against her, now, supersensitive pussy. Between her legs it was a mess, her pussy juices had run everywhere. The pumping shaft had come out of her pussy dripping wet each time and her tight opening had made sure that they remained outside, with the result her crotch was a sticky mess. Amy could only smile as she looked around and her eye caught the other attachments for her toy, the possibilities were endless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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