Grandpa Has A Big Dick 03

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Big Tits

Grandpa Has A Big Dick 03

By: DickThePimp

Fake… Fantasy… Fiction… Mature Sex Shenanigans With Tons Of Cum… And Big Old Dicks

“You see that old dude over there?”


“Going to the bathroom.” The bartender points over to the old, fat dude walking into the restroom.


“He’s been mackin’ on Penny and Sarah all night. They’ve been giggling and smiling and all over him. I don’t know how the old dude does it.”

“Don’t read too much into it, dude. Sarah and Penny want big tips. They’re just flirting for them.”

“Maybe. But… Hey.”

The bartender gives me a pretty clear, “you never know” look as he cleans a beer mug.

Sarah is my girlfriend. Penny is her best friend and fellow waitress at the bar ‘n grill. They’re both hot as all fuck. Sarah’s got huge natural tits. She’s tall with long, dark-brown hair. She’s a former college track athlete.

Penny’s got long, blonde hair. Trim and fit, but curvy at the same time. 32C boobs. One of the best asses ever. Yeah… like I said… they’re both hot as all fuck.

I don’t pay any attention to the old, fat dude and his flirting with my chick and Penny. Customers flirt with them all the time. It’s an every day thing.

I walk over to a booth where my sister Gina is sitting, and I slide in to talk to her. She and her friends are out, having a few drinks.

Meanwhile… in the men’s restroom…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Pee, pee, pee, big fella. Ha. Brrrrrrrrrr.” The old guy shivers as he pisses at a urinal.

All of a sudden, Penny walks in and locks the door. She sneaks up behind the old guy and covers his mouth from behind, giving him a, Shhh motion with her finger to her lips.

“HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!” Penny defeats the purpose of that though when she gets a peek at the old dude’s pissing sausage. It’s gigantic. I mean MASSIVE. And… it’s still soft. Even his huge beer belly and fat legs can’t overshadow it. That thing is fucking enormous.

Penny quickly covers her mouth with both hands as the old guy laughs… still pissing.

“How… How big is that thing?” She whispers. Her eyes almost popping out of her head. Her jaw dropped in awe.

“Uhh… I haven’t measured it soft, but I’d say 11 inches long and about six inches in girth… or so.” He grins wide. Very-proud of his 70 year-old dick.

“JESUS!!!” Penny quickly covers her mouth again.

“You ever suck one this big before?… And drink the piss?” The huge, horny old bastard goes for broke. He figures he’s built up enough good will with Penny so far this evening that he can risk it.

“Ummm… I’ve sucked Sarah’s boyfriend’s dick. He’s got a fourteen-inch one. But yours is almost as big as his… and it’s still soft. My God!… And, yeah… I’ve drank piss before. It’s actually a big turn-on for me. I love being a naughty slut… for the right guy.” Penny giggles and playfully-winks at the old dude. He’s still fucking pissing.

“Well…” The old dude reaches over and grabs Penny’s 32Cs through her tight, yellow and red waitress uniform and squeezes them with his extra-large old hands. Dude has huge hands. I guess that’s the same as the big feet thing. Ha. “I sure hope that I’m the right guy then.” The old guy smirks. Right at Penny. Very-confident and direct.

Penny moans blissfully and sucks on her quivering bottom Avrupa yakası escort bayan lip as the very-fat old dude mauls her sexy tits with those huge hands.

“What’s your name, sweetie? Mmmmmmmmmmm. God, yes.” Penny asks, moaning and now biting her bottom lip as the fat guy roughly gropes her heaving tits.

“Just call me daddy… for now.” The old dude smirks big time. Knowing he’s gonna have his way with Penny any way he wants… in a matter of moments.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm… daddy. I like it.” Penny giggles. Still cooing and heatedly biting her lip.

Daddy rips open Penny’s top and quickly pushes her down to her knees. Penny wickedly grins and obeys. She knows what he wants. And she wants it too. She grabs his still-pissing rod and immediately sucks it. About six inches down. It’s half-hard now and about 13 or so inches long. And even girthier that it was a couple of minutes ago.

Penny slurps it, looking up at daddy. She smiles. Her mouth stretched obscenely wide around that gigantic old rod. It’s so veiny and fat. Penny’s lips are aching just from all of the stretching.

Penny bobs her blonde head fast on that pissing cock, drinking down every tangy drop that shoots across her tongue.

Daddy grabs her head and starts skull-fucking her throat. Forcing about three more inches of his now fully-hard, mature cock down there. He’s smirking down at Penny, who’s gagging like crazy. Violently-coughing and spitting up.

Daddy pulls out… his massive belly jiggling like crazy… and Penny immediately pukes all over his dick. Spit and vomit hanging from her lips and his dick, pooling on the white tile floor below.

“You like that, don’t you, baby? Tell me, bitch.” He slaps her messy, sexually-submissive face.

“God yes! I fucking love it! I love it all, daddy! Take my fucking throat again!” Penny’s so fucking turned on.

Daddy laughs, and grabs Penny’s long blonde hair, wrapping it around his huge hands. He rams his absolutely enormous old rod… its over 15 inches long and 8 inches thick now… down Penny’s throat. It doesn’t go very far before she starts violently-coughing and puking again. He pulls out again. Penny’s spit and vomit, and daddy’s piss, splash all over his shorts.

He finally stops pissing. Penny swallowed so much of it, all she can taste is pee.

Daddy’s huge gut rubs on Penny’s face. She loves it. Licking and nibbling on it and smiling up at the 70 year-old cock master.

She grabs his messy rod and starts furiously jerking it with both hands. Lapping at the precum-erupting piss-slit. She sucks that clear fluid down, and sucks his meaty, vomit-glazed crown. That’s it. Daddy starts cumming in Penny’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. More, more, more! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God, I love it.” Penny mumbles around that cumming beast. She gulps down mouthful after mouthful of thick, sticky seed. Moaning such animalistic growls of cum-joy.

“Good, girl. Such a beautiful, good, sweet girl.” Daddy softly rubs Penny’s smiling, puke, piss, and spit covered face. Smiling at her. Then, rubbing his meaty beast all over her face and lips.

Out front, in the bar…

I walk Gina and her friends out to their car while Penny sneaks out of the men’s restroom, heading back to the locker room to change uniforms.

My sister Escort Ataköy and I make out a little before she and her friends head out.

Inside the bar…

“Jesus, Penny. You can’t be serious! It can’t be that big. No way.”

“No joke, Sarah. It’s FUCKING ENORMOUS! MY GOD!” Penny tries to show Sarah how big daddy’s dick is with her hands while she puts her other waitress minidress uniform on.

Sarah can’t believe it. She definitely knows how big my cock is, so she knows it may be possible, but, she just doesn’t think it’s that big. She’d have to see proof with her own eyes to believe it.

I head over to my car to smoke, and wait for Sarah to get off.

“See for yourself if you don’t believe me. We’ll even make a bet.”

“What’s the bet?” Sarah’s curious.

“If I’m wrong. I’ll give you my tips for tonight… and tomorrow night too.”


“If I’m right, you have to let him fuck you in the ass with it.”

“No way.” Sarah brushes that off real quick.

“Why? You said you don’t believe me. So… put your money… and your booty…” Penny smacks Sarah’s thick, beautiful butt. “… where your mouth is.” Penny winks deviously at Sarah.

My girlfriend still doesn’t believe her.

“I’ve gotten $500 in tips tonight so far. And… tomorrow night is wet tee shirt night. So… I’ll definitely get even more.” Penny is grinning very-confidently as she pushes her boobs up to make sure they look their best in her tight uniform. “So?”

Sarah thinks it over. “She’s full of shit. She thinks she’s smarter than me. No way his dick is that damn big.” Sarah tells herself.

“Ok. Deal.” Sarah smirks at Penny.

“No backing out though. You have to let him fuck you in the ass with that thing. No joke.” Penny holds her hand out and grins. Sarah looks at her, wondering how full of shit she really is. Penny has done this before. She’s lied to Sarah and tricked her a couple of times already. So, Sarah wants revenge on her friend and co-worker.

“Ok. No backing out.” Sarah shakes Penny’s hand. Curiously grinning right back at her.

“Follow me.” Penny walks out of the locker room and back over to Daddy’s table. Sarah follows her, but stops near the restrooms.

Penny whispers to daddy, who looks over at Sarah, and mischievously smiles himself.

Daddy gets up, and walks over to Sarah, talking to her for a minute before they both head into the women’s restroom this time.

“Don’t forget to lock the door.” Penny says through the door. Laughing. She smirks from ear to ear and heads over to another customer’s table.

A few minutes pass. Penny looks over at the door. It’s still shut, and no Sarah… or daddy. She grins and takes an order.

Another ten minutes passes. Penny looks over at the door again. Still closed. Still, no Sarah or daddy.

“Oh yeah. I win again.” Penny tells herself. Smiling and giggling as she walks over to the bar to grab some drinks for a couple of customers.

I’m outside, in the parking lot. Smoking in my car. I look at my watch. It’s time for Sarah to get off, so I wait patiently. I lean back on the head rest and close my eyes. Fully chilled. Smoking. Waiting for my chick.

Meanwhile… Inside the women’s restroom…

“JESUS! Slower. My God, that’s a huge fucking cock! UHHH! FUCK!!!”

Sarah Şirinevler escort did indeed find out that Penny was telling the truth. And… as she promised… there’s no backing out of the deal. Sarah’s bent over the sink, looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, taking the biggest dick she’s ever seen, or felt, very, very, very-deep up her tight-ass badonkadonk.

Daddy’s huge belly is draped over Sarah’s thick butt as he bangs her booty with a confident and cool swagger. Dude knows how good he… and his giant dick… is.

Her 36E tits are hanging down, being squeezed senseless by daddy as he now slowly fucks her ass with that gigantic old dick. It’s so fucking long and fat and veiny. Sarah can’t stop cumming. There’s a giant pool of her cum on the floor already.

She’s creaming, screaming, and cumming like a maniac. Taking that massive dick ass banging like a champ.

Sarah’s anus is lubed up by tons of daddy’s spit and some lube he happened to have in his pocket. It’s gaped out around that massively-fat, mature cock. Sarah’s legs are shaking. Her insanely-gorgeous, very-curvy body trembling all over as she gets ass fucked deep, and now a little faster. Her ass thumping hard all over daddy’s dick.


Sarah cums again. Squirting violently once again. Adding to the pool of milky sex-honey already on the bathroom floor.

“You ready for my cum, baby? Tell me. Tell me how much you want it, doll. You sexy bitch. God I love these tits.” Daddy squeezes even harder on Sarah’s E cup boobs. His huge, old hands and her huge, heaving tits make a great team.

Sarah growls back over her shoulder at him. Her mouth wide open. Her tongue out. She’s oozing mindless cum-whore vibes at the moment.

“I want your fucking cum, daddy. I want it so fucking much. Please cum in my ass. PLEASE, GOD, PLEASEEEEEE!!!! God, I want it so much!!!”

Sarah really wants that obese, 70 year-old dude’s jizz.

He starts jizzing Sarah’s brutally-battered booty hole. Soothing it. She moans her very-pleased approval of it too.

Daddy’s huge belly is pushing down on Sarah’s ass as his massive rod floods that beautiful ass with a gallon of thick and creamy dick cream. His dick is so massive, his cum can’t run back out of Sarah’s butt.

Daddy feels all of the pressure building up in Sarah’s thick ass, so he pulls out of it, and a giant rush of cum explodes out, further drenching the floor below. Daddy laughs and rubs his cum dribbling beast up and down Sarah’s wildly-quivering slit.

“Oh yeahhhhhh. God. That feels so good. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Sarah is feeling real fine now. Her ass finally getting a break. It’s pouring cum.

Daddy slowly slides his dick up Sarah’s pussy and fucks it a little. She moans and smiles so happy. Biting her lips and sucking on them.

“That was wonderful, sweetheart. Any chance for a repeat performance tomorrow night?”

“Hmmmm… Well, it’s wet tee shirt night. Maybe we can do wet ass and titties night ourselves.” Sarah laughs.

“Haha. Cum and piss, doll. I wanna piss all over those beautiful tits… if that’s OK.”

“I think that can be arranged.” Sarah winks over her shoulder at daddy. They both laugh.

About fifteen minutes later, Sarah comes out to my car and gets in. Smiling real happy. We kiss.

“Rough night?”

“Oh yeah… but, a good rough. A very-good rough actually.” We laugh. Sarah leans over and kisses my cheek, then lays her head on my shoulder as I drive us home.

I’m thinking wet tee shirt night tomorrow night at th bar is gonna big something special… just a guess. Ha.

By: DickThePimp

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