Doin’ the Boss Ch. 13

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(It has been a while since I have written. But with several emails wondering what was going on with Mr. Little and me I figured I should get some of it down on paper. Thanks for your interest. Don’t forget to vote.)

In the years that I’ve known him, K. Linford Little has been kind and considerate but not a real gentleman.

I’m smiling at that statement, as I guess most people would think he’s a perfect gentleman. He holds doors for ladies, smiles that cute smile of his at one’s jokes, and always asks how you are feeling, doing and so forth.

But most people don’t know my sweetie “Lin” as I know him.

That’s because for the better part of 10 years we’ve had a special relationship, a mental, sexual relationship. I love Lin, he loves me, but not exactly how one loves someone. He has a wife and kids, and my former boss has a wealth of activities that keep him active and vibrant.

He also has me twisted around is finger, and to a certain extent, I have him in the same way. A special bond you might say.

We have sex. Often.

In some ways I am so disappointed in myself for getting into this situation with a married man. Truthfully, it has hurt some of my relationships over the years. There is really no surprise there, because when you think of it there isn’t an easy way to be in a serious relationship with one guy when you are seeing another who you really love on the side.

Of course, it would ruin his wonderful (?) and perfect marriage if our escapades were uncovered.

We’ve come a long way since I fell for him when I was his administrative assistant. Back in those days I seriously thought he’d leave his wife for me. When that didn’t happen, we painfully separated. My time away from Lin, taking a new job, trying to forget about him, suffering through a bad relationship of my own, only made my love for Lin expand.

Ultimately we got back together on the sly, this time with me knowing he’d never leave his wife while he knew I wouldn’t make such demands. Since then we’ve had a great relationship, I’ve learned to love him more and I know he loves me.

It’s funny, but after years of seeing each other on the sly, using a car as a place to cavort rather than a bedroom, has never gotten old. We still find out of the way places to make out, secluded places for me to suck his dick.

I’ve dated guys while seeing Lin, actually lived with a couple, but what my former boss provided I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Recently, our meetings have been a little complicated as Lin began having, well, problems with his equipment. Not always, but on several occasions he’d have difficulty in getting an erection, maintaining it, or getting an orgasm. You know, it bothered me at first, I thought he was getting tired of me. But once I got over that, and he assured me that wasn’t the case.

I was content to suck his cock as long as he had enjoyment, and he assured me he loved it whether he was rock hard, semi-hard or whatever. He loved my lips on his balls and shaft, and while it was difficult he could generally cum with my mouth working its magic and maybe my hand stroking him.

Then came the little blue pill.

We were meeting one rainy Saturday in a railroad station parking lot. We were parked out of the main thoroughfare, away from prying eyes, on what Lin explained had to be a brief meeting.

“She thinks I’m at the lumber yard, but I only have an hour or so,” said my former boss, 20 years older but a young stud at heart.

We spoke for a couple minutes, and, like normal, stroked each other somewhere while we talked. On this day he was playing with my thighs, me his. A few minutes into our little meeting I felt the urgent pulsations coming from down below. His sock was not only hard, but it was pulsating, throbbing actually…and I had not even touched it.

“What have we here,” I asked, maybe with a little surprise in my voice.

Lin smiled. “It’s all for you, Robyn, how about using those lips of yours to make me happy.”

Well, that was better than “give me a blow job!” I took the hint, making a deliberate wandering of the hands to unzip his pants. It look a little effort to sliver my fingers inside the opening in front of his boxers, but I did. His massive cock was easy to find, but getting it out of the hole was a chore. It took a couple seconds, but when it emerged it was worth the effort. It was uncharacteristically huge!

Looking around, assuring the coast was clear, I reminded Lin to keep watch. Then I lowered my head into his lap. Once there, I kissed the tip of his cock before opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue. What followed was my attempt at fully licking the entire cock from top to bottom, stem to stern, round and around.

He loved it. I could tell by his quiet moans.

Lin always loved my oral ministrations. From the first time I did it in his office he’d compliment time after time about my oral prowess. Until he started telling me how good it felt I hadn’t known that I had any talent in the blow job department. In fact, Karaköy escort bayan I guy I had seen in the year before I started seeing Lin complained that I nicked his cock when I blew him. So much so that he preferred I’d only lick his cock, not suck it.

That made me hesitant to go down on Lin, but never once in our relationship had he had one iota of a problem with my oral skills. He told me I was the best he’d ever had, much better than his wife. It wasn’t something I’d want advertised, but it was quite hot knowing he loved my mouth.

And love my mouth he did. Over the years I had given him countless blow jobs, in cars, baseball dugouts, a women’s rest room and along the railroad tracks while an engineer got a spectacular view of me on my knees servicing Lin.

We’d been almost caught, and even caught, in the act a few times, no matter how much we attempted to slip into secluded, out of the way places. But the good news we’d never been hauled into the pokey or something. That, I have to admit, would be a very, very bad thing. So we tried our best to make sure we weren’t caught.

On this Saturday quickie I got right into the swing of it, luxuriating to the pulsations of his dick against my face. I hadn’t felt that throbbing cock in a while, as most recently I had to worry about Lin not being real hard. But today he was rock hard.

I started sucking down on his cock, slowly from the top. Bobbing my head deliberately up and down, I could tell Lin loved it. He held the back of my head as I put a couple fingers around the base of his cock. That helped me jerk him off while sucking off the top half of his cock.

Every so often I’d slow, and attempt to take his whole man meat into my mouth. I am not much of a deep throat artist, but I could get down to his pubic hairs with a little time and effort. When that happened, Lin would hold my head in both hands, and sort of rock it rather than pull it up and push it down. I think he realized if he move my head up in any way there was no way I’d get all of his cock back into my mouth with a lot of time and effort.

So he merely circled my head around his cock, slowly luxuriating on the feelings while whispering all kinds of naughty things in my ears.

“Oh, you cocksucker…Robyn, you are so bad. It’s all the way in, my cock is all the way in your mouth!” said the man with a groan. “You are a slut, a real slut. Sucking on my married dick.”

You know, there were times when I hated some of the things he said, but he always apologized after and I really believe he only said some of the things for his own effect. I knew he loved me, that was obvious, so maybe I was acting slutty or whorish but I was neither.

The quickie turned into a little longer affair, but in less than 15 minutes I knew he was close. He was moaning, and I started worrying he’d stopped guarding the fort. I heard train whistles, and not knowing if it was a passenger or freight train I figured we better end the escapade quickly just in case.

I lifted my head off his cock, stroking it faster while I cooed, “I want you to cum in my mouth, Lin, please shoot into my mouth!”

Stroking quicker I lowered my head just in time to catch several copious volleys of man sauce spurting from deep within him into my mouth.

Lin likes it when I concentrate on the tip when he’s cumming, but once he’s dumped his load he likes me to take more of his cock into my mouth and just hold him there while using my lips to sort of milk the final drops of slimy stuff out of his faucet.

This day was no exception. I drained his cock and swallowed most of his manly offering.

“Oh Robyn, that was fantastic, you are marvelous,” said the man. “You missed a little, it’s on your cheek.”

Slipping a finger onto my face, I pushed the wayward cum sauce into my mouth, making a production out of it bringing groans from Lin as his eyes were riveted on me.

We spoke for a few minutes, kissing, holding hands and savoring in the experience before Lin had to drive off to get his spackling or whatever. I laughed when I thought of that, because he had spackled my mouth minutes before with his own version of sticky sauce.

“It was the little blue pill, but I loved what it did,” informed the guy.

So that’s what it was. A little help from the Blue V!

@ @ @ @

The following week was one of whirlwind activity, as my current boss (no, I’m not attracted to him!) was preparing for an upcoming board meeting. Lin, for his part, was travelling a few days. So other than a pretty hot session of phone sex from his hotel room, we didn’t have the opportunity to be together.

The following weekend his daughter was competing in a swimming competition, so it didn’t look like we’d get together. Thus I was really surprised with an early Saturday phone call.

“Hi honey, what I surprise,” I said when he called.

Lin sounded quite harried. “I just dropped Stephanie off for her meet, but she’s not swimming for a couple hours,” said my former Escort Kayaşehir boss. “I was wondering…”


He sort of hemmed and hawed before asking if we could “get together” for a little bit.

I read that to mean he wanted to meet in a secluded place me to perform a little salami munching.

We met halfway, at a local park that was out of the way, and went for a short walk. Hand in hand, we spoke about this and that, bringing each other up to speed on the week’s activities.

“Do you want to give me a blowjob?” asked my former boss, smiling.

Looking around, he knew I didn’t have to speak my answer. Sliding down to my haunches I watched as Lin lowered his zipper. He reached inside his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Looking up at my former boss I saw the lust in his eyes. Those eyes were riveted to my face and I gave him a smile as I opened my mouth and slithered out my tongue.

Lin tasted a little musky today as I licked his dick. At first I thought it might have been from his early morning run. But as I slid my lips around his hardening cock it struck me. It was the taste of pussy.

My eyes must have opened wide as my head snapped back, popping against Lin’s cupped hands.

I stammered something, as Lin smiled. “I had to honey, I had to fuck her this morning, it was the blue pill. I took it before bed last night and I banged her, and when I woke up this morning I had to do it again,” said my former boss proudly. “Please suck me.”

Shocked I told him he was a bastard, knowing full well it wasn’t the first time he’d stuck a used cock into my willing mouth. But it had been years, and he hadn’t been having sex often with his wife, or so he said. But I guess the blue pill gave him other ideas.

“Honey, I love you, I love your mouth. Come on a suck me, please?” My ex-boss knew he had pushed the envelope, humiliating me in a way. But by the same token the thought that he wanted my mouth, to be with me, so soon after having done his wife made me feel a little special too.

Convinced of his love, I went back down on his dick.

It was a struggle to get him to cum, especially since he’d had a lot of activity over the last 24 hours. But as he rocked in and out of my mouth I could feel his intensity rise. I was turning him on, way on, and he hurried his thrusts. He banged my mouth, much like he must have banged his wife’s pussy hours earlier.

“Oh Robyn this is so hot, so very hot. You are a wonderful cocksucker. You make me feel like a million bucks. Oh, it’s hot. Blow me.”

My head was slowly working up and down his cock, my mouth tightening and releasing along the way. Lin loved my cocksucking and he loved me, and I knew he was married, so once I got over the initial shock of tasting his wife I got back to what I love to do.

“Oh Robyn you are the best,” said my former boss, saying the words which were magic to my ears. “You look so beautiful, and your mouth is so very wonderful. Nothing feels as good as you. Oh, I’m gonna cum.”

My head kept bobbing as the man held my head. He steadied himself, working my head around his throbbing dick. All of a sudden I tasted cum.”

I savored the taste, holding it first in my mouth before swallowing his creamy load.

The guy had a way with me, even when naughty.

@ @ @ @

Over the next few months Lin, with a little help from his new friend (“worth every penny” he said) pummeled my mouth as often as we could meet. Sometimes we’d mess around for an entire weekend day (when he was supposed to be golfing) while other times it was a hair-trigger quick explosion in an unlikely place that might have taken a few minutes.

It didn’t matter to me. I loved satisfying Lin, and I know he really enjoyed my company.

We’d go on long walks, sometimes along a canal that was, in spots, near a freight train line. It got to be a little joke between us. If the walkway wasn’t crowded, and we could see far in the distance, the hoot and toot of the locomotive engine in the distance would mean I’d be fed some cock. I think Lin liked the idea of someone catching us in the act, someone who couldn’t stop the train and confront us.

Whatever it was, it was a turn-on for him. So we’d hear the blast in the distance and Lin would stop and kiss me. Then, we’d look to make sure the coast was clear. If there wasn’t several hundred yards of pathway clear of other people, he’d just hold me tight and kiss me as the train lumbered past.

But if the coast was clear…watch out!

I’d get down on my haunches as Lin unleashed his cock from his pants. The entire maneuver probably only took five seconds from unzipping to getting his whang in my mouth. I’d bob my head up and down his dick while the train approached and kept it up as the mighty engine rolled past.

It was very erotic knowing I was pleasing my lover while it was possible someone (safely) could have observed us.

The little blue pill made Lin’s love-making a lot easier on his brain. Küçükçekmece escort He no longer worried about getting aroused, which was good for me in that he stopped apologizing about his difficulties. While I really enjoyed pleasing him, it was a little discouraging to always hear him saying he was sorry he was not hard. I guess what bugged me was I had never complained, so he didn’t have to say he was sorry. Even when I was working a semi-hard cock for minute after minute I didn’t complain.

Still since it bothered him it affected me because of his embarrassment.

That thought multiplied about four months after he started using the little blue pill. While he didn’t have trouble getting an erection he did begin to have trouble having an orgasm. On many occasion I’d work his hard cock with all my abilities and not receive my sticky rewards.

“Robyn, this is tough, I can’t cum,” said the man late one day after I’d been working on his cock for a half hour. “I love the feeling, your mouth is wonderful, and I just can’t cum.”

I tried to diffuse the situation. “You been banging your wife, or, ahem, your secretary.”


Wrong answer, bucko. I asked if he’s been doing wifey more often or if he’d tired of me and was visiting someone else.

“No, no, no. I mean, yes, I’ve fooled around with my wife, but nobody else. And I am having the same problem with her. I just am having a hard time cumming. I can work myself off but it is really work and I really worry about my heart. I get short of breath.”

The good news was that it was bothering him enough to schedule an appointment with his doctor to see if something else was amiss.

In the meantime, I looked at him and smiled.

“Did you really like the way I’ve been sucking you today?”

Embarrassed, he shook his head yes.

He looked helpless there, his hard cock poking out of his pants into the air, the residue of my mouth work still wet on the tip. I thought of the times I’d had sex and had gotten so very close but not over the edge. I surmised his difficulties were similar to those feelings of mine.

“You can get yourself off when you, uh, masturbate?” I asked.

“It’s difficult, but yes, I can. Normally late at night when I am alone I can jerk off and cum with a little effort.”

“But I can’t seem to do it right?”

“Robyn, you are great. It’s me.”

I looked at the guy and realized how much I loved him. He was so very special to me, we’d shared so much in our years of a relationship.

“Show me.”

Lin looked surprised. “Huh””

“Show me, Lin, show me how you stroke your cock late at night.”

My former boss and current lover was surprised to say the least. He questioned me again about what I wanted him to do.

“You have watched me masturbate,” I said to the man. “Remember the banana? You watched me do myself with some fruit, so I surely can watch you do yourself.”

A huge smile crossed Lin’s lips. I swear his dick throbbed.

Leaning back he reached down and slipped his left hand around his cock. He slowly began stroking himself, eyes closing and a little smile creeping to his lips.

Watching the man stroke himself was hot. He no longer looked embarrassed and I wondered what (or who) he was thinking of. Not that it mattered. He was clearly enjoying himself in the driver’s seat.

Up and down his hands went, slowing to a stop from time to time. When he did stop he sort of worked the tip a little, and then went back to stroking the manhood. After two or three of these starts and stops he really began stroking and sensed his orgasm was imminent.

His head pushed back as he worked his dick and I heard him moan and grown to the tune of his stroking. He clearly was going to cum.

That’s when I made my move. Okay, I didn’t want the cum to get all over his clothing. But what I really didn’t want was to miss a single drop of his hot sexy cum. I knew I had to wait for the right moment, because I didn’t want to ruin whatever was going on with his dick or mind.

“Oh, Robyn,” moaned my boss.

That was my cue. I bent my head over his midsection and down onto his throbbing, hand stroked cock. And just in time, I might add. Less than 30 seconds after my mouth arrived on his dick it began to spurt slimy sauce.

My head bobbed on the top while Lin’s hand stroked from the bottom. It was a perfect combination.

“Oh, suck me off Robyn, I’m jerking off in your mouth,” cried out the guy. “Oh yes, oh that’s good, I’m cumming.”

And he was. Any difficulties he had earlier in the day or in recent blow jobs were long gone on this day. He shot two or three volleys of cum into my sucking mouth. I kept working the dick like I had in the past, forgetting all about his having to stroke it to get it ready.

“You are simply incredible, Robyn, than you so much,” said the man after coming down off his cum-induced high. “You are so wonderful to do that for me, it was great.”

Hey, I knew, as I tingled all over from the realization that I’d conquered the man that day.

He’s heading in to his doctor’s appointment in a week. I’ll have to let you know how it goes if you like, but in the meantime I think — no I know — I will be sucking my former boss a few more times with the knowledge that if he has to help a little it will be totally alright.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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