Dad Meats Kristy

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Big Dicks

This story is the continuation of Kristy Meets Dad.


“What in the fuck have I done?” Doug Anderson’s mind is racing as the warm water runs over his broad shoulders and down his body. Images of his daughter Brandi and her friend, well, honestly, her girlfriend Kristy burn behind his eyes–naked bodies writhing on his living-room floor. His lovely daughter’s sweat-soaked face buried between Kristy’s ass cheeks while Kristy pumps her hand frantically in and out of Brandi’s glistening snatch. Suddenly Kristy’s huge wet breasts are front and center in his memory as she reaches for a towel earlier in the day. Then those breasts are back on his living-room floor and his daughter is sucking on them like they contain the last oxygen on the planet. “Why did I have to watch?” he chastises himself, then, “How the fuck could I NOT watch?” His recently emptied dick is once again rising to full mast, having never really deflated after spewing come all over the carpeted stairway where he secretly viewed his daughter’s love making. It has been almost 6 months since his last date, and closer to a year since he last had sex. Masturbating to movies, or porn vids, or hot erotic stories, or even the occasional fantasy about neighbors or coworkers or CNN anchorwomen have kept him sane, somewhat, but any man with a pulse would have jacked off to the scene he just witnessed in his own house.

Thinking back to those completely aroused, naked bodies pleasuring each other have Doug once again pumping his 10 inch hard-on with both hands. Remembering his daughter’s impassioned moans muffled between Kristy’s sweat-covered ass cheeks has his second orgasm building quickly in his nuts. Damn she must be tight, and oh so hot, and if she sucks dick with the same enthusiasm that she attacks pussy . . . Doug’s dick begins to spasm, squirting molten cum into the air in long strands that are knocked down by the shower. His knees actually start to buckle as he leans against the warm wall of his shower, letting the final couple of spasms shoot from him.

Opening his eyes, Doug is slightly surprised by the bright lights of his bathroom, expecting the inky darkness of the stairway from his fantasy. With his dick still standing out lewdly from his groin, he lathers up and begins to cleanse his body, torn between a desire to erase the memories of the last half hour and an equally strong desire to walk from the shower straight downstairs and join the fun. “What the fuck have I done?”

The remainder of Doug’s night is restless at best. Not able to get comfortable nor to completely lose his hard-on, he drowses in and out of consciousness, reliving the scene in his dreams. Once he wakes with both arms crushing a pillow to his chest as his dick spasms yet another orgasm into his silk pajama pants. “Damn! I haven’t had a wet dream in 25 years,” he whispers to his pillow as his nerve-endings relax from a high-pitched buzz to a low hummmm. After cleaning up with his damp towel and depositing his sticky pajamas in the laundry hamper, Doug climbs back between his cool sheets naked, and finally drifts off to a deeper sleep.


A light knocking on his bedroom door awakens Doug, his mind struggling groggily to separate his dreams from reality. “Mr. Anderson?” whispers a husky female voice. “Are you awake?”

Doug lunges out of bed, stumbles to his bedroom door, and opens it a crack. “What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, but would it be ok if I used your shower,” Kristy asks in a suddenly innocent voice. “Brandi said you always get up early, so I thought I’d let her sleep and use yours.”

“Yeh, I didn’t sleep very well last night,” Doug mumbles, trying to focus on the alarm clock by his bed. “Wow. I haven’t been slept in till 9:00 for quite awhile. Hang on a second,” he finishes, pushing the door closed and lifting his bathrobe from its hook. Tying his robe closed, he reopens the door. “Sure, you can use my shower, but make sure you’re covered when you come out.”

“I’ll try my best,” Kristy teases, sliding past him clutching a large towel around her with one hand and carrying panties, a t-shirt, and a small bag in her other hand. Doug’s eyes work their way up her toned calves to her tightly flexing thighs. The towel is open on one side enough to allow a clear view of sexy coed flesh to well above her waist. The bright lights from the bathroom temporarily blind Doug, then all is dark again, except for the narrowest band of light where Kristy failed to completely close the door. Without thinking, Doug pushes his bedroom door shut and locks it, then slowly advances toward his bathroom, feeling his dick beginning to rise with each measured step.

The unmistakable cascade of female pee into a toilet suddenly fills the room, and Doug is certain he smells the salty musk aroma of woman leaking through the tiny crack around his bathroom door. “Mr. Anderson?” Kristy murmurs from the toilet.

“Crap!!” Doug thinks as he tiptoes quickly toward his bed. “Umm, yes, Kristy?”

“I, umm, just wanted to thank you for letting me stay here. You’ve got a terrific daughter, Güngören escort bayan and we’ve really become good friends this semester.”

“She really is a great daughter, though she’s always been full of surprises.” Doug’s mind races trying to think of something, anything to say to keep the conversation going. “How are Brandi’s classes going? I’ve been half-afraid of her showing up on my doorstep with her bags after dropping out.”

“Oh, you’ve got nothing to worry about there, Mr. Anderson. Brandi’s got a good head on her shoulders. She had a little trouble early on in her biology class, but she put in some extra time with her professor and I’m pretty sure she’s earned an A there. I think Brandi is planning to spend the next four years earning her degree.”

The toilet flushing drowns out Doug’s question about Brandi’s biology professor, and then the shower springs to life at the same instant that the door opens slightly further. “If you have to pee, I promise I won’t peak,” giggles Kristy as she hangs her towel on the door and steps into the shower. Doug lets his robe slide to floor as he sneaks like a teenager back to his bathroom door. While warm, moist air is beginning to push its way down from the bathroom ceiling, the mirror opposite the shower is still quite clear. Doug breathlessly nudges the door open a tiny bit further and watches the shower curtain cling almost transparently to Kristy’s bare thigh. He begins stroking his now erect hard-on almost absent-mindedly as his mind transposes the view before him with his memories from last night.

“Dang,” Kristy whispers loudly.

Practically leaping toward his bed, Doug asks,”Something wrong?”

“I wanted to shave, but left my razor on the sink.”

“Hang on and I’ll get it for you,” Doug responds, pulling his robe on but not tying it. “I actually do have to use the bathroom now that you brought it up.” Doug walks almost calmly to his bathroom door for the third time, still hot sure in his mind where he is willing to take this situation. Sexy as Kristy is, she is his daughter’s lover, if not girlfriend. Fucking her would mean they both would be cheating on Brandi. That thought snaps him back to reality, and he pulls his robe closed as he pushes the bathroom door open. Kristy’s bathroom kit is on the edge of the sink, and reaching for it, Doug clumsily knocks it over, spilling it’s contents into the sink. Doug freezes as a slim razor, a small tube of Astroglide gel, and two condoms slide into view, followed by the unmistakable red tip of a vibrator.

“Hey, could you just give me the bag and I’ll get my razor and stuff?” Kristy asks suddenly from very close behind. “It’s waterproof,” she adds hastily before he can complain.

Glancing at the mirror to make sure Kristy isn’t looking, Doug hastily replaces the spilled content and turns with the bag. “Here you go,” he says, sliding the bag through the shower curtain away from the water.

“Thanks, Mr. Anderson . . . for everything.”

Doug lifts the seat on the toilet before he realizes that his rock solid dick has no intentions of getting pushed down toward the toilet. Placing a hand on the wall above the toilet and practically bending over, he tries to relax and get at least a little piss into the toilet. “You know, Kristy, you might as well start calling me Doug. Kristy’s friends haven’t called me Mr. Anderson in years.” At last, he feels the slight burn as urine begins its trek from his bladder, and just as the first couple drops hit the bowl, his bent position puts Kristy’s foot directly below his face as it slides from behind the curtain. The curtain complicates matters further by sticking wetly to Kristy’s leg, providing a perfect profile view of her lower body from ankle to ass. Bending further and concentrating, Doug is able to release two more squirts of piss before Kristy’s soapy hands slide into view, lathering her now exposed calf. Bending at the waist and stretching to lather her foot allows the shower curtain to cling to her wet body, now providing an excellent view of water running down her slick side and around one very heavy breast pressed against her thigh.

Kristy provides a little relief as she stands back up, then there is a slight intake of breath from behind the shower curtain.

“Everything OK?” Doug asks.

“Umm, yeh, everthing’s OK. Just getting my razor.”

Sensing perhaps he’s gone too far, Doug quickly stands and flushes the toilet. Turning to wash his hands and leave, Doug suddenly understands Kristy’s apparent change in mood. Lying next to the sink where the bag had spilled open is the tube of Astroglide. Somehow it had managed to slide under rather than into the bag.

“Doug?” echoes quietly from the shower.

Should he just leave the bathroom and pretend not to hear her? Should he take the tube, throw it away, and let her wonder what happened to it? Should he angrily confront her for everything that has happened . . . and alienate both the beautiful creature in his shower and his own daughter?

“Doug?” Kristy whispers Escort İnnovia even more softly, as though wondering if she is alone again.

Frozen is confusion, Doug watches in the mirror as the shower curtain is slowly tugged open and Kristy’s face appears, looking toward the sink in the mirror. Doug follows her gaze down to the tube of lubricant, and behind it, to the dark hard-on standing just slightly less than vertical from between the sides of his robe.

“Oh my GAWD,” Kristy growls reverently, her open stare providing the final motivation for Doug’s third full erection of the morning. “I have got the perfect place to put that monster,” she says, stepping out of the shower and gently tugging Doug to turn toward her.

“What the hell am I doing?” echoes vacantly through Doug’s mind as his eyes leave the beauty in the mirror and slide over to it’s living, breathing twin at his side.

“Just so you know, I told Brandy I was going to fuck you before I left here, and she challenged me to try. But the only challenge I’m interested in right now is how much of that monster I can wedge inside me before it explodes.” Kristy bends slightly, her heavy breasts hanging down, somehow without the slightest appearance of sagging. Water streams from her tanned back down her arms and side as she first kisses the large head of Doug’s dick, then nibbles her way down along his shaft, her tongue lashing wetly, as though every taste bud is competing for the contact. Kristy presses her nose into the soft flesh between the base of Doug’s dick and his scrotum, her hot breath blending with the warm wetness of her face. Doug gently tugs her wet hair back from her face, once again watching her in the mirror, the head of his dick fully visible above her forehead as she sucks one, then the other of his hot nuts into her mouth. As she begins to kiss her way back up his dick, Kristy’s breasts mash against his thighs, her hardening nipples dragging upward as she slowly rises.

With one hand fondling his balls, Kristy uses her other to pull Doug’s hard-on further out from his flat stomach, noticing for the first time the dark curly hairs covering his chocolate skin and climbing from the base of his huge dick up toward his chest. As she presses her mouth around his cock, Kristy feels Doug’s hands clench her wet hair and hears a low growling moan build from deep in his gut. Her lips barely close around underside of head before she feels his pre-cum slide ticklingly down the back of her throat. She has never seen a dick this big and beautiful in real life, and she’s already wet with anticipation of feeling it tear its way between her legs. Holding his dick almost straight from his body with her right hand, Kristy allows Doug to pull her head toward his groin. Taking up a rocking motion as she lowers to her knees, each withdrawal allows her to suck a breath before being pulled further along the shaft of Doug’s manhood. As the head of his dick presses into her throat, she uses the urge to gag to set up a humming deep in her throat. Now each withdrawal only allows a quick breath through her flaring nostrils as his dick barely leaves her throat before plunging back in.

Doug’s hips begin to thrust in opposition to the handfuls of hair he is dragging toward him. He can feel the humming begin in Kristy’s throat, and he is waiting for the gagging to begin. Each time he allows her to pull back, he can feel air being sucked across the head of his dick into her lungs, and then it is cut off abruptly as he pulls her face toward his stomach. Kristy’s pale hands slide across Doug’s dark thighs and around behind him, as she begins to impale his dick deeper and deeper into her throat. Pulling her hair up out of the way, Doug can actually see Kristy’s throat enlarge in the mirror with each thrust. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would ever get a blow job like this, and now he is actually just holding Kristy’s hair as she is dragging herself along his length. Kristy’s lips actually press against the base of his massive dick with each thrust, and nerves are firing all along its length as every inch of him is sliding across Kristy’s mouth, tongue, and throat.

After about ten full thrusts, Kristy buries her face into Doug’s dark stomach and clenches his ass tightly, frozen for several seconds, until her body finally takes over with a massive gagging constriction and she shoves herself back from his body. Several sticky strings of saliva and pre-cum sag heavily between Kristy’s gaping mouth and Doug’s dick, and they drop onto her breasts as she once again sucks the head of his dick hungrily into her mouth.

While her tongue lashes roughly around swelling dick head, one of Kristy’s hands lowers to her own crotch. The growing fire between her legs demands attention, and two fingers quickly locate and surround the turgid flesh of her clit, quickly pressing back the hood and then squeezing shut around her most sensitive spot. Allow Doug’s renewed tugs to guide her mouth, Kristy closes her watering eyes and concentrates on her own arousal. As Doug Kağıthane escort begins to fuck her mouth repeatedly with over half his dick, Kristy’s hand is drenched with her own love juices as it begins to rapidly dart between her legs.

Doug can feel Kristy’s arm jackhammering away against his legs, and her excitement coupled with the incredible feel of her throat grasping at his dick is beginning to have an impact. Doug watches as tears and sweat stream down Kristy’s face while his dick saws in and out of her mouth. As his climax begins to build, Doug suddenly wants more of this beautiful body. He pulls out of Kristy’s mouth and lifts her toward her feet. The change takes Kristy by surprise, and she searches Doug’s dark face questioningly as he pulls her to her feet and then pushes her toward the now foggy mirror. Then suddenly he disappears behind her and his stubbly cheeks are pressed into her butt cheeks, just as his daughter’s were nine hours before. She feels his hot tongue scoop along her swollen lower lips, then up lewdly between her ass cheeks, pressing against and then slowly into her private pucker. One thick finger presses into her lower opening as Doug continues to lick and suck her hot asshole. As a second finger begins to slide inside her, Doug’s thumb grazes across Kristy’s own tiny hard-on, and then begins to constantly slide across its sensitive surface as he begins to finger-fuck her from behind.

The combination of his mouth working on her asshole, his fingers pressing deeply inside her pussy, and his thumb rubbing her clit soon have a massive orgasm slamming Kristy’s body back against her ebony lover. As wave after knee-weakening wave spread throughout her body, the insistent pressure of Doug’s tongue is replaced by a very slick finger that easily pushes past her barrier and into her ass. This causes a new wave of bliss to torment nerve endings, driving her face down across the mirror and onto the cool marble of the counter.

Doug releases his grip on Kristy’s beautiful young pussy and squeezes a little more Astroglide along the finger he is now plunging into her fiery tight asshole. He adds a second finger and presses as deeply as he can, then slowly begins to twist his hand. Kristy’s low, guttural moan is all the encouragement he needs, as he begins to spread lubricant along his dick and work it in with his free hand. Almost with a mind of their own, the fingers buried in Kristy’s ass begin to tug and twist, gently widening her rear entry, preparing her for the fuck of her young life. Kristy wiggles one hand back down along the counter under her and between her legs. She’s had a number dicks in her pussy, and several vibrators in her ass, but she’s always wondered what it would feel like to have her ass plugged full of throbbing hot cock meat. She can already feel another orgasm building as she works her clit while Doug stretches her ass painfully open with his fingers.

Leaning forward, Doug inhales Kristy’s intoxicating arousal, then slides his tongue easily between his fingers and into her loosening asshole. Even the slightly metallic flavor of Kristy’s ass tastes sexy, and then Doug straightens and presses his rock hard mushroom between his fingers and against Kristy’s ass. Pressing forward as he slides his fingers back, Doug forces the head of dick part way through Kristy’s tight opening.

“Holy fuck,” she growls as white-hot pain races from her ass up to the middle of her back and up across her crotch to her belly button. It feels like her ass is getting ripped apart as Doug continues to slowly press himself into her ass. Pinching her clitty between two fingers, Kristy actually pushes back against the painful entrance, growling again as Doug’s prick slides an inch inside her. The burning slowly begins to itch, and the pinch becomes a frantic rubbing as Doug pulls back slightly the presses forward more deeply. Less than a third of his dick is buried in Kristy’s glowing white ass, and he begins to fuck her slowly with that. Then, as she begins to moan in rhythm, he slides a little more into her with each slow thrust. Almost two-thirds of the way inside her, Doug’s dick presses against and then through a barrier of sorts, and two thrusts later his balls slap wetly against her from behind. He can now feel Kristy’s hand almost hammering away between her legs, and he can feel the pressure mounting again inside her. Doug still can’t believe that his entire dick that was just minutes ago completely buried down this beautiful creature’s throat is now totally encased in her burning hot ass.

As he takes up a constant motion against her ass, Doug reaches under Kristy to work his hands across her breasts, lifting her slowly to an almost standing position. Watching her foggy reflection in the mirror, Doug sears the image in his mind of his dark hands squeezing her large white breasts, her nipples captured between his fingers. He memorizes the way she pushes back from the mirror with hand while frantically rubbing circles across her clit with the other. He tilts his head down toward her neck, and begins to nuzzle wet tracks along her shoulder, and suddenly his balls grow hot and heavy. Even as he begins to pump his semen deep into her bowls, Kristy’s own orgasm slams into her, exploding juices into her hand and myriad colors through her mind. The animal thrusts and grunts reduce to quivers and gasps then to peaceful stillness.

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