Cliff Diving

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It’s been a year, and I’m still uncomfortable in my own skin around him. I have a tiger to unleash, but our weird relationship keeps it at bay. We’re not quite there, we’re still getting used to each other. Even though I sext him daily that I crave him inside me, that I’m imagining him fucking me so hard my body is left limp after each orgasm, that I need him right now…

Just this starts a tingle of desire, and I start to feel myself get wetter as I lust for him.

No matter what I do, he comes home and settles himself into his nightly routine – dinner, TV, Internet. I parade around him in a white tank top where you can clearly see my perky little breasts and my nipples. If not a white tank top, it’s a pair of boy shorts that shapes my toned, round ass. I dance around half naked after a days worth of sexting, and he gives me nothing…

So starts the paranoia… and I have to know if there is someone else. He was in the shower, so I sneaked a peak at his phone, and what I found almost broke me…

A sweet pink pussy that was not mine. Fingers with a tantalizing touch that spread a pair of luscious lips that were so plump and inviting, that even I wanted to touch and taste the sweetness that was calling his name.

Mixed with anger and sexual frustration I started to cry, my sobs muffled by the running water. My attempts were futile for a good fuck, but a desire still burned. I quickly texted myself the photo of the cunt that was staking claim on what I thought was mine. I composed myself and hid the fact I knew he had a secret.

Bedtime came, and as always, we crawled into next to one another, where he would pull me close and hold my small frame against his body. I lost confidence in who I was before that moment of discovery. As a 30 year old athlete and a mother of two, my body was better than what it was in my 20s – tight, tan, and Sefaköy escort toned, with perky A cup breasts, long dark hair, and an ass that begged to be slapped and grabbed. Past lovers saw my Asian descent as submissive but were always caught off guard by my demands in bed.

Fuck me hard. Make me cum. Scream my name. Harder. Slap my ass. Fuck me. Harder. Fuck me hard. Fuck me!

And oh, how I desired to be fucked. I needed it. My pussy needed to be pounded, hard and unrelenting. Despite feeling betrayed, I needed more than any man could give me.

As his body relaxed and fell into a deep sleep, I snuck out of bed to take matters into my own hands. Literally.

I hid myself in our closet, and undressed. I removed my lace panties that stuck to me because of how much my juices had begun to flow. My nipples were attentive and I gave them a little pinch as I laid myself on the floor, legs spread. I moaned, hopefully not loud enough to wake him. But in a way I wanted to be caught. I wanted him to see what was already his.

I touched my slit and the wetness made it clear what tonight would be a jealous love. Another moan escaped as I delicately rubbed myself, spreading my lips to expose my plump clit. It was erect, and just the slightest amount of pressure was enough to let it all go. But no, not yet. I needed something else.

Being a visual person that I am, I needed a little more to excite me. So I got my phone from my nightstand. He lay there sleeping, lost in his own dreams, and I stood above him naked and horny. The wetness that started to drip down my leg reminded me of what I wanted. Needed.

Instead of returning to the closet floor, I crawled between the cold sheets. My nipples were erect again, and cupped my breast in my hand and gave my nipple a little pinch. Moan.

With one hand massaging Escort Yenibosna my pussy, the other searched my phone for encouragement. I found just what I was looking for. The pussy that called his name was now calling mine, and my body responded. My clit was engorged. The smell of my wetness was intoxicating.

And so I started fantasizing of the things he would do that pussy that I wish he would do to mine.

I easily inserted two fingers inside me and removed them to taste the desire of betrayal. It had never tasted so good. My other hand massaged my breast, and tugged playfully at an erect nipple.

If only he knew…

I touched my slit again, and began teasing myself by rubbing my clit. A gasp of desire escaped my lips. He stirred. I was startled, but continued.

Two fingers slid inside me and I slowly started fingering myself as I thought he would to hers. Even more wetness, and I craved another taste. Mmhmm.

As I began rubbing myself, it was clear it wouldn’t take me much to take myself to orgasm, but I wasn’t ready. I needed more time to process my situation. So two fingers back in, and slowly back out. In. Out. In. Out. Oooh.

He started to move as he became aware of the movement next to him. I wasn’t going to stop. I needed this. So I started to finger fuck myself harder. How could that pussy be better than mine? I was velvet smooth, luscious and sweet.

I was incredibly wet and my clit was pounding. With my other hand, I started rubbing myself, with my other fingers inside. He whispered something inaudible. I was lost in the waves of passion that started to build.

I began moaning louder, as I rubbed faster and fingered harder. The warmness began to spread. And I saw her pussy behind my eyes and wondered if it had felt an intensity so good.

More movement next to Halkalı escort bayan me, and I felt a quick wind of cold air, as the sheets were quickly removed. By the night’s light he saw my naked body writhe with pleasure. He saw how I was touching myself. Two fingers inside. Wetness soaking the sheets beneath me. I grinned, because only if he knew what was taking me to the edge.

I could feel his eyes on me, looking on in disbelief as I continued. Harder. Faster. I saw myself standing on the edge of a high cliff, and I could hear the sounds of the ocean below. Within moments I knew I would be floating. My moaning grew louder as I began rubbing faster.

The warmness that began to spread was now a fire that began to blaze through my whole body. I saw myself at the edge of that cliff and then I jumped. As I hit the waves below my body trembled with satisfaction and I groaned out loud.

He was in awe, and I could see he was hard. Should I give him another show? It would be for my pleasure, not his.

“Do you know how sweet this pussy is?” I asked him as I licked cum from my middle finger. His eyes widened, and before he could say anything I stuck my fingers in his mouth and allowed him to sensually suck. The warmth of his mouth and smoothness of his tongue started a new flame below, and I removed my fingers from his mouth and parted my lips so he could see what a good pussy was.

“Watch me,” as I slid two fingers in. He moaned. I grinned, and began fucking myself with an intensity filled with both desire and revenge. He started to move closer, and as much as I wanted his hard cock inside me, I wanted him to only watch. He painfully removed his boxers and the tip of his cock glistened with precum as he could only watch me bring myself to orgasm.

“Do you know how good it feels to make myself come? I bet you want to feel how wet I make myself.” He nodded. “Just watch,” I instructed and started rubbing myself with one hand and fingers inside of me with the other, I brought myself to the edge of a cliff again, this time much higher. Moaning with pleasure, I teased him. I closed my eyes and pictured a pillow of pink waves below to catch me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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