Clara Wants More

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She had been back home for a week and was feeling melancholy. It wasn’t that she was missing Kyle so much as she was missing having a lover again. It had been an amazing three weeks and he had spent all but the first night in her bed.

“Oh God!” she sighed to herself as she sank back into her sofa and reminisced again about his long young body on top of her, hearing his grunts of exertion, feeling his back get slick with perspiration, and mostly feeling his long penis inside her ramming like a piston. How many times did she climax over the last three weeks? Sometimes making love in the morning, afternoon and night when they had the house to themselves which was frequently. At least twice at every opportunity. And he was so flippant about using her for his own pleasure, being gentle at times but getting consumed with lust at others. It made her feel so desirable. Sometimes he’d hold her ankles and push back her legs as he took her, sometimes from behind as she lay on the bed with her face in the pillows and her bum in the air, he holding her by the hips and slapping himself into her backside with a fury.

Another time he had covered her breasts with hand lotion and she had held them squeezed tight together as he took his pleasure. She remembered with sinful delight the feel of his sperm hitting her under her chin and running down her neck. When she went to the washroom to clean up she looked in the mirror and scooped a dollop up with her finger, tasting his salty creamy sperm. It tasted so good that the next day she performed oral sex on him for the first time, clumsily getting her technique back. He was so long that she had to grasp his penis mid-way down and that would be as far as she would take him in, but she loved the feel of his smooth head on her tongue. He always gave her lots of warning so she could finish him off with her hand, often laughing in delight as his sperm suddenly burst out, but she always sinfully delighted in cleaning off his oozing head with her mouth and sucking the last bit of sperm out of his softening penis.

“God! What I’m I going to do!” she called loudly into her empty condominium and realized she had been rubbing herself briskly through her yoga pants. “Damn it!” she hissed as she pushed her hand inside and finished herself off. “I have to find new lover,” she told herself as she pulled her sticky fingers out of her pants. “And not an old man either.”

So she started the hunt. There was a young man at work but her business was too important to her to compromise. She joined a gym instead of working out in her building and she had a few likely prospects there too but there was way too many fit young women deflecting attention. Then one day as she was returning from the office (dressed in a smart figure hugging business suit, black skirt to the knees and a pristine white silk blouse with a black jacket, and bare legs as she did get a decent tan when Kyle wasn’t on top of her) she spied a young guy who was clearly checking her out and looked quickly away when she noticed him. Now she did remember seeing him around the building, he was about eighteen, she hoped, and looked a bit like a studious Kyle. He was her height, slender, neat brown hair, and black rimmed glasses. “Well hello now!” she whispered to herself as she began to smile, “What do we have here?” Her black high heel pumps clicked on the marble tile floor as she walked and purposely swayed her hips a bit. “You scoping me out honey?” she quickly looked around and he just as quickly looked away again. “Yes!” she whispered to herself as she pressed the elevator button. When the elevator got there she turned and looked at him with a big smile. “Come on … Come on …” She thought as the doors started to close. At the last minute he looked up again just as the doors were closing and she beamed at him happily. She got a notepad when she got to her condo and made a note of the day, time and place.

The following day she saw him again, waiting for a ride in the parking garage. He had a local university backpack so he was at least eighteen. When he saw he get off the elevator he quickly looked in another direction. She had to go through two glass doors to get out. A car was approaching that she surmised was his ride, maybe a parent. “Hi!” she said softly as she walked by and smiled at him.

“Oh! Ahhhh h-h-hi,” he stammered, caught off guard.

She noted the time as well in her log. She didn’t see him when she went home that evening but sure enough, almost amazingly, on her way down in the elevator the next morning with a few other people, just a minute or so before when she had seen him the day before, the door opened on the twelfth floor and he was there with a man who was no doubt his father. He gave her an almost guilty look and she made eye contact with a small faint smirk. She didn’t say anything and of course neither did he.

“Do you have any late classes today Matt?” his father asked him.

“Ahhhhh yeah I’ll ahhhh take the bus home ahhhh around seven.” He replied and his father looked at him a bit curiously.

When they reached the parking garage he held the door for her and scrambled to hold the second one as well.

“Why thank you,” she smiled at him. She Büyükçekmece escort wore a pressed silk blouse with the tails over a tight light mauve knee length skirt with matching heels. An expensive watch on one wrist and several gold bangles on the other and had just the slightest touch of perfume on her nipples. “What a gallant young man.” She remarked to his father who smiled back proudly.

That evening she dressed in a swim suit with a long loose wispy cover up which she had left open. She had a bag with a towel, book, ipad, and a bottle of water amongst some other things. At quarter to seven she went down to the lobby and sat over a bit out of sight and pretended to be looking at her phone while she watched the door. She was almost ready to give up at quarter after seven when he came through the doors. She grinned to herself and timed it so she would meet him before he got to the elevator. She was wearing flip flips so he heard her first and then when he looked over and saw her the poor guy had a look of panic come over his young face.

“Well if it isn’t my gallant young knight!” she teased, “Sir Matthew is it?”

“Oh ahhhhhh hi ahhhh yeah ahhhh Matt,” he was actually turning red but she loved that he still couldn’t resist looking at her breasts, outlined magnificently in her sheer swim suit.

“Lady Clara,” she gave him a small curtsey, “I was just going down to the pool. In the summer it’s empty down there.” The building had both an indoor and outdoor pool, a unisex sauna downstairs by the pool, and a sprawling exercise room. “How were your classes?”

“Ahhhhh good.”

“What are you taking?”

“Ahhhhh joint Chemistry and Bio.”

“Ohhh handsome and smart.” He was turning bright red now. “Do you swim?”

“Ahhhhh s-s-sometimes,” he stammered.

“Do I make you uncomfortable Matthew?” she smiled kindly as she inclined her head and stooped a bit to try and see his face.

“I-I-I dunno,” he stammered.

“I noticed you looking at me Matthew,” she whispered softly, “You like older women?”

“I-I-I dunno … ahhhh … they’re ok I guess.”

“I’m making you uncomfortable aren’t I?”

“A-a-a little.”

“Maybe an old woman like me shouldn’t be flirting with young guys like you,” she exhaled in mock sadness.

“No! Ahhhh no ahhhh you’re not all that old.”


“Really? Wow. Ahhhh I thought you were like thirty.”

“Really?” she laughed, “Or are you just saying that?”

“No! Really. You look like mid-thirties maybe.”

“You must be starving after a long day. I won’t keep you any longer. And don’t worry, I won’t flirt with you when there’s people around.”


“Why don’t you sneak down to the pool for a swim? I’ll be there until around nine I guess. We can talk a bit more.” She winked at him and walked to the doors that went to the fitness area.

She went for a quick dip and then lounged on a cushioned recliner reading her novel. Time ticked away and she started to think he wasn’t going to show. Then at about eight-thirty she saw him nervously come in. He has a loose tee shirt on with knee length trunks and flip flops with his phone in his hand. He got a towel from the rack and with his face burning red he came over to her.

“Well hi there Sir Matthew!” she smiled warmly at her.

“Hi ahhhhh Clara.”

“It’s so nice and peaceful here isn’t it?”

“It’s nice,” he said while unsuccessfully trying not to look at her body.

“You have a quick dip and then come talk to me for a while.” She watched unabashedly as he took off his tee shirt. He was slender but well defined and toned. “Oh my!” she remarked and he looked at her, still blushing but smiled a bit. “You must work out?” she remarked kindly.

“I exercise a bit.” He walked to the pool and did some laps before getting out streaming with water as she greedily sized him up. She grinned as she realized her nipples were hard and stuck out of her bathing suit. She watched him notice and look away quickly as he towelled off and lay back on the chair next to her.

She turned on her side towards him. “You swim well.”

“I ahhhh used to take lessons.”

“So long and sleek in the water.” She whispered and he laughed a bit nervously. She tried not to laugh as his trucks started to tent up. He tried to cover it with his towel. She sat up, “I’m going to get you a fresh towel,” she smiled, “I’ll take that one.” She reached out with a hand. He passed it to her and she waited until he looked up at her and then she purposely looked down at his crotch. His erection was clearly visible and she smiled at him knowingly. He turned another vivid shade of red. He had adjusted himself when she returned so that it was lying flat to his belly but with his wet trucks its long shape was impossible to hide. She felt herself getting a bit weak kneed while she passed him a clean towel. “Don’t feel embarrassed.” She said softly before lying down again on her side to face him. “Soooo lets get to know each other a bit since we live in the same building? Eighteen? Nineteen?”

“Almost nineteen.”

“Have a girlfriend?”


“I thought Universities were for Çatalca escort bayan smart people?” He glanced over quickly confused. “Lots of dumb girls there obviously.”


“Your turn. Ask me a question of two?”

“You aren’t married?”


“Oh! I’m sorry.” He looked over with genuine concern.

“That’s ok honey. It’s just over two years now.

“Ahhhh you must have a good job?”

“Why do you say that?” she asked somewhat knowing what he was thinking.

“Oh ahhhh well ahhh you look ahhh very nice going to work.” He blushed as he looked at his toes.

“How sweet to say. You like how I dress?”


“I own my own company. Its import export of antiques and collectables.”


“It keeps me busy. No kids. No relationship. I haven’t wanted one since my husband passed. One of these days maybe. Some rich older guy you know,” she laughed and he tried to as well. “But for now no. I wouldn’t mind you know … a more casual relationship with a man … something with no strings attached, no commitments, no awkward dating, I don’t think I could handle that at all now. You know what I mean?”

“Ahhhhh I think.”

“So you like the way I dress hey?” she laughed.

“Yeah. You look like an executive.”

“Yeah?” she laughed musically.


“You think I’m sexy?” she whispered.

He squirmed in his chair. His erection hadn’t subsided any. “Yeah.”

“Just a little?”

“Ahhhh a lot actually.”

“I thought so. Kinda hard to hide that in wet trucks hey?” she laughed.

“Yeah,” he tried to laugh it off as well, “Really embarrassing.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re young, healthy and guess what? I think you’re sexy too.” She whispered.

“You’re just saying that to be nice because I’m sitting here with a boner like a dweeb.”

She laughed with real mirth and he grinned at her, reminding her of Kyle, “I mean it! I mean what do you think I’m doing here!”


“Ok I’m going to ask you a real personal question now. Can I?”

“W-w-well I guess I-I-I can’t really answer if I don’t know the question,” he squirmed.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to of course. I mean it is a really personal question. But you don’t have to be embarrassed either way.”

“I’m already embarrassed.”

“And very aroused.” She giggled.

“That too.”

“So yes, no or pass ok?”


“Are you a virgin?”

“I thought that might be it.”

“You know you look to be quite well endowed Matthew,” she remarked casually as she sized him up a bit.

“Oh my God!” he gulped.


“I think you might have already figured that out for yourself.”

“You tell me.”

“Yeah. I am.” He admitted.

“There. I mean it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re only eighteen. So do you plan on saving yourself for marriage or anything like that?”

“God no!”

She laughed at his response. “What’s the terminology for it now? I’m a bit of a prune, or so I’ve been told. You wanna get laid do you?”

“That’s acceptable terminology.”

“I’m bad!” she laughed, “Do you want to save your virginity until you are in a meaningful relationship?”

“Not necessarily,” he gulped.

“You wouldn’t mind it if you lost it in … say … a casual fling with an older woman?”

“Oh my God!” he ran his hand through his hair in shock.

“I’m sorry honey!” she laughed, “Older is one thing but thirty years is pushing it hey?”

“No! No! Thirty years is good! But like? I mean … I dunno … Wow!”

She stood up and wrapped her shirt around her waist. “You think about it ok?”

“You really mean it?” he gaped at her.

“I think it would be a good arrangement. I’d like you as a lover I think. You’d be able to concentrate on your studies better if you were sexually active I think. Or just once if you just wanted to lose your virginity. But not just a quickie. I’d want it to be several hours together. So you’ll remember it your whole lifetime. You think about it ok? I’ll see you around. I’ll come back here tomorrow at seven again ok?” With that she walked away.

“Holy fuck!” he muttered when she was gone.

She chose her outfit carefully the next day. Having carefully shaved all parts of her body she tabbed a bit of perfume on before dressing in a snow white business suit. It was form fitting and went just above her knees. The top had short arms to just past the elbow, eight big gold buttons in front and she thought it really accentuated her figure well. She kept her legs bare and had gold strap sandals to go with a gold watch and gold bagels. Her expensive black leather briefcase contrasted nicely with the outfit. She tousled her full blonde hair and waited for the right time to leave. She had to wait at the doors of the parking garage pretending to talk on her phone for a few minutes before Matt came down with his father. He gaped at her, and for that matter so did his father. “Can you hold the door please!” she called sweetly as she went over saying, “Can you please tell me again what he said?”

“I’ll get the car Matt,” his father told Escort Esenler him and he stole another quick look at her as he walked away.

She ended the nonexistent call and looked at him sweetly as his father moved out of earshot.

“Wow!” he gulped, “Y-y-you look amazing.”

“See at around seven Sir Matthew,” she smirked as she walked away, her head help high, working her hips, and her high heels clicking on the concrete floor.

She got to the pool shortly after seven. She had a light blue bikini one with a flowing white sheer cover up which didn’t really cover up very much. She had a quick swim at the pretence of being there but was careful not to get her hair wet and then stretched out to read and wait for him. He showed up at ten after seven, once again clearly nervous. He went right over to her.

“You going to have a dip first?” she smiled.

“Ahhhh I guess.”

“Sure,” she purred, “I love to see the water dripping off your hard young body.

“You do … ahhhhh ok then.”

“Yummy!” she grinned as he took off his tee shirt. He blushed as he took off his glasses and then went in for a few laps. When he got out dripping wet and lay down on a chair next to her he had a clearly visible erection again. “Yum!” she said again, “I could just go over there and eat you all up!”

“Ahhhh you look good too.”

“Could you eat me all up too?”

“Y-y-yeah.” He stammered.

“I’d better cool down. You have me all flustered!” she stood up and seductively took off her wrap. Walking slowly to the pool she reached back to pull her bikini out from bum cheeks for his benefit. She went to the pool and walked in slowly to dive in and cut gracefully underwater. She slowly climbed up the steps of the pool, streaming water, her hands pushing her full blonde hair back. She loved how he gawked at her as she walked towards him. She towelled herself off, “Would you like to kiss me Matthew?” she asked simply.

“Here?” he gulped.

“Well we’re going to keep this private and there are cameras here so how about we just step into the hall there out of the way of prying eyes for a minute or so?”


“Come on then,” she said kindly and walked still dripping a bit to the hallway. He dutifully followed. “Come on,” she coaxed him like a puppy when they were out of view of the security camera. When he got close she reached to take hold of the waist band of his trucks. He looked at her in wonder. She put her other hand on his chest and he took a step back. Looking at him with hunger in her icy blue eyes she lifted the other hand to his chest as well, gently pushing his back to the wall. She maintained eye contact, smiling smugly. She tilted her head to one side then and slowly moved her lips to his. She kissed him slowly and softly now feeling his hands very gently on her legs just below her hips. His soft touch felt amazing and after a few more slow kisses she started probing with her tongue. It took a few tries before he finally opened his mouth and her tongue slipped inside. She flicked her tongue over his. “Nice,” she smiled as she withdrew a bit and ran a hand over his chest, “Again?” She sought out his mouth again and gently French kissed him again, this time pulling her tongue back, gently probing again until she coaxed his to follow hers into her mouth. “Ok?” she smiled warmly, “You like that?”

“Yeah,” he whispered.

“Come on,” she smiled and led him back. They settled back in their chairs. “So I’m a good kisser?” she asked softly and a bit teasingly.

“Yeah. I know I’m not.”

“Sure you are. You’re gentle. It’s sweet.”

“Thanks,” he didn’t sound convinced.

“I’ll be gentle with you too Matthew.”

“I know. You’re really nice.”

“Were you thinking about what we talked about yesterday?”


“I want to … But I’m really nervous.”

“I know honey. But you want to?”


“Yippee!” she said softly and made him grin.

“What are you nervous about?” she asked although she knew.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“That’s good though right?” she laughed.


“Well don’t you worry about anything Matt. I’ll all be ok. Just enjoy yourself.”

“I’ll try too.”

“Say, why we don’t go into the sauna for a bit. That’s nice and relaxing, and they’re no intrusive cameras either.”

“Ahhhh o-o-k. I guess.”

She stood up and padded over while he followed, examining her backside as she went. “It’s on,” she said as she looked in, “And empty. Get wet first?” There was a shower there and she turned it on and quickly stepped in and out. “It’s cold!” she grinned. He showered as well and she giggled as she noticed him trying to ensure the cool water flowed over his crotch which was visibly protruding from his wet trunks. “Ok?”


They went inside the sauna. It was large and had bench seating along all walls except for the door area and the heater itself. “Right here is good,” she selected the spot where they couldn’t be seen through the window and on the side behind the door so they would have some time before getting noticed if anyone came in. She laid out a towel and delicately sat on it. He was about to do the same thing but she stopped him. “Sit next to me Matt. On my towel.” He had to press up against her as he sat down. “There! Much better hey?” and she slid her hand onto his leg just on the inside of his knee. He stiffened a bit. “Relax Matt,” her hand massage the inside of his leg. “Don’t you want to feel my leg too?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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