Chat and Phone with the Mature Lady

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Screen names and some other details have been changed for obvious reasons.


Chat 1


Me: Hello. Can we talk?

She: depends

Me: Depends on?

She: What do you want to talk about?

Me: I really don’t have an agenda. About anything. Let’s talk and see where it goes.

She: asl?

Me: 32, M, *********

Me: and you?

She: 44, *******

Me: Ok

Me: You may call me Jack

She: hi jack

Me: Hi Jill

She: lol

She: call me Jay

Me: That’s a nice name

She: thanks, its just a name

Me: Well

Me: It is

Me: So, what brings you here?

She: where?

Me: I mean here, chatting land

She: what bring you here?

Me: Boredom, maybe nothing better to do

She: really? you are so bored?

Me: Aren’t you?

She: yes

Me: Ok.. let’s play this game of questions… I ask one and then you ask one…

Me: Keep it fast and spontaneous

Me: Ok?

Me: you there?

She: sorry

She: was on phone

She: ok

She: start

Me: Married?

She: yes

She: you?

Me: Yes

Me: Ok

Me: Your turn

She: no

She: i just asked

Me: No, you repeated my question

Me: You need to ask your own

She: haha

She: where is wifey?

Me: At work

She: and where are you?

Me: At home

She: what are you doing at home?

Me: Chatting with you

She: haha

She: looking for some action

She: isnt it?

Me: Well, not really

Me: A decent conversation is all I am looking for right now

She: and what is a decent conversation?

Me: Something like what we are already having

She: i am glad

Me: so am I

She: your turn

Me: where is the hubby?

She: that will not be counted

She: i am at work

She: he must be at work too

Me: So, you are chatting while at work?

She: you have a problem?

Me: no, just confirming

She: yes

Me: you must be having a room for yourself at work?

She: yes

She: consider me privileged

Me: Good

Me: Your turn

She: uhm

She: why are talking to someone who is more than a decade older than you?

Me: How about we address this question later?

She: come on

She: it was only your idea to have these questions

Me: Yes

She: and the answer is?

Me: Say, Fatih escort in short, I like older women

She: haha

She: that’s convenient

She: you like older or younger

She: whoever they are

Me: Well

She: you still haven’t answered my question

Me: I think I did

She: why?

She: why would you like to someone who is much elder to you?

She: talk to*

She: don’t think so much

She: answer

Me: As I said, I like older women

She: why?

She: cant a young girl give you what you need?

She: All you need is a blowjob? right? or something maybe more

Me: Well, that’s quiet a generalization

She: because you are not answering me

She: so i am going by the general rules

She: anyway

She: i think we will have to come back to this question later

Me: Yes, thanks

Me: So, tell me something not many people know about you

She: like what

Me: anything…

She: wow

She: we are going there

Me: where?

She: where we should not

Me: where? why not?

She: i am still in office

She: if you remember

Me: I do

Me: It’s just a question

She: How tall are you?

Me: lol you haven’t answered the question

She: i will

Me: 6′

She: nice

Me: answer?

She: desperation

Me: excitement

She: am i already exciting you?

Me: you may say so

She: that’s too bad

Me: why?

She: i havent done anything so far

Me: maybe you have

Me: answer it

She: i am a little surprised you havent asked what i look like?

Me: Should I have had?

She: no

She: but thats how you guys start

Me: hmmm

Me: The generalization, again

Me: and still no answer

Me: How tall are you?

She: 5’4

Me: nice

She: nice?

Me: I like short females

She: convenience again

Me: no

She: why are you talking to me?

She: answer that and i will answer you

Me: because I am enjoying it

She: i am not going to give you a cyber fuck if you want that

Me: Did I mention it?

She: not yet

Me: Take a chill pill

She: to answer your question

She: i often chat here while i am at work

She: no one knows that

Me: I could figure that out myself

Me: Tell me something I don’t know

She: lol

She: Are you Fındıkzade escort bayan a priest?

Me: no, the exact opposite

She: haha i know

She: uhm

She: ok

She: i like it rough

Me: now we are talking

She: hell yes

She: a little too fast

Me: your turn to ask now

She: you tell me something now?

Me: i like it rough too, a little too rough

She: open up jack

Me: not sure if you will be able to handle this

She: try me jack

Me: Jay

Me: I like to be called Daddy while I fuck

Me: I like wild fucking, I am mean when I fuck

Me: I am very vocal

Me: I talk a lot during sex

She: god

She: I am still at work!!

Me: you only asked me

She: hell yes

She: we will have to talk later

She: find me

She: i will be online at 10

Me: ok

She: bye

Me: bye

Chat 2


Me: Hello Jay

She: hi jack

Me: what’s happening?

She: not much

Me: Where’s hubby?

She: watching tv

She: where’s is she?

Me: Sleeping

She: why the hell are you not fucking her and wasting time here?

Me: do you really need an answer?

She: no

Me: good

She: i am sorry but i was getting uncomfortable

Me: Uncomfortable?

She: yes at work

Me: I understand

She: why do you like older women?

She: still not answered

Me: I find them submissive enough to my taste

She: why do you need submission?

Me: because i like the idea of owning here when she is with me

Me: her*

She: and does she own you?

Me: if I am her daddy

She: and what after that?

She: you go and fuck every pussy you find?

Me: where are you going with this Jay?

She: trying to figure out who you are

She: are you writing the perfect things

She: or is this you

Me: stop judging

Me: this is me

Me: this is one place I don’t need to lie

She: lol

She: i have never done this

She: call me at … after five minutes

She: bye

Me: bye



So I called up…

She: Hello

Me: Jack here

She: is that your real name?

Me: yes

Me: and yours?

She: Jay

Me: you have a beautiful voice

She: you dont sound bad either

She: please don’t call me ever without Escort Gaziosmanpaşa me telling you

Me: yes, sure

She: god knows why i am doing this, going crazy with you, a 32 year old one

Me: boy! you are still judging

She: i am judging myself

Me: you don’t need to

She: i don’t wish to


She: so what’s with the daddy thing

Me: well, someone called me daddy and I am stuck there

She: who was she?

Me: well, that happened a long time back

She: when was the last time you had an older lady calling you daddy?

Me: Quiet some time

She: Hunting for someone now? Haha

Me: Come on

She: i have never done that

Me: there is always a first time and this isn’t for everyone to do or handle

She: i think i can handle it if i feel it

Me: you are breathing hard

She: so are you

Me: ask me anything

She: what do you call them when they call you daddy

Me: depends

She: on?

Me: whatever comes to my mind and dirty mouth

She: like what?

Me: not sure if you would like to know it

She: why? try me, i am sure you don’t call them baby

Me: haha no

She: talk, don’t just breath on phone

Me: cunt, whore, slut, bitch or anything that comes to my mouth. I can’t stop talking once i am on

She: god, you are just too dirty Jack

Me: i know

She: you told me you like rough sex. so, you make them call you daddy, you call them by dirty names, and you fuck them rough

She: is there something more?

Me: yes

She: oh god

She: i don’t need to know more

She: your turn to ask haha, i am done

Me: Why are you talking to me? a 32 years old one?

She: laughs

Me: really, you asked me so many times

She: well, i don’t like younger guys, you approached in a different manner, and here we are

Me: that’s not the answer, why are you talking to me?

She: leave it jack

Me: nah


She: not sure how to say this

Me: don’t think so much

She: i like to be used jack, i haven’t been used for a long time


She: i think i just talked too much

Me: no

Me: i am still listening

She: are you happy with the answer now?

Me: i am not happy, but we can move on haha

She: shut up

Me: your turn to ask

She: I don’t know what to ask. Say something mean.

Me: I am thinking of you on your knees sucking my balls, looking in me eyes and calling me daddy

She: jack i am a mess here. Can’t stand here for too long.

Me: leaving?

She: Sorry, have to, just too much to handle

Me: Can’t stop you

She: be online at 10 at night tomorrow

Me: sure


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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