An Unexpected Christmas Romance

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Inspired by: Christmas with the Cleaning Lady

Original Version Written by Sethp

AN: With the permission and blessing of the author Sethp, I have come up with a variation of his original story.

~ December 2009 ~

It was Thursday night in the tall cold steel skyscraper that housed the corporate office where Shane Miller worked for. He rubbed his young weary eyes which had been staring at a desktop computer monitor for more hours than he cared to remember. While his vision was perfect and he didn’t need glasses he suspected that if he had to do this every day until he retired it wouldn’t be long before he needed glasses to read all the little letters and numbers on said screen. Looking at the clock on the wall Shane sighed. He once again found himself the last person in the office.

The time told him that he had already stayed three hours longer than most of his contemporaries. Turning around he looked outside and saw another barrage of snow flurries falling to the ground. The weather report predicted only two to three inches of snow thankfully as there had been several large snowfalls earlier in the month. On those nights Shane found himself trapped in the office so he pretty much had to find something local to eat before returning to his office and sleeping on the couch. Fortunately, his mentor had warned him about such possibilities when he started in the summer so Shane had an emergency kit in his office closet for just such times.

Deciding it was time to stop for the day Shane saved his work, backed it up to a flash drive, and shut down his computer for the night. Stretching out he looked at his watch and saw the date. Christmas was fast approaching but he just had to finish the sales proposal. It was a huge account and could make or break his bonus for the next year. It was all going to be worth it in the end, he told himself.

His girlfriend, Mary, had been bitching constantly about the late nights that Shane was putting in recently. It had become so frequent that she suspected that he was cheating on her with a girl at the office but when she arrived a week ago thinking she was going to catch him in the act of screwing some bimbo what she found was her man leaning over his desk inputting numbers while on the phone with another working on the other side of the country. She went so far as to have him pull his chair out from under his desk to see if he had someone under his desk servicing his cock. Shane was annoyed but decided that it would be the only way to placate her he did as she asked and Mary saw that not only were his pants still on but there was no woman under the desk. Mary was forced to apologize even though she popped in every few days afterward to just make sure that he was working and not fooling around. Shane sighed; the holiday season wasn’t supposed to be this stressful.

Shane had met Mary at City College and they had moved in together after they graduated. While in school he was the star football player and she was a varsity cheerleader; everyone assumed, based solely on their looks and appearance, that they were meant to be together.

Mary was amazingly beautiful and had several offers from pro football teams for auditions right up until she hurt her knee and was told she wouldn’t be able to sustain the rigorous regiment necessary to be one. The news was crushing but Mary turned her luck around by accepting modeling offers from local lingerie companies that were looking for a new IT girl. She was quickly signed to a modeling agency and after graduation began taking jobs that took her all over the country. Unfortunately, she missed out on a job that would have taken her to Jamaica over the holiday. While I would have missed her it would have given him the time, peace, and quiet he needed to get his work done.

As he packed up his belongings Shane realized that one good thing about staying late at the office was that he got to see the night shift, cleaning lady. Her name was Nadia Gutierrez and she was in her late thirties to early forties. Despite this, she barely looked a day over 25 as far as Shane was concerned. The night shift started at 5 o’clock and she usually came by about 7 PM. Every time he saw her she greeted him with a big smile and cheerful hello. She had dark black hair without a trace of grey. Her skin was tan, with an olive tone skin complexion, and brown eyes and she was curvy in all the right ways.

One night shortly after he had first met her he was in the lounge when she passed by. As it was summer she was wearing lighter clothes and he heard several of the personal assistants talking about her figure. One vocally suggested that her boobs were so fake she should sell her implants to a toy company. Her companion had to correct her as she had “accidentally” bumped into Nadia to find out for herself how fake she was. She was surprised to discover that not only was Nadia real she was very real. Based on her size the younger woman was told Nadia couldn’t be anything less than Haramidere escort a 36 G-cup. The stupified girl, who was barely a B-cup herself, suddenly felt very inadequate and said that anything more than a B-cup was a waste and stomped off in a huff. From that moment on Shane made it a point to get to know the very busty cleaning lady.

As the two would chat every now and then Shane found that Nadia was very nice, very humble, and very easy to talk to and get along with. She was married but had no children. When Shane inquired why he saw the very pleasant woman frown and mumble something. It would be much later that he would come to find out that she was apparently unable to bear children. She had suggested to her husband that they could either get a surrogate or adopt a baby but he stated that if she couldn’t give him a child naturally that he didn’t want one.

As Shane was the last one in the building save for the cleaning crew, he shut the door to his office and went to track down Nadia and tell her goodnight; it was part of his routine when he stayed late. She was so pleasant that it was a good way to end his long day.

“Alright, Nadia, I’m out of here. You have a good night,” he said.

“Ok, Mr. Miller. Thank you kindly and I hope you have a good night, too,” she said, smiling widely at him. Shane swore her brown eyes shimmered when she saw him. Her voice still had a hint of her Spanish accent but having spent most of her life in the United States she has long since lost the heavy accent she once had. Shane found her voice incredibly sexy regardless.

“Please Nadia, I’ve told you that you can call me Shane,” he replied.

“Alright then. Goodnight, Shane. Merry Christmas,” she said.

Shane smiled back, waved goodbye, and finally turned and walked out the door and headed home to Mary.

Later that night, as he lay in bed recovering from a bit of quicky sex with Mary (who wasn’t really in the mood but relented), Shane’s thoughts turned to the office and to Nadia, the cleaning lady. He wondered if he should get her something for Christmas this year. It would be a nice gesture and she sure did deserve it for all the hard work she did and how pleasant she was. As he pondered gift ideas for the lovely Latina, Shane fell sound asleep.

~ December 18th, 2009 ~

It was a week before Christmas and the holiday season was in full swing. There were trees and wreaths everywhere and Christmas music was wafting out of every store and building that Shane passed on the way to the office. He stopped at a little curio shop a couple of blocks from his building and started walking the aisles looking for something that Nadia might like.

When music from the Nutcracker Suite came over the speakers, he realized he had often heard Nadia humming the same music as she cleaned the office. Shane spied a little music box sitting on the counter near the register. It was labeled “Nutcracker.” He took a closer look at it, noticing how finely detailed and beautiful it was. Nadia would love it.

As Shane stood in line waiting to pay for the gift he opened the box again and as he listened to the tune he imagined how happy Nadia would be to receive this. Then in the back of his mind, he chuckled as he realized if he gave this to Mary that she would absolutely hate it. If it didn’t have a designer label, then it wasn’t worth having in Mary’s world. God, how had he picked someone so superficial he wondered… oh yeah, she was hot.

Shane was brought back to reality when the clerk asked him, “Would you like it gift-wrapped?”

“Yes, please,” Shane replied with a smile.

A few minutes later, Shane had the music box wrapped and topped off with a beautiful bow. He wouldn’t see Nadia again until Monday so he would just have to wait until then to see the reaction to his gift.

~ Monday, December 21st, 2009 ~

It was another long day full of sales and marketing meetings. Shane couldn’t remember when he was this busy during the holiday season, but at least he had a job, so he didn’t complain. It was going to be another late night, so he called Mary and let her know not to stay up for him. She told him it was ok as she was going out with her girlfriends to a holiday party.

Shane whispered a “Thank You” to the man upstairs as this meant that she would be so preoccupied with her friends that he didn’t have to worry about another surprise inspection. He told her to have a good time and then listened to her hang up because the girls were ready to leave.

When he got off the phone, he checked his calendar to see when his party was scheduled for. The company had selected Wednesday, two days before Christmas. With that verified, Shane got back to his proposal. It was coming along nicely, but he had so many meetings that it was frustrating he couldn’t get more of it done during normal business hours. It seemed like life was passing him by with all the time he was spending in this cold, unfeeling office. İkitelli escort bayan He spent so much time here that he half considered putting in a requisition for a Murphy bed so he could just pull it down, crawl into bed and go to sleep. After all, he practically lived here these days, they should just allow him to live here.

As he chuckled at the notion of living in his office Shane heard the familiar sounds of nightly cleaning and glanced at his watch. It was just past seven o’clock. Smiling, he pulled open his bottom desk drawer and took out Nadia’s gift. She hadn’t stopped by yet so she was unaware of his presence. He could hear her emptying the various garbage bins into the big garbage can. She was humming the Dance of the Sugar Plum Faries to herself and didn’t notice that he was at his desk. She was dancing with the can, her eyes closed as she entered his room (he had left the door open as everyone else did).

Nadia was now outside Shane’s office and Shane couldn’t help but leer at the sexy Latina as she had to stretch to reach the garbage can as she had danced just out of arms reach of the can with her eyes closed. Shane’s eyes moved over her shapely ass. As it was very cold outside Nadia had selected snug-fitting blue jeans that accentuated her 40-inch hips. As he stared at her backside Shane noted that her ass was considerably larger than Mary’s (almost double) but it was so pleasantly plump that it looked heart-shaped in her current stance. When she leaned over to get the can I could see her large right breasts list to the right and strain against the holiday-themed blouse that she had tucked into her jeans. He felt his cock stirring in his pants as he sat at his desk watching the show before him. Nadia still hadn’t noticed him as she continued humming as she returned the can to its previous spot.

Shane watched with great amusement as Nadia danced her way backward into his office. It was only when she was steps away from his desk and she had to get the can that she saw the office’s occupant was in the room. The sudden realization caused her to freak out. Shane let out a little laugh as he watched the sexy mature woman grasp her chest in utter shock. As Nadia was hyperventilating Shane got an eyeful of Nadia’s magnificent breasts jiggling as she calmed down. Once she realized this handsome young man must have seen her dancing away she felt her whole body blush in embarrassment as Shane sat there watching her dance.

“Hello Nadia,” Shane says with a smile on his face.

“Mr. Mmmm… I mean Shane,” she replies blushing furiously.

“I’m sorry if I scared you.” Shane states.

“NOOO… no.” She replies almost a little too loud at first. I didn’t mean to bother you while you’re working,” she says.

“Oh, you never bother me,” Shane replied.

“Ummm… how much of that did you see and hear?” Nadia asks, her heart thumping in her chest and ears.

“I don’t know what you mean. While I heard you outside I was so busy at my computer that I only saw you when you came dancing into my office.” Shane tells her trying to ease her mind.

“Oh… ok,” Nadia says feeling a bit relieved. “Did, did you need something?” The still-blushing woman inquires.

“No, but I have something for you,” Shane tells her. He opens his double drawer and pulls out a nicely wrapped box. “I got you a little something for Christmas, I hope you like it.”

“You got something… for me?” Nadia asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Shane answered. “You are always so good to me that I couldn’t not get you something. You can open it now if you like,”

Nadia felt tears forming in her eyes at the gesture. She reached out and took the outstretched gift. Shane noticed that her eyes were tearing up and he couldn’t help but worry that the gift wouldn’t live up to what she might think it was.

“Mr. Mmmm… Shane,” she starts to say but decides she needs to open the gift so she can see what he got her. It could be a nametag for all she knew but the gesture was all that mattered. She was touched. In all the years she has been here no one has ever even given her a Christmas card, much less any kind of actual gift. She removes the bow and unties the ribbon. Shane watches as the sexy older woman rips open the wrapping paper like a child. Taking the lid of the gift box she looks in and removes the item.

Removing the ornate box, she opens the item at the seem and inside an ornate Nutcracker and Princess dance to music, the music she was just humming. As she listened to the tune the tears that had been threatening to fall did just that. “Shane… this, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me,”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Shane replies. His heart is pounding as he sees the tears that are falling and her smile is so infectious that his smile warms her heart as well.

“Shane, this is really beautiful. You shouldn’t have done this. I don’t know what to say,” Nadia said, and she found herself moving Escort Çapa forward and gave Shane a big hug. Shane wasn’t expecting that but wrapped his arm around the older woman and hugged her back.

He did, however, enjoy the feel of her huge breasts mashed against him, and her sweet-smelling perfume was incredible on her. You’d never know that someone that is charged with collecting garbage can smell so incredible. Shane’s erection was beginning to grow exponentially. Luckily, Nadia broke the embrace and stepped back before it pressed against her. Had she glanced down quickly as she stepped back? Shane wondered. Caught up in the moment, he decided to go bold and said.

“Can I see the box for a moment please?”

Nadia was a bit perplexed but did as he asked. Shane knew how to work the box and he showed Nadia. The song started at the beginning again and Shane put the box down on the corner of his desk and holding out his right hand said, “May I please have this dance?”

Nadia was hesitant. She really should be working as she was getting behind but she really couldn’t say no after the young man before her had gotten her such a thoughtful and amazing gift. Taking his hand the two closed the distance and slowly began dancing to the soft and magical tune. Soon Nadia found herself resting her head against Shane’s chest as they moved to the music. Her eyes were closed as they swayed together, moving in rhythmic circles. Nadia was a good head shorter than Shane’s 5 feet 10 inches but neither cared about such trivial things.

Finally, the song wound down and Nadia had to stop. She knew that she had a lot of work to do and time was short.”Thank you so much, Shane, but I really must get back to work.” she said.

“You are very welcome. I’m really glad you liked it,” he responded.

“I don’t like it… I love it!” She happily declares. “I’m just sorry that I didn’t think to get you anything,” she said, biting her lip.

“That’s ok, I didn’t expect anything, I just saw this and knew that I wanted to get it for you, and hoped that you would like it,” Shane tells the sexy older woman.

“Do you mind if I leave it here for now since I need to get back to work and I don’t want anything to happen to it,” Nadia requests smiling shyly.

“Of course. It will be waiting right here for you.” Shane states.

Nadia picks up the music box, places it back in its gift box, and returns it to the corner of Shane’s desk. She gives the young man one final megawatt smile and leaves his office to continue her job on the next floor. Shane went back to his desk to put in a few more minutes of work before leaving. He yelled his goodbyes down the hall to Nadia who was at the service elevator waiting for the lift to take her to the next floor. She yells good night back to him as the doors open and she pushes the large garbage bin into the elevator.

Later that night, Shane lay in his nice warm bed and let out an audible sigh. He had showered and changed into a new pair of boxer shorts. Mary was still out so the apartment was nice and quiet. As he spread out on the bed and sleep was about to overtake him all he could think, heck, all he had thought about since he was leaving the office was Nadia. As he showered Shane kept envisioning her large breasts wobbling on her chest as he was fucking her. His imaginary image of her naked body had him super hard and he used Mary’s liquid soap in his hand to jack himself to a very satisfying orgasm.

While Mary was hot, She was your A-typical model. Thin frame, a nice ass, and perky tits but she didn’t excel in any particular trait. Modeling agencies love this time of women as it was the image they were trying to sell. Mary was a little small in the boob department (she barely qualified as a B-cup… he had looked) but she was still hot. In college, she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever been with, and not only that, they were planning on getting married next year. Or at least that was the date they had discussed before they graduated college.

It has been quite a while since they last discussed marriage. True, he has been very busy with work, but as they say, communication is a two-way street and Mary hasn’t even hinted that she wanted a ring. Shane considered getting it this year and giving it to her on Christmas but Mary had balked at such a gesture when he mentioned it earlier in the year. Her exact words at the time were that giving her a ring at Christmas was lame as she deserved a real gift. Shane cleared his mind of all negativity. He checked his phone and saw that he had no messages from Mary so he simply rolled over to his side of the bed and fell asleep dreaming of Nadia.

The next morning he felt like himself again, kissed Mary, who was sleeping the sleep of the dead, goodbye, and headed off to the office. It was another grinding day full of end-of-year meetings and crunching numbers. He was going to have to put in some extra hours yet again, but he didn’t mind. He also was hoping to see Nadia again. He had to admit, he never thought that she’d react like that to his gift, but it made him feel good to make such an impact with something so small. It really was the little things in life that mattered most, he thought. How come Christmas was the only time of year when people realized this?

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