Olivia: The Hottest Mom Ch. 03

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Olivia, The Hottest Mom

Chapter 3

Olivia, Cody’s best friend’s mom, helped him lose his virginity the summer before college, and both were entirely smitten. Everything was new to Cody, and Olivia was a very apt teacher. Staying over for the weekend, pretending he was visiting his friend Jack, who was with his dad, they plumbed the depths of their sexual longing. Then Olivia surprised him at home with a covert blowjob in his own mother’s sewing room, declaring her love for him again. He is very happy, and so is the Hottest Mom.

Monday afternoon after swim practice, Olivia and I showered as soon as I arrived, getting the chlorine smell off of me, and beginning the night’s foreplay, soap all over my gorgeous lover and her sexy breasts and ass. This time we didn’t play in the shower, and when she started to kneel for another incredible blowjob, I demurred, suggesting we wait just a little while. I pretended I was more tired than I actually was, and let her lead me to what had become our bed.

In truth, I had a surprise for her this time, something I had planned for since Thursday’s surprise blowjob. Running my hands over her breasts and torso, I felt Liv respond, breathing a little heavier, her kisses getting more passionate. I trailed my right hand down her belly, and brought it to rest on her thick, black bush. I parted her pussy lips and started probing the warm opening with two fingers. I marveled at how she could remain wet all the time with me, when I had to take some time recovering after each orgasm, no matter how willing and eager and sexy she was.

Slowly fingering her pussy, I spread the lips with my fingers, and put a third inside her. She reached and placed her left hand on mine, feeling my hand working inside her. Her other arm snaked around me, sipping air in time to my leisurely stroking of her pussy. “MMMmmmMMM…,” she moaned with each movement. “Cody, I thought you were tired, baby.” She sounded delighted that my lassitude wasn’t going to be an obstacle to our evening.

“Never for you, Liv. I’m going to do something for you now…” I started kissing down her neck, pausing to pass my tongue over the erotic dark nipples, kissing and sucking on them, bringing them fully erect.

Her next moans were brimming with pleasure. “Cody, baby, that feels great…” Every time she spoke my name it was like a talisman, making me want her more.

Just below the tanlines outlining her gorgeous breasts, I laid a path of little kisses straight down, past her navel, finally reaching my ultimate destination. I withdrew my fingers from her hole, and spread them apart to open her labia, then touched the very tip of my tongue to her clitoris, letting it gently undulate along its length.

“Oh, Cody, oh, oh, oh…” Her moans were barely audible, but heartfelt. I circled my tongue around the dark fleshy clit, and felt my cock straining, thick and ready to plunge inside her again, fill her with my semen, but this was for her, a thank you for the wonderful blowjob she’d given me in my mom’s sewing room. I wanted to give her this gift, something I’d seen done only in a stag film.

Stretching out with my face positioned over her bush, my legs dangled over the edge of the bed while I used my thumb and forefinger at the top of her pussy, rubbing the fleshy nub there on either side while my tongue and lips played along the length of it. Her pussy went from moist to fully wet, and I inserted my tongue into her hole to gather her juices, spreading them along her slit and clit.

Olivia’s back arched when I started sucking on her clit. “Oh, fuck, baby…” Her cries were barely even whispers, but she began to pant in time to my kissing and licking at her pussy, lapping at the wetness barely contained there. I continued for several minutes, and her voice rose steadily.

“Oh, fuck… Ah, Cody, baby! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” Her back arched again, and I glanced up her tummy to see her hands cupping her breasts, caressing and gently pinching her nipples. “Baby… Please don’t stop, my love, my darling man, oh fuck!” Now her hips started to move, humping upwards, rubbing her thick and lush bush all over my face, her juices wet and hot and fragrant and delicious on my tongue.

Her hands released her pale breasts, flew down to the top of my head, her fingers intertwining in my hair. She didn’t quite force my face into her pussy, but she clearly didn’t want me to stop, and I was eager to keep going until my beautiful girl felt the same orgasmic sensations she had given me. At that same moment, her labia, her whole pussy, tightened and shook, and she screamed out into the room. Her juices covered my face from my upper lip to my chin, both of my cheeks almost dripping with them.

“Fuck! Cody!” This time her voice was louder, uninhibited passion. Her belly shook the way it had the first time I’d shot my load inside her, and she was writhing and gasping Dikmen Escort as she came. Her fingers still seized my hair, tightened, and I knew I would keep going, keep licking her pussy and clit until she came again and again.

Her next sound was a wordless gasp, and her juices flowed more freely, in erotic response to my gift. She released my hair, and her arms spread wide across the bed, hands clenching the sheets savagely. She was ready to cum again, her voice raised in an erotic crescendo as I felt a third climax reach for her in its velvety, iron grip. “Oh, fuck, baby! OOO-ooo-OOO-oooh!” This moan was long and drawn out, rising and falling almost like a siren, heralding her oncoming climax.

Olivia shook and moaned, her juices flowing freely while I kept licking her, sucking on her clit. Her back arched with her third orgasm, expelling splashes of her sweet juices, and I felt her start to relax, finally spent, as her juices dripped out of her onto my tongue and our sheets.

At her second climax, I had barely held back from shooting my load, my hard-on pressed against the edge of the mattress, feeling every motion of her body, every vibration focused on my erection. At her third orgasm, I was nearly overwhelmed with the urge not to hold back, to let my semen flood onto the sheets, but this, I firmly reminded myself, is for her. I couldn’t wait any longer, had to fill her pussy right away, and I hoped I had done enough.

As Olivia collapsed back gasping, practically inert, I moved my face away from her crotch, and kissed my way rapidly back up her body, sliding my skin along her length, between her pale breasts and up to her chin, then her full, kissable lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues immediately grappled. Grabbing my quivering pole in one hand, I inserted it inside her soaking wet hole, thrusting all the way into her. She responded with a faint groan, and spread her legs a little further, crossing her ankles at the small of my back.

Only three thrusts, and my orgasmic screams were as loud as hers had been. She let her eyes flicker open, and she gave me a satisfied, tired smile, stroking my flanks as the last of my cum drained into the happy warmth of her sopping wet pussy. I rolled over to her side, utterly exhausted, and we lay there, chests heaving in happy post-coital fatigue. She turned to face me and opened her mouth, kissing me for a long, long time.

Sometime later, our bodies parted fractionally, and she turned to me. “Fuck, Cody. Where did you learn how to eat pussy like that?”

“A couple of pornos…”

She shook her head with mirth and snorted in a very genteel way. “Most pussy-eating scenes last about five minutes. Or less.” At my look, she said, “What? Men aren’t the only ones who like watching people fuck, especially if we haven’t done it in months…” She heaved a sigh and looked into my eyes with love. “That was incredible… Thank you, baby!”

I felt very proud of myself, and very appreciated. “I wanted to give you the same gift you gave me, and didn’t want to stop until you were done. I…almost came while I was doing that, almost shot all over your sheets with your pussy in my mouth, Liv.” She drew me in and kissed me again, letting her tongue dance along mine, and we were both breathless with raw desire.

Olivia leaned into my shoulder, and closed her eyes. “Thank you, Cody. Thank you for caring enough to do that for me. And, by the way, very hot how you almost came while licking me…”

“It was easy, Liv. I love you very much.”

“God,” she exhaled softly. “You really were raised right. And I love you. Totally.”

By now we were both utterly worn out, and slept until after sundown.


We spent every one of the next several days together, and a couple of nights, telling my parents again I was over at Jack’s house. A quick call to Jack at his dad’s place made the deception complete; I told him I was seeing a girl, and would be spending the night with her “if all goes well”. I also told him not to call me at home until he got back into town. The fact that this coincided with when I couldn’t be with Olivia worked out perfectly. As it turned out, my parents trusted what I’d told them, and never called to check up on me. I felt a little bit bad for lying to them, but Liv was worth the added bit of sin.

At the same time, I couldn’t avoid swim practice; another meet loomed on the horizon, this time against Orinda’s team, so I still had to spend part of my afternoons out of her loving arms.

We engaged in a parade of sex in almost every room of her house, and almost every position we could think of, and outdoors, as well as several blowjobs, for which I rewarded her with a great deal of cunnilingus. Liv had a “Dirty Book,” a well-thumbed sex manual filled with all kinds of erotic gymnastics, the kind of book that Eryaman Escort pre-Liv would have driven me into a masturbatory frenzy.

When she showed it to me the first time, Wednesday night, we were resting from our first fuck session of the evening. We had both climaxed, almost managing to do so at the same time, and it was time for a little breather. The sun wasn’t too far from going down for the evening, nor were we, around eight o’clock.

“Cody, have something I’d like us to look at. Together.” Olivia was laid back against me, her head on my chest, perpendicular, showing her gorgeous body in delectable profile. Her midnight black hair lay streaming on my torso, soft and warm and tickling me just a little when she moved. The manual lay open, her tits furnishing an impromptu bookrest.

I glanced over, and my eyes were immediately drawn to the numerous line and color drawings of a man and a woman, usually just two, in various states of congress, positions too numerous for me to have ever heard of, much less seen, before. “Liv, do you want to try all of these tonight?”

Olivia laughed contentedly. “Cody, my love, the cover says there are over six hundred of them cover to cover.” She looked over at me. “Maybe just one or two when you’re up to it?”

She flipped quickly through it, too fast for me to catch all the positions, and only one or two names of them. One page she lingered on had the woman in a corset and garters, and an open black bra but nothing else. She also had a riding crop tilted rakishly over one shoulder, and in the foreground her partner was bound at his wrists and feet. “Even that one?” Pain did nothing for me, but that outfit…

Olivia snickered, then snorted. “Baby, I might wear that, but tying you up wouldn’t be my cup of tea. At all… I like when you move around…”

“I like when you move around, Liv…”

“Glad to hear it! So, we’re agreed, no swatting, no spanking, no whips or chains?”

My laugh must have sounded a little nervous, and she shot me a look, but one of concern. “No, Liv, not into pain. We’ll find other ways to stay interested in each other.”

She clapped the book shut and sat up to deposit it on her nightstand, then turned over, her chin resting on my chest, her hands on her cheeks. “So glad you’re still interested in me!”

“Always…” A thought nagged at me. “Do…do a lot of”—I almost said adults—”married couples get bored with sex?”

Liv frowned, and looked at me pensively. “I guess so. A lot of my friends have one of these, they tell me, but they only look through ’em, and don’t really use them. I haven’t used any of these, bought this after Maximilian moved out. I’ve read it a few times, but I haven’t had anyone to try these with. Even the few guys I’ve dated after didn’t keep me interested long enough to break it out.”

“So, you want to try something new?” Is she bored already?

Liv kissed up my chest to my lips, and kissed me long and slowly. “Cody, I don’t want to try something new. I want to try everything with you…”

We didn’t need it that evening, but after our third time, we sat up looking at it and seeing what we might try sometime soon. Once more, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, contented and happy.


Thursday morning, a week after The Swallowing, as I’d come privately to think of it, she was cooking us some breakfast, and I came up behind her. She was wearing an apron and nothing else, and I was naked. Nuzzling her neck and running my tongue along her spine, from the very top of her buttocks all the way to the nape of her neck, I felt her start to react. She turned off the gas under the pan, and without turning spread her legs apart, a luscious wet inverted V. I didn’t need a road map here.

Liv pushed her tush back, just like in the pool shower the first time, and bent forward over the counter, breasts flattening and spreading beyond the sides of the apron on the tiled surface. She was as always wet and ready, and my cock slipped easily inside her all the way. My hands moved to her hips, both balancing and bracing myself, and I pounded her pussy vigorously.

She and I were moaning together, completely synchronized. “Oh, Cody, fuck my pussy, baby, fuck me all morning, all fucking day, my love…” I looked down and saw my cock vanishing inside her with each thrust, reappearing slick and soaked with her juices. Her musky scent mingled with the cooling, half-fried bacon in the pan, the aroma of baking cinnamon rolls in the oven. I never loved breakfast so much as in that moment.

Pounding her quickly, her moans joined with mine, we came at the same moment the timer rang, telling us the rolls were ready. Gasping, I pulled out of her, listening to her fading cries in the kitchen as my cum dripped out of her vagina onto the clean linoleum floor.

Liv ignored the Esat Escort oven for a moment longer, and turned to face me, seizing my face in her hands and kissing me, erotic little smooches all over. “That was wonderful, Cody!” She smiled wickedly. “If I had known you loved bacon so much, I’d make it every day for you! You know we came at the same time, right, baby?”

Still recovering, I panted, “Yeah,” and accented it with a nod. I found later in life that cumming at the same time was a rarity for most people, and to be treasured. I already felt treasured by Olivia, and she by me, and we wanted to do that again very soon.

The cinnamon rolls were wonderful, the bacon even better, her pussy the best. We ate quietly, both of us savoring the recent memory of our first kitchen sex, or at least mine, the afterglow lingering long after we’d finished eating and I’d helped her with the dishes. I headed out for the community pool and swim practice shortly thereafter, missing her the minute I was out the door.

Around eleven, Liv surprised me with an appearance at the pool, wearing the bikini she reserved for public consumption, and laying out with the rest of the moms. She looked happy and relaxed, and I wondered if any of the moms didn’t know she was getting laid regularly. At least, it was obvious to me she looked happy, even content, and I felt very happy myself to be a part of it. No suspicious glances came my way from the less-hot moms, or my mother, so I knew our secret escapades weren’t a part of the Mom Gossip for the day.

After a couple of hours, just around the time practice ended, she picked up her things and, by chance, to anyone watching, offered me a ride home. I showered and shaved upstairs, while Olivia chatted up my mom, said she was going to give me a ride back to her house, since Jack was working on an airplane model while I was at practice. I grabbed a change of clothes, kissed my mom on the cheek and headed out with my gorgeous, clandestine girlfriend.

Minutes after arriving, we were in the conversation pit, watching cable on the television console I hadn’t given a single thought to since first kissing her. We were naked and on top of a couple of towels she’d laid out on the chocolate cushions. I was seated against the back of a couch, legs spread, and she was backed into me, same position, her ample tush cushioning my half-erect cock, while we watched some comedy neither of us had heard of when it was in the theater, chuckling at every lame joke, just happy to be together.

As soon as the credits started to roll, we made love again, this time taking our time, and letting the towels catch every drop of my cum and her juices, every bit of our sweat. We left the conversation pit clean, and made our way up to bed after dinner and laying out naked for an hour in the waning daylight next to the pool.

In her room, our bed, Liv folded her arms around me, and we traded longing, loving kisses, each of us feeling the slow fires beginning to blaze in each other. Her full breasts were as enticing as ever, and I realized with some surprise it had been only two weeks since we’d begun our relationship. She was the perfect girlfriend, the perfect first lover, and it seemed like we had been together forever. Liv was always happy with and around me, and I was eager not to make any missteps in my first adult romance.

The hard nipples I bathed with my tongue drove wriggles up and down her spine, and she hugged me close again, tossing her head back and moaning to the ceiling when I described tiny little circles, tender and loving, around her nipples, trading between her right and left for several minutes. “God, Cody, baby…” She couldn’t get a coherent sentence out, which was how I felt every time she had her mouth around my cock, her fingers fondling my balls. Moving to the center of her chest, her two tits on either side of my face, I started to kiss down her stomach, headed to her snatch, her and my favorite destination of choice.

“Cody, wait…” I was surprised, but stopped in the middle of trailing my tongue past her navel to the delights her bush hid from everyone but me.

“Everything okay, Liv?”

“Very… I just want to…try something new.” Suddenly she looked both bashful and naughty, deliciously naughty, trusting me with a dirty secret, or letting me try another sexual variation with her. Any time spent with her revealed new, wonderful depths to her sensual and sexual nature.

“Lie on your back next to me…”

Only slightly disappointed in the interruption of my pussy-eating, I did as she asked, and lay on the bed, even with her. “That book… I was reading it without you last night, while you slept. I want to… Let’s try something. I’ve never done it before. Never wanted to. You’re perfect for it, though…” Liv climbed on top of me, the full length of her tanned body against mine.

“You’ve been on top before, my love…” She beamed at me, and it was obvious she enjoyed hearing those words almost as much as me calling her ‘Liv’.

“I know, but not this way.” She kissed me again, a slow, incredible kiss, her tongue caressing mine, her lips against mine, total passion in her manner. Olivia disengaged, and pulled her face off of mine. “Trust me, Cody.”

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