Last Minute Wedding Date

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This was some years ago and still makes me smile. I was wrapping up a messy divorce around the same time my little sister was getting married. I really wasn’t in the mood to have a +1 at this wedding.

I had reconnected with a lot of my friends during my divorce because while I was married the ex was really all about cutting off my social connections. I know now it was just her way to keep gaining more control over me.

One friend that came back into the picture was Dina, not her real name. Jet black chin length hair, brilliant green eyes light skin without being pale, about 5’3″ with the curves that says she might be white but there’s just got to be some Latin in her and if not it would be me in her soon enough.

We knew each other way back in high school. She was the quiet girl with a crazy look in her eyes and I was the quiet nerdy kid that was the secret side piece for a lot of “popular” girls. They never wanted to be seen with such a nerdy guy even if they liked my personality, mouth and dick.

Dina and I occasionally met up for a drink and to just shoot the shit. She was recently divorced too. There was some attraction, but I didn’t take it seriously because she already had a boyfriend. One night we were talking about upcoming events. She mentioned a camping trip with her boyfriend. I mentioned my sister’s wedding.

She lit up. Went on and on about how much she loves going to weddings. I told her I need a plus one if she was interested. She accepted and that was that. I didn’t think anything of it. I sent in my RSVP and got refitted for my suit since I had lost some weight since the last time I had worn it.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding. It is chaos in formal wear. I’m the oldest of my siblings and all of the cousins and the most beloved Cebeci Escort of the uncles so all the kids are with me including my two daughter. Dina is impressed with how I can handle all of them without losing my cool or raising my voice.

Dina looked amazing in an elegantly simple black dress that showed off her curves. Just perfectly form fitting, she looked like a damn goddess. We take our seats and all the kids are in the same row as me and I keep them in check.

Wedding happens and we go to the ballroom in the same place for the reception. There’s drinks flowing, lots of dancing and great food. I start to notice that Dina is being much more touchy feely and when we dance she is really getting into it. My mom and sister both pull me aside to tell me to chill out because it’s like we are fucking on the dance floor. I laugh it off, but out of respect we cool it down.

Later in the night it’s still bumping and all the kids were gathered up and my mom took them to her house to have a massive sleep over. As soon as she pulled off in her mini van Dina whispers to me that she needs to her something out of my car she forgot. So I grab my keys and we walk across the asphalt in the cool night and before we get to my car she turns and lunges at me and we start to make out intensely. I was not expecting that.

We fumbled all the way to my car and climbed into the back seat still making out and I lifted her dress and could see how soaked her panties were. I just moved them to the side and immediately went down she tasted amazing to me and I could taste her essence from all that dancing and how wet she must have been the whole time. I lick up and down her lips and suck on her clit while she’s just grinding her pussy Kolej Escort on my face moaning and squealing as I focus on making her cum with my mouth.

I can feel her start to cum as she bucks I grab on to her hips to keep her from retreating from my mouth and then lower my tongue and start to circle her ass too. And she loses control. Almost screaming at the top of her lungs and calling my name. She pulls me up so we can kiss and she tastes herself and tells me she needs me inside of her right this second.

Here I am. About to fuck this beautiful slut and no condoms. I tell her I have no condoms, but I’ve had a vasectomy and is she’s okay with that I’ll be okay with it. She looks me in the eye and nods then demands I fuck her now.

I struggle to get my belt and pants undone and removed but the second my cock was free she grabbed it and guided it to her sipping wet pussy and guided me in. She was tight, but wet enough I slid all the way in and she made that similar grunt/yelp women always make when they realize through experience how long and thick I am. I kept eye contact with her and start to slowly work myself in and out of her while pulling her hair and occasionally kissing her or biting her neck. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her and forcing me to hold it deep inside before letting me stroke again.

This must have only gone on for maybe 5 minutes and I could feel myself getting ready to cum inside of her. She had already cum and the back seat of my car was soaking wet from her squirting. As I was pulling out to slam back into her she stopped me by gripping my cock with both hands and pulled me out of her. She then started to guide me to her ass. I asked her if she was sure and she Yenimahalle Escort told me she needed to feel that pain to cum again because her pussy was too sensitive now.

That’s all it took for me to nod in acceptance and I slide all the way inside of her ass and to torture her even when she slapped me and tried to push my hand away I played with her clit. I had to life her ass off the seat to get the leverage I needed and lift her legs to get the angle and just plowed her ass like I was hate fucking here. She bit my shoulder and pulled my hair calling me every profanity in the book as I fucked her ass mercilessly. I told her her ass belongs to me now and her boyfriend would have to wait his turn whenever I wanted it.

This went in for a frantic 3 minutes tops, but we both came so hard. She screamed and bit me with tears in her eyes and I could feel my cum shooting from my sick deep inside her ass and just when I thought I had stopped cumming an whole new cycle of ejaculation started again causing her to cum and squeeze me more. It was like a feedback loop until we both collapsed.

I stayed buried in her ass still hard when I heard some commotion coming from the building the reception was happening at. I told her to recover. I would say my good byes and be back to drive her home.

I said my good byes to my family. My sister gave me a knowing look and her husband high-fived me. By the time I made it back to the car Dina was looking presentable again and she was finishing up a phone call. I got in started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot to head back to her place when she told me we could just go back to my place. She told her boyfriend she was going to stay with me that night. He accepted that I was going to be her preferred cock from now on.

It didn’t last. With great sex comes great mental instability.

We still occasionally run into each other out and about. Last time it was when I was on a date. I was polite and introduced them to each other and by the end of the night I was again balls deep in Dina while my date was eating her pussy. But that’s a story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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