Just Relax

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There she (Cindy) is all alone again, just her and her daughter. Her husband (John) is working at night and sleeping during the day. When she provokes him into sex it’s a rush rush situation so he can get to work. What’s a woman to do?

She tries to wake her husband early while her child is sleeping, but the husband doesn’t budge. The only thing he does is roll over. She decided she would try something a little different. She got her husband back on his back. Lucky for her he sleeps naked. She put his semi hard cock into her mouth and began sucking. It got harder and harder, and he still slept. ‘He probably took a sleeping pill or something’, she thinks. With no luck on waking him she continues to suck and lick his 8 inches that she loves so much. While sucking she is fingering herself so that she is extremely wet.

After a few minute’s of sucking and fingering she gets on top of him and inserts the whole 8 inches into her wet pussy. It slides in with ease and she began to slowly ride him.

Ahh look some movement she thinks. He put his hands on her hip’s and helped out. All the while he was still asleep. After a few minute’s of riding and feeling him slide in and out in and out of her wet pussy she begins to wonder what it’s like to be fucked in the ass. He’s always wanted to try it with her. ‘Well he’s sleeping he won’t know the difference’, she thinks. So while his 8 inches is still inside her she slowly turns a 180 and is now facing his feet. She moves up and down some more making sure his hard cock is nice and wet.

She lifts up and inserts his cock into her ass very slowly. It is tight and she’s afraid he’ll wake up to the tightening. Being very relaxed his cock slides into her ever so tight ass. She is biting her lip and trying to decide if it’s gonna feel good or hurt. The first time penetration is hurting, but ‘gay me love this’, she thinks. So after getting about half of his cock into her tight ass she begins to slowly move up and down on it. ‘Stay relaxed, stay relaxed’, she kept Büyükesat Escort telling herself. Her up and down motions begin to get faster and faster. “Oh, this feels so good” she says.

He husband starts to mumble and she screams. He wakes up to find his cock in her ass. After composing hisself and realizing this is for real, he says “honey, what are you doing?” She freezes and turns her head and sees that he’s awake. “I got really horny and thought I would have sex with you while you sleep” she says. “But why am I in your ass?” he asks. She’s not sure if she should tell him, because he thinks she’s a prim and proper woman. Finally she tells him “well, you’ve always wanted to try this and I figured while you were sleeping I could try it and if it hurt I could stop without hurting your feeling’s.”

“So how does it feel” he asks. She’s not sure how much time has passed since she’s been on him, but she says, “you’ve been in my ass for sometime now and I’m loving it” she continues “I’ve been having orgasm after orgasm.”

He’s getting more aroused and awake so he motions her to get off and tells her to get her dildo. She does as she’s told. “Now bend over doggie style while I go back into your ass, once I’m in, insert your dildo into your pussy” She’s in aww. Realizing now that she can do anything with her husband and no one would know she does this. “This feels weird honey” she says. “I know, I can feel your dildo as I move in and out of your ass”. “Oh baby, try to slide all 8 inches into me please” she moans. “You’re so tight and it feels so damn good. We need to do this more often” he says. She screams and moans saying “yes baby yes, we will we will”.

He starts to go faster and harder and she’s ramming her dildo as far as she can get it into her pussy. Both of them moaning and panting. ‘There’s nothing like a good ass fucking if you can stay relaxed’ she thinks. “Damn this feels so good baby” he yells, “I like being woke up like this.” Elvankent Escort A mischievous grin goes across her face.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m gonna come baby!” he yells. “Do it deep in my ass” she yells. “Uh Uh Uh OOOHHH!!!” both of them yell and moan. They both lay beside each other and realize that this was the best orgasm either of them had ever had. It was a first for both of them but certainly not the last. She mention’s to him about a threesome or a foursome. His eye’s got really wide with strangeness. He’d never heard his wife talk like this before or act like this. “What do you mean” he asks. “Well we could find another guy and girl or join us once and see what it’s like” she says.

The next day he is off, and they meet up with some friend’s who are into all kinds of kinky stuff. They go back to their house knowing that if they have enough to drink they could do this. Their friend’s have always wanted to try it with them so there were no problems there. After a couple of hour’s drinking and joking about sex and all, the friend’s wife (Karen) goes over to Cindy and starts kissing her. John is surprised Cindy isn’t pushing away. John’s friend Mike goes to him and starts rubbing his cock and kissing him. John is a little hesitant, after all this is another man. Mike tells him to just go with the flow and pretend like he’s kissing his wife. The women are undressing each other and fondling while they watch the men.

Karen puts Cindy’s hand on her warm and wet pussy and pushes a finger inside, while Karen does the same to Cindy. Cindy is getting really wet feeling Karen’s pussy and her fingering her and watching her husband about to be sucked by Mike. This arouses her more. Mike starts to suck on John and finger his ass. John is moaning with delight, now he know why his wife liked it so much. Karen and Cindy get in the 69 position and eat each other. Watching the women the guy’s do the same thing.

After a few minute’s of all that. Cindy Beşevler Escort and John are prepared for their first experience. John lays on his back and Cindy gets on top sliding onto his hard and throbbing cock. Mike comes from behind and sticks his hard cock into Cindy’s awaiting ass. Now she has double penetration for real this time and is moaning so loud. Lucky for them their daughter is visiting her grandparent’s for the weekend. Karen position’s herself on John’s face facing Cindy they can kiss some more. “Oh this feels so good, both of ya’ll go harder and faster” Cindy exclaims. They do as instructed. Cindy finally has herself a huge orgasm.

Mike removes himself as well as John when Cindy gets up. Now it’s Karen’s turn, nothing new to her. John is in her ass though that way her husband is in her pussy. After a few minute’s Karen is screaming and coming. Mike looks at John and kisses him while the women kiss. Mike turns John around and tells to get on his hands and knees and be very relaxed. John does as instructed as Mike rubs some KY on his hard cock. He inserts very slowly into John’s ass. John is surprised to find out that he enjoys this and tells Mike to go faster and harder. Finally Mike exclaims “I’m gonna cum John, I’m gonna cum!” Mike pulls out and shoot’s his load all over his wife’s chest. Cindy helps Karen lick it off and now it’s John’s turn to fuck Mike. John puts on some KY and penetrates Mike. “Oh yeah John, you feel really good” Mike continues, “I want you to fuck me like it’s the end and shoot all over your wife” So John is really pounding Mike’s ass and enjoying it. “Harder!” Mike says. “You feel as good as my wife Mike” John says so that encourages him to go faster and harder. “I’m gonna cum. Come over here Cindy” John says. He pulls out and strokes his hard cock with the help of his wife and shoot’s his milky white cum all over her beautiful chest.

The guy’s go to the bathroom and wash their cock’s. They come back in and the ladies begin to suck to help them relax.

John loved being fucked in the ass so much that he bought another dildo just for him so his wife could strap it on and fuck the crap out of his ass. They continue to have encounter’s with their friend’s when their kid is with her grandparent’s for a weekend. They are working on building a bid house so they can all live together and do this anytime they please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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