Jade Pt. 02

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Hi there Jade here this is part two of how I went from a bisexual girl to accepting that I was a lesbian slave to my best friend.

As my girl was getting her pussy waxed I was in the shower shaving my own pussy bare. I was paying close attention to my pussy lips. After being in the shower shaving my pussy and with my older sister banging on the bathroom door I manage to wrap my body in my big black fluffy towel. As I open the door my older sister Kaya barges past me knocking the towel off me and to the floor.

As my towel drops to the floor Kaya looks my body up and down. Kaya who has always been more confident in her body and sexuality notice’s my nipples and my clit are hard. As I try to bend over to pick my towel up off the floor my sis watches as my virgin pussy and peach is on full display for her.

I should probably tell you a little bit about my sister Kaya. As I mentioned she is more confident in her body and her sexuality, with her 36C boobs and from what I’ve heard she has a great peach backside along with a very high sex drive. She has short black hair styled like Carrie Ann Moss when she played Trinity from the Matrix. Dark brown eyes wander down to my pussy as Kaya grabs my hand to stop me leaving the bathroom. “Your lips aren’t done properly you little bitch” whispers my sister as she slowly runs her hands down between my legs. I’m dragged back to the shower as I’m told to stay still, Kaya who has had her pussy lasered permanently clean but won’t tell me who or why she did it for. What I find out later is she got it done on the orders of Natalie who had her clit hood done. Kaya Eryaman Escort picks up a razer and cream i left on the bath edge. ” I know what you are planning little sister and your pussy will need to be shaved bald, especially as I’m going to be dressing you in your birthday present I know you haven’t worn yet”. I shiver as Kaya pays close attention to my mons pubis and labia getting every last hair.

Soon I’m shaved bald as Kaya grabs my hand and drags me to my bedroom. I’m shoved roughly to my make up table as my sister starts doing my make-up of course she puts me as a goth. As Kaya grabs my birthday present from Abigail out of my wardrobe, I blush deep red as kaya slowly opens the box and reveals the most expensive birthday present i have ever received. What follows is what I eventually call my slut outfit.

Inside the box is a tiny black thong and a black corset alongside a pair of black stockings. The tiny black thong barely covers my pussy and runs through my labia and back up through my peach. The corset pushes up my 34B boobs and shows my cleavage. Kaya grabs the pair of black stockings and rolls them up my legs. Eventually I’m dressed in a gothic little black dress along with a pair of black ankle boots.

With myself now dressed like a gothic little slut my sister looks me over and nods as she starts to think about what Natalie and her mother Nadia has planned for me. What I find out later is Kaya has been turned into a lesbian sex slave to Abigail’s older sister Natalie. As kaya starts to leave my room i notice she is crying as Sincan Escort her mascara starts to run.

As I leave my home and clamber into my little black ford fiesta to drive to my girls house, I remember the first time I was licking my girls pussy. It was after we had netball practice and we thought we were alone in the showers. All the netball team are either lesbian or bisexual so we tend to share the showers, The netball coach a thirty-three year old woman tends to turn a blindeye if we shower together. As I was on my knees legs spread slowly licking Abigail’s clit and what we both didn’t know is the netball coach spotted us as I bring my girl to a shattering orgasm with her cumming on my face. Our coach a woman called Kate is a lesbian which we didn’t know about and is close friends with my girls mother, what we both find out much later is Kate tells Nadia all about our encounter in the showers.

As I drive up the road to Abigail’s house I run my hands over my 18th birthday present and over my shaved pussy from Abigail, I remember the passionate kiss Abigail gave me when she told me to open it in front of her in my bedroom. I remember the shock on my face as I open the sexiest matching black corset and the tiny black thong that barely covers my pussy along with black stockings from Victoria secret. 

As soon as I park my black fiesta at Abigail’s house my girl

rushes out and hugs me very tightly whispering in my ear ” So glad you made it sweetie and this is going to be so much fun”. as I start turning red in embarrassment at my Etlik Escort best friend’s words, as I start thinking about getting my tounge on Abigail’s clit again like when I went down on her in the school showers.

As we enter her best friend’s house Natalie comes down the stairs and starts undressing me with her eyes which is unsettling. At the sight of Natalie Abi grabs my hand and rushes to the bar to get a rum and cola for both of us as Natalie slowly walks into the den where a black nineteen yr old girl who is wearing only a tiny white thong and matching corset that barely covers her pussy that runs through her labia and peach is licking Nadia’s shaved pussy. As the black girl is slowly getting Nadia towards an orgasm Natalie heads towards one of the sofas as she claps her hands. My sister enters from a room wearing only a tiny purple thong and matching corset that barely covers her lasered clean pussy. As Kaya kneels between her Mistress legs the tiny purple thong rubs the piercing that’s in her clit hood. Nat had my sister get as a sign of her submission to her along with a tattoo just above her bald cunt.

Part of my sister’s submission to Natalie.(Which she tells me later when we are both in the shower together) She had to walk naked to the beauty salon downstairs at the very bottom of the mansion. As Kaya walks nude downstairs Nat leads her by her collar and leash past the maids who smirk at her. As Mistress and new slave enters the salon Tamara who gets off the sofa grabs my sister’s hand as she guides her to a room. As Kaya is tied to the bed legs spread by bondage. Tamara begins to laser my sis pussy bald starting on her labia and working her way up to her slit. As Kaya’s pussy is properly clean. Nadia has my sister’s freshly bald cunt pierced with a ring through her clit hood with the bead resting on her clit, Which rub’s her love button making my sis extremely turned on and in a constant state of sexual heat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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