Imogen’s Anus Ch. 02

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Big Balls

NB. This story contains graphic descriptions of a girl’s bowel movement. If you are in any way put off by this please do not read further.



I fell into a deep sleep with Imogen that night only to be awoken at some time in the early hours by Imogen suddenly climbing out of bed.

“I REALLY need to go to the toilet!!” she announced without shame.

My heart thumped into life once again as I realised that Imogen may be about to relieve her constipation.

She promptly moved towards the bathroom and sensing her urgency, I called out after her,

“Will you be OK?”

“Hmmm.” She paused.

“I think I might need some help!”

With this, I followed immediately with a huge amount of anticipation that I might be about to watch Imogen do a huge shit.

We both entered the bathroom naked, at which point Imogen raised the white toilet seat and sat down on it, slightly hunched over and squinting under the garish fluorescent lighting.

Her knees remained together as a look of concentration came over her face, followed not too long after by the familiar hissing sound of her pee jet streaming against the toilet bowl.

She released her breath after she had finished the most of it, following up with a couple of obvious extra squirts to complete the urination.

My cock had now swollen in front of Imogen as she remained seated on the toilet, clearly waiting for what was about to happen next.

“Is there more to come?” I asked, genuinely trying to mask my anticipation.

She paused again as her face engaged the same look of concentration as before.

“I think so!!” she responded.

And at that moment, her body’s intent was revealed as she released a lengthy and quite noisy fart into the toilet.

“I think it’s about to come,” she declared.

“So am I!!’ I thought wickedly.

Her breath held once again as her face now coloured slightly with the accompanying strain.

After some moments she released her breath with still clearly no result.

“Stand up Imogen,” I suggested.

She raised herself off the toilet seat, revealing her beautiful bare buttocks to me once again.

I gazed at the sweet, dark crevice of her buttock crack and then had her bend over slightly but still with her rear passage positioned strategically over the toilet bowl.

Imogen allowed me to intervene at this point as I parted her buttocks to immediately reveal the hairy and brown stained wrinkle of her anus.

My cock hardened even further as Imogen then engaged another strain; this time a clearly more intense and longer strain as she held her breath accordingly.

Suddenly, I noticed her brown anus distend – the bright pink inner sphincter now appearing from within, completely puffing outwards almost instantaneously as a dark brown mass also appeared from within her back passage.

So there it was!

I was now watching intently as Imogen began releasing her faeces – this particular mass had been building up inside of her now for DAYS and now it was about to come out!

No more than an inch of poo had started to poke out of her anus when Imogen let out her breath yet again – it was obviously not going to be so easy.

The head of the stool then disappeared back inside Imogen as her inner sphincter shut off and she began gathering herself for another big effort.

Imogen strained again for the third time as her pink anal sphincter once again puffed out to its maximum, readying itself for the pooing action.

She actually let out a slight moan as the poo appeared once again, this time lengthening out of her body a good six inches, but EVER so slowly.

It appeared Çankaya Escort to be a very hard mass, dark brown in colour and NOT very moist, which would explain her constipated state very well – lack of water in her stool the most common of symptoms.

I wished I could help her by easing the poo out of her body by hand – but ultimately Imogen had to release this herself – her body was ready to push it out but it was still going to take some effort.

As Imogen paused between strains, I held her buttocks wide apart and bent down to inspect the dark brown stool that was now starting to hang out of her body.

Her bowels were now moving and even though the poo was not coming out of her immediately, I was enjoying immensely Imogen’s slow faecal extraction – it was extremely graphic and exciting to watch a beautiful girl perform such a natural yet intimate activity at such close range!

Another round of straining was soon underway with the dark brown stool inching ever so gradually out of Imogen’s body, her pink anal sphincter wrapped around the mass and slowly pulsing it out of her.

Imogen released an extended groan at the same time as she let go of her breath this time as her anus clenched around the hard brown turd, snapping off a length of approximately 8 or 9 inches almost in slow motion before my eyes as it thundered into the toilet bowl below, glancing the side of the porcelain and leaving a healthy brown streak before sliding into the water and coming to rest.

My penis was completely rock hard as I witnessed this most sacred of acts and the smell began to fill the bathroom.

I could only hope that Imogen had not yet finished her business and if possible, there would be more to come.

Imogen by now had re-positioned herself on the toilet seat and was catching her breath at the completion of her defecation.

The smell of it was hitting our nostrils by now as we both smiled and eventually laughed at the somewhat embarrassing but completely satisfying reality of what had just taken place.

Within 30 seconds, Imogen spontaneously released another lengthy fart which reverberated inside the toilet bowl in an entirely natural but somehow feminine way.

“I think there’s more to come!” she hastily added.

And just at that moment, she stood again with her wide buttocks strategically positioned and pulled apart over the toilet but this time the effects of her constipation were greatly lessened.

Her bowels must have loosened sufficiently that the next movement appeared very quickly.

Once again, her bright pink anus distended and opened as another large stool suddenly emerged from within her.

It was moister and fresher and literally just snaked out of her body effortlessly, as her pretty pink anus dispensed the glistening, smelly package on top of the mass already lying in the toilet beneath.

With nearly 20 inches of Imogen’s faeces piled into the toilet bowl, the smell was now completely filling the bathroom and which we both acknowledged in our own way.

“God, that really STINKS!!” Imogen admitted. “But it’s SUCH a relief!!”

“You must have REALLY needed to go!!” I added.

“But I really love the smell of your poo though Imogen – it probably smells even stronger for being locked up inside you for a few days!”

“I can’t believe I had that much poo built up inside of me!” Imogen declared as she looked down into the toilet and observed her own excretion. “It’s been at least 4 or 5 days since I was able to go to the toilet normally. There must have been something wrong with me or something…”

I joined Imogen at that moment in admiring the big pile of her faeces lying Keçiören Escort in the toilet bowl below.

“You must feel a whole lot better after that! Are you ready to clean yourself up??” I asked.

“I think so,” she replied.

At this, Imogen began removing some sheets of white toilet paper, folding them into tidy squares in readiness to start wiping herself.

Just as she was about to reach around to begin applying the tissue to her soiled back passage, I intervened, not wanting to miss such a golden opportunity.

“Do you need any help there?” I offered.

“If you like,” she responded to my delight.

I happily took the folded square of toilet paper from her and got her to spread her pale, wide buttocks apart as far as she could, therefore giving me unfettered access to her dirty anus.

Immediately I could see the soiling around her wrinkled anus, the whole area not only permanently stained brown but also now smeared with moist amounts of Imogen’s faeces.

I moved the toilet paper between her buttocks and applied the first wipe of her anus and removed an amount of soft, warm faecal residue.

The soiled toilet tissue was then dropped into the toilet, landing directly on top of her steaming faecal mound.

I was also extremely turned on by the sight of her hairy vagina directly below, of which I could see quite an amount her glistening pink meatus as she spread her buttocks and also managed to spread open her vaginal opening in doing so.

Her feminine pinkness was well highlighted by amounts of surrounding brown pubic hair around both her bodily openings – both her vagina and anus were well supplied with amounts of her curly brown girl growth.

Altogether, it took about 6 or 7 wipes to get Imogen’s anus clean, followed by a final wipe around her vulva and pubic hair to remove any moisture from her urination which had accompanied her bowel movement.

It was immensely enjoyable and exciting seeing her anus soiled with faeces in the first place and then being able to make it clean again – both the anus itself as well as the hairs around her anus which were smeared with poo just after she had defecated.

I also made a point of massaging carefully and sensually around the anal opening and inserting the toilet paper up inside her rectum to remove any faecal matter from inside her pink poop chute.

The smell also was completely enticing – such a sharp and pungent aroma that was unmistakably the smell of Imogen’s faeces that with much commitment and effort she had finally released from her body after a number of days suffering from constipation.

“That feels so much better!!” Imogen said with relief. “I feel like a new person – nice and empty!”

“I really loved watching you go to the toilet Imogen – I feel so privileged to have shared something so intimate with you!” I replied.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s thanks to you I was able to go – those beads up my bum earlier really helped to loosen things up. And it was just as nice to have your cock up my poo chute as well!!”

As we retreated back to the bedroom, I immediately locked in a naked embrace with Imogen – the tip of my wholly erect member now brushing in amongst her pubic hair and her lovely bare breasts pressed against me as we began open tongue kissing.

Imogen grabbed my erection firmly and began gently rubbing away.

“Oh God Imogen, I’d love to 69 you right now!!” I whispered to her in between strokes.

“As you like!” she complied.

At this, we immediately got into position – something I could have only dreamed of prior to this – and it was even better than I could have imagined.

Imogen’s Etimesgut Escort large, pink vagina split open before my eyes as she pushed her hairy undercarriage back onto my face.

I did not hesitate to thrust my tongue straight up inside her, the taste of her manky girl juice hitting my senses instantly.

Her taste was now stale and funky and more than a little fishy having not showered either before our extensive sexual activity earlier in the evening.

I could only imagine what condition this may have left her underpants in if she had been wearing any!

The bristly feel of her pubic hair on my chin, nose and cheeks was unmistakable although best of all, was the odour emitting from her anus as my nose pressed directly against it.

As my tongue began to slide in and out of Imogen’s vagina, it seemed to barely touch the sides of her oversized feminine orifice.

I could only fantasize about the size of tampons Imogen actually did use inside this pink hairy monster when she was on her period.

“God, I can’t believe how BIG your fanny is Imogen!! And SO pink and wet inside – it’s amazing!!” I gushed.

Just as I was starting to get a wonderful build-up of her girl cream all over my tongue, Imogen decided she wanted something more.

“I really want you to lick my anus now! It’s your reward for helping me to unload myself tonight. Don’t hold back! I want to come with you licking me out” she responded.

I had planned to move my tongue from front to back soon enough, but to now do so at Imogen’s invitation was more than I could have dreamed.

Within moments, my tongue had begun dancing around her dirty back opening, the taste of her poo entering my mouth immediately along with what I hoped were an abundance of nasty germs from her recent bowel movement.

“Oooohhhhh, that tastes INCREDIBLE Imogen…such a sweet, tangy flavour – really sweaty and sharp!!”

“Don’t stop!!” she moaned breathlessly “It feels AMAZING!!”

Imogen pulled her buttocks apart as far as she could to give me access to her sacred brown poo opening.

My tongue swirled sensually around the perimeter of her brown-stained shitter, the sensitive nerve endings around her anus obviously sending waves of pleasure through the rest of her body as her breathlessness increased the more I licked.

The taste in mouth now was unmistakably faecal as I used my tongue to wipe around her anal hairs like a piece of toilet paper.

She began begging for more though as she beckoned me to start driving my tongue as far up her back passage as it would go.

“Keep licking my anus!!” Imogen begged. “Stick your tongue right up inside me, lick up inside my rectum. I want you to taste me. Taste my poo. Keep licking. Get that brown moisture all over your tongue. Taste my shit!! I just wish I had more poop stacked up inside me. I’d love to squeeze it out and dump it into your mouth right now!! Ooohhhhh GOD!!”

My face definitely now felt like a toilet seat and my tongue the toilet paper that was riding up Imogen’s anus and rectum and cleaning it of all its moisture and faecal residue.

All the while, Imogen’s stroke rate on my penis had doubled as the feeling inside her anal cavity had obviously intensified.

We were both clearly heading towards a remarkable orgasm, with Imogen providing an exquisite hand job to the precise rhythm of my tongue poking and swirling.

I could feel Imogen beginning to come above me and as she began to shudder, I left my tongue immersed as far inside her rectum as it would reach, pulsing the tip of it inside of her and within moments, I too began spurting amounts of my ball juice as Imogen managed to extract them from me.

Imogen’s extended orgasm eventually completed as I removed my tongue from her anus, my nose and mouth absolutely full of her faecal flavours and delicious stale scent.

In our post-coital bliss, my finger moved to begin a gentle massage of her swollen moist anal rim as Imogen sensually licked up drops of my come from the tip of my still swollen member.


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