High Card Game Night Pt. 01

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Aline Riscado

Sam and Lee are at home alone on a Friday night, both of them bored. Nothing good to watch on tv, Sam is day dreaming, secretly fantasizing about Lee for quite a while now and wondering how he could approach Lee, touch him, be touched by his strong hands. After all Lee mentioned once that he was curious but Sam never dared act on it until now.

Sam: Alright, I am going to get a beer, you want one Lee?

Sam has the perfect plan in mind, lure Lee in a fun way and see where it may lead. Sam places his hand on Lee’s thigh, gently grasping on his firm muscles, looking at him straight in the eyes.

Sam: I think I know what to do, wait here … I will bring you one.

Lee: Yes, please. Let’s have a beer and chill with you.

Sam gets up to go to the fridge to get 2 cool beers twisting both beer open, grabs the can of Crisco and a deck of card from the kitchen’s drawer. His heart is fluttering, nervous, not knowing how willing Lee really is. But has Sam sure wants to find out once and for all.

Sam return’s to the living Cebeci Escort area and places the can and the deck on the coffee table, gives a beer to Lee and sits back on the couch facing Lee, beer in hand and a wide smile.

Lee giggles.

Lee: Crisco and cards!! Oh!! Thanks for the beer! And do you mind tell me what is that for?

Sam grabs Lee’s hand, his heart racing.

– Remenber few days ago, you said that you might not mind trying to suck a guy someday … Well I have a dare for you, between friends, behind closed doors, no commitments.

Sam similes and Lee smiles back.

Lee: All right … A dare?! Crisco, a deck of card and a weird way to ask for a blow job, you completely lost me, but you got me curious, what is the catch here.

Lee is laughing.

SAM smiles and grabs the deck of card, Ok, here is the deal, I open the first card, you choose high or low. SAM turns a 8. – so you choose high or low for the next card, then it will be my turn. Kolej Escort Let’s say the next card is a king, king is 13 and Ace 1, 13 minus 8, the open card, that equals 5. If you get the hi or low right you get to do 5 things to me. If you get it wrong I do 5 things to you, things like kisses, removing clothes, touching, even anal if you like, everything is allowed. So tell me now if there are any limits. If you wanna play that is. Giggles.

Lee: Well, yes … I want to play, hmmm I don’t know , I say no limits, but play nice with me.

Lee points at the can, what is that for? I still don’t get it.

Sam: This, my friend is the perfect lube. Shall we begin our road of discoveries?

Lee: Yeah sure, let see. I say high.

Sam turns a 9.

Lee: Great!! One thing … Lee bends towards Sam and kisses him on the neck, whispering oh fuck Sam I am so nervous. Sam kisses him back whispering don’t worry, I will take care of you.

Sam pushes Lee back. No cheating , my Yenimahalle Escort turn … And giggles.

SAM: ummm Low. And turns an ace … Oh … Oh what,s next Lee, I get to do 8 things, yummy.

Sam puts the cards down. Bends down and removes Lee’s shoes and socks, two … Kissing Lee’s feet while placing them on his shoulder to easily remove his pants revealing strong inviting legs. Three, Sam promptly pulls Lee by his arms and slowly removes his t-shirt kissing the perfect torso and sculptural abs. Bend over my knees Lee, says Sam. Lee blushes but complies to Sam’s request. four, five, six seven height, Sam spanks Lee’s shaved ass five times, each time harder then the previous one, enjoying the view of the skin displaying a nice red hue. Lee closes his eyes, feeling the pain and the pleasure, his shaft half erected from the overwhelming bliss induced by the last powerful stroke.

Lee: Holly, man!! Sam!! You could of warned me!!

Sam: Stop whining! I am sure you will find ways to surprise me too, it’s your turn.

Lee: yeah, you can count on me. As he pulls back to return to his end of the couch. So I get the rules now, I am in … High, come on real high.

Sam giggles and turns a king. Lee displays a large grin, my turn, let’s see now 12 actions of my choice, giggles.

Please vote and comment on my first contribution. PART 2 next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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