Friends with Benefits

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I have been wanting to write for long but just got down to it. So please bear with me as I am a new writer and all comments are welcome. This is part true and part fantasy and goes slow so don’t expect a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ sex story.


I had just got done with college, I was 22 and was waiting before I could start working. My neighbour’s daughter K (will call her K) had just finished her school and was joining college, she was 18. We were good friends and K was excited to tell me that she was joining a very renowned college. I was happy for her and asked her for a treat. She said whenever I am free we can go, so we decided to go the next day.

Next day evening we decided to meet at a common place as she and I were both out and decided to go from there, both of us came in our two wheeler so we decided to leave one vehicle so that we can keep talking on our way and decided we can take the other bike on our way back.

K parked her scooter and came on my motorbike. We were talking all the way about all the silly things we have done and then we reached the restaurant, had our food and decided to walk to the beach which was not too far. We went close to the shore and sat there to talk. If you know how the usual scene on beaches in India is you would know the snack sellers and other hawkers keep coming to sell things to you. One particular boy came and he said please buy these flowers for your girlfriend, I immediately started laughing but did not say anything. She also started laughing and we stuck a conversation with the boy. In the end, he just told me that you both make a good pair and went off.

I looked at her and started laughing, but she did not and so I asked her ‘don’t you find that funny?’ and she said ‘no’ then it hit me that this girl actually likes me. I did not know what to do so I started talking something else but in my mind, her answer was disturbing me.

Then suddenly I picked up courage and asked her why she did not find it funny and then she told me she likes me. I asked her if she was joking and she said ‘no’. We were sitting on the sand and suddenly I put my arm around her and asked her why she has never told me, to which Dikmen Escort she replied that I had a gf before and she did not want to spoil it for us but since I had broken up with her she has been trying to tell me and got the chance only now.

I slowly moved to her lips and kissed, she did not respond so I slowly parted her lips with mine and put my tongue in and still I did not feel any response from her. I thought maybe she wants to take it slow, so I backed up a little to look at her face and saw that her eyes were closed so moved in again for the kiss and then I realised this girl has never kissed anyone. So I asked her ‘you have never kissed before have you?’ she playfully said ‘shut up’ and then I told her ‘follow me, do what I am doing’. She slowly got the hang of it and we sat there kissing for the next 20 mins. I slowly put my hand around her all the way to the side of her right breast and pressed it from there. Slowly put my hand inside her top and was feeling her skin. The feeling of a girl’s warm skin in the evening breeze was just amazing.

After 30mins we both decided it was getting late for her and left the beach. We both started chatting and talking over the phone after that, though there was no word of being a bf/gf but both were keen on meeting again.

After 5 days she called me and was talking and within 2 mins without any reason, she told me she is home alone as everyone has gone out and won’t be home till evening. I knew this was my chance and asked her if I can come over. She said yes that’s what she was hoping, she also told me not to ring the bell but to just open the door and come inside as she didn’t want the neighbours to be alerted.

I went to her place and opened the door and went in, I slowly locked the door from inside. I turned and saw her coming towards me, she was wearing a nice blue top and skirt. We both hugged each other and we knew this is it.

I slowly pulled her away from my body by holding her hair and looked at her face and told her I am going to kiss her. I then put my lips to hers, this time she was prepared and she kissed me back. She let me part her lips with Eryaman Escort my tongue and stuck her tongue out as well. We were duelling with our tongues, and we were both going mad. I went to her neck and licked it and was kissing all over her face and neck.

My hand went under her top and was feeling her bra strap, slowly I unbuckled it. and felt her smooth skin. Put one hand under her skirt and was squeezing her butt cheek. I slowly pushed her top up with one hand. We were going wild and suddenly she stopped and said ‘not here’ and she took me by her hand towards her room. What a sight it was to see her, hold my hand and pull me to her room, with her top halfway up showing her midriff and her bra strap sticking out of the top corner of her shoulder and her hair all messed up.

As soon as we entered her room I pulled her towards me and closed the door with my feet. I started kissing her again and this time, I was biting her lips and started removing her top, she held the bra with her hand and was feeling a bit shy. I told her not to feel shy as she looks very beautiful and I would like to see her naked, to which she said it’s not fair that I am clothed but she is not. I immediately removed my tee and told her now we are even. Then slowly lifted her hands away and let the bra fall down.

It was an amazing feeling to feel those breasts rub against my skin and to feel her nipples pierce my chest. I was again rubbing her back and put the other hand inside her skirt and pushed it down, she immediately put her hand inside my shorts and was pushing it down. We both moved to let each other remove our clothes, except our undergarments.

I went down to her right nipple and slowly sucked it in, she started going wild and was rubbing my hair with both her hands. With my right fingers, I was squeezing her left nipple, this made her go crazy. I slowly changed the nipples and was kissing my way to her flat tummy and then I put my hands on her panties and slowly pulled them down. She slowly stepped out of it and then she just covered her face with her palms.

I then got up and started kissing her again, slowly picked Esat Escort her up and laid her on the bed. I then laid on top of her and started kissing again. My undies were still on, and I started rubbing it on her thighs and over her vagina.

We were both going mad with lust and then I asked her if this is what she wants as I knew she was a virgin and I was not. She nodded her head and said ‘yes’, I told her there is no turning back and we could stop even now, She said this is what she wanted and she has been waiting for it.

I decided to have more foreplay and give it some time, so I went down on her and started kissing her navel and slowly went down to her legs.

I started with kisses to her thighs and then slow licks to the lips of her vagina. Slowly put my tongue on the top of her vagina and started licking it, she started squirming and held my hair. I slowly moved my tongue down and inserted my tongue in a bit, there I felt her clit, slowly flickered it with my tongue and she went mad and started making loud moaning sounds. I slowly inserted my tongue inside her vagina now and moved my tongue in and out.

I went up and asked her how she felt, she said it feels wonderful and she is ready to move ahead. We kissed again and this time, she put her hand on my penis and pushed my undie down, I slowly pulled it down to my feet and kicked it away.

I got the condom and put it on and went on top of her, started kissing again and slowly put my penis inside her, there was a resistance, I pushed slowly and then it went in and she let out a shriek. It was in, I asked if she is alright and she said yes and then I started moving in and out.

I pulled her legs up and folded it against her chest and then bent down to kiss her. My hands went down to her hair and beneath her back. Her legs now crossed behind my back and she held me in. The pumping started becoming faster and I told her I am going to cum, as soon as I did she let out a loud moan and was still for about few seconds. I knew she was enjoying her orgasm.

We both got up after some time and cleaned everything and sat talking for 20mins. I asked if she is alright and she said yes and we decided to dress up and move to the hall. She made coffee for me and sat next to me. I put my arm around her and kissed her, she said she enjoyed it and would like to do it whenever possible.


There was still no talk of gf/bf and I liked it that way. So we remained friends with benefits that way. More parts to follow based on comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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