Flexible Booty

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18 year olds, Phillip mused, were much easier to talk into sexual experimentation than any other legal age. Perhaps once they turned 19 they’d had enough perverse encounters with dirty old men (by which he meant 35, which wasn’t all that old — unless, of course, you were 18) to be slightly more jaded. But 18… ah luscious, innocent 18 with all it’s bend-a-bility and flexibility in both mind and body.

Take, for instance, Aerin. The cute, bubbly blonde with the oddly spelled name who was sprawled with the top half of her body face first on his bed. He’d met her at a college coffee shop, and it hadn’t taken more than a few dates at expensive restaurants, a few moderately priced pieces of jewelry, and suddenly it seemed she was his to do with as he pleased. And really… as he pleased. She’d let him tie her up, tie her down, spank her, given him road head, had sex with him in the back of a movie theater… and now he had two fingers slowly pushing in and out of her spasming asshole as she made cute little grunting noises.

When he was 18 all he’d wanted was to get in some girl’s ass, and now at the age of 35 he was getting into an 18 year old’s ass! He reveled, knowing that his fingers were the first that had ever been in this tight little hole, that his cock was going to be the first to explore this forbidden area. As Aerin had so baldly stated, it was the only virginity she had left to give him. Not that he’d begrudged her the other two cherries, after all, he didn’t find total innocence to be a turn on.

No, no Aerin was perfect, with her perky breasts and heart shaped ass and wonderfully open mind. For without that open mind, he’d have no opening into her anal cavity.

“Are you going to put it in now?” she asked breathlessly, her ass cheeks twitching with nerves and excitement. The greasy fingers sliding in and out of her still felt uncomfortable, but surprisingly good too. Her curiosity about what it would be like to have Eric’s thick cock in her backside was becoming overwhelming, her nervousness making her anxious for it to happen sooner rather than later.

“Put what where?” Eric asked, pretending innocence. Aerin had a penchant for never saying dirty words unless he prompted her to. He loved hearing slutty language falling from those young lips.

“Are you going to put your cock in my butt?”

“Put my cock where?”

“In my ass.” Her hole clamped down tightly on his fingers as they pushed all the way inside of her, and her voice gained a moaning quality to it. “Please Eric, please put your cock in my ass.”

Grinning, Erin withdrew his fingers from her eager little Çankaya Escort hold and turned her over. Flipping her legs up so that one was on each shoulder, he grasped her thin hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

“In a minute,” he told her, and leaned forward, bending her flexible body in half as he kissed her protesting lips. Aerin wanted it now! But as his cock pressed against her young, wet pussy, her protests died. His head pressed into her wet hole, making her moan as her nether lips parted for him.

Eric had the most fantastic view of her, clutching the end of the bed with her hands, mouth in a perfect O as he sank hilt deep into her tight, young pussy. Leaning forward a little as he began thrusting, eyes half closed in pleasure as she gripped and spasmed around his cock, he gripped a nipple between two fingers of each hand and tugged on them as he shoved back and forth inside her. Aerin panted and moaned, wriggling like a trout on a pole. Her nipples were squeezed and twisted, the slight pain shooting straight down to the pleasure centers of her pussy, making her tighten around the thick, moving shaft at the center of her womanhood.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she cried out, her hips moving against him, urging him to go harder, faster. But Eric kept his slow, steady pace, enjoying the feeling of her young body sliding back and forth against him as he toyed with her nipples, playing her body like an instrument. She was in a frenzy of lust, rubbing herself against his groin every time he slide home, when he looked down he could see her engorged clit, and knew it would take very little to send her over the edge.

Which is right where he wanted her for the deflowering of her asshole.

Quickly he pulled all the way out and lined his sopping cock up with the tiny crinkled star of her ass, and began pushing in. Aerin’s face showed shock and surprise as the glorious pleasure suddenly gave way to a cramping pressing. She let out a shriek as the head of Eric’s cock popped into her ass, her hands flying up to his chest as though to push him back.

“Ow, stop, ow it hurts,” she pushed her hands against his chest, but her folded up position on her back made any kind of real physical protest futile.

Eric was content to stop for a moment, however, to luxuriate in the feel of her tight ass clenching around the head of his cock. Only a moment though, and then he began to press in further, Aerin wriggled and groaned as his cock began slipping deeper into her ass. It burned and cramped, driving her further away from orgasm.

“Please Keçiören Escort stop, please,” she begged. “It hurts, oh God Eric, please just fuck my pussy.”

“Sh,” he told her, sliding a hand down her silky thigh and resting it on her groin. His thumb rubbed against her clit, making her hips jerk in confusion at the tingle of pleasure that it sent through her body. “I’m gonna fuck your ass baby, and it’s going to feel good, just give it some time.”

Secretly though, he was enjoying her protests, enjoying the power he had over this 18 year old. She might beg and plead, but her anal cherry was his, his dick was already halfway buried in her tight ass, and nothing she could say or do would stop him. He knew he was moving just a little too fast for her, giving her almost but not quite enough time to adjust as his cock sank inch by inch into her darkest hole. The look of confusion on her face, the switching between pain and pleasure as he pillaged her backside and teased her clit, ignited his lust.

“Oooooooh,” she moaned, twisting a little as he finally hit home. She panted, her chest heaving, and making him even more horny.

“That’s it baby girl,” he kissed her ankle, enjoying the feel of his cock being completely sheathed in her silky ass. It was hot and tight, spasming as it tried to eject the intruder. Aerin had her eyes closed, she couldn’t see the look of abject lust on Eric’s face, she was too busy trying to mentally adjust to the burning cock in her back side.

She had to admit, now that he was all the way, it didn’t feel as bad as it had… it was a much fuller feeling than any man had ever given him before. A heavy pressure, deep inside her body, as though he had penetrated into the very core of her being.

Then he started to withdraw, and Aerin’s eyes popped open… there was less burning, but her insides cramped and ached — she had adjusted to having him inside of her, and as he left a vacuum it created its own pain.

“Slow down, slow down,” she begged. Eric didn’t, he was already moving as slowly as he could force himself to, but he didn’t pull out all the way. Instead he pulled out about half way, and then slowly began pressing back in. Aerin’s eyes were closed and she chewed on her lip, her face screwed up with concentration. Sweat beaded her forehead and chest, making her skin glisten.

Eric groaned, holding her ankles and watching his dick disappearing back and forth into her tight ass. The crinkles were completely smooth out, the hole straining around the width of his cock, glistening wetly Etimesgut Escort with the juices from her pussy. It was all he could do to keep from violently pillaging her backdoor.

Slowly, as he moved, he realized that Aerin was finally starting to get into it. The cramps had passed and the slight burn was starting to turn into something pleasurable. One hand drifted down from his chest and to her pussy, the other remained on his chest but was now just pressed against his skin, not pushing him away. Her hips started to move in rhythm with his thrusts, and he began to pick up speed a little… it made her wince, but as her fingers rubbed against her clit, it also felt good.

He slid his hands down her legs and gripped her hips, using that to leverage him deeper into her ass. Aerin started moaning, half in discomfort and half in encouragement. Her pussy was tingling pleasurably, achingly empty, and yet she felt so completely full at the same time. Thrusting harder, faster, Eric could feel his balls slapping off the bouncy flesh of her tight ass, her hole flexed and quivered around him as he began testing its boundaries in new ways.

“Oh… oh my God Eric,” Aerin started moaning, her fingers working harder at her clit. “Oh god, you’re in my ass… you’re fucking my ass… you’re fucking my ass and I think I’m going to cum, oh Eric, I’m going to CUUUUUUUM”

The steady thrusting and her own fingerwork had finally brought her body back up to the sexual anticipation she’d been experiencing before Eric took her anal cherry, and as his cock slid back and forth in her greasy channel, she’d felt a new kind of pleasure. Her orgasm started in her bowels, shaking the inside of her body as it drew a line through her loins straight to her clit.

Aerin’s back arched, grinding her asshole down on Eric’s questing cock and making her shriek with the out of control ecstasy. Her fingers rubbed hard against her clit as Eric thrust over and over again into the tight confines of her ass, his body pressing against her rubbing fingers and sending her into wave after wave of spiraling pleasure. As her ass clasped him tightly, making it almost impossible to move, Eric could feel his own cum, trying to shoot from his dick, but the ring of her ass had clamped down so tightly that it acted almost like a cock ring.

One spurt managed to squeeze through… and then another… and then a third… his orgasm was the most drawn out and intense cum he’d ever experienced as her ass literally milked his cock for every drop of jizz.

He collapsed on top of her, dick firmly embedded in her violated ass. Aerin threw her arms and legs around him, whimpering as her own orgasm finally subsided and her overworked muscles protested this new use.

“That was amazing,” Eric rubbed his face against her breasts, murmuring into her soft flesh. He wasn’t even sure if Aerin could understand what he was saying, but it didn’t matter.

God he loved 18 year olds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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