First Time M2M

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Well, where to start?

Let me tell you a true story about the first time I had M2M intimacy with another man. I always wondered what it was like to be with another man.

I was a regular at adult bookstores where they show porno movies in the little cubicles. Various straight, gay, bondage and orgy porno in the little booths where you put your money and then get to jack off and watch real good porno in the privacy of the little cubicle. Well I’m normally a heterosexual kind of guy and appreciate beautiful women with big tits and big large nipples. I started watching some gay porn. It’s fascinating watching these guys not only give really good head to each other but get into some really serious and pleasurable anal sex as well!

It started increasing my interest in trying my first M to M experience.

Occurred to me that I missing out on 50% of the sex I could possibly have if I became bisexual and would enjoy the company of a man in M 2 M sex and add that to the sex arsenal of heterosexual sex that way I could enjoy sex with both genders anytime anywhere I want and not be held back by any limitations.

It wasn’t a love thing… it wasn’t trying to get emotionally connected with somebody, what it’s about it’s just hot monkey sex! Hot primal sweaty fucking with men or women to just take the edge off and achieve as many orgasms as possible!

I was in a seasonal business out in the foothills of California from Labor Day weekend until around the first week of December every year. As a treat to myself after my business was included for the season, I went down to Reno Nevada to one of the better hotels casinos and got a room for two or three nights depending on how my savings was, and treated myself to a good food, buffets, full body massage etc. I got to watch some good adult videos on the TV screen in my hotel room which got me thinking about maybe exploring M2M liaison.

At the time while Craigslist still had personal ads, I went to the personal section and I saw an ad for a guy giving massages with a “happy ending” down in Carson City which is only half an hour away.

I called him up and made an appointment and we agreed on a price which was $100 for the massage and the happy ending. So I traveled down to Carson City found out where he lived at a little condo project. Went in there it was very pleasant kind of a smallish man, and found out that he was a towel attendant at a gay Spa Health Club in Reno. So he’s already experienced with man-to-man sex.

Anyways I stripped down completely naked and I got on a bed that was covered in a white sheet. He started pouring some warm oil on my back and then smooth down my legs and started working up my legs on my ass up my back and was doing an OK job not really the greatest masseur or technique but it was pleasurable, then after five or 10 minutes of that he turned me over on my back started working the front of my legs up to my hips and then worked on my chest and whatever and then all I had my eyes closed after about 10 minutes all of a sudden I felt his lips go around my stiff cock. I thought that myself “Oh it begins and let’s see how this feels?”

I try to envision if I were to suck somebody how I would want to be sucked and he was kind of rough and kind of mechanical and unfeeling and just sort of went through the mechanical motions of going up and down on my cock and while it was pleasurable, it really was not a real good blow job.

I said to him “Well I’m kinda not Ankara Escort feeling it? How about 69? ” So he swung around and he was sucking my cock and all of a sudden I see for the first time another man’s cock right in my face.

Now I am uncut average size and so is he,so here’s this beautiful uncut cock right in front of my mouth. I saw a little bit of pre-cum at the end of his cock and I touched it with my tongue. It tasted good! I said to myself ‘ this is it’ so I took his cock and slowly put it in my mouth.

I grabbed his ass cheeks and I pulled his cock down slowly, down my throat and I thought to myself ‘Oh my God …this is the most incredible feeling to have another man’s cock in my mouth?’

After five minutes or so I noticed him starting to moan as he was enjoying for the first time me sucking off another man. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I envisioned that I would suck him the way I would want to be sucked and I feel that I have a sense of feeling and a sense of what the right friction on the cock would be. He started slowing down on my cock and open his mouth and said “Man, that feels really good”

I finally told him “This is the first time I’ve sucked a cock and unfortunately your technique is not working for me, but I want to get you off! You tell me what feels good and I wanna suck your cock until you’re all ready to cum, OK?”

He nodded “Sure… Go for it…” After all how many times does a guy get paid $100 for a massage and a happy ending and have his patron turn the tables on him and get the patron to provide the service!

We shifted onto our side so I was on my right side and he was still down by my cock playing with a little bit gently sucking on my cock but I really was working on his cock lovingly. I grabbed his ass cheeks and I was holding him firm by his ass which, by the way were nice firm little ass buns. I started slowly working up and down, I took his foreskin back and just had his head exposed, and very gently up and down I worked just light enough so he can feel my lips around the head of his cock and I worked up and down up and down up and down.

He started really moaning and told me “I’m ready to cum!” I told him “Don’t cum in my mouth! Let me know when you’re gonna cum…” because I was still worried about AIDS and HIV during that time and so just before he was ready to cum, I rolls him on his back,pulled my mouth off his cock and jacked him up and down up and down up and down until finally he blew a load about 1 foot in the air… five or six long ropes of cum!

I kept pumping his cock and he must’ve poured out two or 3 tablespoons full of white cum all over my hand and his crotch area and into his hairs of his cock area.

He looked at me almost lovingly and said “You know I was supposed to do that for you, and you have made me cum so hard,I never realized how good you are and this is your very first time?”

Just then the alpha male Dom in me just kicked in! I told him I said “Yes! Now this is what’s gonna happen. I want you to come down here I want you to lick your cum off my hands, and I scooped up the rest of the cum on his belly and crotch area and I put it on my hand, and I fed it up to his lips and he sucked my fingers and cum from my hand and fingers and close his eyes and enjoy the taste, the saltiness of his own cum!

The alpha bear in me just it in another gear, and I had him on his back he was recovering Balgat Escort for from an incredible orgasm, and I laid on the top of his chest and I gave him a little kiss on the lips and I whispered to him, “I’ll give you another hundred dollars and I wanna fuck your ass OK?”

He looked at me with a submissive look and said, “OK …I’ve only done that a few times …but you’re not that big, so I think I can take you, but we have to use condoms and lube.”

Now, I’ve never had anal sex with anybody either receiving or giving but I’ve seen a lot of videos and I just felt like I knew what I was doing,so I reached for the Astro glide on the night stand and I put a dollop of it on his asshole and I pushed him with my finger and I gave a nice generous squirt into his asshole and I reached with my finger and worked inside walls of his asshole. Then I ripped open a condom package and I slid the condom on my cock which was now absolutely stiff hard. I could beat somebody to death with my cock it was so hard!

Now,I have seen gay videos of people fucking doggy style, but for some reason that position just never interested me and I just seem to never get the angle right, so I wanted him on his back.

I pulled him to the edge of the bed and he was on his back with his legs over my shoulders. It was the absolute epitome of submissiveness as I had him right where I want him and even though he was the teacher and supposedly showing me a good time, I have now flipped the tables and now I am alpha bear and about ready to manhandle him and fuck this little guy in the ass and get my nuts off!

I slowly put my cock tip to the beginning opening of his ass and I looked at him and I said “Are you ready?” He nodded his head submissively and he said “Yeah, go slow…”

I slowly push my cock into his ass and after about 10 seconds I had the head of my cock in his ass and it felt terrific! He started grabbing the sheets as he sensed a fair amount of pain but he was a trooper, and I continue slowly to push my cock in.

After about 20 seconds, I had my cock completely deep in his ass all 5 1/2 inches to the hilt! He grabbed the sheets a little tighter realizing the pain, but then I slowly pull my cock back, and then push it again slowly forward and after about one minute of slowly fucking him, I increase the tempo and I now became a full blown bisexual assfucker as I fucked the shit out of this guy’s asshole.

It was at that moment I realized what I have missed all those years wondering about my sexuality and I found my niche that I could fill now not only with men but with women as well and it was like “Coming home”. I felt so comfortable and so at ease having male sex with another man. It’s not about love it’s not about sensuality it’s just pure hot fucking!

He started touching his nipples a little bit, And then he reached down and started stroking his cock which had become absolutely rockhard again after he blew his first load. I could in a sense call it lovemaking, but it really wasn’t lovemaking, it was just unbridled hot sweaty man sex with this little guy who is a towel boy had a gay sauna.

I continue to fucking him for 5 to 7 minutes and I started building up my orgasm. I did not want to cum too soon, so I slow down deliberately pulled out for a few seconds played with his cock a little bit, touched his nipples and then when I felt I was not going to come, I put slowly my cock Çankaya Escort back in his ass again and he smiled a little smile at me and said “Go for it big guy …fuck my ass hard and make me cum!”

The ass fucking continued with him and the submissive position on his back with his legs over my shoulders and I was hammering into his ass. He was touching my nipples and getting me more hot, and I realized I was going to cum soon.

I told him ” When I cum, I’m going to pull the rubber off, and I want you to take my load in your mouth! OK? ” He nodded his head and said “Give me your load, I’m ready for it!”

The moment of truth arrived, and I started to cum, I pulled out pulled the condom off, and I dove for his mouth and he dove for my cock, and I put my cock in his mouth just like the porno movies, and I blew one rope after another… solid pumping and cumming into this little guy’s mouth.

He kept groaning and moaning and kept taking my cum shot after shot into the back of his mouth,. I told him ” Don’t swallow …whatever you do do not swallow!”

After what I felt was the last squirt of cum, I laid down next to him and I embraced him in a lovers embrace, and I put my lips to his, and I stuck my tongue inside his mouth like I have seen in many gay porno movies before, and I tasted my cum in his mouth, and he kissed me back with his tongue swirling around my tongue and my cock immediately got hard again. I almost blew another load,and it was the most sensual experience of my life.

Even though I did not want to exchange body fluids because of the Aids HIV crisis at the time, he assured me he was HIV – and I continue to taste him and he tasted me and we continue kissing as lovers for about three minutes as our heart rate slowly came back to normal.

As we came down from our high, he scooted down to my crotch and put my cock back in his mouth and lovingly suck my cock again cleaning up the rest of the cum that was on my cock.

I asked if he had a shower and I probably would be a good idea if I showered before I left so he showed to where the shower was and join me in the shower.

So this little guy who I just had man-to-man sex with for the first time was showering with me and scrubbing my back and cleaning me up. Of course I got hard as a rock again,with this touch of another man touching me and rubbing me, so I did something that I never thought I would do, and that is to have unprotected sex with a man.

I knew his ass still had a lot of Astro Glide in it, so I turned him around against the shower he was facing the shower, and I slid up behind him and I put my cock in his ass again without a condom on. His ass was so stretched out from the first fucking,that my cock just slipped right in easy Peezy.

I continue to fuck him hard for about four minutes and I blew a load in his ass!

I’ve had the most incredible sexual experience in the matter with less than one hour and he “The teacher” became the Student!

Never thought I would be into kissing another man but after fucking this little guy, I just felt like I turned him around after I came in his ass and I kissed him passionately in the shower and we all cleaned up and we finished up our business. I went into my wallet to bring out another hundred dollar bill to pay him and he insisted that I keep it and I said “no you need this to make your ends meet, and I want to keep our relationship professional so I insist you take it”

He took the money and as we departed I gave him a little kiss on the lips I said maybe see you next year?

He said “You have my number I can’t wait to see you next year. Maybe I could bring a friend and we add a third? ” He snickered and smiled.

I walked out the door and that was the beginning of my sexual adventures into bisexual sex!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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