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A long time married couple we look for things to spice up our life. Comfortable with ourselves we turn to the Internet to aid in our quest, having searched a found we decide on a likely match. They’re an older couple, some ten years or so beyond us. We feel an older couple would have a better mindset to nervous newcomers. They are also out of the area so odds of running into them are slim if things go badly.

Some back and forth emails come first as a get to know you and to confirm our choice. With no red flag we set up for our first meet. It’s a Friday afternoon and a long drive after a long week, the drive starts off as normal but when we reach the Arizona border it starts to set in. It’s been many years just the two of us and now that’s all being thrown to the wind. When we reach the first sign saying the miles to their town I reach out and take a firm grip of my wife’s hand. Now at their off ramp our bodies shake a bit. Our headlights through their front windows announces our arrival and they are standing at the front door before we even get out of the car.

In a broken voice I ask my wife if she’s ready, unable to speak she nods her head yes. We’ve made local room reservations in case things don’t work out as planned and our overnight bag still in the trunk as we step to join them. They do their best to make us feel welcomed and invite us in, we follow then to the back of the house and take our seats on opposing Ankara Escort couches. Things start off slow and we spend most of our time nodding yes or no but soon we start to relax and it quickly looks like old friends just catching up. They take notice that we seem to be moving around a lot, asking I tell them it’s been a long day and we’re both a little stiff. Our hostess is quick to offer a warm shower and how that might help. Taking them up on their kind offer we follow them to the bathroom.

She was right and the hot water feels great upon the skin and as we was ourselves I get that funny feeling. From the corner of my eye I see them at the doorway, she is leaning against him with her hand up under her dress and he has both of her large breasts cupped in his hands. I whisper to my wife what I have found and to my delight and surprise she start to tease them. She pressed her breasts to the glass shower wall and reaching behind she takes ahold on my growing cock. We spent far too much time showering and some parts were cleaned many more times than needed. Then looking up once again they are gone. We pat ourselves dry and when we reach for our clothes they are gone, we wrap up in our towels to investigate.

They meet us in the hall and when asked they say how they were tossed in the wash so to be clean when leaving. Then they ask about the shower and further make Balgat Escort the offer of a massage that might aid too. Once again taking them up on their kind offer we follow as they lead us to the master bedroom. Lying face down with our towels covering our backsides they begin, starting at our feet and moving upward. Her talents are clear and my wife’s soft moans proves she too is enjoying the attention. As she reaches the top of my thighs I reach over a take hold of the towel over my wife’s backside and pull it away exposing her round ass to all. She does not reach for it but instead takes mine tossing it to the ground.

Now past the small of my back she sits up upon me, I can feel the tickle of her mound against my skin so somehow she’s undressed through the possess. The thought that my wife is getting the same a another man’s cock is rubbing against her makes my cock swell under me. Now she reaches a large knot in my back, one that has been there since a scaffolding fall many years ago. Try as she might she cannot work it out, so she calls for aid from her husband while hopping over to my wife to continue there. I see him coming from the side his cock swaying side to side with each step. Now directly in front of me he reaches out applying all his weight to my back. Looking up his cock is just inches away, I say to myself it’s now or never then reaching out I wrap Çankaya Escort my arms around his legs drawing him close and his cock in my mouth.

It’s awkward at first but I soon find my way and it must of been okay as he was moaning loudly. This draws the attends io of the girls who are now watching as they touch themselves. She tell me to roll over and for her husband to return the favor. So there we are locked in a 69 both balls deep in the others mouth. Looking again we find our wives in the same state so it’s our turn to watch as they explore one another. I lean over and kiss my wife, the taste of the other lady is in her mouth. I then take ahold of her ass and she cums as I slash my tongue at her button while my wife sucks on her large clit. Our host has also taken position, now fucking my wife while his wife lick mine. Knowing well I can tell each time my wife cums under this treatment.

Al of this is too much for me as I blast my load on my wife’s face and our hostesses ass. My wife hurries to catch as much as she can. Our host close himself now moans loudly, my wife pulls away say not yet. I want to watch you fuck my husband first. In an excited voice our host asks I would allow that and my wife answers back yes, I fuck him all the time. This it true and I get on all fours, I jump at the first feel which was cold lube being slapped at my button. Then a hard press followed by inch by inch of his cock, having experience I’ve learned how to relax and enjoy it. I pick my head up only to see our wives rubbing pussies together as they took us in.

It only took a moment before I felt him unload deep inside me. Their in a pile of parts we laid all reflecting on what just happened. We ended up staying the weekend and never did need the reservations made.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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