Ethan and Carrie Ch. 01

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Pam went up the stairs to Ethan’s room. She had a cunning plan for him, and just thinking about it made her grin. She knocked on his door and went in.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” Ethan said. He was just putting on a t-shirt. The front of his jeans were open. Pam stared at his hard, muscular body, and she had to lick her lips.

“Can I ask you a favor?” she said as she walked toward him. He pulled the t-shirt on and brushed his hand through his hair.

“Sure,” he said. Pam stood right in front of him.

“Would give my friend a ride home?”

“Aw, Jesus, Pam. Why do you always come to me with these stupid things? Why do I always have to drive your friends home?”

Pam lifted his t-shirt and stuck her hand down into the front of his jeans, feeling around for his penis. When she found it, it was growing hard. “Please,” she said. “If you do, I’ll give you a blowjob.”

Ethan chuckled. “You’d blow me even if I didn’t drive her home.”

“That’s probably true, but will you do it anyway?”

“Okay,” he said finally, letting her stroke his erection. “What’s her name?”


Ethan went down the stairs with Pam and she introduced him to Carrie. Carrie smiled.

“Hi,” she said, holding out her hand.

Ethan was dumfounded. He held out his hand and shook her’s weakly. Carrie was flawless. She stood just inside the doorway, practically oozing sex and confidence. The dim light of dusk from outside softly illuminated her face. Her large, blue eyes shined at him with a lyrical beauty when she spoke. Her full lips were moist and sensuously reflective, and when she smiled, she revealed perfect teeth.

“Hi,” Ethan finally managed to mutter. Pam, standing behind Ethan, almost broke into laughter.

The glow of the setting sun radiated through her cotton dress and hinted at her slender, warm thighs, which tapered up to her hips. Her light, summery dress caressed her delicate waist. Her breasts seemed to be molded by her bra, the top of which was barely visible beneath the low neckline. Ethan discreetly fantasized about how erect and sensitive her nipples might became if he aroused them, and how they would taste faintly of perfume and sexual sweat.

“Goodbye, Pam,” Carrie said, as she turned and started out the door. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

Her voice had an unmistakable musical quality, a breathy, woodwind type of sound, that made her intonation warm and erotic. When she laughed, her breasts moved rhythmically and lovingly in a natural, swaying motion that excited him deeply, in an animalistic way. Pam was very aware of the tremendously stimulating effect she had a on him, and when he vainly tried to ignore it, she laughed at his discomfort.

“Go on,” Pam said, and practically pushed Ethan out the door to follow her. He opened the passenger’s door of his car for her and ran around to jump in on the driver’s side. He put the key in the ignition and turned to look at her. She smiled at him again and he smiled back.

She moved her magnificent buttocks ever so slightly from side to side to make herself comfortable in the snug, low seats in his Mustang. The effort made her dress creep up almost to the top of her thighs, but she made no attempt to cover her beautiful legs. Without appearing to be deliberate, Ethan Dikmen Escort quickly glanced at her thighs as she parted her momentarily, letting him see all the way up to her panties and the cleft of her pussy.

“Thanks for giving me a ride home,” she said in her incredibly sexy voice. She smiled knowingly with half-closed eyes that flashed and sparkled in the dim light of the summer night.

“No problem,” Ethan said, and started the car. The engine kicked over on the first turn and roared like a wild beast. Carrie jumped. She seemed to be excited by the power of the car, imperceptibly moving closer and turning her face to him so he would have no trouble understanding her tacit desires. The faint smell of her arousal reached his nose. The aroma was catalytic. His penis rapidly stiffening to an erection and struggled in his pants for some comfort.

“Where do you live?” Ethan choked, trying to contain his passion.

“On Marietta, just off Hampton,” Carrie said.

Ethan thought about it for a moment, recovering somewhat from his discomfort. “Okay. I think I know where that is.” He put the shifter in first gear and the car lurched forward with a squeal from the rear tires.

Carrie laid her hand on his thigh and he stiffened. She was squeezing his leg and she seemed to be in fear of the car, but at the same time, he was aware that it turned her on. Her fingers were just grazing the ridge of his erection in his pants, but he was afraid to look down. He knew she couldn’t miss the sight of his cock.

Ethan was driving cautiously through traffic, barely able to contain the runaway power of the car and his own lust. Her hand gradually moved over his thigh and found his cock. Her fingers lightly danced over the hard, thick ridge, inspecting its size and shape. She began to lovingly massaged his penis through the jeans to the point where he thought he was going to blow up in them, but, just short of a climax, she pulled her hand away and cut off his orgasm.

“That’s the house,” she said, pointing to the blue, ranch style house between two other houses, surrounded by old trees. “Pull all the way up into the driveway.”

Ethan slowly drove the car up the driveway beside the house and they were covered by the long, leafy branches of an ancient elm tree. Carrie reached over and shut the car off.

“My mom’s home,” she said, as she undid the button of his jeans and lowered the zipper. “But she won’t be able to see us here.” She liberated his huge erection from his jeans and placed it across her cheek in a gesture of adoration, never looking away from his face. Ethan could only stare down at her, entranced by her beauty.

“Pam told me your penis was large,” she whispered, her warm breath caressing the shaft of his cock. “But I never would have guessed.” She opened her lips just wide enough to let the round head of his penis in, and in one fluid motion, guided it into her warm, moist mouth and held it there, licking the head, allowing him to feel her heat. Slowly, she withdrew the cock until she only held the tip between her lips, and allowed the cool air to touch the wet shaft. Ethan gently brushed her beautiful, long, golden hair.

“You’re incredibly beautiful,” Ethan whispered.

Carrie sat Eryaman Escort up. “And you are a wonderful man.” She opened the front of her dress and slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders. Her nipples were exquisitely erect and smelled of a sweet, exotic lotion. Ethan’s reached up to touch them and his fingers glided over them, increasing her excitement and making her back arch. She moaned quietly with her eyes closed and leaned over and swallowed his cock again. The entire length of his cock filled her mouth and throat. For her, this was an act of love.

“Oh my God,” Ethan groaned. At last, he erupted in her mouth, astonished at the velocity and the quantity he spewed forth. He was concerned that it would overwhelm her, but, with each spasm, she swallowed and filled her belly with all the come she could get without spilling a drop. Finally, she pulled it out and, with the back of her hand, she wiped up the small amount of semen on the corner of her mouth.

Ethan leaned forward and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of his come on her tongue. She took his hand and slipped it up under her dress and into her panties. He could feel the beads of her juices on her pubic hairs.

“Press in slowly, but not too deep,” she whispered.

His fingers gently parted the slick lips of her labia and cautiously entered her channel. She was unusually tight, he thought. He pushed his finger further until he encountered something unfamiliar, and realized with pleasant surprise that it was her hymen.

“I’ve given you the virginity of my mouth,” she whispered breathily in his ear, licking his lobe. “This will be your next gift.”

He tilted her head and kissed her deeply.

“Goodbye,” she said. She opened the car and jumped out. She waved to him with a smile, and Ethan watched her hair bounce and the cheeks of her ass shake under her dress. He fired up the car and drove back home.

When he returned home, Pam found him in his room again and came in to sit beside him on his bed.

“Well?” Pam said, squirming anxiously.

“Well what?” Ethan said, and put down his magazine.

“Did you fuck her?” Pam asked.

“You set me up, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did, and you should be thanking me.” Pam put her hand on his chest.

“Thank you,” Ethan said, and picked up his magazine.

“So? Did you fuck her?” Pam asked again.

“She’s a virgin,” Ethan said.

“No way,” Pam said, looking at him with disbelief. Ethan just nodded. “I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it.”

“And she’s saving it for the day she gets married, right?” Pam let her hand travel down over his chest and belly and slip under the belt of his jeans.

“No. She wants to give it to me.”


“I don’t know.”

“Well, thanks for taking her home,” Pam said. Her fingers touched his penis. “Do you want me to give you head now?”

“If you want to, but Carrie already gave me one.”

“She’s a virgin, but she sucked you off?” Ethan nodded. “Did she swallow it or did you come on her face?”

“She swallowed it. She told me it was her first blowjob, too.”

Pam opened his jeans and pulled out his penis, which was quickly growing hard and straight. “That’s nuts,” Pam said. She kicked Esat Escort off her tight jeans and her panties. “I thought she lost her virginity back in eighth grade.” She kneeled across Ethan’s body, put his cock between the lips of her cunt, and slid down on him.

“I’m glad she didn’t,” Ethan said, and slid his hands up under her sweater. He touched her bare breasts and fondled them gently. He was glad she occasionally didn’t wear a bra. His big cock was slipping in and out of her slick hole. “Why did you tell her about my dick?”

“She asked,” Pam said, pulling her sweater off over her head. “I told her I didn’t know, but she insisted, so I told her.”

“Do you think she knows we fucking each other?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think she’d care if she did.”

Pam was just about to come. His cock felt so good inside her. Ethan’s fingers made her nipples tingle when he squeezed her tits. She lazily opened her eyes and looked out the window. In the bedroom window of the house right across from them she saw Mrs. Philips, their neighbor, watching them, peeking around the edge of her window.

“We have company,” Pam panted, nodding toward the window.

“What?” Ethan said, looking up at her.

“Mrs. Philips seems to like what we’re doing.” Pam looked right across the short distance at her and Mrs. Philips looked right back.

Without letting up, Ethan glanced out the window and saw the older woman. Her eyes were riveted on them. “Maybe we should close the curtains,” Ethan grunted, shoving his cock deep in her pussy again.

“Uhn,” Pam moaned. “Fuck the curtains.” All she was cared about was Ethan’s dick. Knowing that she was being watched while she fucked her brother sent a chill of excitement and danger up her spine. She liked the idea that someone knew they were fucking each other. “I bet she’s playing with her pussy,” Pam whispered, wiping the sweat from his cheeks.

“Is she gonna come?” Ethan said. His cock twitched, stretching her tight cunt. “Let her see my dick in her cunt.”

“Okay,” Pam said, and closed her eyes. His hands circled her waist and raised her halfway off his cock. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming when Ethan released her and her own weight drove his cock all the way up into her pussy. She fell forward over him, whimpering and shivering as she orgasmed. His cock suddenly throbbed and spit a gob of seed against her cunt walls, and the intensity of her orgasm increased. Just when she thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, he squirted more come into her and it did, until she finally couldn’t come any more.

“Oh yeah … oh yeah,” Pam moaned, writhing on Ethan’s cock. The last waves of her orgasm washed through her body. She rolled off and lay on her back beside him.

Ethan got up and stepped over to the window. Mrs. Philips eyes bugged out and her mouth fell open when she saw his huge, shiny, wet cock hanging in front of him, looking like it belonged to a monster, not a man. She did not look away, but stared directly at it, then smiled at him. Ethan smiled back at her. She didn’t look as old as he thought she was. In fact, she was quite attractive. He pulled down the blind and went back to the bed with a smirk on his face. Pam, on her back, watched him. Her legs were spread and his come dribbled from her pussy.

“You should have seen her face when she saw this,” Ethan said, holding his penis.

“You probably shocked that poor woman.”

“The way she was smiling, I think she liked it.”

Pam smiled sleepily and raised her head so he could put his cock in her mouth. She began to suck it like a dozing infant sucks a pacifier.

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