Eighteen Ch. 05

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Big Tits

He chose the apartment.

I was already ten kinds of horny by the time his shaking hands unlocked the apartment’s front door. Missy grabbed me as his hands fumbled with the keys. She pushed me up against the wall, her hands roving across my torso. I moaned as her tongue flicked at my earlobe.

“Not making it easier on me,” grumbled Scott.

“Hurry up and get that shit open,” I groaned. Missy’s hand probed at the heat between my legs, driving me wild. I grabbed her hair with both hands and mashed my mouth into hers.

Finally the door swung open, and I shoved Missy in through it, brushing past Scott and into the entryway. I’d visited the apartment before. It was modest, the kind of thing an eighteen-year-old kid could afford with the income from two part-time jobs.

But it had a bedroom with a king-sized bed, and that was all that mattered.

I almost growled as I tugged Missy’s hand after me, and we made our way straight to the bedroom. Scott followed behind us, seeming lost and wandering. I flung open the bedroom door and strode to stand in the center of the room. The bed was right under the window on the opposite wall, with streetlights shining through the slats of his venetian blinds.

Missy tried to leap on me, but I held her back. For the moment.

“Missy,” I said, my voice coming hot and heavy. “We’ve been ignoring poor Scott all night.”

She nodded, and we turned to him as one. Scott looked like a deer in headlights. He was no stranger to the horizontal shuffle, but a threesome with his two best friends was apparently well beyond his ability to reason.

“Scott,” I said huskily. “Take off your clothes.”

“Ladies first,” he said nervously.

With a quick glance to Missy, we complied. I shucked off my black dress at the same time that her tiny yellow sundress crumpled in a puddle on the floor. Dressed only in the underwear that Scott had picked earlier in the day, we stared at him.

“Your turn,” Missy breathed.

Scott pulled his shirt off self-consciously. Like most guys who aren’t on sports teams in school, he was nervous about his body. He shouldn’t have been. He had a beautiful form. Not all bulged out like guys who spend too much time at the gym and eat protein powder. He was a thin, lean kind of muscular, the kind that I wanted to run my tongue all over. His abs beckoned like landing lights. His shirt gone, he slowly pulled off his pants, standing before us in only a pair of plaid boxers.

“Okay,” he said. “Now what?”

“Now, Missy’s going to tongue fuck me on the bed,” I said. Every moment of this had been carefully planned out over the course of the last few months. “You’re going to screw her from behind while she does it.”

“Nuh-uh,” Missy insisted. “It’s your birthday. You should have him first.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but Scott nodded in agreement. “If we’re really going to do this, she’s right,” he said. “You come first.”

I snickered at the double meaning. “Okay, fine. But I want to cum at least once before that. It’s my first time going all the way, and I’m worried I’ll be…awkward.”

“Everything you’ve done tonight, and you’re worried you’re going to be awkward?” said Scott in disbelief.

“Why, Scott, are you saying you don’t want to watch Missy lick me to an orgasm before you get your turn?”

Scott’s erection jumped within his boxers. “Okay, fair point.”

Taking that as her cue, Missy shoved me back on the bed. She leapt on top of me like a jungle cat on the hunt, and our bodies Cebeci Escort melded into one. Her hand strayed under my bra, teasing my nipple with her fingertips. Her thigh ground hard into my pussy, the friction threatening to bring me to the brink before she’d even begun.

I gasped and seized her hair, shoving her down toward my cunt. She took the cue easily and slid backward on the bed. I looked up to see Scott’s disbelieving face as he watched Missy’s perfect ass advance toward him. He’d shucked off his boxers already, and his hand was toying idly with his rock-hard cock.

“Not yet, tiger,” I moaned. “That thing’s going to cum inside me when you blow for the first time tonight.”

“Inside you?” he asked nervously.

“I’m on the pill,” I said. “I’ve been planning, Scott, I told youuuuu-OOOH!”

Missy’s tongue and fingers had found my cunt, and she was working it for all she was worth. Her fingers rubbed furiously up and down while her tongue played with the tiny bulge of my clit, my panty line, wherever she thought would feel the best. And she was spot on. I felt the heat grow as my hips began to bounce slowly up and down, willing her to devour me.

With a growl, Missy grabbed the edge of my thong and started to pull it away. I seized her hands. “No,” I said. I looked up at Scott. “He picked the outfits. He’s the only one who gets to take them off.”

Scott moaned as his hand kept working his member, helplessly watching the two of us on the bed.

With another animal moan, Missy yanked my thong to the side instead. Her tongue plunged into my cunt with the force of a hurricane, and it had the same effect on my insides. I yelped as I grabbed her hair and tried to pull her deeper into myself. Her fingers snaked around and began pinching, massaging, battering at my clit.

“Oh my fucking god!” I yelled.

I barely heard Missy chuckle against my pussy. Her tongue was going up, down, every which way, spinning around inside me until it felt like the flaps at a car wash. I bucked up and down, barely able to control myself as I shoved myself at her harder.

“Oh fuck, Missy! Fuck me! Lick my fucking cunt!”

Missy groaned between my legs. She started to pull back, to get some room to move. I clamped my thighs around her face like it was a buoy and I was a drowning swimmer.

“Don’t stop! Keep going! Just like that!”

She dove back in, her tongue as deep as it could go while her fingers pinched my clit, bringing a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. And then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, her other hand snaked around and I felt a finger press through the passage of my ass.

“OH MY FUCKING GOOOD!” I screamed, and I came harder than I’d ever cum in my life. My hips shot up and down like they were on hydraulics, and Missy, to her credit, clung to me for dear life as her tongue plunged in and out, in and out, again and again as she rode the tidal wave of my orgasm. I moaned and screamed, one hand leaving Missy’s hair to pinch my tit as I took myself to new heights of pleasure.

After what felt like the longest of eternities, the pleasure seeped from my pores, leaving my fingers and toes numb. I gasped, my breathing coming harder than I could ever remember in my life.

“Oh my holy fuck,” I moaned. “Oh Jesus.”

“Um, if I don’t do something soon, I’m going to cum all over Missy’s ass,” said Scott miserably.

Missy pulled her head from my pussy as my thighs finally relaxed. Çıtır Escort “Get over here and fuck this bitch,” she commanded.

Scott leapt to attention like a wartime soldier, climbing on the bed with barely-suppressed eagerness and positioning himself between my legs. I peered up at him through narrowed, blurry eyes, barely able to focus on his face.

“Fuck me, baby,” I groaned. “Fuck me, Scott. I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“I’m going to go easy,” he said, his voice shaking with anticipation. “It might hurt you a little bit at first.”

“I know,” I said. “I told you. I’ve been planning this for months.”

Scott peeled my thong off my body. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my entrance. His hands were planted firmly on my hips, lifting me up slightly as he knelt between my legs. Missy knelt beside him, looking at me hungrily.

“Here we go,” he said. “One, two—”

I jerked as he pushed himself through, and I felt my womanhood dissolve inside me. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. Scott was already worried. I didn’t want him to feel even worse.

“Are you okay?” he said.

“I’m fine,” I said. “Just…go easy. Work it back and forth.”

He complied, easing back and forth gently, pushing himself deeper and deeper into me. Finally I felt the firm, steady contact of his body against mine. He was all the way in.

“Okay,” I breathed through gritted teeth. “It’s not so bad any more. Keep going.”

Slowly, he slid himself out. It didn’t hurt as bad as I’d feared. Once his tip was nearing my entrance, he began to ease back in again.

Missy’s face was suddenly beside mine, her mouth covering mine as her tongue danced in my mouth. She pulled back for a moment. “Does that feel better now, baby?”

“It’s getting there,” I said. Scott pulled out again, then pushed in. “Oh. Yeah. Yeah, definitely getting there.”

“You have no idea how fucking hot you two are right now,” Scott groaned.

Missy stared at him acidly. “I know exactly how fucking hot we are right now,” she snarled. She turned back to me. “Baby, do you want to eat me out while Scott keeps fucking you?”

“Yes,” I mewled.

“I thought so,” she grinned. She turned to Scott once more. “Take off my panties,” she commanded. “Apparently, you’re the only one who can.”

Scott paused his slow, careful thrusting to reach over and do as she asked. The panties came off with a conspicuous wet spot at the crotch. He flung them off the edge of the bed, and Missy crawled back up toward me.

“Just do to me what I did to you, baby,” she said, “and you’ll be fine.”

“Give it to me,” I said. “I want to taste you.”

She knelt and swung a leg over my chest, straddling my head. She planted both hands on the wall in front of her and slowly, carefully, lowered herself onto my mouth.

I reached up to grip her thighs and pull her closer as my tongue darted out to taste her. It tasted…good. Better than I’d thought it would. I’d tasted myself before, but I always thought that someone else would be somehow different. But Missy was practically identical. My tongue sank into her groove, eliciting a moan.

“That’s good, baby,” she panted. “If you can spare a finger for my clit, that’s even better.”

I did it, rubbing her nub firmly as my tongue kept dancing in her depths. I pushed her up for a second and looked down at Scott. “It’s starting to feel good,” I said. “Now fuck me like I’m supposed to be fucked.”

“Oh Demetevler Escort Jesus,” was all Scott could say.

I concentrated on Missy again as Scott began to fuck me in earnest. His throbbing member plunged in and out of me, the friction building to a slippery heat that was delightful. I raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist, locking my ankles around his back.

Meanwhile, Missy was beginning to rock back and forth above me, shoving her pussy harder and harder onto my mouth. My finger was toying with her clit relentlessly, my tongue diving in and out, in and out, mirroring the movements of Scott between my legs.

“Oh holy shit,” Missy said. She looked back over her shoulder at Scott. “Oh, holy shit this is fucking hot.”

“You have no fucking idea,” groaned Scott, pistoning in and out.

“You like this, baby?” asked Missy, looking down at me between her thighs. My tongue was occupied, so I just nodded and grunted. She closed her eyes and pointed her face at the ceiling, rocking back and forth harder.

“Oh my God that feels good,” I tried to say, but it just came out as mumbling against Missy’s cunt.

“Ooh, YEAH!” moaned Missy.

Figuring she liked it, I moaned louder into her sopping hole as my tongue kept going. Scott began to grunt between my legs, working me like a pile driver. My cunt was getting hotter and hotter, the friction growing into an unstoppable wave that threatened to sweep me away.

“I’m going to cum again!” I tried to yell. “Mmf-mm!” I said instead.

“I’m almost there!” said Scott.

“Oh FUUUCK!” screamed Missy.

I think she was the first to go, but it was hard to be sure. As soon as she grabbed my hair and yanked my face into herself, Scott began to shoot white-hot streams of liquid deep inside me. The strange, warm, sticky sensation was the last thing I needed, and I felt my muscles clamp down around his cock as I came for the second time in less than fifteen minutes. I screamed into Missy’s pussy, driving her even wilder. Scott wrapped both arms around my torso and held on for dear life, groaning and shuddering as he emptied shot after shot of cum inside me. Missy’s hands threatened to yank all of my hair out of my head at once.

It’s entirely possible that I blacked out for real that time.

The next thing I remember clearly, Scott had collapsed next to me on the bed. Missy was laying on my other side, a leg thrown over me and onto Scott’s crotch, where his dick was slowly pulsating as it retreated. All three of us were breathing harder than I believe humans were meant to breathe.

“Happy…” panted Scott. “Happy birthday. And if you give out presents like that every year, then please don’t ever not invite me to your parties.”

I laughed, a short bark of sound. “I’ll try to remember.”

Missy nuzzled against my shoulder. “Don’t even think about passing out. If you think you’re getting away with not giving it to me tonight, you are sorely fucking mistaken.”

“Sore and fucking are right,” said Scott. “But I’m not going anywhere.”

Missy leaned over to kiss me. It was brief but sweet. “Happy birthday, Angie. I’m glad you finally got what you wanted.”

“Oh, this is just the beginning,” I said. “I’ve got big plans for this year.”

She lay across my chest and wrapped Scott up in a kiss to match the one she’d given me. “Us, too.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Hey y’all! This is my first erotica story ever. I hope you’ve liked it—I’m following it up with Angie’s next adventure: Cheerleader, coming out very very soon!

If you’ve liked it and you want to help out an indie author, it would mean the world to me if you’d purchase the book. It’s available on all major ebook platforms, including Amazon. This is totally voluntary—I’m going to keep posting all of Angie’s escapades here on Literotica—but I always love the support.

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