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Zac opened his eyes at the sound of the door opening and lifted his head as much as possible with his arms still tied firmly in place. When he saw who was at the door, his knees gave out, and he would have fallen to the floor if it had been possible. As it was, his loss of control only resulted in the metal bar that was keeping his legs apart digging into his ankles, once again reopening the deep gouges that had begun to heal since the last time his captor had decided to pay him a special visit.

Hardly daring to look, Zac craned his neck to see what his captor was holding this time. Last time it had been a beer bottle — he had thought the fragility of the glass added to the excitement. This time it was…

Zac’s mouth went dry. If the opening of the door had been enough to make him want to fall to his knees, it was nothing compared to how he felt when he saw the ceramic flowerpot clutched in his captor’s latex-gloved hands. The ceramic flowerpot containing a rather large, spiky cactus.

All the blood rushed out of Zac’s face, and he gulped. Cebeci Escort “Th-that?” he asked, looking down again.

“Why, yes,” his captor drawled, and Zac could hear the grin. He grit his teeth. “You have been noticing our progress, haven’t you?” his captor went on. “When I first came to see you, I would never have dreamed of this. But you’ve improved so much…” Zac heard the sound of footsteps, and then his captor’s grimy bare feet were in the centre of his field of vision. He felt the familiar blindfold being tied around his eyes, his wrists were detached from their holds on the roof and attached to ones on the wall in front of him, forcing him to bend over, and then some more footsteps placed his captor behind him.

Zac knew what was coming, and squeezed his eyes shut beneath the blindfold. But even though he was expecting it, he jumped when the first spikes of the cactus touched his bare arse. His captor chuckled, withdrew, and trailed a single spike softly down his back. Zac fought not to shudder.

And Kolej Escort then the cactus was returned to his arse. He clenched his teeth at the now-familiar feeling of his most private orifice being invaded for the umpteenth time, and tried to relax it. It took all of his willpower not to squeeze his arsecheeks together and fight off the assault, but he had been through this before and knew how to best survive it.

The first few times had been bearable enough, and had he allowed himself to, Zac might even have enjoyed it. But he had been so focused on not giving his captor the pleasure of a reaction that he hadn’t let himself respond to the fact that the toothpick, pen, and plastic dildo that the captor had shoved up his arse in turn actually felt good. But then the instruments had grown in size, and the only reaction that he was covering was pain. But he had never let a sound escape his lips while his captor was playing his games, and he wasn’t about to start now.

This cactus, though… Rus Escort after the first minute of teasing, the captor truly began his mission of getting all of it inside his powerless captive. Zac could feel his skin begin to tear, could feel the blood begin to trickle down his legs — and through the pain, there was a bizarre voice telling him “hey, wait, this… feels good?”

His captor kept pushing in short, sharp bursts, making Zac move forward in a spasmic motion with each shove. The voice in his head kept clamouring, and when it was all too much for Zac to take he let go of his desperate determination to remain silent and let out a strangled, breathy moan.

With one more shove, the cactus was in as far as it would go, and his captor let out a victorious shout. “I knew you’d submit to me one day,” he leaned over to whisper in Zac’s ear. He gave the cactus a small push, and Zac moaned again, louder and with less abandon. The captor laughed and grabbed his own cock. Assaulting Zac had already pushed him closed to the edge, and it wasn’t long before he was pulling the cactus out of his captive and replacing it with the soothing warmness of his cum. Zac wilted as the cactus disappeared and sighed with relief as his captor’s seed filled him and spilled onto the floor, where it mixed with his own that been coaxed out of him by the cactus with him hardly even noticing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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