Besotted by Phil

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Besotted with Phil © Alex Carr 2010

“Are we meeting tonight, Phil?”

“What you mean, Pete is are we fucking tonight!”

“Well -put that way yes – so?

“Pick you up after work, usual place, Pete, we can have a meal out and a glass and then back to my place?”

“That’s fine” I said.

“You must surely have r -e- a -d my mi- nd” Phil continued, his signal bad then, trying to catch his words: “I really want you tonight!”

I settled to my writing spree for the rest of the day and looked forward to being with Phil again, he’d been away with his work and I had badly missed him’

In fact images are going through my mind as I write, you see Phil has that special way about how he makes it with me and I have truly never met anybody who could satisfy me the way he does, I can almost taste him now, that certain earthy pungency with a slight sea salt flavour – and I love it when we do it to each other at the same time, there is never any pressure in thinking am I doing as well as he, feeling the measure of his mouth take my cock fully, me content to gently stretch his foreskin back tight as I gently wank him and taste the sweet sourness of his pee-hole, so ardent and so wonderful, the way he jerks it in my mouth without even touching it, his beat is strong and already I can feel his beefy throbbing fuck inside me. OMG! Phil is heaven on earth.

True to his word Phil picked me up at Foley’s lodge where we always meet and as soon ,after I had clambered into his Jaguar beside him I felt the sheer excitement of just being there with him enthral me completely. I nudged his arm and was glad to open my thighs for him as I felt his first touch of me for ages. He turned off the motor for a while seeing it was all quiet and concentrated, demonstrating so sublimely that he had missed me too, I felt his finger release my zip, Cebeci Escort open my jeans just enough to get his hand inside my pants, then the squeeze which always made me feel so right with Phil, the way he prompted me to raise my butt but just enough for his fingers to tease my anus, it was lovely but seeing someone approaching he started his engine and suggested I should leave my jeans open so he could feel me on the way to the restaurant.

It was so nice, enjoying his touch of me – we had to stop occasionally at a traffic light or whatever, quite funny at one point too because unbeknown to me and Phil at first – a cyclist was eyeballing us through the passenger window, I felt someone was watching, turned and saw him, his expression saying it all, he turned away immediately he’d obviously observed I’d noticed him but I could see he was having trouble with his saddle – which probably meant he had a good old hard on. That made me feel good too, the fact that another guy could get turned on watching Phil massage my cock Driving me mad circling my plum with his wet finger.

Phil laughed too saying he hoped the guy enjoyed his cheap thrill. “I tell you what, your cock is stunning today, you been on Viagra or something?”

“Not Viagra, Phil just looking at those DVD’s we shot before you went away, they have kept me in tune and well wanked.”


We had just left the camcorder placed carefully on the side cupboard and forgot about it. It was really riveting to see us together like that, and you learn things about yourself too you’d hardly notice when you are actually doing it. My concentration so deep and enthralling the way I sucked him and moved to let his length slip easily up me. And the sounds of fucking you never notice quite the same when you are at it, all very stimulating Kolej Escort and the shots, played over and over again each night before I went to bed certainly set me alight making the climax always so very strong and good.

We had a good meal and all the time it was all I could do to keep cool, wanting to save all for later, but Phil was a real sod, his hand creeping beneath the table as I was trying to eat my spaghetti bolognaise, he loved to do that, like he was a naughty school boy, taking risks when lots of people were around, I whispered to him that he was in for a tanning later for being so mischievous Of course he said “yes please!” so I had this vision of strapping him with my belt, which he liked spread across my knees, his trousers and boxer shorts rolled down to his knees.

And I loved that, our speciality, well one of them, hearing the swish of the belt as it spun down on his hind, hearing his yelp as I made it ten strokes and one for luck. By the end of it he was tingling but his fuck up my ass was like a mad animal, he said nothing ever turns him on so much as a real firm spanking and it was something which at first was reluctant to do, but with Phil’s persuasion I gradually got into it as I did the first time I sucked and swallowed. Now it is all part and parcel of our relationship and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Phil was a lovely guy, it never seemed seedy at all when I was with him, like when we reached his place and he’d garaged his car, me knowing he’d want me to stay for the night -felt so privileged too.

First things first, we’d eaten, peed and stripped down to our boxer shorts, but soon it was off with them too after some brief fondling , and into the walk- in shower – both of us.

Generally we both liked it clean and yet sometimes Phil Yenimahalle Escort had a stir to take me after a hectic jogging work out which was a thrill to behold.

Tonight he wanted me squeaky clean he said although I knew it wouldn’t be so long before we’d both be soiled again and returning to the shower

There was never any inhibitions with Phil, he was there spreading himself over my lap, handing me his belt me perched on the bathroom stool, his ass round and expecting, waiting for it, I smoothed may right palm aver his ripe cheeks and felt him quiver, starting to slap him gently first, watching him sway his hips so his ass juggled, very tempting that and down came the first swish contacting with a loud snap as he yelled “don’t stop.” then the games we play, me telling him it was his own fault he was getting the punishment, he’d been such a very naughty boy.

Come the tenth and the one for luck I could see his ass was burning, he jumped up rubbing each cheek systematically and warning me that now I was going to get it really hard

I was ready for him, oiled and rimmed, he had seen to that and not messing, his cock thoroughly sucked and massaged primed and ready for the big fuck,

He always boasted this time it would be the ‘Mother of fucks’ as he planted it into me and oh! Was it good, the sensation of hard cock stretching inside with no mercy as he thrust it into me like a steam pin, in and out, right out sometimes and then finding my hole again for another so very deep and complete plunge like it was going to come out the other side.

I vouch I have never ever been so full of cock as I am with Phil, his eight inches of sheer unadulterated splendour gives me something I can never forget, and even afterwards, we are both spent. When the post- fuck feeling, touching, soaking and sucking is complete it still feel like his length is inside me, a wonderful soothing and gratifying feeling, like we belong to each other and I know forever I want to be all ass for him, all everything for him, the way he wants me, I would do absolutely anything for him, that’s how I am just completely besotted by this guy!

And still we had the night to go …….

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