Behind the Equipment Shed

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Gregory was the son of the wealthiest man in the county. When his family would visit the estate they were bestowed not only an extraordinary dinner, but also given the nicest rooms to stay in, an endless sea of compliments from their hosts, and sometimes even a series of nonchalant gifts. Cyrus had always hated Gregory even though at the urging of his mother, they were “agemates and really ought to get along better”. When Gregory would visit he was always wearing the finest silks, always acted as though he were dining with the Queen and always made references to literature Cyrus had never heard of.

There was no denying his beauty either. But it was not the sort of beauty that made Cyrus glance at him whenever he thought Gregory would not notice, it was the type of beauty that irritated Cyrus out of the corner of his eye making him wonder how someone could possibly have everything.

Until they started fencing together. They would undress in the equipment shed, switching out silks for rough-spun trousers and padded armor and well-worn shoes. Cyrus had never been ashamed of changing seeing as he had figured out within the first few seconds of changing with other men that he almost always had one of the largest dicks in the room dangling between his legs. Changing with Gregory was no different. He would strut around the equipment shed with his cock swinging between his thighs as he gathered everything they needed for their practise. He did this especially because of the way Gregory’s face would turn bright red and he would sometimes turn away, fidgeting with his trousers just long enough to make Cyrus believe he was trying to calm down an erection. He did this to toy with Gregory, to watch him squirm and to shatter his usual pretentious demeanor. Sometimes he would daydream about it before falling asleep, but most of the time it was just a joke, something to entertain himself when Gregory would visit.

Then there was one afternoon when things played out differently. Cyrus had shirked his trousers as usual, letting his thick cock bounce between him as he walked. This time though he recalled how William had sucked on his cock in the stairwell, how good it had felt to be in the mouth of another man and wondered how eager Gregory would be to put his lips down there. His cock began to swell thicker.

“So,” Cyrus said, pulling a helmet down from the wall. “You’ll take this one again, I figure.” It didn’t matter which helmet Gregory took, he just needed to distract himself from the feeling between his legs. He was the one who made a show of strutting around bare-assed, he couldn’t let his own joke backfire on him.

“I suppose,” Gregory said timidly, his eyes practically glued to the size of Cyrus’ cock.

“Good.” With the look on Gregory’s face, Cyrus was sure that he daydreamed about them being together. He was sure that in the wake of a morning erection, Gregory had often thought of that big, thick cock that he had seen on Cyrus and wondered what it would be like to hold it or kiss it. Cyrus looked down to see that he had swollen a couple of inches longer. Good, he thought, maybe this would spur on Gregory’s excitement before his own.

Pulling a shirt over his head, Gregory said, “I’ve sort of missed this, you know. Nothing quite like clashing swords to relieve a little tension.”

Cyrus furrowed his eyebrows, trying to quiet the images playing in his head. Was this Gregory’s way of playing with him too? Büyükesat Escort Was he trying to get Cyrus spurred on first? Did he want Cyrus to be standing here, imagining the way their cocks would rub against each other when they kissed and feeling his cock slowly starting to stiffen?

His face turned pink. Between his legs, his thick swollen cock jutted out at a low angle, pointing directly at the pretty boy who smirked from the corner.

“Cyrus,” Gregory said putting a hand to his chest, playing innocent. “Are you alright?” he asked, doe-eyed, his smirk impossible to conceal. “We can save the fencing for another time if you’re distracted.”

“Of course I’m alright,” Cyrus insisted, taking in Gregory’s feminine beauty, the way his long blond hair fell over his shoulders. He could have him. He could take the boy he had always considered untouchable. Looking down, he saw his cock was at a ninety degree angle and Gregory was bemused.

The younger man advanced towards him and revealed his own awkward gait. He ran a hand down Cyrus’ stubble and looking up at him with those doe-eyes planted a kiss on his lips. Their lips locked and soon enough their tongues slithered and Cyrus took a step closer, pressing his naked hard on against Gregory’s trousers. Almost instinctively, he started to rub against Gregory’s cock under the fabric, unable to feel much of Gregory’s actual size. With the persistent rubbing, Gregory began to collapse in his arms. The sensation of such a large member pressed against him must have been overwhelming. All of the sudden Gregory caught his breath and Cyrus felt a sudden stiffness protruding against his penis.

His agemate stepped away for a second, fumbling with the ties on his trousers and with a wiggle of his hips started to pull them down. Cyrus’ eyes were glued to the light hairs that began to appear over the tie of his trousers. Gregory bored his eyes into Cyrus waiting for him to look up. With one final tug, his small but perfectly shaped penis bounced out of his trousers fully erect. After a moment, Cyrus’ eyes rose to meet his and found the irresistible glare that had been waiting for him.

Before Gregory could make any more innuendos about swords, Cyrus had his back pinned to the wall of the tiny shed. He was ramming the head of his dick furiously into Gregory’s belly, their shafts rubbing against each other every time he thrusted. He was grunting as Gregory’s head poked into his sensitive penis, their shafts entangled just like their tongues, and their sacks rubbing against each other. Gregory was completely submissive, his wrists pressed against the wall by Cyrus’ hands and his effeminate moans starting to pour from his lips. “Oh Cyrus,” he begged. “Oh God…”

When Cyrus and his big lumbering cock had calmed down, Gregory slid his wrists from the wall and reached down to wrap his hand around both their cocks and began stroking. His eyes were glazed over with pleasure, probably at feeling such a thick monster pressed so close to his little cock. “Oh Cyrus, you’re huge,” he muttered, sliding his cock between his hand and the other boy’s member. “You’re such a big boy. Your urges must be so much stronger than mine. You must be fighting the urge to just pin me down and fuck me right now.”

In Gregory’s hand, Cyrus’ cock jolted upwards twice. “Why don’t you just slither your cock up inside me, huh?” Cyrus jolted again. Elvankent Escort And again. His hands which had been grabbing onto Gregory’s hips slowly started to slide down to grab fistfulls of his ass. Gregory sighed, his eyes still begging Cyrus for more.

“I don’t know,” Cyrus muttered. “I’ve never done that with a man before.”

“I need you to fuck me,” Gregory insisted as he rubbed hungrily against Cyrus’ underside. “I need you to shove that thing… inside my mouth or my ass… until I milk your cock so hard that you can’t take it anymore.”

In his hand, Cyrus’ cock skyrocketed upwards, stiffer than he thought possible. He arched his back. He was ready. “Get down on your knees.”

Beautiful Gregory faithfully obeyed, his pretty cock bobbing between his legs as he adjusted himself. He reached a hand up to wrap it around Cyrus’ monster, but Cyrus said, “No. I get to fuck you.”

Gregory’s eyes lit up as he moved his hand down to cradle his own cock. Cyrus weaved his hands into Gregory’s long hair and thrust his cock between his plump lips. Gregory moaned with desire as the thick, hot memember slid down his tongue. Cyrus was gentle at first, only sliding himself halfway in once he realized halfway in was the back of Gregory’s throat. Then he began thrusting and closed his eyes to give into the pleasure, just as he had with William. In the heat of desire, he began sliding his cock further and further back until he felt Gregory’s wet lips sucking at his base and all the sudden heard a choking noise. Gregory was choking on his monster cock. Fuck.

He pulled his twitching cock out of the boy and it took all his reserve not to unload his cum all over his pretty face. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Fine,” Gregory said, a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I usually can… You’re huge.”

The wealthy boy stood and Cyrus noticed milky cum had splattered all over his thighs. That must have been what all of that moaning was about. The sheer size and weight of his cock on Gregory’s tongue had been enough to make him explode all over himself. Cyrus grinned. “I guess… turn around then,” he suggested.

Delighted, Gregory did so and Cyrus noticed how perfect the curve of his ass was. The pretty boy slowly bent over, hands grabbing onto the nearby equipment shelf, and presenting his perfectly round ass cheeks and tight hole.

“I don’t have anything to…” he started.

“Check my fencing bag,” Gregory muttered.

With a humorously large erection, Cyrus bounced over to Gregory’s bag, felt around and discovered a small bottle of oil. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Do you run into this predicament a lot?” he asked.

“What?” Gregory asked, pulling himself up and turning around.

“Why do you have this in here?” he said.

A deviant smirk spread across his perfect lips. “I find athletics to be an invigorating display of masculinity.”

Cyrus rolled his eyes, getting the sense he was about to quote some author he had never heard of before. “Right…” he said.

“I’ve fucked every boy I’ve ever fenced against in a match,” he spat. “You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to get their cocks inside of me.” He started to stroke himself, getting his own cock riled up for another round. “But I’ve never been with someone as big as you.”

Again, Cyrus grimaced. “Right,” he said. “I’m sure you tell them all that.”

Gregory Beşevler Escort smirked and resumed his position, back arched and ass jutting out.

Hurriedly, Cyrus rubbed the oil onto his member and resumed his post in front of Gregory’s plump ass, hands grabbing onto either cheek. It seemed fairly simple, what he ought to do, but he was nervous. “Rub it around my hole,” Gregory said. “To open me up.”

Cyrus thrusted his pelvis and let his cock rest in between Gregory’s cheeks, feeling the weight of it rest on him. Then he started to rub slowly, finding his cock slippery now and the thrusting a lot easier. At Gregory’s incessant moaning, he stiffened right back up again. “That’s it big boy,” Gregory muttered. “Make me shudder.”

Rubbing thickened him right back up too, he felt wider between the boy’s plump cheeks. His balls were so heavy as they slapped gently against Gregory’s skin. He felt so much seed weighing him down that he was afraid he wouldn’t last very long, but Gregory needed him. Desperately, the boy underneath him started rubbing his ass along his cock too, almost begging Cyrus to take the next step. With one hand he positioned the swollen head of his cock at Gregory’s door. Slowly he slithered his head inside the tight hole and felt immediately constricted. He let out a grunt as he kept shoving, bringing at least half of himself inside Gregory’s warmth. The moan Gregory released was needy and encouraging. Cyrus continued his thrust, pressing his balls against Gregory’s skin. Grabbing on to his ass cheeks, Cyrus started to thrust his pelvis in and out of those beautiful ass cheeks. He loved the way Gregory’s ass constricted around his sensitive head and and then as he pushed further, let his cock fill him. Gregory’s moans were getting louder the harder Cyrus thrusted. Filling up this pretty boy entirely, riding him,turning his pretentious comments into submissive moans, was enough to make Cyrus’ cock twitch inside the suction of those round ass cheeks.

Helplessly, amidst all the thrusting, Cyrus’ cock began to twitch. As he rammed into that beautiful ass, he looked down to see Gregory’s cock swinging rapidly between his thighs. The bouncing of Gregory’s cock made him realize just how hard he was fucking him, made him more erect, made Gregory more his own. He had heard rumors from other men that there was this spot somewhere inside a man that made him instantly spill his seed. He wanted to find that for Gregory, wanted to feel him completely surrender to his cock.

Cyrus began to make his thrusts slower, exploring inside him to try to find this secret spot. He arched his back ramming his cock upwards, thrust it a bit to the side, then the other side, then suddenly-“Oh God!” He was close. Grabbing tight onto Gregory’s hips and plowed into the spot that had just elicited such a breathless reaction. “Oh yes-oh-oh-” He was ramming into Gregory’s spot, he could feel the way his hole tightened and his body trembled and his knuckles turned white as they gripped onto the shelf. His big cock made Gregory yelp, “Oh yes!” As Cyrus thrusted, he heard the splatter of cum hitting the floor. “Oh!” Then again. “Uh!” And again. “Oh God…”

Once Gregory was taken care of, he started his thrusts again, but soon his partner had pulled forward and he looked down to see his own penis bouncing free from it’s hold. As he turned around, Cyrus looked at the splatters of cum that had reached Gregory’s stomach, then at those bold eyes that smirked at him and his giant cock. “I want to have you in my mouth when I finally explode,” he said and knelt down before his giant, twitching dick.

All it took was Gregory’s lips sucking on his head, his willingness to take in all of his seed. He thrust himself into Gregory’s lips, and let the the man take all that he desired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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