Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 13

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Generally, only the very best visits are written about, but the last three visits have had a certain thread running through them, each focussed in a different area, even if one of those visits definitely would not be worth its own story. These days, if a visit does not involve at least an hour or two of pure male sex, it is probably not going to be written about. Though recently, just about every visit has managed to represent an incredibly satisfying period spent in having glorious sex with other men.

The bathhouse represents a certain pure style of distilled sex, understood best by those who cannot resist it. Add in a couple of decades old vices, including organic smoke, poppers, a cold beer or two, the combination makes the bathhouse an exceedingly reliable place to play uninhibited games. Yes, purely male sex, but as I have discovered, men are the ones that best understand just how slutty other men are, far beyond what most women seem to be able to imagine. Or to easily accept, to be honest.

Enjoying multiple partners is incredibly satisfying, and finding a partner as slutty as you is easy. Every visit is different in details, but the overarching thread of getting off so good remains a solid reason to keep returning at least once a week. These days, ensuring that I have no schedule, so I can drown endlessly in the waves of sex around me as long as possible, finally staggering to the lockers, wiped out in sexual bliss, mind utterly fogged by what my body experienced among a group of horny men.

That lovely haze of primal bliss is something that attracts me with a desire that cannot be denied, like all the other men there, a mutual lust that the baths allow to be indulged in.


On the first of those three visits, things had been OK, with maybe a half hour of mutual masturbation watching gay porn and some sucking over an hour and a half wandering through the male only sauna. Returning to the steam room for easily the 4th time, I slowly wandered to the back corner, attracted by the sounds of sucking. Eyes adapting, it appeared that at least three men were standing in front of the smooth stone bench, prompting me to walk closer. The sounds of sucking were clear enough, and approaching the outside third man, he easily found my cock as my hand rose to play with his nipple.

We quickly grew more intimate, starting to mutually fondle each other as the scene resolved a bit more, seeing how a 4th man was sitting on the bench, sucking the cock of the man in the middle, while grasping the erect and glistening cock of the man against the wall. Soon cock to cock, kissing hungrily, forming a pair before feeling a hand move between us, turning my new partner’s body back towards the bench. He turned his head to keep our mouths joined. Soon, mouths still together, I felt how his kissing changed as the sitting cock sucker began to go down on his hard length.

A second hand joined his on my cock. making me moan when fingers began to lightly brush the hair under my balls. Soon, the new hand began to draw me closer to the bench, slowly enough to let the anticipation swell my cock before his lips covered it. As has become the welcome case since giving up using condoms when getting head, the sensations coated my mind in a sort of honeyed pleasure that only gradually allows the realization that what caused it was starting to be taken into a stranger’s wetly welcoming mouth. I have become utterly addicted to naked oral sex, in large part because of that irresistible feeling blanking all thoughts completely, letting my turned on bare cock rule where it goes.

Being a total slut, my cock loves pleasuring a man’s sexy mouth. Very few can resist the temptation not to take a hard cock into their mouths, and those that do learn just how sexy it can be to suck cock, and why so many men visit the baths to just do that. Of course, everyone there knows how good it is to get a blow job. Undoubtedly like the other men lined up in front of a skilled communal cock sucker. He shifted his attentions back to the man against the wall, who soon turned and left, cock still stiff. Like many other visitors, most definitely including myself, cumming becomes secondary to enjoying the variety of experiences as long as possible.

As was happening now, my partner and I turning a bit, no longer rubbing cocks together and playing with each other’s hard nipples, but starting to focus our attention on the sitting man, to whom I moved quite close, putting my leg on the bench. My right hand was raised against the wall, keeping me stable as my left hand went down, to rub over his nipple. Bending further, my hand found his cock, and I began to play with him, feeling him get harder.

My partner continued his attentions, keeping our extended cocks close. Not by accident, as it became clear we shared the idea of putting our cocks into a hot mouth at the same time. The other man also left, likely as there is a certain time limit to how long one can – or should – endure the damp heat. I was not even close to that point, and Eryaman Escort it appeared neither of the other two was close to that limit either. Steamrooms encourage a certain reliable sexual decadence, one all three of us were enjoying, bodies hot and sweaty, thoroughly aroused.

I watched my partner reach down to guide the cocksucker’s head from his cockhead, pulling me closer, making me moan helplessly rubbing against his spit coated cockhead. Seeing the cocksucker grasp both our cocks, his mouth beginning to create a heavenly sensation, a hot threesome. Turning my head to probe and lick with wet tongue over his opened lips, kissing him in slutty rhythm to our shared blow job. Enjoying a partner willing to be cock to cock, having sex with a man, regardless of who the mouth belonged to. In the baths, there really is no question of how ‘straight’ someone might be when an opportunity arises to enjoy the sensations of group sex.

After a stretched time of pure satisfaction, the standing man turned and began to leave, patting each of us. The cocksucker concentrated exclusively on my cock, and soon had me panting, starting to face fuck him while again reaching down to jack him off. After a delightful period just at the edge of thrusting orgasm, I reached down to his head while bending to kiss him. From the beginning of our lips meeting, his skill and texture and taste were fantastic, making me moan. And soon enjoying his matching moans, mouths joined, tongues playing.

It was not surprising that a talented cocksucker would be a talented kisser. It is always a compliment to find someone that enjoys being kissed, as the best kissing is always a wonderful oral dance. Adding to the pleasure was how he interrupted our kissing at least three times to go down on me.

What became a surprising turn-on was knowing that the man kissing me so good had just had four hot cocks in his mouth, most certainly including mine. Plus whatever he had been doing before coming into the steambath. Sluts love to play with other sluts, and our kissing continued until he too reached his steambath limit. He left with a final parting kiss. I love kissing men, especially the truly slutty ones. We had likely spent more time kissing than anything else since either of us entered the steambath, as finding a partner to kiss so long and good is always a delight that feels like a blissful eternity when it happens.


The second visit involved gay porn and a crowded cabin, starting in the porn theater. Two other men were there as I went to the center of the top row, spreading out my towel, enjoying the scene of a man with a hard cock being rimmed. Getting half hard, I saw another man enter. Easily catching his attention, he came up to my right, sitting on his towel, a small zippered case next to him. It took very little time to start making each other hornier, fingers sliding over the soft hairs found between opened legs, drifting over swelling cocks and sensitive nipples, taking our time, making the scene on the wall even hotter, openly jacking off to gay porn with another man. Hot porn is always better when shared, a truth since the very first time orgasming watching another man cum after we had gotten hard looking at Penthouse.

Leaning against the back wall, the recent bowl and even more recent beer started having its utterly predictable effect, wonderfully enhanced by enjoying it with another person. Who went down on my cock as I watched the rimming become mutual, two ass lickers moaning in front of me as my naked cock was blown. It was so good that I put my hand down to swirl my cock against his lips, teasing him as I withdrew my cockhead. He turned away a bit, but soon returned to going down on my shaft, easily starting to deep throat me. As the pleasure spread throughout me, I smelled the distinct scent of poppers, explaining why his mouth felt so good as it took me deep. Getting even more aroused knowing he was turning into a cock hungry suck slut.

He did a couple of more hits, and after a bit, he asked about going into a booth. I took a bit to recover enough mind to answer, having almost cum several times.

“Sure .. OK .. a booth?” was about the best I could manage, still stroking my hard length, then saying “Poppers.”

He simply started to get up, and I followed in mindlessly turned on fashion, barely functional after being lost in a haze of entrancing sucking, glistening hard cock uncovered by a towel while going to the second video booth. Or first, depending on perspective – it being the first porn space one encounters walking away from the spiral staircase. He was still wearing his towel, waiting for me to enter the booth first. As I did, quickly spreading out my towel, leaving my black bag closed. He stepped in as I settled again against the wall, watching a threesome on the smaller video screen.

This time, he did a hit of poppers before taking off his towel, and bending down to suck my cock. I reached out for his cock, but he moved Sincan Escort to make it clear he was uninterested. Somewhat different from me, utterly unable to resist having my cock handled as the rush starts to spread its powerful effect everywhere, but most distinctly throughout an immensely growing cock. His sucking got sloppy in that distinctive and irresistible poppers fashion, prompting me to start face fucking, already closer to orgasm than expected. Part of that was the group gay porn and part was the fact that the door had been left open. We had already been having public sex, yet such a blatant invitation to other men, to watch or join in, was a real turn on.

An even larger turn on was when he opened the brown bottle and placed it under my nose, causing me to breathe in once. It took him a bit to understand this poppers style was different from his, but he soon did his own hit, going back to eagerly sucking my stiff length, essentially feeling him luxuriously deep throating my swelling and gigantic feeling cock. However, the dynamic changed a bit when he stood up and moved to block the screen, doing another hit of rush as his hand reached for my head.

Just on the edge of using too much strength, as I refuse to be forced to do anything I don’t want. Nonetheless, holding the bottle under my nose for a second hit, I knelt on the platform as he teased me by moving back, the desire to go down on him growing. After more rush, be began to talk, calling me his sexy pig. Which in all honesty wasn’t particularly erotic, but taking his cock into my mouth had been the goal before he started to get thoroughly lost in the poppers, something I try to avoid to a certain extent at the baths. Rush is a fantastic sex drug, though as he could not demonstrating, it can turn a man into a horny pig, as he was becoming.

He pulled my head to his nipple, which I started to wetly lick. He did more poppers, saying things like ‘harder pig .. nipple slut .. bite me harder .. cock pig.’ He was jacking off as my teeth closed over his sucked in nipple. He kept begging for more, but at some point I felt that it had reached a limit, regardless of how much he begged his pig to bite his turned on nipple. We had attracted a couple of onlookers, then finally one man stepped forward, bending down to take the other man’s cock into his mouth. Obviously, neither of us minded a new man, particularly when he was clearly a skilled cock sucker.

The new man’s hand began to play with my cock a delicious moment later, and as the pleasure continued to grow, I leaned back. My horniness had reached a decadent peak, one that left me helpless even before the new man began to coat my thoughts in the addictive satisfaction of a hard cock sliding into a new stranger’s soft warm mouth. My first partner sat down, staring at my sucked shaft, playing with his rigid cock. When the kneeling cock sucker moved his head to switch, I heard the other man say to keep sucking his pig, he liked watching, indulging in still more poppers hits as a fourth man stood in the middle of the doorway. This man was already naked and 3/4 quarters hard. I moved a bit, to make more space free on the platform, a somewhat more subtle invitation than the hand that found his cock as the kneeling man continued to give me wonderful head.

At least two other men remained outside, one clearly stroking his exposed cock, the other one playing with himself under a still wrapped towel. Four men filled the space, now unsurprisingly enjoying the start of my first foursome in a booth. I watched as the cocksucker took his third cock of the day, still stroking me, using both hands, bringing me closer to the edge of orgasm than expected several times, with hands as skilled as his mouth. At some point, the first man I’d played with left, prompting the latest stranger to get on the platform, allowing the other man by.

After he left, the door was closed, a minor detail, as nothing mattered to my thoughts outside of the sexual bliss centered on my cock. Rarely have I been in such a purely slutty state, a slave to a man who seemed to want nothing but to play with other men, turning them on. I could not resist stroking my smooth wet length watching him go down on the new man, also now leaning against the outer wall, unable to resist a stranger’s soft lips. Sitting, we began to play with each other’s nipples, looked at his face, so sexy to be able to gaze at the expression of a man as turned on as me, two sluts sharing a slutty cocksucker.

Incapable of motion, slumped on the platform, legs open pretty much from the start of the time in the booth, I remained that way as the other man tried to position himself so our cocks could be sucked at the same time. However, I was simply too gone, having never been so thoroughly drugged by sex before, my only scattered and distant thoughts concerning not cumming yet. Our cocksucker seemed very pleased with the results of his efforts, both of us having gorgeously glistening skin, watching the Etlik Escort other get blown, being jacked off in turn.

At some point, a voice in front of me said “Fuck me, please fuck me” followed by a voice to my left asking about condoms. A short discussion ensued, with the cocksucker just wanting to be fucked, while the other man, to my deep satisfaction, insisted on using a condom. Actually, there were condoms in my black bag, though my inability to do anything except have my cock worshipped led to the man standing up and almost leaving to go to the bar to get condoms and lube. A truly good idea, though it would also change the mood, when there was no reason.

Finally, just as he actually unlocked the door, it became possible to say “I .. I have condoms,” followed by fumbling through my bag before finally pulling one out to give him. It seemed to take forever, in part because the cocksucker never stopped using his clasped hands on my cock, leaving me in an entrancing fog of sexual satisfaction, watching the cocksucker go down as the standing man opened the package, seeing him cover his erect rod before stepping against the wall. The three of us were in a line as he started to put his cock into the now moaning man kneeling on the floor.

I was playing with my hot cock, totally aroused seeing how the standing man sank into a stranger’s hot ass, his expression so sexy as he began fucking. I pressed my cock down, close to the head of a willing cocksucker, supported by his arms as he started rocking back and forth. He lifted his head, and seeing my available cock, took it into his hungry mouth. I had entered into a heavenly male threesome, getting a blow job from a man being fucked himself so good, moaning around my cock.

As the anal sex continued, the man being fucked spread and raised my legs, allowing him to stroke my thighs as he blew me, a fantastic feeling of pure decadence, totally lost in the bliss of oral sex. Better than any fantasy or porn, seeing a cock sliding in and out, creating an irresistible connection to what his mouth was doing to me. This was maybe only the second or third time this has happened in almost a decade of having sex with other men, and it was utterly heavenly.

A true threesome, our desires not only obviously on display, but being satisfied by the other two men. I reached down, feeling the bottom’s hard cock, then exploring further. Questing fingers spread over his balls, tantalizingly close to a fucking cock, a thought alone that had me close to orgasm with its kinky appeal. Settling down, still unsure of the reaction, tempted by the motion of fucking, slowly surrounding a pumping stiff cock, moaning as we connected at a level of pure sex, cocks and holes merging into a single glorious shared state.

Finally, the top pulled out, taking off and throwing his condom in the small trash container underneath the paper towels, cock still hard as he picked up his towel and unlocked the door. Leaving the cabin, most likely without cumming yet, still interested in a variety of partners. It is one of the most addictive attractions of the baths, if not guaranteed, that one can always find another willing partner – or partners, if one’s tastes run to the sort of group sex that so often occurs at a male only sauna. Just like the last period.

The slut soon took his mouth from my utterly entranced cock, asking me to fuck him. “Condom first” I said, reaching for one as he went back to going down on me so good, fogging my mind as his lips slid up and down. ignoring the effort of dealing with the lube in my bag. He was making my shaft perfectly slippery to put a condom over, the sensations overwhelming, even after decades of experience in using condoms. He quickly stood and turned as the condom went over my cockhead, his eagerness apparent, just demonstrating what a horny bottom he really was.

It took a bit of mutual exploration before finally getting the position worked out, me with half raised thighs, cock going ever deeper into his tight ass. The sensations were fantastic, but after avoiding cumming several times, my cock inevitably shrank. Leading him to do something I’d only experienced once before. Something so smutty I could not resist, especially as it was so kinky to experience. When my still covered cock left his hole, he turned around, and took my cock into his welcoming mouth. Becoming as entranced as the other time that had happened, several years ago in the steamroom. When his fingers found my nipples, I could not resist their touch. slumping and moaning as they rubbed and caressed. He was truly superb at making me ragingly hard, especially at how wonderfully dirty he had made me feel before my rigid slippery cockhead slid past his yielding hole again, fully aware that I was the second man to fuck this slut today.

An awareness filling me as his soft ass surrounded my slowly moving cock, growing more horny the deeper it went. Soon, I had started really riding him, hands on his hips, talking dirty about how good it felt to fuck him as he moaned, both of us growing ever more aroused as the fucking became more intense, both of us losing our inhibitions as I pounded his ass harder and deeper, seduced by the pure bliss of using him as my willing fuck hole. Originally, I had considered not cumming, but as we kept doing it, I gave in to the temptation to pump his ass with hot cum.

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