Backseat Introduction

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I can’t believe this is happening.

So I’m going to write this story as it happens because it’s happening to me RIGHT NOW and I’m freaking the fuck out and it’s helping me to pretend I’m busy on my phone because holy mother fucking holy shit balls.

I’m on a cross-County road trip with my 22-year-old college girlfriend Kelly, and her family. We’re traveling in their three row Honda Pilot as we transport some of the family’s artwork to a fairly well known gallery in Chicago where my girlfriend’s dad is having some of his work featured this upcoming weekend. Currently, I’m sitting in the very back row next to him. I had started the trip next to my girlfriend but after two driving legs, it was her turn to drive and her mom was already asleep in the front passenger seat, so her dad just climbed back with me to make things easier.

When he’d first gotten into the backseat with me, we’d both realized the issue, the back bench seat wasn’t that long and both of us wanted to stretch our legs out and get some shuteye.

We both had the various pillows and blankets that been brought along for the long drive east, and soon we seemed to figure out something that worked, even if it was a tad awkward.

As my girlfriend changed the Bluetooth over to her list of favorite music and the car pulled onto the freeway, her dad whispered that he had an idea.

He moved his pillow up against the side panel and window and sat facing me. He had me do the same. Then he moved his left leg under my right leg (he was on the left side so this was his outside leg), and his right leg under my left. We both figured out the logistics and he scooted down more into a laying position with me doing the same.

It was way comfier this way for sure, and we both seemed to be able to lay down now with just our heads propped up against the pillows by the seats. Although I also realized that we were basically scissoring each other as our crotches naturally pressed together from the pressure of our intertwined legs.

I almost giggled when I realized that I could actually feel my girlfriend’s dad’s bulge of a cock pressing up against my thigh. We were both wearing comfy sweats for the drive and it was unmistakably a squishy cock tucked up against the inner half of my thigh—even through both of our sweatpants I could feel it. I had also taken a large hit off my weed pen at the last rest stop and my stoned brain couldn’t help but be kind of humored by this strange predicament.

I almost decided to change positions, but it would’ve just made this all even more awkward so I tried to just fall asleep. We were both very comfy so there should be no reason why I couldn’t just ignore it.

But I couldn’t fall asleep, because I was literally pressed up against another guys cock for the first time in my life and it was absolutely crazy. He must’ve thought nothing of it because he fell right asleep wedged tight against me.

And after a long while of strangely nervous energy, I was literally almost asleep too, and then I felt it.

His cock felt harder. It was growing—getting bigger against me. It was pushing firmer into my inner thigh and balls as we lay pretzeled on that backseat. He was getting really hard in his sleep. His cock felt big, even through the pants. He must’ve been having a really great sex dream. Ugh

I took out my phone just now to try and distract myself. What am I supposed to do, wake up my girlfriend’s dad and tell him that he’s pressing into me with his boner? Fuck that!

The backseat was completely blocked by the large paintings they were transporting in the middle row so I was thankful for that at least. But there was something else weird happening. I was getting hard as I lay like this. I think I had gotten way too stoned or something. I was horny high.

The sudden firmness of his crotch pushed against me like that was feeling really good for some reason.

I had never done anything sexual with another dude, but I was getting hard from my girlfriend’s dad’s boner.

What in the crazy fuck?!

Then he surprised me. I felt him bring his hands downs and place them on my upper leg and his leg.

His large hand lightly held my upper thigh muscle. And I was suddenly very aware of how close his thumb was to the boner that inflated like a pipe down the inner theme of that very same leg.

I glanced past my phone screen and I could see that his eyes were open, looking at me. I swear I could feel him flex his legs against mine. And then I couldn’t believe it, but I flexed my legs back against his.

When I did that, he began to rub my thigh with his hand.

And that’s where we currently are. You’re all caught up now, and I’ve been rapidly typing this all out to pretend as if it’s just happening completely without my knowledge, even though I’m breathing very deeply and even though his Büyükesat Escort thumb just rubbed against the outline of my cock for the first time and I think he’s actually doing this on purpose, holy fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Fuck. I’m so horny and I’m so nervous, but fuck, it feels really good. He’s bringing his hand fully over my cock and I love the way his hand feels fondling me like this.


I gasped a little cuz he just grabbed my shaft through my thin soccer sweats a second ago.

My girlfriend just turned the window defogger on in the pitch-black car which I feel says just about everything about how heavy we’re breathing. Maroon 5’s ‘Secret’ is ironically playing from the nearby speakers. My girlfriend loves that song. And now her Dad is fucking touching my hard-on through my sweatpants, so, ya know, holy fucking-fuck.

I’m still just typing away on my phone telling this story in real time because I’m so fucking nervous and I can’t believe this is happening right now. What is happening right now? My girlfriend’s fairly attractive father is rubbing my penis through my sweats, and he is starting to grind against me now with his own crotch and I can feel that too.

I’m holding my phone with both hands now, trying to contain my excitement, or continue whatever this game is. I’m covering his face with my screen so I don’t freak out.

He’s pulling his inner leg back now and he’s, oh wow, he’s pushing that one under me too. I’m sort of laying over the top of his lap now and I can feel what he’s doing. He bends my legs up carefully and quietly and pulls my sweats off my body. The cool air feels dangerous on my skin. Then he crumpled them onto the floor. Now he’s pulling his sweats off below us. I lift my ass up to give him room.

I’m still life like that when I feel him pulling my boxers off and now I realize he wants my lower half completely naked. I’m not stopping him.

He’s pulling his own boxers off and then sitting me back down and now the bottom of my balls immediately come into contact with his hard shaft.

He licks his fingers and brings them down and I feel both of his hands take hold of my very hard cock. I catch my breath as he begins to slowly jack me off in the dark like this with both of his hands.

I’m so fucking horny. My precum is lathering up my cock as he jacks me off and I’m still typing away on my phone to keep myself calm, as if I’m not currently getting a really sexy hand-job.

But I’m not calm. I can feel him pressing his cock against me and it’s turning me on.

He feels big. I feel him wedge himself further under me as he pulls my cock closer to him. His shaft is pressing up against my ass now. His length runs up against the sensitive skin of my buns and crack and I shudder.

Fuck. I didn’t expect anything like this. I can feel the head of his cock lodging closely toward my very virgin anus and I think I might want him to fuck me.

Yeah. Fuck. I do.

I look up from my phone screen at him now and make eye contact. He is pushing forward and making the head of his dick press against my hole. I can feel the perfect curve of his helmet head rubbing my very sensitive ring now.

I have never wanted to do anything sexual with a guy in my life before, and here I am with my girlfriend’s dad rubbing his very gorgeous cock right up against my sweaty butthole and I want him to put his cock inside of me.

Fuck. I want him to fuck me. I need him to fuck me.

I can’t focus on typing anymore. I need to put my phone down, oh fuck, he’s spitting on his fingers. I’ll finish this later. FUCK!!

Two hours later:

Here’s how it ended, holy shit. I mean, legitimately, this actually happened, holy wow.

Okay, so. . .

He made his cock super wet and slippery with his own spit as the car continued along on the mostly empty early-morning highway. He was absolutely locked into my face now, smiling at me in a devilish way as he rubbed himself against my spreading tightness.

I’d put my phone under the pillow and was now staring my girlfriend’s dad in the face. He had a very naughty look—the invitation was clear.

Did I want him to fuck me? He leaned downed and grabbed the base of his cock like an arcade joystick. He rubbed the head of his spit-covered bar up and down my sensitive butt, spreading the juicy saliva and pre-cum around as his helmet would get caught on my hole and bend over my opening, glazing me more and more each time with preparatory lubricant.

He centered his aim closer now and I felt him push his head inside of me, but only just the very tip. It hurt, but he had gotten me so fucking wet and so fucking horny that I actually kind of liked it. The weed was probably helping. Holy fuck, I really liked this. I was going to Elvankent Escort be fucked. I was thrilled. I still could barely breath. It was my first time with another guy. I was going to let him do this.

He nodded his head slowly twice as if to ask me, and I told him yes with one nod back. I gripped his legs below me with both hands to steady myself as he pushed further into me.

The only audible moment of the entire sexual encounter came out of my mouth the second that his lollipop-sized helmet finally pushed past the last remaining straight-guy resistances of my Holy Fire-Pain sphincter.

I moaned and my girlfriend whispered back over the mid-row paintings barrier to see if I was okay.

From deep beneath a pastoral scene I replied “Charlie Horse,” and I heard her giggle a little at that. Her dad leaned forward to put a shushed hand against my mouth as I got used to the stretching of my anal walls. And then he slowly rocked against me like a true mentor, allowing his cock to enter me slowly, and torturously. He felt so big, but he was so patient and so sweet all at the same time.

The gentle rocking motion and the delicate time he took allowed my stinging ass to better take him in, but it definitely hurt like nothing I’d ever experienced.

I finally felt him all the way inside of me after what seemed like twenty slow minutes of thrust foreplay. He stopped his movement now and just rubbed my insanely hard cock, teasing my tight balls with his fingertips. He was completely in me now as he ran rivulets down my pulsing boner. He wanted me to just enjoy the way it felt to have a cock all the way up my ass without moving, and I had to admit, it was incredible.

I watched him spit even more against his fingers and re-lube his exposed shaft sticking out of my ass.

We just sat there, staring at each other as he rubbed the added cum, saliva, and sweat around the ring of his penis. For at least sixty seconds we stayed like this, breathing quickly, and then I felt what I had been waiting for. . .he flexed his cock inside of me—like a fucking strongman at a sideshow. The barbells of his veiny cock tickled my tight inner walls and caused my own penis to zing with horny energy.

Holy fuck. My own cock oozed more precum against my shirt and stomach as he started rocking a little now and flexing his power tool. My girlfriend’s dad’s cock was sliding an inch out and then an inch back into me in the smoothest hydraulics I could imagine. I melted into the pillow against the side window as he sat up a little straighter to get the angle he needed. Now we were in more of an obtuse angle and he was able to push his cock into me in a more comfortable way.

OH MY GOD HE FIT A FUCKING SPOT. I had heard about the male G spot before, but holy fuck I had never imagined it was so. . .there.

“Fuggggghh,” I whispered into the side of the seat, the seatbelt coming into contact with my mouth. I bit it because I felt so fucking wild in that moment. I started to think about what it would be like to suck on his cock—or to taste another guy’s cum.

He smiled at me in a knowing sort of way and began to slide his cock in and out now. I just stared up at this well built guy in his forties slowly thrusting his cock into my ass which was being stretched for the first time in my entire life.

It felt like I was constantly taking a really painful yet really satisfying dump.

He began to build up his pace a little, sliding a solid four to five inches into me now each time he pushed forward. I felt his muscular legs pressing harder and I marveled at how strong he was. I was literally experiencing what it felt like to get fucked by another guy and my dick had stayed diamond-hard the entire time.

He moved my t-shirt further up my belly so that he could jack me off now. I kept my hands clutching the outside of his strong legs, completely in his control. I wanted him. I wanted him so bad. Even as it hurt and I gritted my teeth.

It felt so good to have him sliding his hand up and down my cock as he fucked me now.

He was really bouncing into me and my mouth was just hanging open the entire time, lollygagging at how much his cock filled me.

I wanted so badly to moan from the pain and also to show him how fucking good it felt in the way that I moaned. I wanted him to hear me so that he knew I loved it, but he could tell just from the submission on my face.

He stared at me in the dirtiest way while he fucked me and as he really began to go faster he began to jack me off harder too.

I was holding my hips up now so he could keep his pace going in my ass and on my cock. I was close to cumming from the amazing pace he was keeping. Not too fast, but firm and hard.

He saw me arching my back as my eyes began to glaze over.

“Cum Beşevler Escort for me.” I saw him mouth with a smile. They were the exact same words I had said in similar positions of dominance with this man’s very own daughter, and now here I was, having my first orgasm while being fucked in the ass. Even before I exploded all over myself I already knew, this wouldn’t be the last time this man fucked me.

I came harder than I came when I was 18-years-old having bareback sex in the backseat of a Prom limo. I came harder than I came when my girlfriend dressed up like a slutty pencil skirt school girl and sucked my cock on the floor of her freshman dorm. I came harder than I came when my ex-girlfriend, who worked at the mall Abercrombie at the time, took me into a dressing room during a slow morning shift and let me fuck her up the ass for the first time.

I was no stranger to good orgasms, and this one was an all-timer.

My cum drenched my stomach and my shirt. I came in big, gloopy globs that pooled on my tummy as my eyes went all the way back into my sockets and saw the end of the universe.

He was still inside me, still raging hard. I felt him pull out even as my ass begged him not to. It felt like a skin shedding used skin. My tightness barely released him.

I couldn’t even look at him I was so out-of body still. He dragged his hand down to my cum-soaked chest and scooped it all up onto his fingers. He then pulled out of me gently and rubbed his cock with all of my fresh sperm.

He was re-lubing himself. Holy fuck. He wasn’t done. He was going to fuck me with my own cum.

All of a sudden I felt him easily flipping me over onto my belly. He put my outside leg dangling off the seat and touching the floor. My other leg he tucked behind him again, then I felt that big, bossy cock as it buried all the way inside me again.

He was fucking me from behind now. My messy cock smeared over the soft blanket below me and I shoved my face into the pillow to be quiet. I could tell that the training wheels were off now. He was fucking me how he needed to fuck me and my copious sperm was helping him to firmly slip into my oily fuck-hole.

I pushed my ass back now to meet his thrusts. I was so slippery and loose from my own freshly made lube that he had no issue ramming all seven inches in like a gun into a holster. My slutty grunts were muffled by the sweat-drenched pillow as he lay down on top of me now and really filled me.

“You gonna take my cum?” He whispered into my ear. I squeezed his cock with my ass. I had no idea I could even do that. It felt like I had leveled up.

He pounded. In and out, in and out. He held my hands at my sides while he fucked me and he pushed my face into the pillow so I couldn’t be heard.

I wanted it so much. I wanted him to finish inside me. I bounced my buns back in the sexiest way I knew how hoping to make him finish.

And that was when the car began driving over an older stretch of freeway. The bumps were louder and more constant and he waited for a particular noisy stretch so he could fully ram me into the rickety seat and truly breed me in a way I would’ve never expected.

And his thrusts really took me now. That’s what it was—it was the feeling of being taken. He fucked me in a way that told me I’d never be able to stop thinking about cock. He trained me. I almost came just from having my prostate so perfectly teased for such a long time. I was too sensitive still.

And then I felt him bite my ear and I felt his cock expand and I felt my butt gush as he inflated and then popped, his silver fox seed drenching my anal walls and filling up my spread cheeks with his man juice. I was so proud.

My girlfriend’s dad gave me my first ever bareback breeding and I was so fucking jazzed that he actually came inside me. It made the whole thing that much dirtier.

My girlfriend’s dad had his still-hard cock resting all the way up my stretched booty as we lay there after-glowing.

My fucking girlfriend’s dad’s cock was STILL LODGED IN MY ASSHOLE.

And that’s when we heard my girlfriend call back.

“Only two more hours guys.”

I turned slightly to face him and then he turned slightly to face me, and he kissed me.

And when my lips opened to accept his tongue into my mouth, I felt him grind his cock inside of me again.

And so I rolled my ass back towards him.

“Fuck me.” I whispered to him.

And that was the second time on that car ride that he fucked me. It was a slower, hour-long thrust-fest. He licked and sucked on my lips and tongue and neck and face.

I was completely dominated as he made love to me. He took me in all the ways he knew I needed to be taken, as he properly introduced to the wonders of anal sex. He guided me, knowing when it hurt too much, pushing me past my limits.

He fucked me so good. He fucked me like he was turning me.

His cock was my new favorite obsession, and for the rest of that car ride, I made sure he knew how much I loved him being inside me.

Now, who says family car trips have to be boring?

Also, how the hell am I going to explain to my girlfriend my newfound love of cock?

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