Asia Blue

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It came out of the blue! An invitation from nowhere to an experience that will remain with me until I die…

Six months earlier, my ‘ex’ had given my phone number to a Chinese woman, informing her that I was a qualified masseur with an open sexual attitude. My ‘ex’ would know as we had enjoyed sex together with many other people in the form of threesomes, group sex and having enjoyed sex clubs with complete strangers. My talent as a masseur came from my childhood where I received physiotherapy because I was a sickly child. That therapy saved my life and ever since then, I had the ‘touch’, which included sexual lessons from many women. I even grew up in the company of four sisters and no brothers, so I always had more time for women than men. Before I became ‘qualified’ as a masseur, I had a ‘party trick’, which worked very well for me. At a party, after everybody had a few drinks or ‘tokes’, I would walk up behind a desirable woman who I did not know, place my hands on her shoulder muscles and give a quick neck and shoulder massage – without permission. They could not see me, just feel my hands on their bodies. There were only ever two reactions to this intimacy. Either ‘What the…!’ – where they would turn around quickly in annoyance. Then I would say – ‘Oops! Wrong person! Sorry, I thought you were someone else.’ The other reaction was – ‘Ahhhh…’ They would melt under my touch. There were more Ahhhh’s than ‘What the’s… It was an entrée to many fucks…

Anna-Lisa had been referred to me by Laurice (my ‘ex’). When she rang me, she said (in her heavy Chinese accent) – ‘You give good massage! Do you give hand relief?’ Then she made a joke of it. I was living alone at the time, so when she arrived, I did indeed give her a long, deep massage and ‘hand relief’…

I am 59-yo, fairly well preserved, but with a belly. I am not good looking, just interesting…

Anna-Lisa is maybe forty. She is good looking, has large silicon breasts tipped by large nipples that remain standing up when she lies down. Her pussy is small, can only fit two fingers. Her smooth skin is a delight to touch and her thick black hair is natural and healthy. Although fairly short, she is trim and has good muscles. Anna-Lisa is a no-nonsense woman. You can joke with her and talk sex in a straight-forward manner. She is quite happy to say – ‘Put your fingers in my cunt and work it slowly.’ She liked to be masturbated slowly and sensually.

After giving her a two-hour massage (she likes ‘deep tissue’ massage like a man), I gave her what she wanted. She did not want to be fucked, only masturbated without any vibrators. She complained to me that I was too hard on her cunt and although she was up on the plateau of excitement, her orgasm was only small. I felt that she was disappointed. Anna-Lisa paid me and that was the end of it. I never heard from her again.


Six months later, I had a sales job, which involved me in travel. It was about 7:00pm on a Saturday night, I had just returned home. At that time, I was boarding with a woman with whom I had no personal relationship. It was her birthday and the house was filled with people whom I didn’t know. I really didn’t feel like wandering around in a house full of strangers, so I was just going to hide away in my room when my mobile rang. I went outside to talk with the caller. It was Anna-Lisa. She had been drinking. I was very surprised as I had lost my previous mobile and she did not have this current number. She had rung ‘the ex’ for my number.

Anna-Lisa said – ‘You come to my house. I have friend who want to suck your cock! She from Thailand. Very beautiful! Twenty one year old. Want to suck Australian cock. You massage me and her. You teach her massage. I pay you.’

When I arrived at the large modern inner suburban house, Anna-Lisa met me at the door and invited me in. The house was lavishly decorated in an Asian style with ‘geisha’ statues, expensive screens, marble floor, flowers, urns and traditional Chinese furniture. It was very expensive decor. She invited me through to her garden setting. It was screened off from any neighbours view. A Japanese garden setting under a heavy Cebeci Escort ornate timber pergola with two-oversized day couches, a waterfall feature, paper Chinese lanterns and a large coffee table with a bottle of champagne opened and ready.


Standing under the pergola was one of the most stunningly beautiful young Asian women I had ever seen. She was medium tall, long lush black hair, slender, size six but with large natural breasts. Jo-Jo is Thailand/Chinese mix. Anna-Lisa said – ‘Robert, this is Jo-Jo. She like to suck your cock’. Jo-Jo was dressed in a red transparent mesh short-sleeve top and red bikini panties with a split crotch. She was straight out of a porno magazine. My heart jumped at the sight of her. Anna-Lisa said something to her in Chinese and Jo-Jo walked up to me, embraced me, started kissing me, wrapped her arms around me and proceeded to grind her pelvis into me. I was stunned…

With Anna-Lisa watching us, I wrapped my arms around Jo-Jo, instantly massaging her back and neck and squeezing her bottom. She felt fragile and very soft, and those tits were definitely real. We tongue kissed which immediately sprung my cock into action. Jo-Jo felt that and ground her pelvis against my stiffening member even harder. She reached down and rubbed it through my trousers. Here was I, a fifty-nine year old with a belly being greeted and lusted over by a twenty-one year old nymphomaniac. Unbelievable and completely out of ‘left field’!

Anna-Lisa said – ‘Come Robert, have some champagne with us. So I sat down opposite Anna-Lisa whilst Jo-Jo poured drinks for all of us. Jo-Jo only spoke very rudimentary English. Anna-Lisa and I talked for a while making jokes. She said that Jo-Jo was her house-keeper and was a student, that she had only been here for a couple of weeks. She wanted Jo-Jo to learn massage and thought that I could instruct her in one night. We were to practice on Anna-Lisa.

My payment was $50 and I could fuck both of them.

At this stage, I did not know what Anna-Lisa did for a living. Maybe she was an importer. She certainly had obvious wealth. After a couple of glasses of champagne, Anna-Lisa had Jo-Jo lead me into a room, which was a double garage which was converted into a sex room. WOW! There was a massage table with perfumed oils warmed by candles, a double bed, prints all over the walls depicting sex, ornate mirrors, fabric hangings and a pile of porno magazines in the corner on the floor. There was an attached bathroom, toilet and shower. But most amazing was the equipment hanging from the ceiling. Above the massage table were two long timber rods hanging from chains. These were to enable a woman to steady herself whiles she walked on a man’s back during massage. Above the bed, more chains hung from pulleys attached to the ceiling with the chains running down to a spigot on a wall. On the ends of these chains were padded straps for securing around a person’s wrists. So a person could be suspended and restrained from the ceiling via these chains. On sideboards were a collection of dildos, horse-whips, exotic feathers, masks, bottles of creams, tissues, a box of surgical rubber gloves and a variety if things that could be inserted into cavities like asses and even up cocks.

I was in a brothel!

Jo-Jo was all over me. Kissing me like some passionate lover and of course, I was massaging her, playing with her breasts, fingering her pussy through the crotchless panties. We unwrapped Anna-Lisa from her kimono and lay her on the massage table face down. This was to be a real massage, complete with all of the sexual titillation I could muster. I undressed completely and started in on Anna-Lisa by drizzling perfumed oil on her back. She of course was completely naked. The room was heated to a comfortable temperature where I did not need to cover her with towels for warmth. Jo-Jo was behind me playing with me. She reached her hand between my legs and played with my balls and cock whilst I concentrated on massaging Anna-Lisa.

Jo-Jo would pinch my nipples and play with my dick, bending over to take it into her mouth and suck me Kolej Escort whilst I continued massaging Anna-Lisa. I stopped Jo-Jo’s actions on me and positioned her on the opposite side of the massage table, instructing her by gesture to follow what I was doing to Anna-Lisa’s body. Jo-Jo was completely inexperienced in massage, but very experienced in how to arouse a man. We continued on massaging Anna-Lisa, but every now and then, Jo-Jo would lean across to me and tongue kiss me as our hands worked on Anna-Lisa. I had a roaring erection which kept dripping pre-come onto the floor. From time to time, I would change sides around Anna-Lisa’s body, coming into full body contact with Jo-Jo who each time would rub her body sensuously against me and play with my cock. It was hard to concentrate on Anna-Lisa…

Anna-Lisa was blissed out. The champagne and the massage making her very drowsy so Jo-Jo and I had time to keep playing with each other. As long as we each kept one hand on Anna-Lisa, we both played with each other sexually. After a time, I rolled Anna-Lisa onto her back and started on her front. I worked on her feet as did Jo-Jo. When I worked up her body to her hips, stomach, breasts and arms, Jo-Jo mirrored everything I did. We kept alternating sides so that Anna-Lisa had my massage on both sides of her body and simultaneously had Jo-Jo’s training massage. I would instruct Jo-Jo in what I was doing to Annailse. From time to time, I would do to Jo-Jo exactly what I was doing to Anna-Lisa, so she could feel the result and put it into practice with me watching her and correcting her.

When I had finished the real massage, I started the sensual and teasing massage. Jo-Jo disappeared out of the room as I spread Anna-Lisa’s legs and started a deep massage on the insides of her thighs. The deep massage encroached onto the outer lips of her vulva. I rubbed her Venus Mons, scratched around on her outer pussy lips, pulled her lips apart and dipping my fingers into a bowl of oil, lubricated her cunt. From my past experience with Anna-Lisa, I knew that she liked it slow, so I took my time. Anna-Lisa is a prostitute, so she uses her cunt every day for money, so it takes a lot to get her worked up. Her cunt is only small and tight, so there would be no great fist insertions or heavy action here. I played around her cunt for a long time and fingered her ass as well. Anna-Lisa was finally very excited, talking dirty to me, but I could not quite get her off. So I took a chance.

Without her seeing it, I rolled on a condom and even though she liked being masturbated, I pulled her off the massage table, stood her up, turned her around so I was behind her, leaned her over the massage table, pulled her pussy apart and thrust my stiff cock deep into her in one movement. She gasped and was immediately turned on. I fucked her hard from behind. She suddenly found the energy to push back against me, rocking her hips from side to side. I thrust like I wanted to tear her apart. How dare a woman not come when I was masturbating her! Anna-Lisa was wailing in ecstasy! She hung onto the massage table for dear life as my cock fully penetrated her small twat. I was slapping her buttocks quite hard and loudly as I banged my pelvis against her ass, my battering ram assaulting her cervix. I pulled her long lush hair with both hands. Her head snapped back towards me, her back was arched, the flesh on her hips rolling in waves, her muscular ass clenching tight onto my thumb as I shoved it into her shit-hole. I raped her as roughly and violently as I know how, without inflicting injury.

THAT was what Anna-Lisa wanted all along.

She finally orgasmed – big time!

After all of the teasing, pleasuring and expert manipulation, it was brutal primitive sex that got her off…! I did not come. I was saving that for Jo-Jo. After she calmed down, Anna-Lisa called Jo-Jo for more champagne. Jo-Jo came in and Annilise spoke to her in Chinese and then simply left the room. Jo-Jo asked – ‘Now you massage me?’ We kissed and wrapped our bodies together for a while like lovers, then I took her sex-clothes off to match my nakedness, Rus Escort lay her on the massage table and enjoyed massaging her youthful, desirable body for the next 90-minutes. I was in no hurry and did not arouse her, wanting to stretch this moment out for as long as possible. I gave her a straight massage, instructing her in what I was doing. She could learn better when I showed her hand movements and she could feel the result at the same time. This is the best way to learn massage. Have the instructor use your body as an example. Jo-Jo was blissed out and totally relaxed. Having given her a toe to tip massage with all of the expertise I could bring to the moment, with her lying naked on her back, I was standing at the head of the table with her flawless face in my hands, her eyes closed in semi-sleep, I bent down and gave her a very sensuous tongue massage to her closed eyelids. It was delicate, personal and something new for both of us. I had never used my tongue to massage eyes before. She moaned in pleasure. This was the cue to start to have my real pleasure with her.

I did all of the usual things in sequence. Played with her breasts, scratching, sucking and biting her nipples, squeezing them, pulling on her nipples, rolling them. Lightly scratched my way down to her vulva. Scratched around in there. Massaged her twat deeply without inserting my fingers into her slit. Pushing deeply into her vaginal cavity, massaging deeply around her asshole – all without penetration. Try it some time, women love it! Jo-Jo was playing with my cock and raking her long nails across my bum, pulling on my dick and trying to get it into her mouth. Like Anna-Lisa, Jo-Jo has a small twat. I could get three fingers in, but it was a stretch. Anna-Lisa told me that Jo-Jo was not a prostitute and when I asked her, Jo-Jo also said that she wasn’t a hooker.

Jo-Jo is a ‘Barbie Doll’. She is new, slim, fresh, taught, athletic, full breasted with tits that are large for her body. They really stick out. Her skin is golden/bronze, her lips, nipples and pussy are deep purple. Her nipples stiffen easily and the aureole puckers up – perfect for chewing on – and she loves it. Her pussy is waxed with a little triangle of dense pubic hair above it, leaving her pussy completely smooth.

Lifting her legs up and spreading them wide, she held them under her armpits. I spread her pussy with both hands, lowered my head, breathed in her sex aroma, then licked her asshole, continuing the firm lick up to and over her clit, ending by sucking her pubic hair into my mouth clamping my teeth onto it and gently pulling her pubs by the hair. Jo-Jo shuddered. With her legs gathered up as they were, and spread wide her ass was completely open to my gaze and available to me. Her sqishy-wet pussy lay open for my manipulations. I placed my open mouth completely over her asshole and started to suck on it. My tongue ran around the rim and darted in and out deeply. Jo-Jo’s bum is a small, soft teenager’s ass. I loved squeezing it and rolling it around. It was like kneading dough. The more I deeply massaged her ass cheeks and sucked her sphincter, probing my tongue deeply into it, the more relaxed it became.

Holding her ass cheeks wide apart, her hole was fully relaxed and completely open for my inspection. I grabbed her and pulled her to the end of the massage table. Lifting her legs up to her armpits again, and without any condom (I wanted full feeling), I pushed my dripping rampant cock straight up her ass. She gasped, threw her head back and started pulling her own nipples, her mouth wide open, eyes closed, breathing deeply, blood throbbing in her neck arteries and a look of total abandonment. I pushed her legs back further into her armpits, placed one hand on her flat, taught belly, positioned her feet neatly into my armpits and used my other hand to squeeze her ass cheeks and rim around the outside of her asshole as I was plunging deeply into it. Sometimes, I would put that hand behind her neck and pull her face to mine when we tongue kissed. She was doubled up, but because she was so flexible, it didn’t matter. It only pushed her ass harder onto my pistoning cock.

My cock was deeply into her. She looked perfect at that moment. The perfect porn-star! There should have been a camera there. Her body was locked up with her every muscle straining, pinned by my cock in her ass, where it was quite at home. Jo-Jo couldn’t speak much English, she didn’t have to. She was fluent in the international language of sex!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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