Aquata Cove Ch. 72

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Alright, so more of a filler, folks, I had fun writing this. So for those who are sick of looking at this story: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Don’t ask me to end this series!! That is very hurtful when you guys ask me to stop Aquata Cove.

Also, as for my grammar flaws, namely my problem mixing up my past/present tenses, I’m sorry, I do have a hard time discerning them in my writing. I try my best, and I am starting to notice the problem.

Bear with me, thank you so very much for reading, and please leave a comment.


Chapter 72: Speaking Of Dreams

Adam sighs as he looks over the heavens from the ledge bright chamber. His eyes explore the endless land, the vast seas, the many villages of boys becoming men, and lads becoming giants, and rocks becoming mountains, and so on.

“Tell me,” He said idly, “Do you ever wonder what it must be like to be mortal?”

“ENnhh! HoohHH!” Comes a strained voice from behind him.

“I’m sorry, what?” Adam asked as he looked over his shoulder.

“I… NHH!” The man of shining swirling tattoos around his body with hair of blinding light can barely talk, “Cannot… AHHH! … Say! Awww~!” Said Sol, the God of the Sun, as he mounts Adam’s manly scape.

Adam’s ass jiggles slightly with each thrust from the sun god, his body being shoved back and forth, while still keeping calm as he gazes over the land of mortals, resting his chin on his arms while the fellow God bangs him.

Sol huffs as his hands squeeze’s Adam’s hips while his shoves his divine cock into Adam’s righteous buttocks.

“As many men as I collect for my harem, sometimes I feel unfilled, no matter how many times I breed them over and again.”

“By the name of Xerxes… Ohhh~!” Sol grabs onto one of Adam’s shoulder as he hilts him over and over again, making Adam’s long, fat cock slap his underbelly constantly.

“By the way, how IS your mistress, Sol?” Adam asked casually.

“Thi… This is not… Ghh~!” Sol moans as he is unable to stop grinding every inch of the inside of Adam’s asshole, desperately pounding into that glorious hole as if Sol is breaking his viginity, “This is not what I meant when I said I desired a change of pace~!”

“Well, I would have sent you one of my boys, but all of them were busy, and I was not. A Don’t act like this isn’t the better option~” Adam said as he pushes his rear back, giving the sun a huge burst of enticement.


“Hoist the sails! Put more power, men!” The muscular captain called out as he turns the wheel of the ship as the sea bobs the ship up and about on this clear, sunny day.

“Captain! The sun is blazing like a thousand torches!” The first mate said, “The men are sweltering!”

“Then strip down and bath in buckets of sea water then!” Captain Kai roared as his own bronze body glistens with sweat, buff and scarred from his many exploits of his own life, “We are a day behind, and I will not let our cargo be late!”

“As you say,” First mate said, “Double time, men! All together, and two-fold!”

“Damn…” Merrick blushed as he sees a couple of the crew actually remove their own shirts, and tie them onto the ropes of the ship. He whines as he keeps his eyes focused onto scrubbing the deck, pushing harder than necessary, trying to keep his eyes away from the many handsome shipmates running about.

“To the Crow’s Nest, Merrick!” The masculine captain called, “Look to the skies and sea, we need to make port 3 hours ago!”

“Yes, Father!” Merrick said as he gets up from his cleaning, and runs to the mast of the ship, already wearing nothing else but his tightly tied loincloth and a pair of sandals tied to his feet. Merrick climbs as fast as he can to the top of the Crow’s Nest, and picks up the gleaming spyglass in the small cubby.

Clicking it open, he looks into the opening, and turns about, looking vigilantly for as much as he can.

They’ve been at sea for the past 3 days now, and all of them have been working tirelessly. A very violent storm delayed their delivery, and ignited the captain’s fury from the sabotaged schedule. So after cursing the storm gods and paying to the sea god for things to go smoothly, the ship has been rushed to an almost merciless pace.

Captain Kai looks into his compass – partially to look to see if they are still going West, but also to look upon the small picture within the cap of the compass of his beloved wife – a fair lady with silver eyes and long, slowing blonde hair. He longs to cradle her in her white satin dress, had the sky gods not decide to delay his delivery.

He snaps the compass closed, and looks up to his nearly nude son upon the top of the vessel. “Where do we fair, my boy?!” Kai yelled up.

“Sea to the North!” Merrick called back, following his own compass, and looking to another direction, “Fairy Circle Island to the East, Father!”

“Aha!” Captain puffs his sweaty, tan chest with a triumphant smirk, “We are making excellent progress! FULL SPEED Eryaman Escort AHEAD!!” Kai swings the wheel to a fast turn.

Merrick slides down, and lands perfectly on his feet, and runs down. He whines as he whipes the copious sweat off of his brow. It’s getting VERY hot today. The sun god must be very aggravated on this day.


“By the skies!” Sol buries his beaming rod into Adam’s ass and stirs his insides.

“Oh yes, ohh, right there~!” Adam bites his lip as he raises his ass to push firmly into Sol’s patch of light, “Ohhh, that’s so very good~” Adam’s very stomach begins to glow as Sol moaned louder and louder.

“Oh mighty Sirius~!” Sol clung onto Adam as his hips pistoned into Adam’s mount.

“Besides, I needed this.” Adam groans in delight as he holds himself on all fours, “None of my boys can ever satisfy my mount. I can only harvest them.” None of Adam’s men are worthy of penetrating his ass, and as the God of Male Fertility, Adam has needs for both toping and bottoming, so half the time, he finds himself one of the other Gods to seduce, always with success. The holy lust that Adam gives off is irresistible, even to the King of the Gods, Xerxes.

“You feel so much~” Sol whines as he fucks Adam’s beautiful ass over and over, his tattoos of gold gleaming more brightly.

“Nnnhh~” Adam smiles as he rides himself on the already ravenous humping, before looking back down from Heaven, onto the land. “I feel that I need more than turning boys into men – or men into boys~” Adam giggles.

“You have… Mated men… Before…” Sol said in between strainful thrusts, his cock feeling a world of extreme pleasure.

“Oh, many times.” Adam nodded, “But… I do not know… It’s like I’m looking for something more than just leaving a random warrior or farmer dazed with his legs in the air.”

Then, a flicker catches Adam’s eyes.

“What?” He rose himself up a little to look over the mass of blue of the sea, “Hey, hold on…”

“I-I cannot hold much longer~!” Sol whines as he fucks Adam more.

“Wow…” His eyes follow the shimmer of a soul gliding along the wavering blue scape. The clouds clear around his vision as he blinks, and his gaze zooms upon a ship of busy mortals, scurrying about a large cargo ship, and then onto a young male, just on the brink of manhood himself. Hair of sunshine, skin of soothing silk, and when the boy gasps and turns to the sky with eyes of glittering sapphires.


Merrick looks up to the sky, and immediately regrets his action from the sudden bright blindness as he covers his eyes. “By the Gods, agghh,” He rubs his eyes as they clench tight. He could’ve sworn he was being watched just now, like someone was about to jump him from behind.

“Hold steady, Merrick!” Said a fellow crewmember, “We’re almost there.”

“Agghh,” He blinks his eyes as his vision is still blaring. His friend looks at him, and chuckles as he puts his hands on his hips.

“What ails you, Merrick?” Brien asked, his emerald green eyes looking about the son of the ship.

“I just had a very short staring game at the sun.” Merrick rushes along with his best buddy as the crew quickly went about their duties. Brishen has also abandoned his pants, and now is working in his undergarment, prompting Merrick to try and avoid sight contact.

“Hah! You would gaze at the sun? Only a blindman’s game, Merrick.” Brien slapped his bare back.

“Off the starboard bow!” Said another one of the mates, “Mermaids!”

“You’re kidding!” Another man said.

“By the Gods!” Brien and Merrick run over to the side of the ship along with the rest of the crew to look. They all look with awe and amazement as they do indeed see a school of brightly colored half-women/half-fish, swimming swiftly by, jumping playfully in and out of the sea, as free as they possibly can be.

Captain Kai looks, and rolls his eyes, seeing his crew – all of them almost completely in the buff because of the intense heat today, and now all of them are ogling a bunch of sea-maidens. That’s all he needs, a group of aroused men on a rushed schedule; they’ll be lost to the pubs and whores before they finish the shipment when they make port.

“OVER HERE~!” Said a buff man as a silver mermaid hops onto a rock. He flexes his muscles, gaining a sweet giggle from her before she slips into the surface. “OOHHHHH! Come back!!”

“I’m right here!!” Says another man, “Meet me at the port!” A couple of mermaids laugh at the men’s desperate attempts of flirtation, before swimming off.

“They are so amazing!” Brien said as he looks down into the water, seeing their ship surrounded by a flurry of colorful tails and fins.

“Bring forth the nets!” Said another man, “We shall be fishing for love!”

“Nnnhh…” Merrick blushes as his heart pounds in his chest. He keeps trying to focus his attention at the mermaids below – seeing actual living mermaids in such a large number is such a rare moment, Sincan Escort but his mind keeps circling away from the ocean nymphs.

Instead, he keeps glancing and looking at all the men around him. All of them are only wearing their tightly wrapped loincloths… All of them are gleaming with sweat, the clothes are even outlining their… Penises and balls in almost clear detail.

Merrick feels a tinge of horror as he feels his own member harden and push against his pouch. “Mnnnhhh…” Merrick whines as he cannot control himself, unable to keep the arousal from growing inside his underpants. He lets out a soft squeal as a couple of the larger men push up against him – their hot, musky, squishy bodies pressing in on his backside as they endeavor to convince at least one mermaid to lay with him when they make port.

Merrick gasps as he feels one of the men’s package squish onto his butt. He moans as sweltering desires boil inside of him, begging him to just grind his mount upon the man behind him, to just give in to what feels a lifetime of-


The crew all turn to see Captain Kai ringing the bell furiously, being the only one still wearing pants, “ALRIGHT, THAT IS ENOUGH!!” He roared, “Back to your stations! ALL of you!! NOW!”

The crew protest in weary groans as they reluctantly leave the rail of the ship. Even some of the mermaids, who have perched themselves onto a few rocks to flirt back to the men, pout as they are forced to leave them.

“That includes you too, angelfishes!” Kai called out to the mermaids, “Don’t you have singing to do?! Lure my men on their OWN time!!” The mermaids dismiss his comment, and slip back into the ocean.

“By the Gods, a whole school of mermaids.” Brien said as he strides with Merrick, “It’s like seeing three rainbows in a single day!”

“Yes… Amazing…” Merrick absentmindedly said, trying to keep distacted. Frankly, he’s acting rather distant.

“Merrick? What’s wrong?” Brien asked as he looked at Merrick, who seems to be determined to show him his back.


“Are you…” Brien started to grin, “Are you haaard?”

“B-Back to work, B-Brien!” Merrick persisted.

“It’s fine, my friend!” Brien gave his own bulge a few squeezes, “I’m still half-baked too. Half the crew is hot and bothered. It’s nothing to be-“

“Pleeaaasseee Brien!” Merrick pleaded as he held his bucket in front of his lap. Brien merely chuckled as he took up the scrub-broom.

“Hang in there, Merrick.” Brien said, “If I know mermaids, some of them are going to meet us at the docks~”

“Mh…” Merrick said, as he glances at Brien, seeing a glimpse of his best friend’s wet, muscular buttocks. Merrick’s erection throbs in his pouch, ‘To be honest… I’d rather you take me, my friend… Or else…’ He glances around with crew, all of them still sporting suspicious bulges in their loincloths, ‘Any man here… Nnnhhhh…’ He moans quietly.


“AHHHHHHH~!” Sol suddenly screams in sheer pleasure as Adam was snapped out of his focus, as the sun god unleashed a flood of divine seed into Adam’s insides.

“Ohhhhh~!” Adam moans out like a cow receive sweet relief, as he too climaxes, and glitters the marble floor beneath them with his godly essence, along with Sol’s own sparkling milk dribbling down Adam’s manly ballsac.

Soft, poofy nimbuses form and mist around the two gods, before Sol pulls out, his many tattoos dimming to a dull sheen as he slumps down, panting and spent as he lays his naked body onto the convenient clouds. Adam smiles as he turns around and puts his head on his hand, feeling along Sol’s magnificent physique as they cuddled there.

“And yet… Hah… Hah…” Sol pants, “You will not share your blessing with the goddesses… I still wonder how a threesome with I and my mistress would fair.”

“Heh…” Adam twirls a finger around Sol’s left nipple, “You know what I think?”

“Pray tell.” Sol answered.

“I think I will have a mortal here with me.” Adam said.

“What, as in,” Sol adjusted to the ethereal bed, “Me and my lover?” Sol smirked, “You realize you will have to have a Key for that. And I cannot imagine Lord Xerxes giving one to you.”

Adam chuckles as he slides his nude self to cutely sit on Sol’s lap, “And why not~?”

“Because you already have a dozen erotic men worshiping you every night in your own chambers.” Sol chuckled, “What reason could Lord Xerxes possibly have to give you a Key?”

“You know me, Sol~” Adam said as he presses his naked butt against Sol’s godhood. Sol inhaled sharply as his penis already feels a keen stirring as Adam rubs his ass on the sun’s golden member, “I can be very…” Adam grins as he feels Sol’s dick start to inflate, “Very…” Sol whimpers as Adam’s thumbs press and massaged on Sol’s shimmering, metallic nipples, “Persuasive~” Adam giggles as he feels a full erection standing and arching between his buttcheeks.

“Yes.” Etlik Escort Sol’s hands hold firmly onto Adam’s hips, “But he’s HAD you.” His cock curls slightly as it grows sore of intense stimulation.

“As I said,” Adam then moved down, and gives an extremely tantalizing love bite onto Sol’s neck.

“Ahhhlll~!” Sol moans passionately as the man whore of the gods tempts him successfully with little more than an intimate grind and a combination of his tongue and teeth. The two gods suddenly find themselves on Sol’s bed of pure gold and yellow velvet and silk. Sol’s hands seize and forcefully squeeze both of Adam’s mounds as their mouths glue together like a pair of ravenous wrestlers. Adam’s ass drives back and against the other’s grip as he holds onto Sol’s shoulders with both hands.


The captain is at least not without mercy. It’s well past dusk, and the SS. Navyn has finally docked onto the Atlanton Port. Everyone has been given the rest of the night off, to rest, sleep, eat, indulge in some minor Tomfoolery at the pubs, or even a brothel, but all are required to report for duty at the break of dawn.

Merrick, on the other hand, find that he needs to be in his small cabin on the ship. He peels off his wet loincloth and hung it out to dry, and rolled nude onto his bed. He spots Brien out of his window. His best friend is sitting on the dock, his arms around a wet, dripping maiden with a gleaming, scaled tail, with the water running along her long limb as it begins to appear to divide as it shrinks, her fins also starting to look like feet.

He pulls the curtain past the round window to block the view, and lies down as he rubs his dick. His cock gets hard so easily as he touches and fondles it idly as he feels the cool breeze roll in from the window. Merrick sighs and moans as he also feels his balls in his hand as he strokes his shaft gently, thinking about all of the men pressing against him… All those crew members… their manhoods defined in their pouches… All he wants to do is grab onto some of those bulges and feel the soft organs perk to his hand.

Merrick whines as he masturbates to the thought of maybe actually putting his mouth onto one of the men’s rods. He wants that. He wants it so bad…

He reached down, and pulled up a lid of a secret compartment in the floor, and then took out a long, smooth quartz pole, along with a small, light, round urn of olive oil. Merrick’s heart races as he puts the smooth pole to his lips, and gave it a few thick laps and even kissed the summit. Merrick puts the tasteless crystal to his mouth and lets it side in. Merrick moans quickly as he lets the pole go glide into his mouth, and then back out, licking his tongue alone the bottom of it and while slurping his lips on it.

His cock throbs and twitches as he imagines he’s sucking off Brien. He moans lowly as he bobs his head on his toy as he thinks of him standing there, huffing as Merrick sucked off his best friend. Of course, Merrick doesn’t have any particular romantic feelings for Brien, no. But he would be the less likely to be estranged by the fact that Merrick desires men in his bed. And like any other young man, Brien is so alluring…

He holds the pole to pour the remaining oil onto the rod, before discarding the empty bottle. Merrick pushes his legs down and hovers his rear up, and push gently on his anus, holding one leg up onto the wall for a better angle, and started to push.

“A-Ahhohh!” Merrick moans as the pole slides into his pucker, “Ahhh…” He tries to hush himself as his ass swallows the crystal rod inch by inch, stroking his dick as he pushes it in, “By the Gods…” He mumbled as he pulls it back and forth, making his cock rigid from the stimulation. “Oh sweet Adam, this feels so good.” He said in a small praise to the lust god above.

“Hnnn…” Merrick pushes it down further, arching his back as he filled himself with the hard pole again and again, his hand jacking himself faster and faster, praying to the gods of love and passion for this one day to come to pass with another man.

It doesn’t take long for Merrick’s balls to tingle and tense as he arches his back. “Oh! Ohh, ooh, ooh~!” He whines and moans as he works his cock over, and feels his whole penis intensify with overwhelming heat and feeling. The next thing he feels is a few light, wet taps upon his chest, and then onto his chin, and then feeling a few warm sprays on his belly.

“AHhhhh… Ahhhh… By the gods… Ohhhhh…” His body settles back down as he moans with each exhale, letting his quartz rod slide out of his asshole, and setting it aside. He moans and purrs as he pants, having this wavering feeling drift in and out of everywhere in his body, his sore penis drooping down as he groans more.

Merrick wipes off the pole with a water-soaked cloth, and puts it away in his secret compartment, along with the small empty oil bottle, and then cleaned up his cum with the same rag.

Spent and exhausted, Merrick lies in bed, with one arm over his forehead, and the other on his slim tummy. Climaxing always brings him down, despite how good it felt. Every session like this reminds him that he will never find a man to love him, to hold him, to bed with him all night…

Not when his parents have arranged for his marriage to the Arl of Atlanton’s daughter since he was a boy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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