And Spoil the Child Ch. 03

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“Oh, shit, Pete. You have me filled.” I was flabbergasted. One of my students had turned the tables on me and had me skewered and pinned to the floor.

“And you’re starting to love it, aren’t you?” Pete responded with a laugh. “It’s that big black cock that’s in you, Professor. The one you admired so much. Admit it, you love having me inside you. I’ve seen you giving me that look in class. You thought it was a desire to top me. But it was a desire to be fucked by me. And that was even before you saw what I have to give you, wasn’t it? Admit it.”

“Yes, yes,” I whimpered quietly. “I do love the idea of you being inside me. Take me. Pump me with that big black cock of yours.” And he did then, giving it go me in both long and short strokes.

At length. “I’m about to cum, Professor. Do you want me to shoot inside you or do you want me to withdraw?”

“Inside, inside, please, Pete. I’d forgotten how this had felt.” I had forgotten how much I’d grown to love my own professor’s dick inside me. He’d had one of those slightly bent dicks that didn’t look like much when he started but that grew in length and thickness once inside me, so I could feel it filling me, possessing me. “And then stay inside me. I want to feel you contracting inside me.”

With a grunt and a groan from Pete and an exclamation of ecstasy from me, Pete shot his load inside me. As requested, he continued lying there on top of me, his dick buried in me, as he regained control of his breath.

“I don’t plan on contracting inside you for a while, Professor. One of my talents is stamina. Something a football player’s gotta have. All you have to do is give me some lip work, and I’ll be ready to go again.”

“No, Once was more than enough, Pete. This isn’t . . .” Pete had rolled us to where we were on our sides, him behind me, and his dick still inside me. The arm that was under me wrapped around so that he could get to, first, my nipples and then down my body to my dick. He had locked his lips on mine with his mouth, and his other hand lifted my leg to give his dick full access to my hole. My desire leaped to life as he pumped me, and his desire started to build again as my kiss became passionate. In no time his cock was growing again and he was side splitting me deeply to a second, more prodigious ejaculation.

He pulled out of me after that and kissed down my chest and belly, his silky black hair swirling around on my torso. Then he untied my hands and lay beside me on the carpet.

“That was an outstanding fuck, Professor,” he whispered into my ear. “I’ve been wanting to do that since the first day I walked into your class. And you want to know a little secret?”

“What Büyükesat Escort is your little secret, Pete?” I asked in a flat voice.

“It was all a ruse. The plagiarized paper was only a ploy to get my dick inside you. And you’re glad I got my dick inside you, aren’t you, Professor?”

“Yes, Pete,” I sighed. And I was glad, but now I had to become the professor again. “I’m very glad you did that, but we haven’t really moved one step beyond our agreement. There’s still a plagiarized paper and an agreement.”

“But that’s the funny part of it,” Pete said, as he sat up beside me and let his long black hair cascade over my chest. He was making little circular patterns around my nipples with the finger pads of one hand. “The paper just doesn’t count. I’ve brought another paper with me today. One that hasn’t been plagiarized. It’s in that folder on your desk that I brought today, and I’m turning it in before the deadline. So, this changes everything.”

“No it doesn’t change everything, Pete,” I answered dully. “I can choose to accept only the first paper you turned in. I don’t appreciate being played this way. I’m not a bottom. I’m a top. You didn’t think that two fucks by you would satisfy me, did you?”

“Well, you did seem to be pretty satisfied to me,” Pete answered indignantly. “And I’ve turned in a paper on deadline, and I can raise a stink all the way to the president of the university if need be. I’m needed in the UNC game. Who do you think he’d believe and back? You or me?”

“I rather think he’d believe me,” I said, as I struggled out of his hold and painfully rose to my feet. I stood over him, looking down at him and long the long line of my body extending down my chest and my still pretty hard eight-inch cock.

“How do you figure that?” Pete asked, looking up at me with eyes that contained a hint of worry.

“That professor I told you about who fucked me all through graduate school. He’s now the president of this university.”

“Oh. Shit.”

“Oh shit is right Pete. We made a deal. I want you back up and laying on your back on my desk. Right where we started before you began to take control. And this time I don’t want any of your games. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Pete answered with a newfound meekness. He rose and walked around to the other side of my desk and lay down on his back there. His rotund butt cheeks were perched at the edge of the desk, and his legs were opened wide and his knees were bent, with the heels of his big, long feet dug into the edge of the desk.

“OK, if we must do this, let’s get it over fast,” Pete Elvankent Escort said. He was approaching this like it was a less-than-favorite drill on the football field.

“Well, I’m afraid that it’s going to be a little more involved than it would have been if you had not played this little game, Pete. Now you have to be punished as well as me getting the fuck I negotiated for. You have to be taught a lesson. You’ve heard the adage ‘spare the rod and spoil the child,’ haven’t you, Pete?”

“Yesss,” Pete answered, not sure where this was going.

I opened the bottom drawer of my desk, rummaged around, and brought out a flexible rubber cock enhancer. It would lengthen my cock out to a good eleven inches when I strapped it on, and it would added a good inch of added girth to my already thick cock, as well. It had knobs and ribs that were somewhat like the threads of a screw running down it. I had acquired it to ensure the pleasure of one of my students who had been doubled so often that his hole was too slack for even my cock to fill, and, until today, I’d only used it on him.

I lifted it up and showed it to Pete. “Well, this is the rod that will deliver the reminder you need not to mess with me or any other professor here, Pete.”

Pete cried out in horror at the sight of it. “You’re not putting that in me!” he cried. But there was something in the tone of his voice that made me think he was just putting me on. A gleam had come into his eye that indicated that he was more than game for this punishment I had devised.

“It’s this or probably expulsion, Pete. Make your choice. Are you going to take the consequences like a man, or are you going to take your chances with a sex scandal? Everyone of importance here knows I’m gay. What about you?”

Pete’s answer was to turn his head to the side and whisper, “Do what you have to do.” But, when I looked closely, I could see that he was smiling.

“Good answer, Pete.” I retrieved the tube of lube and greased up both Pete’s hole and the rubber dildo liberally. Then for several minutes I worked at opening the hole with the dildo, while Pete grunted and groaned for me and did the best he could to keep his hands from trying to intervene. I retrieved my tie and tied his hands together so that he could try to keep them over his head and out of the way. While I was working with the dildo, I leaned across his chest and played with his nipples and in the hair running down to his belly with my tongue and teeth. I could tell that this was pleasantly distracting him. Then I strapped the dildo on my eight-inch cock, lengthening my weapon to eleven Beşevler Escort inches and thickening what I already possessed, and I started screwing my tool into Pete’s hole.

I have to give him credit. His torso twitched and trembled and writhed while I was plowing into him, especially for the first five inches and the last two inches, and he did a lot of grunting and groaning and arched his back, but he stoically took the punishment. I held his legs out as far as I could by the ankles to help him stay open. When I had crammed the whole eleven inches into him, I held it there for a good five minutes. I know he was afraid that I’d start pumping him with that knobby-surfaced dildo at any time, but I didn’t do so. I still wanted to have my pleasure as well.

Pete almost cried out in relief when I pulled out of him and unstrapped the enhancer. I had let loose of his legs, which had just flopped down over the desk edge and started to sit up. But I pushed him back on back onto the desktop.

“I’m not done with you yet, Pete,” I said. “That was just the punishment part. We still have to consummate the deal we made. Now you get me and just me inside you. Or would you prefer to stop here and take the grade I’d give you on your first paper?”

“Do me,” Pete answered in a husky voice. “Screw anything about the paper or a grade. Come back inside me.”

I unbound Pete’s hands then, and he opened his legs wide to me and guided my unsheathed cock into his ass with his own hands. I held his legs out again with my hands, and slid slowly up his ass chute. He was sighing and moaning again, but this time there was more pleasure than pain. The dildo had strained his ass walls; my cock, though large and long, was a relief after that. I stopped at several depths and rotated my cock in his channel. He seemed to enjoy this. While I pumped him in alternating short and long strokes, I bent first one leg, and then another, and brought those sensuous feet to my lips and sucked his toes. I then told him to hold his own legs out, and I stroked his cock and rolled his balls until he came again, shooting his semen up his magnificent abs. I lowered my chest on his. He encircled me with his arms and wrapped his strong legs around me below the hips and took over in moving me in and out inside him by exercising the muscles in his legs against my buttocks. We were engaged in a deep kiss when I ejaculated eight inches up his ass.

While we were putting ourselves back together, I told him that I would, indeed, accept his substitute paper, but only with one condition.

“What’s that, Professor?”

“That you come personally to my office to receive the evaluation and grade,” I said.

“Yes, thanks. I think I’d like that very much. I enjoy cumming in your office,” he answered with a big grin. “I won’t give you any trouble with where you put that eight incher of yours ever again.”

“And I would very much like to entertain that wonderful black cock of yours again,” I responded, giving him a smile of my own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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