After All These Years

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“Fuck! Nick, being with you alone again after all these years has got me so hot I can’t stand it any longer.” I looked over at Dan and he had pulled his big hard throbbing cock out of his pants. He started jacking it and moaning as his eyes begged me to pull over and make this time together the way we both wanted it to be.

We were far back on the river bottom road and there was no one for miles. I pulled the car to a stop. The moon was full and the moonlight filled the car so there was no trouble seeing each other.

He looked me in the eyes and started to lean toward me. As our lips got closer my heart began to race with anticipation. We stopped just before our lips met and looked at each other. I started to say something and Dan just reached out and put one hand on the back of my neck and pulled our lips together.

God, I had needed this for so long I couldn’t believe it was happening. Our breathing became labored as we locked our mouths and tongues together in the most exciting kiss I had ever experienced.

I was moaning and it was if my hand had a mind of it’s own. I reached out and grabbed ahold of his beautiful naked cock and started to slow jack him as our kiss lingered on.

Dan had his other hand on my crotch fumbling with the zipper trying to free my hard throbbing cock from the confines of my cutoffs. He finally got them undone and pushed them down.

My cock sprung up and slapped my stomach. He made a grab for it and captured his prize the first try. He started pumping it up and down squeezing the precum from my pisshole as it ran down over the swollen head of my prick onto his pumping hand.

My god, it had been too many years since we felt each other like this. The memories of the two of us as teenagers doing each other in crazy passion and lust streamed back as the flashback of us jacking sucking and fucking each other filled my brain. That first time together when Dan pulled his cock out and asked if he could see mine was as real now as it had been many years ago. I had never forgot the first time we touched each other’s cocks. It was as if we didn’t have to think at all about what we were doing. It all came so naturally for us. We took turns jacking, sucking and cramming our rock hard cocks deep into each other guts, pumping our hot sticky loads till our cum poured out around our ramming fuck rods buried deep in each other sweet young asses.

Now here we were again after not seeing each other for at least twenty years with a chance to be together again. A chance neither one of us knew we were going to have.

I was so hot for Dan. Here we were, both now naked with each other in the front seat of my car miles away from anyone. We broke our kiss and breathing hard I couldn’t take my eyes off his throbbing ass reamer. I went for it as I told Dan I had to suck his cock.

He leaned back and slid forward to allow me complete access to his overheated fuck tool. The precum was running out the pisshole as I licked all over and around the head of his prick. Moaning Dan said, “Oh fuck Nick, Suck on it! Suck my prick, you sweet little cock sucker!”

While sucking on the head of his cock I reached over and hit the button for the seat and it slid all the way back giving me room to slip to the floorboard. I hit the second button and the seat back laid down in a reclining position so Dan was now lying all most completely flat with his legs hanging over the front edge of the seat. He spread his legs apart and I was now in a position where I could work on his cock with ease.

His cock was throbbing in my hand as I pumped it up and down while my lips and tongue rus escort worked over the head sucking the precum out of it into my mouth so I could taste his sweet cock juice.

Dan started moaning, “AHHHHH! YEAHHHH! MAN! DO IT!” Dan knew I was just teasing him. I used to do it all the time. I would act like I was sucking his cock as hard as I could then when he couldn’t stand it anymore I would really go to work on it and he would cum his brains out.

Dan was humping his ass up at my sucking mouth and through gritted teeth he told me to stop fucking around and do it!

I couldn’t hold back any longer I knew how much he loved me sucking him off. I started cramming his prick down my throat and picked up the pace with every downward movement of my mouth. With tightened fist and sucking mouth I was milking his throbbing prick for all I was worth.


Moaning on his prick as I worked on it as hard as I could, I felt it swelling and throbbing as the first big wad of hot sticky cum made its way up his cock, past my pumping fist and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed it and prepared myself for the flood I knew was yet to come.

Dan could cum more than anyone I ever seen. Tonight was no exception. He was so hot and ready there was no doubt the first wad was just a drop in the bucket of cum he had for me.

He had his hands clamped on the back of my head now and was humping and pulling my head down on his prick at the same time. Screaming loudly at me, ” AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!”

I felt a huge knot at the base of his prick as his oversize nuts pulled up tight on both sides of his cock and stared pulsating when without warning the knot swelled and let go.

I heard, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! as a huge flood of his man cum filled my mouth and throat. There was no way I could swallow it all and it backed up in my throat and mouth as I tried desperately to breathe. It was no use, the cum was running out the corners of my mouth as he continued to cram his fuck rod down my throat. I started to gag and felt like I was going to pass out. Dan was screaming and cramming himself into my mouth.

I had to breath or pass out and Dan wasn’t done cummimg yet. I jerked my head back and freed myself from his grip. I was coughing and gasping for air as I continued to fist his cock for the last of the drenching. Three more huge wads blasted out of his prick all over us. Cum was running down my face and chest as my fist milked the last drop out of him.

Dan collapsed back on the seat and labored for breath. I fell back up against the dash trying to recover. Coughing, swallowing, and gasping for air, I finally got back to my senses and looked at Dan as he sat up. Looking at me he grabbed me and gave me a big kiss and said, “OH Nick, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.” “You’re so wonderful!” He started kissing and licking the cum off my face and asked, “Are you OK?” I replied, “Yeah Man, I’m OK.” Dan told me he was sorry he was so rough with me but, he just couldn’t hold back.

I knew that the apologies from Dan were just the setup for what he had planned for me. After he had used me for his selfish pleasure he would apologize and then he would tell me it was my turn. He would say the same thing when we were younger.

I knew what he meant and it was my turn all right. You see Dan was the kind of guy that was in it for his own pleasure no matter what. He might start out thinking he yenimahalle escort was going to make it up to me but it always turned into him getting what he wanted out of it before it was over no matter what I got.

I guess that is what turned me on about Dan. I loved him using me, because I knew he would treat me like his personal cum receptacle and that is why I wanted to have sex with him. I love giving pleasure and Dan loved received it.

We were kissing and rubbing each other all over when Dan told me to trade him places it was my turn to get my cock sucked. My cock was rock hard and Dan’s cock was still hard as hell. I could hardly wait to change places with him because I knew what was in store for me. I moved up on the seat and Dan slid down between my legs.

He was stroking my hard cock up and down as he licked the precum off the swollen head of my prick. Dan dipped his head and gulped almost all of my throbbing cock. I moaned, “OH FUCK DAN!” His hot sucking mouth felt wonderful swallowing my prick. He pumped on it and bobbed his head up and down till he had me about to cum.

He knew just how to make me crazy. He would stop just before I was about to cum. He did this over and over till he knew I couldn’t stand it anymore. I grabbed his head and pulled him up on top of me and kissed him hard. I felt his hard prick slid up between my thighs until the head of it rested against my hungry asshole.

He moved his hips around to let me feel is cock head pushing at my tight little ass. Then he pulled away and went back down and sucked on my cock some more. This time he came up off it and started licking his way down the shaft till he was at my swollen nuts and licked and sucked them one at a time till he had me moaning for more.

More was exactly what he had in mind. Pumping on my cock he worked his way down to my hot little fuck hole and began licking and sucking on my puckered asshole. That was it I grabbed his head and with gritted teeth I told Dan to put his tongue in. He did it just like I knew he would, because he wanted to prep my asshole for the scene that was about to unfold.

He stiffened his tongue and began to tongue fuck my asshole making me crazy. He made it slick and sloppy with his saliva till he had it relaxed to where he started finger fucking me as he licked and sucked at it.

When he heard me groan and I started humping my ass at him, he let up and crawled back up my hot sweaty body and locked his mouth on mine. The kiss was to distract me from what he was about to do.

His cock was hot and hard as I felt it slipping around the crack of my ass. He was squirming and humping trying to find the spot he was wanting the hot swollen head of his cock to be. It didn’t take him long to find it. I felt his cock head poking at the opening to my little asshole. When he felt it poking at my hole he pushed and the head spread my fuck hole open and slid in.

I raised my legs up and started moaning, “Mmmmmmmmmm!” still locked in our kiss. He broke off the kiss and on stiffened arms he pushed a couple of inches in.

“AHHHHHHHHH!! DAN!” Dan looked me straight in the eyes and said, “YOU HOT FUCKER YOU!”

I was breathing hard and I locked my hands behind his neck and said, “You Horny Fucker! You never could keep your cock out of my ass!”

Even when we were young and got together, Dan was never satisfied till I sucked him off and he had fucked me in the ass.

Holding that couple of inches of his cock in my ass he lifted one of his arms and then the other and locked them behind my knees and raised my ass up rolling me into a ball with my ass up in the air and my knees beside my head. My rock hard cock was laying flat against my stomach with precum running out of it onto my belly.

Having me just where he wanted me he gave me a short kiss and said, “I’m going to FUCK THE CUM OUT OF YOU!!”

I knew what was coming next. Dan pushed his hips down and shoved half his big fuck tool into my ass. I screamed, “AHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!!”

He immediately pulled back and rammed his cock back in till he had all nine inches buried to the hilt!

I started shaking and moaning as he just held it there pushing as hard as he could. Damn, it felt like he was trying to push his balls in too.

I grabbed his hair and held his head and said, “YOU FUCKING BASTARD, FUCK ME!!!”

That was exactly what he wanted to hear. He didn’t hesitate; he slid his cock out till just the head was left in and then rammed it back in.

He slipped his hands under my ass and held on as he started stroking that big ass reamer in and out. Dan wasn’t the type to tease when it come to his pleasure. He was humping his hips and jamming his cock in and out with increased speed.

Damn! the aroma of our sweat and cum was overpowering my senses. I was lost in another world now bent on nothing but giving Dan what he wanted.

T he ride was growing tense. Trying to make me talk, Dan looked down at me and groaned out, “YOU LIKE YOUR SWEET LITTLE PUSSY FUCKED, DON’T YOU, PUSSY BOY?”


I felt Dan’s body tense and he started ramming in and out of me like a wild man.

My cock was leaking a steady stream of precum onto my stomach when I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt since the last time Dan fucked me years ago. My cock started to throb and swell and I could feel my nuts pulling up when a knot formed at the base of my cock and I started humping my ass up at Dan’s slamming ass fucker.

I couldn’t hold it back as I groaned at Dan, “YEAH!, OH GOD YEAH! NOWWWWW!!! NOWWWWWW!!! FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!!!”

He started pile driving his huge cock in and out and screamed, “HERE IT COMES, YOU HOT LITTLE CUNT!!!”

My Cock exploded and was squirting big gobs of hot sticky cum all over him and me. My prick was pumping cum, wad after wad as I humped my ass up at Dan’s cock.

I could feel my ass contracting and squeezing his big fuck tool when he yelled, “TAKE IT CUNTTT!!!, I’MMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING!!!”


I reached behind him and grabbed his ass and humped and slammed my ass up at him twisting and squirming as I felt his cock start squirting his cum in me!

He was cumming in a steady stream. It felt like he was trying to force a gallon of HOT! Thick, sticky piss in me.


He was using my ass like a cheap whore’s cunt.

His cum filled my guts and was being forced back over his throbbing fucker and out of my ass, squirting on both of us and running down onto the seat.

My cum was over and all I was trying to do now was give Dan the best fuck he ever had.

The cum from Dan made my ass so slick he was slamming in and out of me with ease. He rammed it home a few more times as the flood began to subside. He slammed it home again and again and at last slammed it in and held it there till he pumped the last of his fuck juice in my guts.

W e both were shaking and slobbering as we collapsed together with his cock still buried in me to the hilt.

We struggled for breath as the convulsions and shaking began to weaken.

Our sweat and cum was everywhere.

We finally relaxed our grip on each other and he looked down at me and said, “OH MAN, after all these years, your still the best piece of ass I’ve ever had!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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