A Submissive at Heart Ch. 05

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Final Chapter

I awoke the next morning to the feeling of Gerald gently grinding against me. His arm was wrapped around my chest and his body was intertwined with my own. As a straight man, to have this large black man spooning me in such an intimate manner made me feel more than a little awkward. As my consciousness became more salient I thought of all the times I was in the exact same position with Michelle or other girls. Of course the difference now was that I was now the “girl. The irony of my current predicament made me chuckle out loud. Gerald’s head moved close to mine and his whispered: “Good morning honey, what’s so funny?”

I remember becoming instantly aroused thinking that he called me honey. I turned my face towards him and told him how familiar our current position was but that, in the past, I was always “him” so to speak. Quickly and without warning he started kissing me as he continued to grind against my ass. Although my initial inclination was to move away I did not and soon we were making out. After 30 seconds or so I could fell his manhood get markedly harder and he slowly removed his mouth from mine.

At this point he whispered in my ear that I should stop thinking of myself as a man and start thinking of myself more as a sissy, and his lover. With that highly erotic though I felt his large cock slip into my well used ass.

Thankfully a lot of his cum from the night before was still inside me and acted as a natural lubricant as he entered me. After 5 or so minutes I felt him shoot another warm load of sperm in me. Still exhausted I fell asleep with him still deeply embedded inside me. When I awoke several eryaman escort hours later I was alone in my new bedroom.

Eventually me and my very tender ass stumbled out of bed and headed downstairs. My girlfriend was cleaning up in the kitchen but the boys appeared to be out. As I approached she turned around and with a small smirk and asked how my night had been. I told her my story and she seemed to get off on every second of it. She thought it was beyond hot that both of us were filled with our respective boyfriends cum. I tried to give her a little kiss good morning and she stopped me, “honey I think it is better if we don’t even kiss now. I want you to think of Gerald as your boyfriend and lover not just sexually but intimately as well”.

I than said, “but I am not gay Michelle”.

She followed up with, “I know sweetie but it makes me so wet that you are willing to do this for me. I also think you if you are watching or reading porn for the foreseeable future you should stick to gay material. I want you to put 100% into this fantasy lifestyle”.

Michelle went on to tell me that Gerald and her had a talk and he was hoping I could be more “feminine” for the next several months while we were together. I ask her what that entailed and after a small giggle she said I could start by removing all my body hair. She took me by the hand to the shower and handed me a pink razor. Before I got in the shower Michelle giggled and said, “Sweetie, make sure to leave Gerald a landing strip”.

As if on autopilot I stepped into the shower as a man on a mission. 20 minutes later I emerged sincan escort from the bathroom as smooth as the day I was born (with the exception of a small strip of hair from my waist to my extremely unutilized cock).

Michelle was standing just outside the bathroom and watched me emerge with my new body. She said, “baby that is hot, your bare ass looks so sexy; Gerald is going to love it! Now put some cloths on its time to go shopping”.

As you can imagine I had an idea of what was coming next. Michelle took me to the local mall by our place and let me by the hand inside. We walked by several lingerie shops and I held my breath at ever one fearing she would direct us inside. Finally we walk into Nordstrom’s at the end of the mall and she led me to the intimate appeal section. My heart must have been racing a million miles an hour; that said nothing could of prepared me for what happened next.

A female employee approached us and asked if she could help us find something. Before I could speak my girlfriend took the young woman aside and they talked in low whispers that I could not make out. After a minute or two the woman turned and approached me. With a wide smile she told me that my girlfriend wanted her to help me find some new undergarments for Gerald. I was so embarrassed I almost died right there on the spot.

The sales girl seemed empathetic to my incredibly embarrassing situation and explained that she thought I was an amazing boyfriend to be willing to do all of this for my girlfriend. After another 30 seconds of awkwardly looking at the floor she introduced herself etlik escort as Stacey. She went on to explain that lingerie and sexy knickers was really more about turning “the man on”, or in my case my man on. She then wanted to know what Gerald liked. In a hushed voice I told her I had no idea. She thought that in order to turn him on as much as possible I should try to be as feminine as possible. She wanted me to embrace feminine colours and symbols. Stacey picked out several pairs of pink stockings for me and a bunch of pink lacy underwear, some with hearts on them. We then moved to the bra section and she was able to find a couple of large A cup bras for me to try on.

I went to the change room to try on the new undergarments and found myself growing hard as I tried them on. Weirdly I felt more concerned with how Gerald would perceive my new look than anything else… Honestly speaking, that really scared me at the time.

After I bought all of the non-rejects Michelle took me by the hand and lead me to a local makeup store in the same mall. We wandered around for a bit but eventually she picked out several items for me after closely examine my skin complexion.

After my new face paint was bought and paid for we headed to a spa kiddy corner to the mall. I was nervous as hell when Michelle spoke to the receptionist. I found out very quickly I was there to have my nails painted and my asshole bleached. Based on my previous experience in the intimate appeal section” I decided to just let the women and men working there think I was gay. I didn’t see any point in complicating matters.

Finally when we were done and got home the boys were still not back. Michelle helped with my makeup for the first time. I then changed into a pair of my brand new stockings and lingerie. Once I had changed she gave me a crooked smile and said, “Baby I know you’re not gay but I love that you are willing to be a sissy faggot for me. I have a feeling Gerald will love the new you!”

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