A New Gym Workout

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I was staring at the bar, 200kg loaded on the barbell sitting on the floor. I just stood there, music blaring though the gym speakers, deep breathing, psyching myself up for my lift. I was going for a personal best. The belt was tight, just how I liked it.

Rocking from foot to foot, I forced out one last lung full of air, mind set, and got into position. I gripped the bar, setting back on my heels, took a deep breath, tightened up my core and pulled. The weight ground up my legs, at the thighs the pressure building in my lungs I let out a yell, face going red, I felt the weight nearly at lock out, I drove my hips forward, on last push. Suddenly, everything became quiet, the weight felt lighter, I had it, a 200kg dead lift and I’d made it my bitch. Standing there I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror, bar bending under the weight. I let go, weight crashing back to the floor.

As I bent forward, releasing the belt I noticed someone standing just off to the side of my view, clapping softly.

“Looked like that was heavy,” the voice said.

“Personal record for me,” I replied, still not looking up, trying to catch my breath.

“I heard the grunting, thought I’d come down and see what was going on.”

I finally turned around, leaning on the entrance was frame was a gorgeous redhead. I ran my gaze up her body,. She looked like your usual cardio bunny, lululemon yoga pants sticking to her long toned legs, up to the nice curve of her ass, tight athletic crop top on, barely holding her D sized boobs in check midriff bare, her long red hair tied back in a pony tail, her skin a pale white, almost porcelain.

“I don’t normally run into anyone else this time of night” she continued “And barely anyone who actually trains something other than upper body,” she laughed.

“Yeah I noticed that here, the bro’s all seem to forget about the part of their body holding everything up.”

She pushed herself off the frame where she was leaning, walking over.

“I’m Zoe,” she said, offering her hand. She had beautiful green eyes.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Nick. Is it normally this dead hear this time of night?” I asked, checking the clock. It had just passed midnight.

“Yeah,” Zoe replied, “It’s why I come so late, hardly anyone around and I can actually get a workout in without the guys perving on me all the time.”

“Well you can’t exactly blame them can you, I’d be distracted as shit with you around while I was trying to work out, if you don’t mind me saying,” I said, smiling.

Zoe crossed her arms under her boobs, pushing her boobs up even more.

“I don’t mind at all, Its nice to have a chat with someone not looking at my tits the whole time,” she laughed.

“Oh believe me, it’s a struggle right now.”

Zoe walked toward the squat rack as I got busy unloading the weights from my barbell. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass as she walked pass. It was a perfectly rounded shape, and firm from the looks of it. I felt my cock stirring, it was going to be a hard workout if she was hanging around, not that I was about to complain. Zoe set the bar up to her height and began going through some sets of squats. I sat down on a bench, putting my shoes back on, admiring her ass everything she squatted down.

“Hey, it’s not any of my business, but do you want a couple of pointers on your squat? Only that I just I noticed a few things that if you change up will make it a bit more effective for you.”

“Umm, yeah, That’d be nice,” Zoe said as she racked the bar “Guys have offered, but I’ve always just figured the wanted to stare at my ass or use it as an excuse to get close to me,” she giggled.

“Oh I was staring at your ass don’t get me wrong, but I did see a few things,” I laughed.

I got up from the bench and headed over to the squat rack.

“Ok, get yourself setup under the bar, but don’t lift it yet.”

Zoe got into position under the bar, her right leg out in front of her left.

“Ok, first things first, get your legs set like you going to squat from here, don’t do that mini split, you’ll throw yourself out like that” I said as she repositioned her legs.

“Right, Demetevler Escort now pick it up and move back into position,” I said as I moved back out of her way.

“Ok, now when you squat back, push your ass out like your sitting on a seat, keep your chest up, easiest is to push your boobs out in front of you.”

“Like this?” she asked, sticking her tits out and squatting, her ass pushing back, straining the material of her yoga pants, the top outline of her g-string clearly outlined in her pants.

“Much better, but you need to come down deeper, get your legs almost parallel,” I said, demonstrating behind her.

“How about this?” Zoe asked, going down to a good depth, my eyes drawn to her shapely ass again.

“Hey, eyes up big guy,” Zoe said, giving me a wink in the mirror.

“Sorry,” I chuckled.

“Umm, do you reckon you could spot me on these next ones, I want to see if I can go a bit heavier,” Zoe asked, looking at me as she bit the corner of her bottom lip. God she looked fucking sexy when she did that.

“Sure thing,” I happily replied “how much are we loading on?”

“Umm, another 5 aside?”

“Cool” I said, grabbing a 5kg plate from the rack and sliding it onto the barbell.

Zoe lined herself up under the bar, lifting up the bar like I’d just shown her. Stepping back and getting ready. I stood behind her, hoping my arms up beside her, ready to catch the weight and her if needed. She squatted down, me following behind her. Her first one was a bit shallow.

“Nice, but a bit deeper this time yeah,” I encouraged “Half squats produce half results,” I joked.

“Wouldn’t want to let this ass go to waste would I?” Zoe laughed, as she began her next rep.

I followed her down, as she pushed her ass back, straight into my crotch, I was certain she could feel my raging hard on through my shorts.

“Whats this then?” She said, smiling a sly smile at me as she stood back up.

“What can I say, I’ve got a thing for redheads who squat,” I chuckled. Zoe stared at me, not saying anything, those green eyes piercing through me.

We completed 3 more reps, each time Zoe pushing her ass into my crotch, grinding that perfect, firm ass over my hard cock each time, on the third rep I had to bail her out, the weight getting a bit much to lift back up.

“Wicked work!” I proclaimed “you worked hard for that.”

“Thanks Nick, those tweaks helped, and you gave me some good, prodding, to help encourage me,” she said, biting her lower lip again. I felt my cock twitch.

“I’m done for the night,” I said, “Early start tomorrow, I’m gonna hit the shower.”

“Ok,” She said, I mischievous look on her face, “Thanks for the help again.”

She turned and started to unrack her weights as I grabbed my towel, phone and straps from the floor and headed to the lockers. I took a quick glance back and caught Zoe staring a me in the mirror as she bent over at the waist to rack on of the plates.

I grabbed my bag from my locker, dirty thoughts about Zoe floating through my head. I was struggling to get the feel of her firm ass on my cock out of my mind. I was mentally undressing her in my thoughts.

I wandered down the hall and took the first shower available. They were all unisex in the gym, separate from the toilets. I jumped in, chucking my gear onto the shelf and cranked the water on, hot as I could get it steam quickly filling the shower. I took a quick minute to check myself out in the mirror, like usual not happy with my mid section, the stubborn last night of fat yet to reveal the abs underneath. I stepped under the shower stream, the hot water flowing over my head, over my broad shoulders, down my back and over my sore muscles.

I leaned forward, placing a hand on the wall in front to keep my balance and enjoyed the feeling of the water on my naked body. Thoughts of Zoe invaded my mind again, I saw her naked form spread out on a bed in front of me, her hand vigriously attacking her pussy, her body squirming in ecstasy on the bed. These visions did nothing for my quickly hardening cock, bringing it up to its full proud Otele gelen escort size.

“Damn it,” I muttered to myself, knowing there wasn’t anything I could do about it at the gym

I suddenly felt a cooler breeze flow over me, a pair of soft hands reaching around from behind me, running over my sides and up onto my chest followed by a naked body pressing into my back,

“I hope you don’t mind,” I heard Zoe say as she pressed her firm tits into my back, her hand travelling down my body, fingers trailing tenderly over my skin, as she slowly wrapping her hand around my throbbing cock.

“And what have you been thinking of hmmm,” she mummered into my back as she began to slowly stroke my cock up and down.

Zoe began nibbling on my back. I reached a hand behind me, slowly rubbing up and down her thigh, making my way as best i could over her stomach and down over her smooth shaven pussy. She squeezed my dick harder, her breathing becoming deeper and ore urgent. I felt her stiffen and release a moan as my fingers found their way over her clit, giving it a quick tweak.

“I guess you don’t mind then,” she said, moaning again as I plunged a finger into her wet, warm pussy.

We stood there, her slowly jacking my hard cock while I plunged a finger into and out of her pussy. I turned around in her arms, my cock standing up between us, grabbed the back of her head and pulling her lips to mine. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth as she resumed jacking my cock of between us. I broke our kiss and moved to her neck, kissing and biting her. I brought my right hand up to her tit, running her stiff nipple between my thumb and finger, eliciting a loud moan from her as she pushed her chest into my hard harder.

Zoe let go of my cock and slowly kissed her way down my body as she sank to her knees, my cock standing out proud in front of me, she wrapped both hands around the base of my cock as she rang her round around the head, planting little kisses as she went. I let out a groan as I felt her warm mouth envelope my raging cock. She began to suck, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth as she sucked. hands slowing jacking the base of my cock. I was in heaven. The water flowing over our bodies, the sound of enthusiastic sucking and slurping filed the shower stall. This girl knew what she was doing, deep throating my cock and playing with my balls.

“Shit I’m gonna cum,” I warned her, feeling my balls start to tense up.

She grabbed my ass, pulling in into her throat as far as she could as I let go spurt after spurt of hot cum down her throat. She kept sucking, determine to get every last drop as she looked up at me, lust in her eyes, cock buried down her throat.

I felt the last drop leave my body, but my cock was still hard, a blessing I have as I never get soft after I cum. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up, kissing her passionately. She turned around, bending at the waist, that perfect shaped ass sticking out. She looked like a goddess, her red hair hanging down on side of her face.

“Fuck me, Fuck me hard,” she demanded as she grabbed my cock, guiding it to her smooth pussy.

I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock home, hitting base in one thrust.

“AHHHH, yes, yes, harder, don’t stop!” she begged over and over as I plowed my cock in and out of her warm, slick pussy at a furious pace.

I reached forward, grabbing a handful of hair and pulled her head back, timing it with each thrust, pulling her back harder.

“Ungh fuck i’m ccccuuummmmmmmm iiiiiinnnnnnggggg” she squealed, as her pussy clamped onto my cock, pulsating as she rolled into a body shaking orgasm “Yes, oh fuck yes!” she exclaimed as she fell forward.

“We’re not done yet,” I said, as I spun her around, picking her up and impaling her on my cock again as we leaned up against the wall.

I bounced her up and down my cock as she brought both hands up and tweaked her nipples, pulling a tit into her mouth and sucking on her own tit. The sound of our hips slapping together as i deep stroked into and out of her pussy, Zoe moaning. It was ecstacy in Balgat Escort there. Zoe reached down and began to rub her clit, her fingers a blur. I could feel her tensing up again, her breathing becoming rapid.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, don’t stop, yes, i’m cccuuuuuummmmm iiiinnnnnnnggggggg!” She screamed again, yet again her hot pussy gripping my cock like it never wanted to let go. I slowed down, letting her orgasm come down, my hands grabbing her ass to hold her up, as I slowly ran a finger over her asshole.

Zoe looked at me, a devilish grin on her face. “You want to stick that hot thick cock into my tight little hole don’t you? You wanna fuck this firm ass don’t you!” She goaded.

“You bet I do! You grinding that ass into me in the gym got me all worked up.

Zoe pulled herself off me, my cock sliding out of her pussy as she stepped over to the bench in the shower, grabbing hold of the sides, bending over.

“Come here big fella, jam that thick cock up my tight little asshole!” She said as she wiggled her ass from side to side.

I stepped up behind her and grabbed my cock in my hand, slowly stroking it, admiring the view of this perfect ass in my face, the reflection of her tits in the mirror. I slid up behind her and stroked the head of my cock up her pussy, she arched her back

“Thats not my ass!” She giggled.

“I’m getting there” was my reply as I slid into her pussy from behind again.

Zoe was moaning as I gave her a few long deep thrusts, before I pulled out and lined up my throwing cock with her perfect little asshole. I push myself in, slowly, letting her relax and get used to my cock as it push in behind her. inch by inch I slowly pumped myself into this beautiful ass. She started to push back, panting and shaking as she took my monster. She stated to rock back and forth, her hand disappearing underneath her to play with her pussy again.

“I said fuck me, don’t hold back, ram that monster in my ass, I need it, I need to feel it fill me up,” She declared as she turned her head around to look at me.

I grabbed her hips and in one thrust, buried my cock all up into her ass, rocking her forward into the bench top.

“Ugh, yes, just like that, don’t stop. Fucking ram it in there, pound my little ass baby,” Zoe encouraged.

An animalistic urge took over. This redhead goddess urging me to pound her, I got a solid grip and fucked her. every thrust pushing her into the counter. I’d pull out till just the tip was in her as and then ram it back in as hard as I could.

“Oh god, fuck yes, fuck yes, uh, god!” Zoe started to not make sense, lost in a world of pleasure.

“Fuck I’m gonna come again,” she screamed as i pistoned into and out of her, never breaking stride.

I grabbed her around the waist, pulling her off the counter and lifting her up cock buried into her ass. I whispered into her ear

“Look at you, my thick, hard cock pounding your ass, look at you your dirty bitch, fingering your pussy as a cock buries itself in your ass. Can you feel it, filling you up” Zoe moaned her reply pawing at her tits, her hand a blur, eye locked on our reflection in the mirror.

This was too much for her, and she rolled into her 3rd orgasm for the night, grabbing both her tits.

“Yes, yes, yes, ugh, fuck yes,” she screamed. She collapsed into my arms panting, trying to regain her thoughts.

I slowly pulled her off, holding her up as she could barely stand, I carried her back under the shower, letting the warm water run the sweat off our bodies. She looked up at me with a dreamy look in her eyes, those piercing green eyes catching the light.

“Your still up?” she asked incredulously, “I should do something about that,” as she knelt down again, taking me in her mouth once more.

It didn’t take long, I grabbed the side of her head and face fucked her. I could feel myself about to cum. I pulled out and she grabbed my cock, jacking my off, aiming my cock at her face. I came, thick ropy streams of cum shooting over her face, she aimed my cock at her tits, ropy strands covering those perfect, pale boobs of hers. The last of my cum left my balls, as she ran a finger around her face, scooping my cum onto her finger as she stuck it in her mouth, cleaning her face off.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned “I should workout late more often,” she purred.

“If this is what the after gym cool down is then I’ll be here thats for sure!” I replied, as I drew her into my embrace. We stood there, just enjoying each others presence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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