A Friend Fantasy

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Mike is friend of mine we’re about the same age and build. We both like to do most of the same things. We work out at the gym together. We go hiking together. We’re both married and are wives are friends. We go over their house for dinner. They come over to our house for dinner. So when Mike had a job to do over in Kona and needed some help, it was no surprise that he asked me.

Since Kona is so far away I caught a ride with Mike. We left Volcano early in the morning and got to the job sight around three hours later. The job was a simple one of installing rain gutters. The day was a hot one and turned out to be a long one, so we decided to share a room at a cheap hotel rather than driving the three hours back home.

We bought a six pack of beer and a pizza for dinner and eat it in our room. We were both exhausted and dirty so after the beers were gone it was showers and sleep. Mike was going first then it was my turn. I sat down on my bed and began to take my shoes off. Mike did the same at his bed. Then to my surprise Mike started to strip down right there next to his bed. He lingered there folding his cloth and I caught him glancing over to me, to see if I was looking. We both have similar bodies, both slim and trim and fair muscle tone, the main difference is Mike has some hair on his chest and doesn’t trim his pubes, while my chest is smooth and I am trimmed. Our rus escort eyes met a couple of times. He smiled and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open.

I waited and in a while the water stopped and Mike stepped out drying himself off and making sure that he was completely exposed. Now it was my turn. I stripped off my shirt and then my pants, I don’t wear underwear. I kept an eye out to see if Mike was checking me out. He was. Naked, I strolled past him and into the bathroom not closing the door either. While I’m taking my shower I notice Mike walking in, still naked and proceeds to pee in the toilet. The shower curtain is some what translucent but I can see him and he can see me. I start washing my cock and balls and sure enough, he glances over to me. So I keep washing and he keeps looking and my dick starts to get hard. He keeps looking but I get nervous and turn away. So he flushes and leaves. But now I have a huge hardon. I don’t know what to do; I can’t stay in the shower forever, so I decide to get out. “If he wants to look at my hardon, let him look.” I thought to myself.

I step out of the bathroom, still drying off and find Mike lying on his bed with his towel on his lap. I walk past him to my bed hiding my still hard cock. Then I think “what the hell…” and I just drop the towel and climb into bed. “Good yenimahalle escort night” I say as I turn out my light. Mike smiles and gets into his bed, letting me see that he has a bit of a hardon himself. He turns off his light and the room is flooded with moonlight.

I toss and turn but can’t get to sleep. I end up lying face down with my head facing Mike’s bed. In the dim light I can see Mike, lying faces up with his hand on his crotch. He turns his head towards me “Dave, you asleep?” he asks.

“Yeah” I mumble back.

“That’s what I thought.” He retorts. All is still and quiet for a moment then Mike pulls down his covers, revealing that he’s been stroking his hard dick. He looks over to me. Then slowly he gets out of bed and walks over to me, with his hard cock leading the way. He gently pulls my sheet down exposing my naked body. He sits down next to me and softly rubs his hands along the top of my back then moves them down till he reaches my butt. He then lightly massages my buns, it feels good, and I involuntarily spread my legs and trust my butt into the air. With one hand he runs his finger down my crack till he finds my asshole then softly rubs it.

I can’t take it any more so I roll over onto my back, revealing my massive hardon. Mike climbs on the bed and straddles my legs, letting our hard dicks touch each other. He leans over and caresses each of my hairless nipples. I let out a small groan as I raise my arms over my head and arch my back. He holds my arms to the pillow as he licks my chest working his way to my trimmed armpits. He bites the short hairs and moves up to my neck and then to my ear which he explores with his tongue. I let out another moan and he moves in till we’re eye to eye. We look at each other, I part my lips slightly and he caresses them with his. I open my mouth a bit and his tongue rushes in. Our tongues explore each others mouths as I arch my back and my cock pounds. We pull apart and Mike moves down kissing my nipples again, then my navel. He nibbles on my happy trail till he finds my trimmed pubic mound his tongue laps at my stiff cock, which is throbbing so hard I feel it’s going to burst. A trickle of pre-cum seeps out and he licks it right up. He glances at me then his mouth engulfs my cock. He moves his head up and down with his lips wrapped around my shaft. At the same time his fingers explore my ass and balls. He pulls back and watches as my cock twitches as more pre-cum oozes out. Mike then grabs my cock in his hand and gently but firmly stokes it. I can feel myself about to explode. I can’t take it any more and mutter “I’m Cumming!” Mike smiles as he watches my hot jizz shoot out. I shoot and I shoot he gently strokes my shaft until it my hot jizz splatters on my face and chest and the rest ooze down my cock. Mike squeezes gently till the last drop of cum streams out.

The next day we drove home not speaking a word.

I don’t yet have a friend like that. Do you want be friends?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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