A Birthday Surprise

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This is an Ellie and Sam story. For the background, please read ‘Late night at the office’ and ‘Ellie’s first time’, and (optionally) ‘Tied to a table’, ‘Distracting leggings’ and ‘An evening with a new toy’.


Ellie smiled at her reflection in the full length mirror, making the final adjustments to her outfit. She needed to look the part for her customer meeting today – smart, professional and businesslike. The tailored dress with a flared skirt that stopped just above her knees seemed to do the trick. Who said a manager couldn’t dress pretty for a meeting?

Turning around so her back faced the mirror, she lifted the skirt to her hips to check the most important part of the outfit. This part had nothing at all to do with the business meeting and everything to do with her plans for afterwards. It was Sam’s birthday today and she had a surprise for him.

She turned her head to see the view. The summer was warm enough to not wear stockings, and her eyes followed the curve of her smooth legs right up to her ass cheeks. Normally she’d wear small lacy pants under a dress like this, but today she was forgoing any underwear. The only decoration was just barely visible between her round cheeks; a small, bright stone from the plug nestled tightly in her ass. Just the thought of going commando was keeping her in a heightened stage of excitement, and the constant feeling of the plug made her legs tremble when she tensed.

She smiled and smoothed the skirt down, walking downstairs slowly to pick up her bag and approach the car waiting outside.

‘Good morning Ellie, looking smart!’ Sam’s smile and welcome made her clench her muscles in anticipation – an entirely pleasant feeling.

‘Morning Sam! Happy birthday!’ Ellie grinned at him as she got into the passenger seat. ‘Kind of a shame you have to work today, huh?’

‘It’s not so bad,’ he replied, starting the engine and setting off on the short journey to the customer site. ‘At least we get to do this meeting together.’

‘It’ll be over quickly.’ she reassured him. ‘And anyway, I have a present for you to look forward to afterwards.’

Sam glanced at her briefly, not wanting to take his eyes off the road for too long, but also wanting to catch her meaning. She flashed him a cheeky smile and placed her hand on his upper thigh, squeezing slightly.

‘But I don’t want to ruin the surprise. All in good time.’

Ellie could feel his cock hardening slightly in his jeans. She brushed the tip through the stiff material and enjoyed the appreciative sigh he gave her in return.

‘Mmm then I’m excited to know what it is.’

‘You’ll find out soon enough, promise.’

Seeing the entrance to the customer site, she reluctantly removed her hand from Sam’s leg. Sam found a parking space close to the entrance, and they walked to the reception. Today, their meeting was on the top floor, so the receptionist showed them the way to the elevator. To Ellie’s delight, they were the only two people in there. She decided to take her chance.

The doors had barely slid closed before she moved close to Sam and whispered in his ear.

‘This is your present…’

She guided his hand under her skirt and up the back of her legs, moving them slightly apart so his hand could explore on its own.

Sam’s breathing was quickening, unsure of what Ellie had in mind. His hand reached her round ass cheeks, stroking across them to feel the smooth skin. He stopped the movement when he realised.

‘God, you’re not wearing anything.’

‘That’s technically not true,’ Ellie whispered, shifting slightly so that his hand brushed the end of the plug.

It took Sam a small moment to realise what he was feeling, then Ellie felt his understanding as he pulled her closer to him.

She smiled, and continued whispering. ‘I want you to know I’m wearing that through this whole meeting. And I want you to replace it with your cock as soon as Eryaman Escort we’re done’.

She stepped away from him, slightly flushed and feeling the delightful sensation of her pussy and ass tensing and relaxing. She was already wet and she hoped the meeting would be over soon. She hadn’t quite realised how much this was going to tease her as well.

She looked meaningfully at the numbers on the display. They had a couple of seconds more to breathe before the doors opened, and Sam was obviously using them to calm down somewhat. Nevertheless, his crooked grin showed that he was definitely not upset with the distraction.

Ellie let her professional brain take over for the next hour. She and Sam took turns at presenting, and she was comfortable enough with her subject that she could sneak glances at Sam while she was walking around the whiteboard. Their eye contact only lasted milliseconds, but the tension was constant. Ellie reveled knowing that Sam was imagining her naked ass and the hard plug while she was talking. Sam caught her gaze every time she walked, knowing that she was fighting to keep herself under control as each movement emphasized the delicious intrusion and sparked pleasure up her spine.

After concluding, discussing next steps and organising the next meeting, Ellie and Sam made their way quickly to the car. Once the doors were closed, Sam breathed deeply.

‘Fuck, that was intense.’

Ellie could easily see his hard cock through his jeans and could only imagine how difficult it had been to remain calm for an hour.

‘Well, I wanted you to really enjoy unwrapping your present,’ she said, in her best not-really-innocent voice. ‘And it’s been torturing me too. Even walking is making my legs shake.’

Sam put the car into gear.

‘Then let’s get to yours.’

The short drive back seemed to take an eternity. Despite being in the car, Ellie let one hand drop to her thighs and trace under her skirt. Pushing a finger slightly into her pussy, she was unsurprised to find it soaking wet and throbbing to be filled. She pressed lightly on her clit, letting her ass tighten around the plug and sending small shocks of pleasure through her core. Just as they parked at her flat, she offered her glistening finger to Sam, watching him take it into his mouth and feeling his tongue taste her juices.

Tasting how turned on Ellie was, Sam was glad the journey was over. They had barely closed the door of the flat before Ellie was tugging at Sam’s white shirt, opening buttons and pulling it off his shoulders.

Sam let her move her hands across his strong chest before he stopped her.

‘I thought I get to unpack my present?’

Ellie’s look was one of pure desire and frustration, but she lead him into the living room and towards the sofa where he sat down, leaving her standing in front of him. Looking up at her, he placed one hand on each leg, and moved them purposefully up the inside of her thigh, making her shift to open her legs more. He moved his thumb straight to her clit, rubbing it in small circles, and stretched his fingers towards her pussy.

As Ellie felt Sam push two fingers at once inside her, she had to hold onto his shoulders to not fall over. He kept up the pressure on her clit while probing deep into her soaking pussy. She could feel the extra pressure of the plug, and she knew she wouldn’t need long to orgasm like this. She closed her eyes, lips slightly parted, swaying her hips in the same rhythm as Sam’s movements.

Sam’s head was perfectly on level with her hips. As much as he wanted to turn her around to finally see what he’d been imagining all morning, he also couldn’t resist tasting her when she orgasmed.

He lifted her skirt and pressed his tongue hungrily against her clit, moving his thumb away so he could lick around the hard little bud while his fingers continued to explore her pussy. Ellie Sincan Escort gasped in pleasure, pressing his head closer to her and pushing her hips closer onto his tongue. She was close.

Sam moaned softly into her, enjoying how she smelled and tasted, and the feeling of her pussy clenching around his fingers. When she clenched, he could feel the hard plug through the thin wall to her ass. Smiling to himself, he moved his other hand to her ass, and pressed a finger against the plug.

Ellie let out a little scream as her orgasm took her by surprise. Sam’s tongue and fingers never failed to make her come, but the sudden added pressure in her ass had tipped her over the edge. She continued to press his head into her as he sucked gently on her clit, letting her come onto his waiting mouth. As he felt her trembling slow, he moved his head and hands away and patted the sofa next to him. Ellie understood instantly. Time for him to finally get his present. She positioned herself on the cushions, kneeling with her ass towards Sam, and rested her elbows on the arm rest.

‘Let’s unwrap my present then.’

Sam knelt behind her and tantalisingly pulled her skirt higher and higher. Each centimetre of skin was brushed lightly by the fabric, and he could see Ellie shudder with pleasure from even that slightest touch. Finally, the skirt was high enough for him to see her ass cheeks, and he pushed it all the way up to her waist so he could admire the view of her nakedness, adorned only with the bright and shiny end of the plug. He could see the stone, and that it was surrounded by dark purple material. It fit perfectly between her cheeks, and glistened in the daylight. Placing a hand on each cheek, he spread them a little, watching the plug remain right in the middle, and glimpsing a view of her pussy.

On an impulse, he pushed a finger back inside her pussy, and used his other hand to play with the plug. He could press it, turn it slightly, and even pull on it, feeling the strain of Ellie’s ass muscles holding onto it the same way they grasped his cock.

Ellie was breathing hard with her head down, and she was conjuring images of what Sam could see. Him moving the plug was exciting her beyond anything she could have imagined, and as always, the sensation of penetration in her pussy and ass was almost too pleasurable to bear.

‘God Ellie that looks so damn good.’

Ellie’s only answer was a small whimper of pleasure.

Sam gave a few more pushes with his fingers before his own urges took over. Determinedly, he unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his underwear lower. He’d waited so long for this that he didn’t even want to waste the time fully undressing. Once his hard cock was free, he brushed the tip with the same fingers he’d just had deep inside Ellie, covering them not only in her juices but also in his precum. He positioned the head at the very edge of her pussy and moved his fingers to her mouth. As Ellie gladly began sucking and licking them, loving the taste of the two of them, Sam thrust into her in one swift movement. He gasped at the warmth and soft tightness, and the new sensation of the plug in her ass at the same time. He was used to fingering her ass with his cock in her pussy, but this felt harder and thicker – and it rubbed against the top of his cock each time he pushed into her.

Ellie’s breathing came in short gasps. She reached behind her to pull Sam deeper into her, trying to sort through the range of sensations: his rough jeans scraping against her thighs, his strong hands on her hips and her breasts, his cock pressing against the most delicious places inside her, and the constant pressure of the plug accompanying it all. Every so often, Sam would move a hand to push on the plug, making Ellie arch her back as waves of heat washed through her stomach and legs.

For a few minutes, they lost themselves in a coordinated rhythm, the Etlik Escort silence only broken by Sam’s moans and Ellie’s gasps as his cock filled her.

But they both knew that there was more to come. Bending forward and leaning on her back, Sam whispered throatily into Ellie’s ear.

‘I want to pull it out.’

‘Only if you promise to replace it.’

Sam’s answer was a small growl that sent shivers down Ellie’s spine. He rocked back onto his heels, letting his cock leave her wet pussy. He shifted position so that one hand was resting on her ass, leaving the other hand to trace around the plug. Ideally, he wanted to really torture Ellie for her surprise this morning but the truth was that he was desperate to be inside her ass.

Carefully, he grasped the end and began to move it in small circles. He could feel the slight resistance of her tight muscles, and increased the movement. Slowly, he started to pull on it, watching in fascination as her hole stretched around it, and listening to Ellie’s soft utterances of pleasure.

‘Oh fuck, oh god…’

The pressure around the flared end of the plug was the most intense when it was just at her entrance. Sam realised this, and made sure that he pulled agonisingly slowly – both to drive Ellie crazy and also to see her inviting ass stretch around the thickest part, remaining slightly open as he finally removed it.

Ellie couldn’t wait any longer. She reached behind her, finding Sam’s hard cock, still covered in her juices. Insistently, she guided it towards her ass, begging for it to fill her even more than the plug had done.

Sam watched through half closed eyes as she pushed his tip into the tiny entrance. He held his breath as she pushed against him with her hips, and pressed harder with her guiding hand until they both felt him push past the tight ring.

Ellie let go, resting and panting as her favourite sensations coursed through her whole body. Sam’s cock felt wonderful wherever it was, but she really loved the deep satisfaction of him moving in and out of her ass.

Sam waited a moment for them both to enjoy the first feelings before watching intently as he used his weight to push all the way in. His eyes watched the way her ass stretched to accommodate him, and he felt his cock being tightly gripped by her twiching muscles.

Slowly, he pulled backwards, loving the view of her ass resisting him leaving, and feeling the tightened pressure on his sensitive tip. Just before he pulled out completely, he pushed forwards again, this time slightly harder and deeper. As he pulled almost completely out again, he noticed that Ellie was already rubbing and pressing her clit, murmuring in building ectasy.

Sam kept up his rhythm and his watching. Thrusting against her with his full weight, feeling his thighs against her smooth skin. Pulling out, watching her ass relinquish his hard cock and accept it back again in the next instant. The variation in pressure and the view he was getting was becoming too much. Fortunately, Ellie was close herself; the combination of movement and stretching in her tightest hole was deliciously intense and incredibly satisfying.

‘Fuck Sam, that feels divine…I can feel you so deep… everywhere… I’m … I’m gonna come…’

As if on cue, Sam let his instincts take over. With one hand on her hip and one on her shoulder, he started pushing faster and quicker, feeling Ellie’s whole body start to tense more frequently and her ass grow even tighter around him.

Ellie felt a mind blowing orgasm hit just as Sam moaned loudly, filling her ass with his cum. She kept rubbing her sensitive clit, riding the incredible storm of pleasure while Sam pressed harder and deeper into her, igniting every last nerve. For a while, it seemed like it would never cease. Each spark set off fires through her whole body, focused around her ass, pussy and clit.

Finally, Sam thrust deeply one last time and remained there, feeling the last twitches of Ellie’s muscles around his cock. Ellie let herself sink onto her belly, feeling Sam’s weight rest on top of her, his cock still firmly in her ass and his hand resting on her hip. She could feel his breath and smile against her ear as she repeated her greeting from a few hours ago.

‘Happy birthday.’

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