A Birthday Gift

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*Sorry for my long period of absent, been busy recently.

I wake up in the morning, to the sight of a rising sun spilling light into my room. I think to myself about what a life I have been living so far. Less than 2 months ago, I indulged in some anal with my best friend, then 2 weeks ago, I got to enjoy my best friend’s father and his wonderful cock. After getting a boner just from thinking about it, I checked my phone to see what time it was.

I looked just below the time and saw what day it was.”Holy shit,” I remembered,” It’s Brad’s 20th Birthday, I should probably say happy birthday or something.”

I proceeded to write a short message wishing him a happy birthday and asking if there is anything he has planned for today.

“Well my sister is at college, mom is on a business trip and dad is working, I think there is someone I want to do” He texted me, adding a winking face to the end of his message.

“What a fag.” I thought,making fun of his wink. “Should I leave my clothes at the door then?” I asked him, knowing full well what he wanted.

“You know me so well. Be here by 10, my dad should be gone by then.” He texted me.

I put on some clothes that I didn’t care if I got dirty in them and told my parents that I will be out for the day. They had no idea I was doing anything with Brad so they had no problem letting me spend the day with him. In my mind, I wondered how they would act if they found out their boy was a slut for his best friend.

I grabbed the card I got from the day before, I put in 30 bucks in it for pizza and drinks. Knowing that we will be needing refreshments for our all day session. I also wrote a stupid poem in it to make him laugh, not a sexual one though, just very stupid.

I texted him that I was leaving my house when 10 o’clock rolled around so he told me that the door will be unlocked when I arrived and that he would be waiting in his room. I knew he would tell me that because he doesn’t want to put any energy that isn’t sex related or food related into this.

I got to the door and true to his words, it was unlocked. I walked in, locked the door, and took off all my clothes, just like he wanted me to.Being naked in his home not only made me feel slutty, but made me feel horny too.

I noticed a light from underneath his door so I knocked three times to let him know I’m here and I walked in. He was watching Back To The Future when I walked in. I saw his head turn immediately to me, he did not get up because I got to him first.

Because he was sitting on his desk chair, I walked over and kissed him. “Happy Birthday” I said,trying to be seductive. “I hope today is going to be the best birthday of your life.”

He kissed me back. “If you are covered in cum and I get to pound your cute ass all day it will be.” He told me.

We started this fun adventure by making out. I felt his wonderful tongue explore my mouth as I explored his. I enjoyed the taste of Pepsi too that I detected. It was confirmed by an empty can sitting next to him. I liked the taste but no more than the one I was going to get.

I started to unzip his pants as we kissed. As I pulled down his boxers, one of my favorite things in the world popped into my view.It smelled musky but I did not mind in the slightest. I was hypnotized by it.

“Don’t be scared of it. It won’t hurt you.” He said as I began to lick the shaft. It tasted kind of salty, a taste I was familiar with though and I made sure I used the past two months to the best of my ability.

As I licked his shaft, I made sure I paid attention to his balls. When I was licking his shaft, çankaya escort I would tug on them slightly to give him a nicer feeling.But as I licked downwards,my hand moved to stroke him while I sucked on his balls.

Like his dick, they had a musky smell, but it was more pronounced. I assumed he didn’t take a shower beforehand.

I started to make a move towards the head of his cock, knowing he must be wanting me to start sucking him off. As I put my mouth on his head, I began to swirl my tongue around his dick, taking in his wonderful flavor.

“Oh fuck John, I’m so glad I taught you how to suck dick.” He told me, moaning.

I took my mouth off his cock. “Yeah I love practicing on you. You’re so generous with your load.” I told him, then went back to sucking.

I felt him tensing up, like he was trying to contain his orgasm. As I made my blowjob shine by doing everything he taught me. I would use my tongue to get the underside of his dick.Making sure it was nice and wet for what came next.

I began to deep throat him, knowing he would want to go in balls deep as soon as we start.

“Man, if I never caught you in my sisters room, I would not be getting grade A blowjobs from you. So thank god I did.” He told me,as my nose hit his pelvis.

He then pushed me off his dick, as my saliva trailed from his dick to my mouth.”I want to fuck you and breed you right now. Get on the bed and lay down on your stomach.” Brad told me,in his hot, commanding voice.

I got up on his bed and laid down on my stomach, ensuring my legs were spread out wide enough for him. A few seconds after, I felt him climb on behind me and start to position himself.

I felt his cock head breach my asshole and I could not help but moan. It felt like his cock was made for me as he began to slip in. I felt inch after inch fill my ass and when I felt that his dick was in all the way, he began to withdraw.

The short time in between his dick filling my ass and him moving out felt like forever and made me feel empty. But that feeling disappeared when I felt him come in again and I heard a satisfying slap of his body hitting mine.Just that feeling drove me crazy and made me moan loudly, silently thanking god that no one was in the house.

“Fuck me Brad, fuck your birthday slut like you always do!” I said, letting my submissive side slip out.

“You are my slut aren’t you, well I hope you don’t mind being my slut all day then.” He said, as he started to pound my asshole, making each thrust a combo of fast and hard.

He made sure I was taken care of as well. Giving me a handjob as he fucked my ass hard. The feeling of getting my ass fucked and my dick played with was going to send me over the end. But just before I came, he flipped me on my back, keeping me from cumming.

As soon as he stuck his dick in me, I couldn’t take it, I screamed and semen just flew out of me, flying onto my stomach and chest.

Brad smiled at me and started to moan.”My cute slut just came for me, your sweet hole is making me cum too”

Just as he said that, I felt a few loads blow into me, they were so hot and creamy, I felt like I was on cloud nine and I was hoping I would feel this again.

“Give me some time to cool off, then we can start again. Just let me get something real quick.” He said as he left the room, leaving me panting and in a dream like state on his bed.

A few minutes passed and he came in with a blindfold. Although I’m not into the whole BDSM situation, but I was willing to try it for Brad’s birthday.

“Put this keçiören escort on, I got a surprise for you, just lift your legs up.” Brad told me, as he gave me the blindfold.

I did as he said and with my blindfold on, I thought the pleasure will increase due to me having no sight. Though I also thought it was weird since there was no other equipment involved. But then I felt someone prodding at my ass and finally slipping in. I couldn’t help but moan.

Brad’s dick was back where it was and I was too busy moaning to hear the door open. I only noticed someone come in because I felt a hand on my head lead me to a awaiting dick. I didn’t think much and my slutty side was in full control so i just opened my mouth and let it in.

I didn’t think much of whose it was until I heard, “I am so glad to be with this slut again”

“Holy shit, he brought his dad in, I thought he had work!” I thought to myself. As Brad pounded my ass and Lawrence worked my mouth, I knew I was in for a long day.

I didn’t care that I was being used by two men so I let my slutty side work it’s magic, I took off my blindfold so I can work Lawrence’s cock better.

“You miss your old friend John, well he is back and wants to say hi.” Brad told me with a smile.

Just then, he picked me up and laid underneath me, forcing me to impale myself on his wonderful pole. While Brad’s father adjusted his cock to match me.

“Why don’t we make this slut enjoy today even more.” Lawrence told Brad.

Just then I saw him move to the front of the bed, where Brad was hanging his feet over.He turned me around and got me on Brad’s think and made sure his dick was ready to go into my ass as well.

“No! You’re going to tear me in half!” I pleaded, but it was all for naught.As Lawrence jammed his dick into my ass, it was almost as painful as the first time I got fucked in the ass.

They found a great way to pound my ass during that. One would go in while the other will go out. Like a piston of cocks. Although it was painful at first,it became better with time. As the two men became a fucking machine with me as it’s user.

“Oh fuck, both of you feel amazing! I need both of your hot cum in me.” I told them, moaning all the while.

They smiled at each other, knowing full well what they are doing is wrong but none of us even gave a fuck. Eventually, Brad took his dick out of my ass and slid out from underneath me, his dad holding me up so he can do so.

Brad moved to the front of the bed and put his dick near my open mouth, I knew what he wanted me to do with it, while his dad put me down and started to pound my ass again. Although I missed the feeling of two cocks pounding away at my ass, I was happy that I can suck Brad off while getting my ass fucked by Lawrence.

It was easy for me to suck Brad off because Lawrence seemed to be taking it slow, probably to enjoy the moment more. But I made sure I did my best while sucking Brad’s dick. I ensure that every part of his cock was attended to. Meanwhile, Lawrence began picking up the speed so every thrust, a muffled moan would pop out of my mouth.

My moaning and Lawrence pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow caused him to drive his dick all the way inside of me, and grabbing me which pulled me away from Brad’s dick. I found out why in a second when I felt load after load escape Lawrence’s dick and fill my asshole with that lovely, creamy stuff. He couldn’t help but stay inside me for a few minutes as I went back to working on Brad’s dick.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, make etimesgut escort sure you swallow my load!” Brad warned me.

Honestly, I doubt I could ever say no to Brad so when he pushed his cock into my throat. I did the logical thing and swallowed as many loads as I can. When he almost finished blowing his load, I just kept the cum in my mouth as he pulled out, then swallowed since it almost got a little too much for me.

“Say, what time is it right now?” Lawrence asked us.

“It’s nearly 12, why?” Brad asked his father.

“I need to go pick up the pizza. I ordered it a while ago so it must be done by now. I’ll be back in like 10 minutes so just set the table up.”

We listened to his orders and got the paper plates and napkins out. But when I laid down the batch of napkins I knew we would need, I was bent over the table and my best friend was prodding my hole with his cock.

“We have time, besides we can make it a quicky.” He told me, his hormones taking over.

“Fine, a quicky and tha…. oh my god that feels good!”

I couldn’t even finish the sentence before I felt him stuff his whole length inside of me. I figured he wanted to get it started but not as fast as he did. He pulled out and as quickly as he was the first time, he slammed it back in, repeating the process to get it done with before his father could steal me away.

Brad was trying to fuck me fast and hard which made the table look like it was going through an earthquake. But Brad wasn’t quick enough because his father popped in through the front door.

“Can you two move, I need to put this down.” He moved closer to us and set the pizzas on the middle of the table. “I get him when I’m done with my lunch” He told us.

I heard my best friend moan and his cock twitched inside me, letting me know his load was on it’s way. Which it followed up shortly after, as a few spurts coated the inside of my hole.

“Get me a napkin, I need to keep the cum from ruining the chair.” I told Brad.

We each started to each,enjoying the combination of melted cheese, meat and delicious soda which helped us cool down from our morning romp session that took a lot out of all of us.

I was in the middle of my second pizza when Lawrence told me to get out of my chair. Not wanting to make anyone wait today, I rose out of my chair and stood next to it, while he moved over, put the napkin on the floor and sat down.

“My turn.” He told me, a smile emerging on his face.

I could tell what he means so I proceeded to face him as I mounted him, making sure his dick lined up perfectly with my hole. As soon as I did that, I felt him jam his dick into my ass, without a warning or anything.

“Jesus, you guys have never heard of a thing called patience have you?” I asked, Brad laughing as Lawrence started to thrust.

Every thrust he made was exciting for me as he and Brad would make it like they were fighting for who could please me better. Which made Lawrence thrust harder than what he saw when he walked in with the food.

Although I had just rested, the excitement from getting dominated made me have an orgasm, the resulted in my cum get on Lawrence’s chest.

“An eye for an eye” Lawrence told me, as he picked me up and brought me to the couch. Pounding me after he set me down.

I was in ecstasy while this was going on and before I know it, Lawrence withdrew his dick from my ass and started to jerk off over me. Making sure his cum hit my chest in return.

He started to cum but his load was much bigger so he actually came onto my chest and face. I didn’t mind at all, especially since I decided to not wipe off any of the cum they unloaded on my body so at the end of the day, they can admire their handiwork.

“What are we going to do now dad?” Brad asked his father, his erection piercing the air.

“What we did in the morning, no one else is coming home for a while so we have all the time in the world.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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