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I see you now here with me. Your hair is tossled and reminds me of the natural mane of a lion. I watch as you turn your head and throw your hair so casually.

Your eyes are captivating and they move in sync with your lips as you talk and smile. Your lips curl up slightly and the movement of those muscles flows through your entire face, changing and warming your expression even more.

Your look is direct and I can feel it burning into me, shooting directly into my soul and heart, not just my eyes.

My heart races just from your look and smile and I almost forget to breathe. I am mesmerized by you and feel simple and inadequate to tell and show you how you thrill me.

But I smile back and we talk and laugh and I feel more at ease and I can tell you do also. And as I look at you, I want to tell you all of these things, but I know I cannot because that would reveal me for what I am….a lost little boy, albeit in an old man’s body.

But I know from experience that I have to tell you how you light up the world around you…not with words but with something more potent and unmistakable….something that cannot be misinterpreted.

I reach for your hands and hold them.

My energy flows from my soul through my fingertips. My mind fuels the fires that heat my blood and warm my flesh with desire for you.

I focus all of my thoughts on you, knowing some of them are passing through and into you..Letting you see my heart and hear my inner cries of longing for you.

Touching you is almost like the completion of an electrical circuit. I feel so connected now and I know you can sense what I could not say as our aura and sensibilities mesh and join.

And I lean forward to you and draw you to me, and I whisper into your ear.

“You are exquisite. You are as a statue by Michaelangelo, as pure as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to me. Your shoulders so inviting. Your breasts are a full and joyous creation for caressing and touching, with nipples responsive and colored like cherries. Your body is slim and so enticing. eryaman escort Your legs soft and smooth. You are a sensuous woman full of grace and style, yet simple and direct in every way.”

And then I kiss you softly.

And I look into your eyes and kiss you again.

Your lips are soft and warm. I can feel your breath and taste your mouth as we kiss. Your mouth opens slightly and we kiss deeper and harder, our lips parting more as our tongues begin to search each other’s mouths until they meet and touch and dance together.

And my arms hold you tightly. I can feel your breasts against my chest. Our bodies are held tight and we grasp each other more firmly.

My hands now surround your back, as your arms are around my neck.

Your warmth is so exciting to me as I feel your body pressed against mine, and my mind is racing with the sensations…. from your mouth and lips…the warmth of your body against mine….your scent..your taste…the sound of your breathing…your nipples hardening against my chest…your legs spread slightly with my leg between them..

And I am becoming more excited as we kiss.

I want to know all of you. I want to tough your flesh and to know the softness of your skin…the shape of your breasts in my hands…the texture of the bumps on your neck as I kiss you…the feel of your earlobes as I nibble them…your eyes as they open at the end of a kiss.

And I slowly begin to kiss your neck with little soft kisses, leaving wet spots on your skin as I move around it from one ear to the other, and then as I kiss along your chin back to your ear again.

And I kiss your lips again tenderly for only a few seconds and then stop to look into your eyes as my hands take your breasts into them.

I stare directly at you as I feel your breasts. I want this to be deliberate and for you to see my eyes as I explore your body.

My hands form around the shape of your breasts and I squeeze and massage them together. Your eyes now slowly sincan escort close as you allow me to bring you this soft pleasure.

My fingers and thumbs feel your nipples and they tease and gently pinch them and roll your hardening nubs between them.

I can feel your breath hard now as I fondle your breasts and play with them.

The fabric of your clothing added to the sensation when I first touched you, but now I am frustrated as I want to feel your flesh directly.

You read my mind it seems, because you begin to unfasten your top and you remove it and then lift your bra up and out of the way.

Your naked breasts are slightly pink in the areas I have been touching. Your nipples stand up like little buds of flowers, begging for more attention and to be touched.

They need to be kissed. My lips open slightly as I kiss your nipple and then close around it as I pull it into my mouth. You sigh as I suck and flick your nipple with my tongue.

My hands hold your breast to my mouth, forming it to them and holding the nipple out to me for my mouth to devour and love.

And then I move to the other breast and I continue the same devoted caressing and fondling and kissing and sucking and nibbling.

My lips pull hard on your nipples, stretching them and raising your breasts up with them. Your nipples are dark red as I continue on and on from one breast to the other and then back again.

My hands are full now with a breast in each. My thumbs flick and roll across your nipples and my hands fill with the mass of your breast flesh as they squeeze and massage you.

And I can feel your body moving beneath my hands with every little flick and suck and tweak and nibble, and I hear your moans and groans and words driving me on as you lean back under the spell of this pleasure.

You sit back and I move between your legs and resume feeling your breasts, but now I also lean forward and kiss you again as I play, my hands feeling and fondling you.

I am pressing etlik escort against your stomach and I can feel your pelvis pushing up against me. My cock has been hard for some time and it is now pressed against you.

Your legs open more as I grind against you. I can feel you pushing back in return.

I stand up and help you up and lead you to the bed. You lie down and I move over beside you. We begin kissing again.

My hands slide across your stomach and brush against your breasts, teasing and lightly touching. The palm of my hand skims across your nipples, just barely moving them, but still stimulating and arousing them.

I am on my side, and you are on your back. My arm is under your neck and the other is free to caress and touch you. I move from your breasts down to your stomach and then further down until I feel your mound between your legs.

Your legs are apart slightly and I can feel the V between your legs when I massage you. I begin rubbing between your legs slowly and carefully, making sure to press between the center where your labis must be.

I can tell from your reaction that I have found the right spot as you arch up a little.

I continue massaging and pressing harder against and into you, and you open your legs more in response. You are sucking my tongue now with urgency, encouraging me to continue.

We are kissing deep and passionately and your arms are around my neck holding me tight against your mouth.

I move my hand up to the top of your pants and beging to unfasten your belt and then your button, then lowering the zipper. I raise up and then move to the foot of the bed and pull your pants off and drop them onto the floor.

I pause and look at you. You lie back, your chest and face flushed and pink. Your nipples are hard and swollen.

Your legs are invitingly spread and I can see a wet spot in the crotch of your panties.

My cock is leaping with joy as I drink in this image of sensuous beauty.

My mind is filled with so many possiblities.

Should I lie back down and continue our play? Should I rip your panties off and fuck you with furious passion now? Should I kiss and eat your hot pussy? Should I let you suck my throbbing cock? And I have many other variations of these flying through my imagination as I look at you.

And soon I make the obvious decision.

I will do all of those.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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