Working Overtime

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Startled, I looked up from the computer. I wasn’t sure if I was more shocked at hearing his voice, or hearing anyone’s voice in the lonely office.

“Hey there. Coming into work on your day off… are you crazy or really dedicated?”

He smiled shyly. “Just forgot something at my desk.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. What are you up to?”

“Working on these damn TPS reports. Did you know they need cover sheets?” We both laughed, our voices echoing through the empty office. The emptiness of the office, plus the fact that my last orgasm seemed forever ago, made me think of a conversation we once had of sexual things we would like to try someday. We both admitted that having sex at work was risky, but an incredibly hot thought. I tried to decipher his movements, and wondered if this was the day that we were finally going to try it. As he went over to his desk, I looked back at the computer screen, biting my lip in thought. “Is that what he’s here for? Do I make the first move? Do I wait for him?”

The fact that I didn’t masturbate in quite a few days answered my question. I stood up, and saw him making his way back to the vicinity of my cubicle. “Get your ass here,” I growled as I put my arms around him, and stood on tiptoes to taste his mouth. I rubbed his ass through his pants, putting my hands in his pockets. It was the only thing that prevented me from going right to his cock. I nibbled at his neck, and made my way up to biting his ear. I pressed hard against his jeans. “I want to feel your cock in me… and I want to feel your cum, and I want to hear you ask for it.

He leaned down, lessening the strain on me. He reached down and barely brushed his hands against my pants, yet I thought my pussy was going to melt. “You slut… I may have to ask for it, but you’re going to need to beg for it.” He slapped my ass, then kissed along my jawbone, down to my neck.

He knew how I liked it as we made out, progressively getting a little rougher, a little dirtier. I put my hands up his shirt as I fucked his mouth with my tongue. He bit it ever so slightly, and dry humped me as he rubbed my chest. My fingernails went ever so slightly into his back, and then something snapped, like we couldn’t play these games anymore. Yes, we were at work, but we couldn’t hold back as he took off my shirt and left me to be a little slut in my bra.

I gently shoved him down on my desk. He leaned back against the filing cabinet as I unzipped his jeans. His dick popped up through the fly of his boxers. I felt like I was in a porno, I laughed to myself in my mind: Fucking in the office, the dirty secretary giving the boss a blow job, his throbbing cock with a drip of precum on the head. He must be feeling good, too. I rubbed his boxers for a few minutes as we continued to kiss. I grabbed the waistband of his jeans and demetevler escort he scooted his ass up so I could pull them down.

He knew what was coming up. I spent many nights watching porn and reading erotic stories to learn some interesting techniques. I worked his cock in my hand a little bit, jerking him while I licked and kissed his balls. I moved up, barely running my tongue up the shaft to the head. When I finally got to the top, I ran my tongue in a spiral all around the head. I looked up, and he was breathing heavily while resting against the filing cabinet.

I moved back down, and nibbled at the shaft for a little bit. Then without warning, I went completely down on him, deep-throating him. I heard a little gasp as I blew him, sucking him in my mouth, then popping out.

He must have moved a little on my desk, because the rustle of papers startled me into standing up instead of my leaning over position of the blowjob. He jerked his body as well in surprise, and I moved up to him and kissed him deeply, the scent of his cock and precum now on his mouth. I tried to decide what I enjoyed more: Giving him the taste of his cock on him, or receiving the taste of my pussy after he ate me out. As I was deep in thought, tonguing his mouth, he reached around for my bra and took it off with ease. He tossed it out of the way and massaged my boobs, then tweaked my nipples.

It felt good, but I wanted to get back to his cock. I got a little more intense as I sucked him a little harder and took him a little deeper in my mouth. My lips were firmly around him as I went down and inhaled his smell. I pulled my lips off of him, and moved up to squeeze my tits around his cock. He bucked his hips up to fuck them, and I squeezed harder as a preview of what he’d hopefully be feeling later. All of a sudden, I took him back in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down and swirling my tongue all over him. Once again, I popped him out of my mouth, making sure there was enough spit on his dick to give him a nice handjob. I gently bit his inner thighs as I worked him up and down. His cock felt perfect in my hand, and perhaps it was just the extra wetness on it, but it felt like it was getting warmer and harder.

I heard a moan, and “I’m going to cum.”

I let go of his cock.

“Do you want to cum?” I teased.

“Oh god, yes.”

I ran a finger from his balls, up the shaft and to the head. “Tell me how bad you want it.”

“Please, just give it to me… I want to unload in your little bitch mouth.”

I quickly put him back in my mouth, and I felt a twitch and the sudden squirt of hot jizz filling my mouth. I swallowed like I spent days in the desert without water as I played with his balls, gently squeezing them to get as much cum as possible. I felt another otele gelen escort shots in my mouth, but instead of swallowing I worked the cum around his head a little bit. It must have felt good to him, because I felt another twitch and squirt.

He looked spent as I cleaned him up, though there wasn’t too much to clean! I gave us a few moments to recuperate, and went up to kiss him, with the salty flavour of his cum still in my mouth. He ran his fingers up and down my sides, making me shiver as sat up to kiss my neck. He swung his feet over the side of the desk, and stood up. He eased himself onto the ground, and grabbed me by the hand as he led me down to him.

While I was blowing him, I occasionally would look up to make sure no one was around. Nobody was scheduled to be in the office that day; the only reason I was there was to catch up on some work I missed earlier in the week. But as I knew what was coming for me, I realized that there was a certain thrill in the still and silent office. My cubicle was located in such an area of the office that we could hear someone come in and they would not immediately see us. The problems with what we were doing were that we were so horny that neither one of us probably would have noticed if someone entered, and even if we did we were only half dressed. But that is what made this situation even more exciting.

Almost once I got down to the floor, He reached for my pants and took off my pants and underwear. No nonsense. I like that! He pushed me to the ground, using my pants as a pillow for me against the generic office carpeting. He straddled me, and leaned down to kiss me while he reached down and ran his finger up and down my lips. I was almost embarrassed with how wet I was. I could easily smell my pussy from my panties underneath my head. I moaned over his touch, then all of a sudden I felt his finger enter me. He finger fucked me at a steady pace, and the moment I caught his gaze as I looked down, he pushed his index finger way up and used a come-hither motion that made me shiver. His single finger already made my tight pussy feel full, but he pushed his middle finger in and once again used that steady pace to fuck my cunt. He added his thumb to my hard clit, and I pushed myself up to make it feel even deeper. When I started to do that, he pulled out and teased me by once again running his fingers gently up and down my slit. He knew I liked when he played with my pussy roughly, but he also knew that the teasing of build up and slow down really drives me over the edge.

He pushed my legs apart, and went down on me. Oh god! I jumped as soon as I felt his tongue separating my lips. His mouth felt amazing on me, and I knew how nicely he worked that tongue! He lapped up my pussy, his five o’clock shadow balgat escort providing with just the right amount of roughness on my shaved pussy and legs. He tongued my clit like I tongued the head of his cock–slowly, spiraling, then working it to hell. He softly gnawed on my lips, and I could feel that familiar feeling building in me deep down. I moaned as he shoved his tongue up my pussy.

I let out something in between a gasp, a yell, and a moan as he fucked me with his mouth. He came up for air, and ran his fingers up and down my thighs.

“Now I get to ask you this question… do you want to cum?”

“Oh god yes,” I panted.

“You know, you’re such a little slut, I think you should ask for it,” he grinned.

I let out a heavy, frustrated sigh. “Can I please cum? I need to cum.”

“Is that all you have?”

“Please, can I cum? My pussy needs you… I’m such a whore who needs some help cumming. Please give it to me. Please?”

He didn’t say anything, but roughly shoved his two fingers back in me and fucked me deeply and roughly as he sucked on my clit, and gave it a firm bite. It sent me over the edge. “Oh god, fuck me, fuck your bitch!” He kept going as I felt my pussy contract around his fingers, my body convulsing with the electricity of the orgasm. He removed his fingers, pulled my lips, then rubbed my clit with his fingers, sending me into pleasure again. I am not sure when he stopped, because I felt like I was cumming for minutes. He eased his way up to me, circling my sensitive nipples with his fingertips, then offering his fingers to me… I sucked him with the energy and fervor with which I sucked his cock, and got a double dose of my pussy scent as he kissed me.

We both that that hazy, post-orgasm sleepiness to us, but it was better to get dressed than to risk being caught naked and sprawled across the floor. We slowly got up and I picked my clothes up from the floor. As I put on my pants, I noticed some bite marks on my inner thighs. How did that happen? I felt like I smelled like sex, but I’d fix that in the bathroom. He disappeared as quickly as he appeared, and I collapsed in my chair and stared into space.

I heard a door open, a female voice asking “Hello?”, knowing that someone was there, but not really why.

It was a coworker. Thank goodness I was dressed, even though I had that red-faced and mussed hair, freshly fucked look. “I’m back here, finishing up some reports.” I looked at the screen, and I was nowhere near finished. Oh well, fuck them.

“Hey there, just wanted to finish mine up too.” Her cube was near the front door, but she headed for the kitchenette for some coffee. Probably was going to steal my takeout from yesterday, too, that bitch.

I saw him come from the back, keys in his hand.

“Hey, uh, thanks,” I muttered. What else do you say after an incredible orgasm?

“No… thank you.”

I was curious, so I asked the pressing question on my mind. “So what did you come here for?”

He looked surprised, but easily quipped, “I came.. to cum.” He slapped my ass, and left me to work on my TPS reports with a stinging ass, a wet pussy, and a check mark on my sexual exploits checklist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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