Welcome Home Baby Ch. 2

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Stretched out on the sofa, the fan blowing cool over my body, I wait for you to finish your day of hard labor and come home to me. The day had been long and hot, but the heat and humidity has done little to quench my desire for you. I wait to hear your key in the door with growing anticipation, and at last it is there. The sound that makes my pulse race and my clit tingle. Click. I can see the tiredness on your eyes, and I know just how to refresh you.

Coming to your welcoming arms, my already naked body thrills at your touch. I kiss your mouth with heat and passion, showing you how much I missed you and how pleased I am to have you home and back within my eager reach. I begin to remove your clothing, striping your magnificent form, one piece at a time, savoring each and every part of your body as it is revealed to me, smelling the intoxicating combination of your sweat and cologne, breathing deep your masculine odors.

As I kiss the side of your neck, making my way to your mouth, tasting the salty sweat on your hot flesh. Finding your lips, making them wet with my own, I suck your tongue deep into my mouth, and you know that I am hungering for you. Feeling your hands caressing the naked skin of my back, sliding down over my ass, and fondling my secret places, I shudder a little in anticipation. Forcing my mouth to release yours, and work my way down your body. Biting and nibbling, teasing and caressing. I take your cock in my hand and stroke it gently, feeling your desire for me grow, your shaft thickening and expanding.

Brushing the head of your cock against my cheek, I blow cool air over it, sending shivers through your body. I tease the head with the tip of my tongue, tasting and delighting in you, taking it between my lips, and forcing the tip of my tongue into the tight eye, tasting you more. Running my wet lips up and down the length of you, my mouth exploring every vein, every ripple, every inch of your splendid love muscle. Sucking gently, I take your hot cock all the way into my mouth, feeling you pressing against the back of my throat. And I want more, so much more.

I move my body around, making it accessible to your exploring hands. Feeling the heat of your touch exploring my body, running down over my back, over the cheeks of my ass, following the crevice to the secret treasures below. You brush the tips of your fingers over the soft fur coveting my pussy, sending a thrill through my body and I moan softly. Your fingers probe and explore, parting the pink lips, feeling for the wetness Anadolu Yakası Escort and finding it. Dipping your fingers in the sweet juices, you put them to your lips and suck them clean, tasting me, telling me just how delicious I am. Sliding your fingers back into me, probing deeper and deeper, then rubbing them back over my swollen clit. My body begins to respond to your attention. My hips wiggling and rotating in time with your probing fingers.

I begin to suck. Taking your cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, sucking harder and harder, hungering for you in every way. I straddle your face, placing my wet pulsing pussy right over your mouth. Your tongue reaches for me, tasting and exploring, moving powerfully from one end of my slit to the other. I take your balls in my mouth, sucking and licking them as you feast on my dripping love juices. I start to hummmmm, sending gentle vibrations pulsing through your balls and up your throbbing shaft. I go back to your cock, sucking and licking like an animal. You slide your fingers into my pussy again making them wet with my juice, then as you continue to lick and nibble my clit, you tease the tight hole of my ass with your fingers. Slowly sliding the tip of an exploring finger into my ass, it takes my breath away, and I begin to wiggle more, your free hand holding tight to me, not letting me escape your mouth or fingers.

I can feel my excitement building, but I am not ready to cum yet. Not yet. I move off you, reluctant to free my aching pussy from your wondrous mouth. Turning to my hands and knees, presenting you with whatever you feel the need to take, I feel the heat of your body behind me. The hardness of your cock as you begin to tease between my pussy and my ass drives me crazy and I look back over my shoulder at you, telling you how much I want you to fuck me.

I try to push back against you, wanting you inside me, but you have control, and you tease me relentlessly. At last you push your cock into my pussy. All the way in with one hard thrust, making my cry out with the pleasure. You hold your self deep inside me, teasing the tight hole of my ass with your fingers again, massaging the rim and making it ready for you. Slowly you work a finger into my ass, watching my back arch, but not allowing me to rock back and forward against you. You begin sliding your finger in and out, a little faster and harder each time, my moans exciting and enticing you even more.

You slowly pull your cock from me, only to push it Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan back in with another hard thrust, then another. Working your cock and your finger in time with each other, you begin driving in and out of me. I reach beneath myself, my fingers finding my throbbing clit and stroking it in time with your thrusts. The sensations are electric, consuming my body in the heat of passion and desire. My body takes on a life of it’s own, moving back against you in perfect time. Wanting, demanding more and more of you inside me.

You sense my need and slip a second finger into my ass, driving me wild, and you know I’m ready for you. Pulling free of my pussy, you rub the head of your cock around my ass, and slowly push the head in. I cry out in both pleasure and pain, but you know I want more. With slow steady movements, you push your throbbing shaft all the way into my ass. I can feel your balls against my pussy and I begin to rock back and forward.

You leave me to my own pace at first, knowing how much I can take, but soon the thrill overtakes me and I begin pounding myself back against you. You meet me thrust for thrust, your balls slapping against my pussy, my fingers working furiously over my clit. I can feel you starting to swell, and I know it’s all I can take. The rush of ecstasy consumes me. Washing over me like I tidal wave out of control, and I explode with orgasm. My hot juices running down the inside of my legs as the inner walls of my pussy pulsated in heat. You quickly pull free of my ass, and moaning loudly, I feel your hot cum ejecting from your cock, and covering my back in a thick, white paste.

We collapse together on the bed. Our bodies hot and sweaty, but we are far from finished. We cuddle together, touching and caressing, whispering secrets only lovers can know. Your hand slides down over my back, tracing lines in the sticky juices, the residue of our love making. Your fingers find the curve of my ass, running down between the cheeks, teasing my still open anus, and my lips part with a knowing smile.

Knowing it will be some time before you will be hard again, you open a draw beside the bed and take out my favorite toy. My body shudders in anticipation, seeing that you have chosen not one toy, but two. Your fascination with love toys is one that has always enthralled me and when you slide the thick, black vibrator over my ass and slip it into my still ready and open pussy, I spread my legs wide. You turn the vibrator on and Escort Anadolu Yakası my pussy tingles with the sensation. My back arches and I moan softly, your lips finding my sensitive clit as you work the toy slowly in and out of my hot sex. Lifting my hips, I wiggle and gyrate in time with your powerful tongue, spreading my legs wider as your fingers find my wet pulsing ass.

My body is consumed by the pleasure you administer and I don’t notice you have the second smaller vibrator in your hand until I feel it’s vibrating tip against the outer rim of my as yet, unfilled hole. Slowly you work it in, moving it in time with the black rubber cock in your other hand, and your tongue. My passion builds, and I come close to coming, but I hold hack, I want to wait for you to be ready again.

With both my love holes filled with vibrating latex pleasure and my clit being manipulated by a master licker, my mouth cries out for attention, and I beg you to straddle my face. With one knee on either side of my head, your hard and throbbing cock slips easily into my hungry mouth, and I begin to suck. I can taste the sweet juices of my self still covering your thick shaft, and the salty residue of your cum all over your swelling head, pushing the tip of my tongue into your little hole to retrieve ever drop of your last pleasure release.

Lifting and lowering your hips, you slowly, gently fuck my mouth, never once breaking the rhythm of the toys and tongue working their tender torture on my all too willing body. My pleasure rises to fever pitch and I can hold back no more, throwing back my head and crying out your name as my body convulses with orgasmic release. You pull the toy from my pussy, pushing your tongue deep into my pulsing, quivering hole, licking and sucking every drop of sweet love juice my pussy could produce, the smaller toy still vibrating in my ass, making your tongue tingle and you lap up the sweet nectar.

Taking your cock from my mouth, you turn, moving over me, slipping between my widely spread legs and pushing your cock deep into my pussy. My last climax has yet to subside when you begin pounding into my hot depths, inducing yet another pulsing orgasm, taking me close to the point of blacking out, my body shuddering beneath you. I laugh and cry at the same time, my pleasure reaching new boundaries of extreme ecstasy. You groan deep and loud, your own need for release reaching its peak once again, filling my pussy with gush after gush of creamy cum.

You collapse beside me, pulling me into your arms and holding me close as our mutual pleasure subsides and we drift together on a cloud of heavenly rapture. I can feel your heart beet slowing and your breathing settle, and with a satisfied smile, I wonder how long it will before you are ready to go again. Kissing your ear, I whisper softly,

“Welcome home Baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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