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The snow was falling heavily on the ground. It was only November, but the ground was frozen enough that the snow stuck. It wasn’t windy or freezing cold, but the snow was sticking to the ground. Beth pulled up the hood of her jacket and shivered. She hated winter and she hated the cold. It wasn’t technically winter yet, but it didn’t matter. The fact it was snowing depressed her.

Beth kept walking down the street until she was in front of a house. The frown on her face quickly disappeared and turned into a big smile. Standing in front of this house was Ethan.

“Hi baby.” Ethan had that goofy smile that Beth loved about him. She kept staring at his body. He was wearing jeans, which drove her crazy. He had on a brown leather jacket, which was open to reveal a green knitted sweater. Her eyes moved from his toes up to his eyes.

“Hi Ethan. It’s been a long time.” Beth hadn’t moved since laying her eyes Ethan. She was standing halfway up the laneway. She wanted to run over to him, but she was nervous. She had no idea if things had changed. Her mind was spinning, wondering if things had indeed changed.

Ethan walked down the porch steps towards her. He subconsciously pushed his glasses up and then ran his hand through his black hair. She was still cute. She had her hair up in a ponytail, as always. He loved when she kept her hair down, but she never felt the need to spend time looking good. She was wearing a knee length skirt with black boots.

“I know.” Ethan was inches away from her looking directly at her. He wanted to grab her and touch her, but was worried things had changed.

The two of them, once lovers, stood in the snowfall not saying a word. The snow landed on Ethan’s hair, a sharp contrast to his raven colored straight hair. Beth finally spoke.

“I still love you.”

Ethan reacted quickly, reaching out and hugging Beth so tight. He nuzzled her nose and his lips found hers. It was a frantic kiss as his hands ran up and down her body. He loved the feeling of her skin and ran his hands down to touch her bare thighs. He moaned as she pushed against him and wrapped her legs around his hips.

“We need to get inside.” Ethan was trying to think straight, but Beth’s lips were sucking his earlobe so sensually that all he could think of was those lips around his cock. He was kneading her perfect butt as his hands slid under her skirt and found her hot pussy.

“Oh.” Beth cried out and bit his neck. He was fingering her so hard that she was shaking. Her level of arousal had skyrocketed and she wasn’t thinking. “I need you. Right now. Here.”

Ethan began to walk toward his house, but she protested. He didn’t think he’d make it inside so he was thankful when she was assertive enough to voice her needs. He turned and sat down on the wooden steps, pulling her into his lap. Two sets of hands quickly fumbled to unzip, unbutton, and push to the side the restricted clothing. They needed each other and once he was inside her, she sighed.

“I missed you so much.” Beth was rocking up and down on his member, not noticing the cold air on her bare thighs. She was hot and bothered. She watched as Ethan held her tight. Bucking his hips up hard and fast. Her inner thighs were rubbing against his jeans since he hadn’t even pushed them off.

“I’m not wearing a condom. I can’t cum in you.” Ethan was whimpering as he said those words. He desperately wanted to explode inside her hot core, but he knew that every other time they had made love; he either wore a condom or came in his hand. He gritted his teeth and continued to guide her up and down on his cock.

“I don’t care.” Beth kissed Ethan hard then reached down to stroke her clit. She always needed some stimulation to orgasm and her body was used to her soft touch. She whimpered as Ethan pushed his hands under her shirt and touched her Kolej Escort breasts. His hands were ice cold and when he pushed her bra up to cup her breasts, she gasped.

Ethan knew her nipples were hard, but the moment he touched them with his cold hands they hardened into little taut nubs. He pinched them hard and grinned when she began to shake. She was always quiet when she came, but she would shake from head to toe, her pussy pulsing against his cock. He couldn’t hold back. It was no use.

“Cumming!” Ethan threw back his head and bucked up hard. His cock exploded inside her and he loved it. It was so much cum, but he couldn’t stop. He held her tight. Burying her head against this chest. It wasn’t until he recovered and pulled her up for a kiss that he noticed the tears.

“Don’t cry. Please.” Ethan wiped away the tears, trying to comfort her. She looked concerned and upset which scared him. Her facial expression was not the same as last time she had cried during the sex. This was not a happy expression.

“What?” Ethan watched as she slid off him and adjusted her panties and skirt. The cold air rushed against his bare cock and he quickly tucked it into his jeans. “What?” He was frantic as she just stood there. The coldness of the step was seeping through his jeans. He felt the wetness of the melting snow on his hair. His hands were cold as well.

“I’m engaged to Brent.”

*** Ethan walked along the road, not really paying attention to where he was going. He was cold and his fingers were numb. He didn’t have on a proper winter jacket and, of course, didn’t have mitts or a hat. He had gone from a hot and dry climate to the wet coldness of southern Ontario. His face was wet with tears yet he didn’t even notice.

He looked up and noticed that he had walked back to his old high school. He walked into the covered front entranceway and sat down on one of the wooden benches. The benches were worn and he remembered that on the first day of grade nine, they had been there. Five years later, they were still there.

“Hey stranger.”

Ethan looked up. Standing in front of him was Stacey. He blinked thinking that it was a dream. Stacey was in Florida on a basketball scholarship. She had said goodbye on their graduation day and hadn’t been seen in town since.

“Hi.” Ethan’s voice was strained. He had so many emotions going through his body. He had thought he had gotten back with his girlfriend only to be told she was engaged. He was feeling melancholy as he remembered his high school days. Now, his best friend was in front of him.

“I’m back for Christmas. I hate the snow. What are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be out drinking or something?” Stacey sat next to Ethan and leaned against him a bit. Both were facing the dark and empty street. The street light on the corner cast an eerie glow on the wet pavement.

“Why should I be drinking?”

“Beth got knocked up and is being forced to marry Brent. She said she was going over to your place this evening. I figured she told you so I went by your house.”

Ethan took a deep breath. Stacey was always so blunt and sometimes it drove him crazy. The rest of the time it was a relief that she never kept things to herself. “I didn’t know she was pregnant. She only told me she was engaged after we had sex.”

Stacey looked at Ethan and then hugged him. He looked so dejected and forlorn. He felt so comfortable cuddling with Stacey. He had really missed her, but was too proud to say anything. The two teenagers sat on the wooden bench hugging for a while. Time didn’t matter as Stacey hugged harder, trying to take away all the pain that he had dealt with. She remembered the conversation they had about him serving in the army. He hadn’t wanted to go, but this would be the only way for him Rus Escort to pay for college.

“I’ll walk you home.” Stacey got up and Ethan followed. Nothing else was said as she walked him home. She watched as he entered the house and then she walked down the few houses to her own.

Ethan quietly made his way to his bedroom. He made sure the door was locked and then after taking off all his clothes, he slipped into his bed. The bed wasn’t the most comfortable since it was a single and his tall frame meant that his feet dangled off the edge. He didn’t care though. The comforts of home were important to him, they had always been.

He lay down under the covers and reached down to wrap his hand around his cock. It was throbbing hard and swollen. He had hid his arousal the whole time he was around Stacey, but now that he was alone he couldn’t control himself. He jerked hard and fast. His cock was so hard that when he squeezed tight, he could feel the ridges around the tip.


Ethan stroked harder. He had his eyes closed and was imagining Stacey between his legs sucking him off. He imagined her thick tresses in his lap as her head bobbed up and down. He had always wondered what it would feel like to fuck her. He knew he would never have the chance, but at least he could imagine it.

“Fuck!” Ethan cried out again and placed his hand on top of his cock. He felt his hand fill with his cum, but he kept stroking. He was breathing hard. He wiped his hand on the sheets and then rolled over. The emotional roller coaster he had gone through today had tired him out. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.


“Good morning Ethan. How did you sleep?”

“Fine mom.” Ethan dragged his feet towards the toaster and made himself some toast. He had slept horribly. He had tossed and turned, unable to fall back asleep. It was a horrible dream he had had that had woken him. He had dreamt of Stacey and Beth. Both of them were laughing at him, telling him he was no good. In the dream, Beth was holding a small infant and Stacey was very pregnant. It was a startling dream for so many reasons and he couldn’t quite understand why.

“We’re going to church tonight as we always do on Christmas Eve. Then we’ve been invited over to the Martin’s for a get together.”


Ethan grabbed his two pieces of toast and sulked over to the television. His mood had changed in just one short day. Yesterday morning, he had woken up so happy. He was home for Christmas. He thought he was getting back with his girlfriend Beth and then the world was crashing down on him. She was engaged. His best friend from high school was back in town. He wanted her. She lived three thousand miles away. Things were too complicated.

Ethan smiled at the priest and then walked out of the church, following his parents. The service was long and boring, with the priest going on about being thankful. No one had paid attention to him the whole time. They looked then turned away. Ethan figured they knew about Beth and didn’t know what to say. The church community was a close-knit group and he had brought Beth to church enough times that they all knew her as his girlfriend and possibly his future wife.

It was snowing again, but at least this time, he was wearing the proper clothing. It didn’t take long for his body to acclimate to the cold weather. He looked up and saw clouds.

“Come on Ethan.”

Ethan followed his parents to the car and they drove the short distance to Stacey’s house. Her parents always hosted a Christmas Eve gathering. Last year, he had gone and hung out with Beth the whole evening. It was strange. As he entered the house, he was doing a mental comparison of how a year had changed everything.

“Glad you’re here. All these adults are driving me crazy.”

Ethan Yenimahalle Escort looked up and saw Stacey. She was wearing a red and green dress that made her already tall frame look even more stunning.

“Can we talk?” Ethan’s voice was urgent and Stacey motioned him to follow her. They walked up the stairs to the landing that overlooked the living room.

“What? You’re freaking me out.” Stacey had never seen Ethan so agitated. Her mind was racing with thoughts, trying to figure out what was wrong.

“I’m in love with you. I always have been. Beth and I had sex outside my house, but all I was thinking of was you. Not having sex with you, but wondering what you were doing. When I sat on the bench at school, I was thinking of you. Then you were there.”

Stacey bit her lip. She had so much she wanted to say, but she could only do one thing. She kissed him. It was a frantic kiss and he kissed her back, pulling her into the nearest room. It was her bedroom and she shut the door quickly.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell me that before you started dating Beth?” Stacey pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top. She was straddling his hips, which forced her short dress to sliding up her thighs.

“I thought we were best friends.” Ethan watched as his best friend undid his pants while she continued to scold him.

“I left for Florida because I couldn’t stand you with Beth.” Stacey had undone his pants and then slid down enough so that she could lean over and suck on his cock. Ethan cried out and gripped the duvet. This was what he had imagined the night before. This was what he had desperately wanted. How did she know this was exactly what he needed? He bucked his hips up and reached to run his hands through her hair.

“Stacey. Stop. Please.” Ethan pulled her up and looked right into her eyes. “Are we going too fast? Is this right?” Ethan was trying to think, but all he could think of was the fact that Stacey was in front of him.

“I want this. We’re not stopping. Stop worrying.” Stacey kissed him and, at the same time, reached down to slide her panties to the side. She guided him inside her and panted. “If I hadn’t kissed you we would still be in the hallway talking. You’re too shy sometimes.”

Ethan smiled. She was right. This was exactly what he wanted and for once in his life, he wasn’t going to think. He was just going to do.

“I thought about this last night in bed.” Ethan moaned softly. Her pussy was burning hot and so wet. He guided her hips back and forth, feeling his cock slide in and out of her quickly. He looked up and watched as she rubbed her breasts gently. She had her dress still on and the fact that they still had their clothes on turned him on even more.

“You did? What a naughty boy. Did you think about me during church too?” Stacey grinned. She reached down with one hand and slowly rubbed her clit. She watched as Ethan reached out and moved her hand faster. She let him guide her fingers until she cried out in orgasm.

“Quiet.” Ethan reached up to cover her mouth with his hand. She nibbled gently on his fingers, which only made him grin. “Your parents will hear us or something.”

“Your turn baby.” Stacey ignored his statement of concern and rocked back and forth. Ethan closed his eyes and held his breath. The years of pent up tension was released from his body in one big eruption. He felt every drop of his cum land inside her pussy.

“Feel better?”



Ethan looked up from his laptop and watched Stacey skip down the stairs to greet him. She kissed him softly on the lips then pulled back.

“You look awesome with a tan. I just got off the phone with Tanya. She filled me in on the gossip from back home. Want to hear?”

Ethan pushed the laptop to the side and pulled her into his lap. The bright Florida sun made both their bodies hot.


“Beth had her baby, but Brent had already found out it wasn’t his. She’s now living at home and extremely unhappy.”

“That’s sad” Ethan said empathetically.

“Yeah it is. I’m going to go shower then cook dinner. Love you.”

Ethan looked up. “Love you too baby.

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