Weekend Shift

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Big Tits

One advantage of our divorce was that Claire and I were much freer to have sex, with each other and others. We no longer see each other, and rarely talk, but in the years after our divorce, we had some amazing experiences, one of which I share with you now.

Claire’s latest boyfriend was a Panamanian who traveled to Miami regularly to see her on business. In his 50’s, of average build, but with a larger cock than average, he charmed her not with looks or money, but humor and courtesy. They became fuck-buddies. Later the relationship grew more serious. By the end, she confided in me that the sex was about all that they had. As it became with us, I thought.

The Panamanian would visit Claire twice a month and once a month we would see each other. Usually, she flew out to see me. Occasionally, I would visit her at her condo on Miami Beach. Visits were always pleasant and the sex was always good.

Hearing that the Panamanian was returning home early Saturday before Father’s Day, I convinced Claire to let me come visit her. She was nervous about it, but agreed. Sometimes the Panamanian would overstay his visit and she was afraid that I would be upset if she couldn’t see me. The plan was simple: he leaves and I come. On a number of trips, it had been reversed. I would visit Claire and the day of my departure he would arrive to visit her. Her pussy was often sore before he got to town. On this trip, she would be well-fucked on my arrival. It was what I had expected, and on this visit, I was counting on it. There were a few details that I would share with Claire Saturday morning, but they could wait.

Friday night, I flew into Miami and rented a hotel room by the beach, near Claire’s condo. Driving over to the condo, I tried to glimpse into her living room, on an upper floor of a five story building. I could see the two moving about the condo, but couldn’t get a good glimpse of her. I strolled over to a restaurant and ordered dinner and drinks.

As I ate, I was shaking with excitement over the morning. She rang me on my cell as I was leaving the restaurant. We agreed that if possible, she would come down to the laundry room of her condo building, where she would suck me off quickly before returning to the Panamanian. She also agreed that she would fuck him before he left.

I went back to the hotel room and waited. Claire and I were unable to meet and she was not answering her cell phone – calling the home phone might have raised questions with the Panamanian. By Midnight, I went to bed, but not before masturbating several times, thinking about what they were doing, and what we were going to do.

I was up by five AM, showered, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed over to Claire’s condo. It was still dark, although the sun was beginning to rise. In the 70’s, the air was already humid and I was afraid that the car would steam up as I waited for them outside of the building. Making sure that they had not left, I parked nearby so that I could see when they left for the airport. I listened to a late-night radio show on martini Ümraniye Escort bars on the Beach and listened to club music.

After what seemed like an eternity, the security gate opened and her car pulled out of the parking lot. I trailed them from a discreet distance and watched as he got out of the car, grabbed his bags, and kissed her good-bye. As she drove off, I called her on her cell phone and asked her to meet me at the car rental. She agreed, but indicated that she hadn’t expected seeing me so soon. She didn’t have time to clean up her condo or take a shower. What she didn’t know, and I didn’t tell her, was that exactly how I wanted things.

I followed her to the car rental and returned my car; I wouldn’t need it for the remainder of my stay. Claire, seeing me come towards her car, got out to greet me. In her 30’s and Cuban, she is very curvaceous, and manages to look both innocent and sexy. This morning she was wearing hip-hugging bell bottoms and a white peasant blouse. I could see the expensive white lacy bra underneath, doubtless a gift of the Panamanian. We hugged and kissed. She seemed tired and more than a little nervous. I volunteered to drive and we got into her car. We kissed again, and she reached over to squeeze my cock.

Almost immediately, the Panamanian called. In Spanish and English, she told him how much she missed him and loved him. Oblivious to the cars around us, I untied her blouse and reached in to feel her breasts. Low-slung and pendulous, they were easily a full C-cup and had large areola. She purred appreciatively as I gently caressed her nipples until they grew to the size of pencil erasers. Claire moved to accommodate me, motioning only to be quiet so that Panamanian could not hear me. I was convinced that the Panamanian knew that I was continuing to fuck her. Not knowing him, it was difficult to tell how he really felt about it, but certainly he felt some jealousy, even though he encouraged her to have other lovers.

On the drive home, he called to more times. As a result, she was unable to suck me off, as she always did whenever one of us flew in to see the other. I did unbutton her pants so that I could finger her while she talked to him. She tensed up, but got control of her breathing. I could tell that I was having an effect on her, because she would pause and close her eyes and then pressed down on my hand, rubbing against her clit through the fabric of her panties. There was a distinctive, musky scent, something more than just her delightful aroma.

We arrived at her condo and quickly went upstairs to her unit. The inside of the apartment was unkempt with two or three empty Moet bottles from the week before. The bedroom was dark and I noticed strewn about the room several pairs of panties, none of which I had seen before. On the dresser were pictures of three men she had been seeing, including me. Odd, I thought, and I wondered what other men though about the pictures, especially if they were not one of the three in the pictures. I noticed also that Ümraniye Escort there were new sheets on the bed, lavender satin sheets, and there were obviously cum stains on them. They were a gift from the Panamanian. He preferred fucking in bed and he knew how she loved the feel of satin against her ass as she was riding a hard cock.

I thought about the previous week in this room. The Panamanian came to Miami for two things: work and sex with Claire. Claire loved to fuck, and when she fucked she moaned and screamed. She didn’t do this when we married, probably because she was shy and perhaps because I was quiet. But after our marriage, Claire opened up. The noise could be so loud that the elderly neighbor next door came over and let her know she had been young once and knew what it was like, but the noise was keeping her awake.

As Claire joined me in the bedroom, she received another call from the Panamanian, letting her know that he was getting on his flight back to Panama. When she hung up, I instructed her to take over her pants. She complied and stood before me in bra, panties, and peasant blouse. She said she wanted to shower first, but I told her that she didn’t need to. I took the blouse off her and pushed her down onto the bead, giving her a deep kiss. She eagerly received me, wrapping her soft legs around mine. I removed her bra and sucked on both breasts.

Standing up, I took off my clothes and rejoined her. She sucked my cock willingly. Years of practice and her love of cock made her without peer. Having your cock in her mouth was like having it in the softest, wettest pussy you could imagine and her technique, combining lips and tongue and just the right amount of pressure with her hand, coupled with plenty of saliva and pre-cum, guaranteed that no cock would last for more than a few minutes. I was not going to come in her mouth, though, but wanted her to suck me long enough to get her primed to ride me. While she sucked me, I fingered her pussy. She was wet, but the consistency was different. The smell made it clear that he had fucked recently. She begged me to let her fuck me and I obliged.

Claire and I had different approaches to sex. I loved doing it with her and hearing about her doing it. She just loved cock and only talked about it to please me. I was going fuck, but I was also going to hear about her fucking. To do this right, Claire had to get her fill.

Claire straddled me and began riding. She was slow and deliberate in her fucking, preferring to ride so that she could set the pace and manage the depth of the thrusts. The Panamanian called again. We uncoupled and she took the call. As she talked to him, I entered her from behind. Not wanting to moan, she made the call quick and got off the line, telling him that she loved him. Having been on the other end of calls like this one, I knew that Claire had practice in self-control and ending calls.

I lay back down on the sheets, feeling a wet spot. I couldn’t tell if it was from him, or just her wet pussy from when we Escort Ümraniye had been fucking earlier. It didn’t really matter. By now she was very wet. Her pussy, though wider than most, was not deep, and if she was not sufficiently aroused a full thrust could be painful to her. I had come to love her approach to lovemaking and sex, and on her bed now the slow pace allowed me to enjoy much more completely fucking in the same bed that she and the Panamanian had had sex hours before.

Pulling the satin sheets around her ass and pulling them back and forth across it, I noticed that Claire’s thrusts had increased in speed and intensity until she was rubbing back and forth against me at full speed. At just the right moment, she grabbed my hand, placed it on her ass, and ordered me to finger it. She came, but it was not her “big one”, more remained. I her onto her stomach and entered her from behind. Her large, shapely ass rubbed against me as I fucked her, deeper now, as she was sopping wet and horney, though a little sore. I pulled her over to the right side of the bed, the side that the Panamanian slept on, because I wanted her to smell him on the pillow as I fucked her. Sometimes she admitted to wanting to fuck us both at the same time. After awhile, I turned her over so that we faced each other. As we fucked, I asked her to tell me about her week, starting with last night.

That Friday night, the Panamanian had been distracted and had not wanted to have sex. At about one in the morning, Claire decided that she would seduce him. She began by “humping” his leg, rubbing up against it. Having experienced this, I knew how powerful the feel of her wet pussy, large breasts, long hair and soft breath could have. The Panamanian couldn’t resist and took her hard, fucking her fast and furious until he shot his load into her. She said it was good, if rushed, sex.

I gave her slow, shallow thrusts as she told me this story. When she was through, I asked her what she thought about what she was doing. Did she enjoy fucking another man, her ex-husband, in the same bed where she had fucked her boyfriend a few hours earlier? Yes, she said, she did like it but it made her feel dirty. I laughed inside, thinking about all the men and all the fucking that she had had on that bed and in that room. She was a slut and so was I. I wasn’t going to judge her, especially if she shared the intimate details of her wantonness. The guilt heightened the intensity of her experiences, but it also made it difficult to get her to acknowledge how much she enjoyed “feeling dirty.”

Feeling that I was about to come, I had her describe again each and every thing that they had done. I told her how I had waited for this very moment, knowing that her pussy had been filled with cum earlier and was going to be filled again, that she would have two men’s cum inside her, on her, and all over her new sheets.

My pace quickened, I thrust deeply, hitting her back wall over and over, tensed, shuddered and exploded. Sensing my impending orgasm, she thrust back to meet it, moaning as she too came. It felt as though I was going to come for hours, even though I had drained my balls the night before. I quickly fell asleep next to her surrounded with the smells and sights of her other lover, on a flight home that very moment, wondering what Claire was doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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