We Finally Meet

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I have been told that I have a knack for writing this sort of thing, and after reading and listening to countless post on Lit, I decided to give it a try. It is just an intro, but if there is positive feedback for my writing style and content, I will make time to continue.

We have been emailing, chatting, texting and even talking on the phone for months now. You’ve begged to meet, to feel my touch and act out the desires and fantasies that have been devised between us.

One day, without warning, en envelope comes in the mail, without a return address on the front. When you open it you are filled with a warmth, a desire, and an excitement that you haven’t felt in a very long while…It’s from me.

Inside you have very specific instructions and directions that lead you to my house, and into the basement where I have a room with a massage table. There is a space heater set to 80, candles at every corner of the room, some small and some large, and they will all be lit when you show up per your instructions. It’s requested that you strip down to your bra and panties, all before even seeing me, and that you slip under the blanket that is laying on the table. The last of the instructions is for you to lay on your stomach, close your eyes and relax.

I’m sure with the excitement Kurtköy Escort and just the thoughts going through your head you’d be feeling warm and tingly. Thinking of all of the scenarios of how the evening of mystery could play out. You want so badly to slide your hands under your body and gently push on your clit through your panties, but to be considerate you resist. Another few minutes go by and you’re startled by the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. Your eyes pop open and through the hole in the headrest you notice a note that you didn’t before. “Stay quite and do not lift your head to look or this whole thing will be ruined.” The door opens and it’s so hard to not look, but you don’t…good girl.

Without a word, you feel the blanket get pulled down over your shoulders and back, exposing the sexy black lace of your bra, but stopping just shy of giving me a peak at the matching thong that adorns your amazing ass. Still without saying anything, I cover my hands in warm oil and let them caress your back. Massaging and gently scratching over your smooth skin, teasing around and under the straps of your bra. Working my hands over your body as you begin to moan and rock your hips in response to the relaxing massage.

Letting my fingers explore Kurtköy Escort Bayan the edge of the blanket, feeling the string of your thong just below your lower back. You give in to the warm tingling sensation of my hands on your body and push the blanket further down, as far as your hands can push without lifting your head. You hear me whimper and moan at the sight of your gorgeous backside. My hands gravitating to your ass cheeks to gently squeeze, spread and push. I can hear your breathing quicken when my fingertips glide over your inner thighs, just inches from your radiating sex.

In a very quiet and low voice, I finally speak to you. “Turn over and lay on your back.” The low light of the room and the haze from having your eyes close makes it so you are all the way turned over before you even get a look at me but finally, you see me. My tall and broad figure, my disheveled blonde hair, the smile across my face is one of desire and the glitter in my eyes is in awe of seeing you laying there on your back. I am wearing nothing but boxers, and my cock is straining hard inside of them. We sit there and admire the view of each other for a brief moment.

As you reach for my thigh, I stop your hand and grab you by the wrist. Quickly leaning over and grabbing Escort Kurtköy a restraint rope that is tied to the leg of the table. Cuffing it just tight enough around your wrist, then silencing the inquiry that is on the tip of your tongue with a long deep kiss on your soft sweet lips. Exploring each others mouths with our tongues, nibbling on your bottom lip while I struggle and manipulate your other wrist until it is tied down as well. Reluctantly breaking our kiss, leaning away from those delicious lips and taking a moment to admire the beautiful scene before me.

You try to speak, but I put a finger over your lips and whisper “shhhh”. Staring into your eyes and trailing my finger down your neck and across the top of your chest. Letting my hand rise and fall with your chest as I draw lines over the top of your bra. The warm soft skin of your breast against my hand make my cock twitch in my boxers and it catches your eye. Both of my hands on your barely cover breast, squeezing and massage your perfect tits through your bra, feeling your nipples harden against my palms.

You whimper in disapproval when I slide my hands further down over your torso, caressing and following the contours of your hips until I reach the waist of your thong. Moving my hands together, my fingers delicately brushing over the fabric that is stretched tight over your gyrating mound. Taking extra attention to not let you feel the pressure of my hands on your throbbing pussy, I spread your legs just enough to rub my hands down the insides of your thighs.

Feel free to comment and criticize.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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