Watch Out for the Quiet Ones

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Because of the pandemic we are facing that keeps us in almost solitary, I went through some works I started but never finished. This is one of them.

This story is based on fact. Names and places were not changed.

I hope you enjoy it.

(If you don’t like cuck or bi or group, or water sports, you won’t like this story.)


My wife and I are mature adults living in Melbourne, Florida. I have a good friend named Vern. His wife, Jenny, is an adorable person and a big flirt. They are also a mature around our age. Oh yeah, they are nudists. One more thing, they are both bi.

They have a nice home that is very big with a completely private back yard which houses a 21′ above ground pool.

Every now and then Vern will call me up and invite me over for some sun and to relax in the pool nude. Of course, sometimes Jenny joins us and it gets interesting, to say the least.

Vern always tells me to bring my wife but my wife is the quiet type although I call her a prude.

Well, one Friday it was very hot and Vern called me to come over. I told him I would. Then I asked my wife if she wanted to join me.

I was shocked when she said she would.

We drove over to Vern’s place and as we were getting out of the car I realized that Vern will probably be nude and my wife will start running back to the car.

I rang the bell and sure enough, Vern answered the door in the nude. His big cock right out there for my wife to see.

To my surprise, my wife didn’t run but looked at Vern’s nakedness and smiled as we entered.

Vern introduced my wife to Jenny, who was also nude and she led us out to the patio.

Now, let me give you some info on Vern & Jenny.

Vern is about 5″10, around 180 and in pretty good shape. His cock must be almost 8″ and very thick and compared to my lowly 7″ and not so thick, I could understand why he gets stared at often.

Jenny is around 5’6″, about 125 and her 34c tits sag a bit, I don’t mind playing with them, which I have done. Her pussy had a patch of hair over her slit.

Now, my wife is 5’7″, 125, 36c tits that sag a bit as well and in pretty good shape. My wife’s pussy was trimmed.

My name is Tony and I am 5’8″, 175 and have an average body.

Oh, before I forget, my wife’s name is Alexis, but I call her Alex. Another thing and this is important, before Alex and I got married, many years ago, I found out that a very close friend of mine who had a cock similar to Vern’s fucked my then girlfriend. This, I found out much later, after we were married. For years I tried to get my wife to do a threesome or have me watch her get fucked by another guy but she ALWAYS SAID NO.

I never mentioned to her that I knew about her getting fucked by my friend but I couldn’t help but wonder now, when she saw Vern’s big cock if it didn’t stir up old memories for Alex.

Nonetheless, Jenny was the perfect hostess and provided snacks and wine.

Jenny and my wife seemed to hit it off and I was really in shock.

After awhile, Vern invited us into the pool. I looked at Alex and she looked at me. I said, “Thanks for the invite but we didn’t bring our suits.”

Jenny replied, “Come on, you don’t need a suit with us. Please join us.”

I looked again at Alex and asked, “What do you want to do? I am ok with it.”

Alex looked at me and said, “I don’t think we have a choice. You owe me for this.”

I then told Jenny we will join them in the pool.

Alex, being a little slow sometimes asked, “Where can we change?”

Jenny laughed and said, “Hun, just take off your clothes and put them on the chair.”

I laughed and started removing my clothes. I was naked before Alex but soon she was naked too.

We climbed the ladder and got into the pool.

The water was very refreshing and we all chatted and enjoyed the water. Jenny stood particularly close to me and our naked bodies often touched. At one point, her hand had a grasp of my cock. I looked at her and she smiled.

Alex was enjoying the water as well and Vern stood next to Alex and talked to her.

At one point, I could see Vern’s erect cock touching my wife’s leg but she didn’t move away.

We must have been in the pool at least an hour when Jenny got out to bring us some more wine. I got out as well and dried off. Vern and my wife stayed in a bit longer.

Finally, Vern and my wife joined us on the patio.

I thought that Alex would cover up completely but she didn’t. My wife remained nude, showing everything she had without any qualms.

Jenny brought out some more wine which we all enjoyed. By now it was getting to be late in the afternoon. I suggested that we leave but Jenny asked to stay, so we did.

As we drank the wine and chatted, I could see Vern’s cock getting erect. He didn’t try to hide it either and pretty soon it was clearly visible Pendik Escort to all of us.

I looked at Alex who couldn’t take her eyes off of his growing manhood.

Then, shock isn’t the word, Alex blurted out, “Vern, how big is your cock?”

We all looked at her and Vern said, “Well Alex, I think it is about 8″. Do you want to see it up close?”

Alex looked at him and replied, “If my husband says I can, I would like to. I never saw one that big.”

Alex looked at me and I nodded an ok.

Alex got up and walked over to Vern and got a real close look at it.

Then Vern said, “Alex, if you want, and if Jenny & Tony are ok with it, you can touch my cock.”

Alex looked at Jenny who told her she could. She looked back at me and I told her she could.

Alex knelt in front if Vern and took hold of his cock. She looked up at him and said, “It’s so big and hard.”

I yelled out, “Alex, suck Vern’s cock.”

She turned and looked at me then Jenny and we both said, “Do it Alex.”

Suddenly, Alex bent her mouth down and engulfed Vern’s hard cock and started sucking it.

Alex was putting on a show as Vern was able to reach down and play with my wife’s tits.

All we could hear was slurping noises and low moans from Alex.

As she was sucking his cock, Jenny joined her and now both women were sucking his cock. Then it happened.

They stopped sucking Vern’s cock and started kissing each other and playing with each other’s tits.

Vern was now jerking off. I got up and went over to Vern and grabbed his cock and started jerking if off.

Finally, he shot his cum on Alex’s and Jenny’s tits. Then the women went back to sucking the last drops of cum from his cock.

Finally, the women came up for air.

I said, “Well, it looks like you guys turned my quiet wife into a slut. Thank you both.”

Alex just looked at me and I knew she had something on her mind.

I said, “Ok. Alex, what is it? I know you want something. Just tell me.”

She got up, Vern’s cum on her tits and came to me and whispered, “I know you have always wanted me to fuck another guy. I know that and I always said no. What if I wanted to fuck Vern? Would you be ok with it now?”

I whispered back, “I would love to see Vern’s cock in you. Do it.”

As Jenny and Vern looked at us, I said, “Jenny, my wife wants Vern to fuck her. Are you guys ok with that?”

Jenny and Vern smiled and Vern said, “I would be honored to fuck Alex. And Tony, I know Jenny wants you to fuck her. So, where shall we do it?”

I looked at Alex and she nodded an ok.

Jenny said, “How about the four of us go inside to our king sized bed and we can all fuck there?”

We all got up and followed Jenny into their bedroom.

Vern, being a camera buff, always has his his camera to record all the action and he remotely set it.

Vern and my wife got on the bed and Jenny and I joined them.

It wasn’t long before my wife and Vern were all over each other. Alex was making all sorts of noises as she was kissing and feeling Vern up. Every now and then my wife’s hands found Jenny and played with her as she and Vern were making out.

I already had my cock in Jenny and was fucking her when Vern said, “Tony, why don’t you watch me slide my cock into your wife’s cunt?”

I slowed my pace down and Jenny and I watched Vern mount my wife and we saw him sliding his big, thick cock into her cunt until it was completely in her.

Once his cock was in her, he started fucking her. All you could hear was my wife moaning and saying, “That’s it Vern. Fuck me harder. I love your big cock in me. God, your cock feels so good in me.”

As Alex was getting fucked, I turned all my attention to Jenny.

I told her to get on all fours and I started fucking her from behind. Alex was able to get close enough to Jenny to suck on her nipple, another first for my wife.

Then Vern said he was going to cum and my wife was fucking Vern furiously. Then Vern yelled out he was coming and Alex started having one orgasm after another.

Cum poured out of Alex as soon as Vern’s softened cock slipped out.

Jenny yelled out that she was going to cum and I pumped her a few more times and shot my cum into her cunt.

We were all spent and rested. My wife’s legs were spread and draped over my legs.

It was the best experience I ever had with my wife.

After awhile, I told her we should be going home. Jenny said, “Look, why don’t you guys stay the weekend? I know I would like that and I am sure Vern is ok with it.

She went on and said, “And, I am almost positive that your wife would like to spend the weekend. What do you guys say?”

I took Alex aside and said, “It’s up to you. It’s quite evident that you enjoyed yourself. I don’t have a problem with Vern fucking you some more.”

Alex Pendik Escort Bayan answered, “I have no idea what came over me and I am so sorry, but I would really like to stay the weekend.”

I told her we would stay and then I told Jenny and Vern.

Jenny made a call for pizza to be delivered. While we waited, we cleaned up and relaxed.

As we ate the pizza, Jenny said, “Alex, you are a beautiful woman and, in case you hadn’t noticed, besides Vern, I like women too. Maybe you and I can spend some time together this weekend?”

I thought I was going to choke on the pizza when Alex replied, “I think you are beautiful as well Jenny. I never really spent time with a woman before, but I would like that very much.”

After dinner we cleaned up and since it was still very warm outeach otherside, we went into the pool.

This time we all had fun touching and playing with other.

Alex said she had to go inside to pee. Vern told her to just pee near the bushes. She looked at me and I said, “Come on, I’ll pee with you.” Then we got out and headed to the bushes, in eye view of Vern and Jenny.

I told Alex just to pee standing up and to aim her pee onto my cock and balls and she did. I then peed right next to her. We gave our hosts a show. Alex just laughed when she finished. We dried off our pee and got back into pool.

It was now getting late and we got out and dried off. As Vern and I were almost dried off, Alex and Jenny already went inside.

When we finished, we went inside and heard noises in the bedroom. Their was Jenny and my wife on the bed in an embrace, their tits pressed together.

Vern and I just watched as our cocks got real hard.

It wasn’t long before they were in 69 and eating each other. Soon, Jenny mounted my wife and they started rubbing their pussies together, as they kissed and played with each other’s tits.

I heard my wife moan and I could tell she was going to have an orgasm.

Jenny yelled to her, “That’s it Alex, you cum for me. Show your husband you’re ours now. Vern and I own you, right Alex?”

Alex said, “Yes…I am yours…I am your slut. Oh, God it feels so good.”

Then she had multiple orgasms as her body shook. It was a sight to behold.

After they rested, Jenny said to Alex, “You are terrific. You are the best I ever had. Now, I meant what I said, that you are our slut. You will do whatever we ask you to do. Do you understand?”

I listened as Alex replied, “I know what you said Jenny and I agree to be yours and Vern’s slut and do whatever you want when I am with you two.”

All these years I tried to get my wife to fuck a guy and now she has become a sex slut for my friends. I couldn’t believe it.

That night my wife was shared by the three of us until almost daybreak.

The best that night was my wife on all fours and Vern fucking her from behind. I got underneath Alex and was licking her pussy as Vern fucked her. By accident, Vern’s cock slipped out of Alex and into my mouth. I started sucking Vern’s cock as Alex and Jenny watched. It was the first time my wife saw me suck a cock. It didn’t take long before Vern shot his cum into my mouth. I got up and kissed Alex as we shared his cum.

Alex then said, “So, my hubby likes cock too. We have more in common than I thought.”

In the morning, I woke up to hear Vern on the phone. I could hear him say, “Yeah Joe, come over around 11:00. You will enjoy her and she will love your big cock.”

I knew then that my wife was in for a big surprise.

Around 10:45 the doorbell rang and Vern answered it and let his friend in. He introduced him to us and he immediately got naked and we all sat on the patio.

Alex wasted no time in eyeing up the guy’s huge cock. I knew what was in store for her then.

Then Jenny said, “Alex, Joe is a very close friend and we asked him over to meet you. I know you like big cocks and, as you can see, Joe’s cock is even bigger than Vern’s. I told Joe that you will let him fuck you. Now, go inside and get ready to fuck our friend.”

Alex said ok and got up and went inside to get ready. In a short time, we all went in and Joe got on the bed with Alex. His hard cock must have been over 10 inches and was really thick.

The three of us watched closely as Alex and joe started making out. Alex moved her hand down and grabbed his cock and started jerking it. Then she moved her mouth down and started sucking it. She couldn’t get his cock in her mouth.

Then Joe told her to get on all fours. He knelt behind her and slowly inserted his cock into her cunt. It was so big, he barely got it all in her but he did.

Alex was moaning in pain & pleasure.

He started fucking her and we could see his big balls were ready to explode.

He pulled his cock out, rolled her onto her back and started Pendik Escort cumming. He must have shot at least ten streams of thick cum all over her.

When he finished, his cock was still hard.

With cum all over her, he made her get on all fours again. This time he lubed his cock and her asshole with his cum and slowly inserted his cock in her ass.

She kept hollering it was too big but she pushed her ass back to meet his entering her.

Finally, most of his cock was in her ass. He started fucking her ass as Vern moved in front of her. He slipped his hard cock in her mouth and she started sucking it.

It wasn’t long before Joe said he was going to cum and when he did, Alex let out a yell as his cum shot into her ass, just as Vern came in her mouth.

We all let Alex rest as we went outside.

Joe said that Alex was one of the few women who could take his cock. He continued by saying that he knew a few guys who would love to fuck Alex.

Then Jenny said, “That gives me an idea. Tony, what would you say if we had a few guys over tomorrow for a pool party. Alex would be the center of attention, if you know what I mean.”

I looked at them and said, “So, basically, it will be each guy fucking my wife. I’m ok with that.”

Joe said he would arrange it.Then he got dressed and left. Jenny yelled out, “12:00 tomorrow.”

I said to Jenny & Vern, “Well, tomorrow will be interesting. Just then Alex came out, still covered in cum and sat on the lounge chair.

I asked her why she didn’t clean up and she smiled and said, “Joe’s cum actually feels nice on me, so I kept it on.”

Then Alex said, “So, husband, after all these years you got your wish, seeing me getting fucked by other men. Have you enjoyed it? You like having a slut for a wife?”

I looked at her and replied, “Yes, I enjoyed it. And, I like having a slut for my wife. I think you enjoyed it more than me and that you want more. Am I correct?”

She answered, “Now that we are being honest, I must tell you a secret I have had for years. Before we were married, your friend Dom and I fucked. When I saw his big cock, I had to have it. I let him fuck me, even after we were married too. I’m sorry.”

I smiled and said, “I knew you fucked him before and after. I just wished I could have seen it. And, I knew when you saw Vern’s big cock, you would want him to fuck you.”

Alex got up and came over to me and we hugged and kissed and then she said she was going to shower.

We spent the day in the sun and in the pool. Jenny told Alex that she was having a pool party tomorrow and Joe and a couple of his friends were coming by.

Throughout the day we had some great sex outside. Vern and Jenny even joined me and Alex near the bushes when we had to pee. It was fun seeing Alex holding Vern’s cock as he peed. I even let Jenny give me a golden shower.

That night we all shared each other numerous times.

The next day, Jenny and Alex got things ready for the pool party. Wine and food were set. Jenny had the bed uncovered. Vern had blankets to lay on outside as well.

Around 11:30 guests started arriving with Joe. He had brought five friends with him. He introduced them to everyone and Vern told them where they could put their clothes.

Soon, they all came out naked. They all had nice sized cocks as well. Joe announced that Alex was a terrific woman and the guys should get to know her.

We all enjoyed the pool and sun. The food was great and the wine flowed. Alex was the center of attention and I could see her eyeing each guy up.

It wasn’t until late afternoon when things got started.

I could see everyone was a little apprehensive, so I started things off.

I called Jenny over and we started making out. As we were, one of the guys approached Alex and started kissing her as another guy was feeling her up. Soon, all the guys were all over Alex. Their cocks nice and hard.

Vern joined me and Jenny but we watched Alex too.

They laid Alex on the blanket and one by one, mounted her and slipped their cocks in her cunt and fucked her. Each guy shooting their cum in her cunt.

Joe was the last guy and he easily slipped his cock in her cum filled cunt. We watched as he started fucking her. He didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. He pulled out his cock and shot stream after stream of cum all over Alex.

By this time, Vern and I both came in Jenny, me in her mouth and Vern in her cunt.

Alex just laid on the blanket covered in cum as the guys relaxed in the pool.

Then I went over to my wife who was just laying there. I asked the guys and Jenny to join me and I started giving my wife a golden shower and everyone else joined in.

Finally, my wife got up and Jenny helped her inside to get cleaned up.

Before everyone left, Alex and Jenny got on the bed and and got fucked by each guy.

That night, Vern fucked my wife many times in her cunt and her ass as I did the same to Jenny.

The next morning we showered and had breakfast and thanked our hosts for a great weekend.

Jenny invited us back and Alex said we will be. We left, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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