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Mark and I became instant friends when I moved in to the house across the street from him three years ago. He has a strong outgoing personality and likes to laugh, drink and be merry. Mark has spent many evenings in my basement drinking and shooting pool until the wee hours of the morning. From the start of the NFL season in September through the Super Bowl in February, Mark was at my house every Sunday and Monday night to watch the games and sometimes Thursday night as well if there was a game.

Mark’s wife, Jen didn’t seem to approve of these activities. Last weekend, while we were all playing poker and watching the game, there was a strange knock at the sliding glass door. We were fortunate enough to design the house with a walk out basement, which provided us with a door so that people could enter or leave without going through the rest of the house. When people are leaving at 3am, this is a huge plus so other people in the house are not disturbed. However, it was only 11pm and the evening was still young. Everyone was here that was supposed to be here, so there was an awkward pause in the room when the knock came again from behind the curtain at the patio door.

I jumped from my seat and turned on the outside light so that I could get a glimpse of who this stranger was at my door so late at night. I was relieved that it was not the police. It was Jen, Mark’s wife. I slid the door open and she entered the room.

Jen is very thin and stands about six feet tall. She was wearing a pair of running shorts and a tank top. Her nipples were erect behind the tank top revealing a slight chill to the early October air. Her legs are very slender and tone thanks to the five miles she runs every day for her workout. We always thought she was a bit of a prude, but there was not a guy in our circle of friends that wouldn’t fuck her if they had the chance. She ignored me as she walked past me towards where Mark was seated at the poker table.

“Let’s go!” Jen said in an authoritative tone.

“What? We’re playing! ” Mark said with the look of shock, surprise and embarrassment on his face?

“Not tonight!” Jen said as she grabbed Mark’s hand.

Mark apologized to the guys as he followed his bride across the room and out the door from which she entered. The door closed behind him and we all were equally embarrassed for Mark. We lifted our beers to toast our missing friend and finished the game without any more drama.

One week later, the five of us were back in my basement watching the Monday night game and playing Texas Hold ‘Em.

“When time is your curfew, Mark?” I asked to bust his balls.

Laughter erupted from the table.

“Yeah. Fuck you! She won’t be back here tonight,” Mark said boldly.

“You’re pussy whipped!” I said playfully.

“You have to be getting pussy to be whipped by it and I have not had pussy in two months,” Mark stated confidently.

Mark went on to explain to the group that she’s been upset about him staying out late and drinking on weekends. According to Mark, she’s been withholding sex in protest of his late nights out. I could tell he was really frustrated with Anadolu Yakası Escort it. Apparently, he laid down the law to her before coming over tonight.

The betting continued around the table. Mark continued betting high. He did this sometimes to drive people on the edge to fold. I continued to match the bets. The final card was turned over.

“All in!” Mark exclaimed as he slid all his chips to the center of the table.

“You need to be all in that wife of yours!” I laughed as I slid my chips in to match.

The other guys laughed at Mark’s misfortune.

“Buddy, trust me. If I could be balls deep in her, I would not be here with your dumb ass now,” Mark said sadly.

“Dude, you have to snap out of it. Swallow your fucking pride and go fix things with your wife!” I said angrily.

“She wants no part of me,” Mark said sadly.

“You’re not pressing the right buttons,” I said arrogantly.

“If you know so much about women, then you go over there and see how far you get,” Mark challenged.

“You really want to go there?” I asked.

“If you know so much then show me, otherwise shut the fuck up about it!” Mark demanded. “Put up or shut up,” he continued.

“Tell you what. Forget about turning over our cards. If I go over there and charm her pants and you end up getting laid tonight, then I win the entire pot. If you don’t fuck your wife tonight, then you win the pot.” I suggested.

“Cool with me! It’s worth losing the $50 if I get laid tonight,” Mark said extending his hand to shake on the deal.

I exited the patio door and made my way across the street. The patio door to Mark’s house was unlocked as usual. The house was completely dark. I kicked off my sandals at the door and made my way through the kitchen to the master suite near the front of the house on the first floor. The door was open, the blinds were drawn shut and the room was dark. There was a motionless lump, faintly illuminated by the digital clock, under the covers on the far side of the bed. I slipped in to the vacant spot next to her on the bed.

I lifted the covers to reveal Jen was wearing very short shorts and a tank top. She was lying on her side facing the window with her back towards me. I snuggled up to her from behind so that we were spooning. She smelled fresh as if she had showered just a couple hours earlier. I began kissing her neck while my right hand stroked her right arm gently.

Jen awoke with a groan, but didn’t protest any of the activity.

“What time is it?” she asked.

I gently pushed her over to lie on her stomach so that I could massage her neck and back without answering her question. My hands explored her soft skin under her tank top. I pulled the tank top up and over her head so that I could continue rubbing her shoulders and back without any obstructions. Jen was groaning while my strong fingers rubbed the muscles in her shoulders, back and neck.

I began kissing her neck and planting kisses about an inch apart slowly moving down her spine. When I reached the top of her butt, I grabbed her shorts and peeled them part way Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan down her ass to reveal her perfect grapefruit cheeks. I slowly kissed the small cheeks before massaging her ass with my hands. I allowed my thumbs to slowly slide down between her legs while my hands caressed her. Her shorts were still on, but were pushed down to the very top of her long skinny legs. My thumbs were rubbing her outer pussy lips while my hands continued to rub her lower buttocks. The circular massaging motion I used on her pussy slowly pulled her labia open and closed, increasing Jen’s arousal.

Jen was groaning louder now. I seized the moment to get her shorts off. Without the constraint of her shorts, she spread her legs apart to invite me to explore her further. I kissed her lower buttocks and inner thighs. I smelled the heavenly scent of arousal coming from her. I slowly traced my fingers down the crack of her ass to the slick lips of her vagina. I used my middle finger to rub the inside of her pussy lips from her moist entrance down to her clit and back up again.

Jen was extremely wet and horny. There was no doubt in my mind she could be fucked right now without protest. I began probing her hole with my middle finger. Jen was moaning. While my finger easily slid in and out of her, I was reviewing a plan in my mind to exit quickly and run across the street to get Mark to come in here and take over. I was proud of myself. I knew I was going to win the pot sitting on the poker table across the street.

The slickness from Jen’s pussy on my finger, coupled with her moans of desire made my cock stiffen in my pants. The more I fingered her, the more I wanted to taste her. Finally giving in to my desire, I rolled her over and drug her ass to the edge of the bed so that I could kneel on the floor in front of her. The room was still dark.

I spread her legs before me and dove straight in to taste her juices. When my tongue reached her hole, she gasped and arched her back. She spread her legs farther apart to invite my tongue to explore more of her. I grabbed her hand and placed it at the top of her pussy on her clit. She seemed to be confused and removed her hand as soon as I took my hand off her. I continued licking her insides and slowly rubbed her clit with my fingers to demonstrate what I wanted from her. I pulled her hand back down and rubbed her hand in a circle on her clit indicating I wanted some assistance.

She started working her fingers slowly around her clit as if to humor me for a second. I rewarded the assistance she provided rubbing her clit by placing each of my hands on her inner thighs so that I could spread her legs even more. My tongue darted further inside her and I began massaging her muscular inner thighs. Jen rubbed her clit faster and harder in response to my assault on her pleasure zones.

“Oh my god! Yes! Yes! I’m going to cum!” Jen panted.

Her back arched and her body stiffened. Her fingers froze on her clit while my tongue continued probing her hole. She began to buck as the orgasm went through her body. My mouth clung to Escort Anadolu Yakası her pussy like I was riding a mechanical bull, while the gyrations and bucking of her hips tried to throw me off. The sensation of my tongue flicking inside her while her body quivered added to the intensity of her orgasm. When it subsided, she was still breathing heavily, but I knew she wanted more.

My cock was rock hard in my pants from the excitement of pleasing my neighbor. Now that I had tasted her, I wanted to fuck her, but I also knew I had a point to prove to Mark. The money on the table was nothing in comparison to the bragging rights for showing my dumb ass friend how to warm up his wife before trying to fuck her.

Before I could do another thing, Jen rolled over on the bed and assumed doggie style position on the bed. Her perfect ass was facing me and her legs were slightly spread. The silhouette of her long skinny body was erotic.

“Fuck me!” Jen demanded.

I rose to my feet facing Jen. My cock was so hard it was throbbing. It hurt being bunched in my pants. I wanted to bury myself deep inside her, but refrained. There was a devil on both my right and left shoulder. Both were telling me to fuck her.


“Fuck me now!” Jen demanded as she smacked her ass.

I quickly let myself out the back door and walked across the street back to my house. I slid the patio door open and noticed the guys were on the sofa watching the end of the game.

“So how did it go, buddy?” Mark asked in a sarcastic tone.

“You were right. You win,” I said conceding the loss. “She’s fast asleep. You’re not going to get laid tonight.”

“I told you and you didn’t believe me!” Mark gloated.

“I have to piss, “I remarked.

I walked past the guys to the bathroom and closed the door. I lifted the lid to the toilet and pulled my dick out. My cock was still slick and shined with Jen’s lubricant. I admired the glistening meat in my hand while I carried on with my task. I recalled the sound of Jen’s cock hungry moan turning to delight when the head of my cock first entered her. I pumped her hard and deep slamming my pubic hair against her wet pussy with each thrust. My balls slapped against her clit adding to our sensations. I think she came two more times before I exploded inside her.

Jen collapsed on the bed while I finished shooting my hot cum inside her. She got back under the covers where I found her earlier and I spooned with her without saying a word. She fell asleep in 10 minutes. She was naked under the covers, with my sperm swimming inside her when I dressed and exited the room.

I finished my business and took extra care to clean up at the sink so that the smell of Mark’s wife was not on my face when I entered the room again.

When I exited the bathroom, Mark was gloating about my defeat and was counting the money in front of everyone.

“I may not be getting laid tonight, but now I have $50!” Mark boasted.

Mark blamed his wife for holding out on him when all he needed to do was warm up the oven before starting to cook. Apparently foreplay was not part of Mark’s vocabulary.

In the weeks that followed, Mark confirmed his sex life was back on track for the group. He indicated he was getting it at least 3-4 times a week now. He never confronted me about fucking his wife, but I knew deep down that he knew. I never found out if Jen knew I was her secret lover that night, but I decided to let it pass and move on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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