Vigilance Ep. 01: Beginning Again

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Early morning, a weekday, and the café was quiet and nearly deserted. No one was in hurry to get anywhere. After all, why race to the certainty of your death. Nonetheless, in a matter minutes the near solitude would subside in favor of the usual gluttonous consumption. It’s what the oligarchs of the 1% want, and especially to ensure the status quo. By means of every cunningly noxious contrivance, consumerism is promoted by sordid mass marketing. Emotional manipulation sells everything, dreams, schemes and foolish memes.

On the fringe of the downtown area, near one local college campus, people were as distracted and self-absorbed as ever. A selfie of the moment, a mindless juvenile post in social media, or an unnecessary phone conversation while driving, all done for emotional reassurance. For the most part, not much, except a disaster with dire human consequences could redirect their focus from themselves. For many, it was all about them and no one else.

Yes, a multitude pretends every day to be something different, other than the basic self that hides deep inside. Human do not easily change. They would need to see ripped and torn bodies in order to break the usual habits and routines of non-engagement. For most, middle and upper class, the social strata bends toward upscale lifestyles and insulated environments. Like hordes of locusts, consumption is what it is all about, from sun up to sundown.

As to my vantage point in the coffee shop, my frequent stop for strong black coffee, I observed the morning rush to get to keep up the intensity of rabid obsession with materiality. As some writers without writings I have known would pontificate, one needs prompts for ideas. For this, watching people is a good source of entertainment. A good place to be is here, in the three-story mall, which was coming alive with all manner of life forms, diverse and divisive.

Most of which, I could care less with regard to the selfish pitiful stories regarding the pretenses of spoiled entitlement. Notable and noble exceptions aside, the vast majority enjoyed the largess of self-indulgence and an inflated sense of themselves. Humility seems to arrive at the worst possible times, as during the holidays where hypocrisy comes out of the shadows. Rich beget rich and poor beget poor, and the massive consumption system perpetuates a mindset of never-ending supply and demand, debt and abundance of taxation. And, the massive mall of malls exemplified the bloated bestiality of the upper class. Impotence limply smirks from the shortcomings.

“With cunning persistence, the maze of illusions perpetuate the status quo,” I amused myself. Sighing with that thought, I added, “Fascinating, how little changes.” I said to myself and scribbled a few notes in my brown leather notebook. “Opulence surrounds while materiality confounds. Yep, my old therapist used to say that was the ‘rhyme effect’, some need to do it.”

Outside the seemingly safe and secure classy sanctuary, winter chill came sooner than expected to the area known as El Rancho Grande. Known for wealth, success and the gluttony of consumerism, the outskirts of town reflect a different form of modern slavery. Regardless, the fall was coming in spurts, with some day hot and muggy, and other days, wet and windy.

Outdoors, beyond the massive ornate golden entryways, a slight drizzle washed away any remaining remnants of the fading summer. The town atmosphere possessed an intentional contrived old world charm, for a village-like fairyland that surpassed anything the nearby city could offer, or even the closest amusement park. Wealth squandered its best facade.

While I sat at a small white metal bistro table, adjacent the main inner concourse, I wanted to continue the practice of people watching. This hobby provided a source of speculation for ideas that might later develop into a writing project. An added incentive to the imaginative processes was the location of the café. For me, the proximity was like a candy shop.

Next door was the very inspiring, provocative and uniquely fashionable world-renowned lingerie shop. Inside, store personnel modeled the wares they sold other to wear. Ah, yes, that too, perhaps more than any other writing prompt, was exceptionally inspirational. As a writer, and photographer too, there was always entertainment for fascination and amusement.

With humans, the show scales a gamut from asinine, arrogant and immature to dangerously stupid, and everything in between. Anything that relished a trespass upon the boundaries of civility and enlightenment was easily trampled in the self-conceit of myriad deceptions. Oh for the hypocrisy of it all, people were an adventure in fiction and folly. Yes, no doubt my arrogance seeps through the mirror of intentional voyeurism, as projections blink in the reflection.

In a past life, prior to early retirement, certain skill sets paid good dividends in the secret world of espionage. In that mirror image, the duality often notes the flash of successful deceptions. Disguises come in all sizes, shapes Kadıköy Escort and styles. Watching people, places and things had numerous possibilities for all manner of speculation. For the most part, around here there was plenty of con job to go around. For the most part, neither common sense nor common courtesy had meaningful expression in mutual commonality, as superficiality was everywhere.

“Morning, Mr. Lovejoy,” a soft feminine voice invited attention. There was a kind of country hint in the accent, with a down south flavor. “Having your usual coffee?”

“Well, good morning, my dear,” I responded immediately, rose from my table and gave a slight bow to the young woman. “Please join me, always delightful to see you, Rosa.” I perceived that’s what she intended, at least that was my enticement. My senses were on high alert, as I inhaled her presence. The draw of that perfume was inebriating. “May I get you something, coffee, tea, breakfast?” My inner being was so easily seduced, I relished in it.

“Oh, thank you so much,” she said delightfully, with a tone as though a trickle of a cool stream, over smoothly well-worn river rocks on a warm spring morning. “No thanks, they’re preparing my coffee up at the counter,” she answered with a sensual pout of her plump lips and a glance at her slim gold watch. “I have to open the store soon”. She sat and adjusted her lovely proportioned ass on the green padded seat, as I held her chair for her. “Thank you, such a gentleman.”

“Thank you,” I said softly while I observed the skintight stretch of her red skirt.

For a flash of an instant, I took in as many details as possible. The healthy round shape of her buttocks, the tuck of the skirt into the crease of her butt cheeks, which suggested no sign of panties. Underneath she was naked, with an olive completion that spoke exquisitely of a Mediterranean heritage. With ample aftermarket adjustment, her bosom blossomed proudly. Her jet-black hair formed a twisted bun at the back of her head and added to her sensual allure. Down the curving contours of her shapely legs, red stiletto heels complimented her sexiness.

“So, what is my favorite writer up to this morning?” She taunted with a tangy tease. For a moment, she glanced at the coffee server who delivered her morning latte. With a polite nod and a sexy smile, she said to the server, “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome,” the young man stuttered and stumbled back to coffee bar.

“Writing?” I pondered the answer. Then I said, “I’m writing a story about an urban vigilante.” I inched my chair closer to her. While the chair made tiny etching sounds on the polished tile, I breathed in slowly. The exotic aroma of her essence, enhanced by a wonderfully intoxicating perfume, thrilled my thoughts. “Just can’t seem to get the character down.”

“Hmm, sounds intriguing, I like it,” she bubbled and leaned into me. “Can I read a line or two?” Her dark eyes invited me into her web. I went willingly. “I love your stories.”

“Of course, my dear,” I said and proceeded to imagine her naked again.

“I like it, so he’s watching for someone at a park, right?” Rosa asked sensuously.

“Yes, he’s decided there’s a target he wants to eliminate,” I told her.

“Can’t wait to read the rest of it. Spy stuff, huh?” She paused. “You worked for the government, right?” I gave her a smile. She went on, “So, to help inspire you, wanna help me open up?” Rosa De Flowers sipped her coffee after she invited me to her lingerie store. Luscious lips moistened the rim of the coffee cup. Her salacious wink and nod acknowledged an ongoing affair between two friends who shared common interests. A clandestine meeting was always welcomed. “My staff won’t be here for another hour. You can help me inventory panties.”

“I would be honored to serve you,” I murmured with a long delighted sigh and toyed further. “You know your wish is my command, dangerous mistress of darkness.”

“You help me as well, an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away,” she whispered. “We can visit the special room if you want to. Today, what is your desire, my friend?”

“Your call,” I answered softly with an easy grin. “Tell me what you’d like.”

“Follow me and I will show you,” she purred. “We have some time to explore things. My boyfriend will be by later for lunch. Care to join us at the sushi bar?”

“Hmm, would love to, but I have an appointment later,” I said with a frown.

At a side glass door, she entered a code on a key pad. Inside the store, located on the main concourse adjacent the coffee shop, the alarm disengaged. With a gold key, she unlocked the bolt and we entered the upscale shop of endless lacy allure. As I followed her luscious presence, her curvy hips led the way. A temptress of extraordinary eroticism, I was willingly captive within her web of intrigue. Puffy ruby lips smiled the eternal invitation to exotic realms.

“Here, sweetie, my office would be nice,” she beckoned inside her lair. Behind us, she closed the door and said with Kadıköy Escort Bayan a throaty tone, “Your mine now, let’s enjoy the moment.” With that, she grabbed my shirt under the armpits and slammed me against the wall. “Let’s fuck.”

Like a ravenous wild cat, feral, strong and aggressive, Rosa stripped me bare. In an instant, she was the Venus de milo rising from the dark recesses of wickedly ancient myths. Nakedly untamed, she was firmly in command. The bursting carnality unleashed the passion of boiling sensuality, as she stoked the stiffened strain of amative intensity. I was so hard and ready to explode.

“Oh my god, you are a goddess beyond description,” I breathed and accepted her probing tongue and she dove hungrily into me. “Wow, you are so amazing,” I muttered foolishly.

“Baby, I’m gonna to fuck your brains out,” she said staring madly into me and puckering a wildly naughty grin, as she vice-gripped my penis. “I wanna suck you and jack you.”

“And, I, my dearest,” I moaned into her lips, “want to explore every inch you.” My fingers dug in and felt her soft warm wetness. Her fleshy vaginal acceptance sucked my fingertips to the plumpness of her clit. She panted back into me. Her hot breath in a very erotic way seem to enter me and possess my inner being beyond the conscious level. “My god you’re amazing.”

“You betcha, my love,” She sighed in a pleasurable way. “This is what gets me going.”

Easily, I fell under her control. No resistance on my part whatsoever, since I wanted her to dominate me. She was taller as I was shorter, her embrace held me against the wall with one hand, while the other pumped my penis. Jacking me like a piston encased in a cylinder, reversing her warm soft hand, forward and backward, different angles, and teasing the head, brought me to the edge. My groin tightened and I held the tension deep inside.

With taunting allure, excitement in her breaths, she probed the tip, and played with the opening. Each time her palm slid down my shaft, shivers shot through my senses. I felt weak in the knees, about to buckle and slump into the dark red carpet that surrounded us. For a moment, I thought I would lose consciousness as she worked me over. In a few seconds, she stopped and reached toward a table nearby. From there, she retrieved a small packet.

“I wanna try this new lubricant we got,” she whispered softly and bit my ear. With an excited grin, she licked her lips and opened a small cellophane container. The way she did it was enticing. With her perfect pearly teeth she tore the little envelope. “Cherry flavored.”

“Uh, wait, let me get a condom,” I muttered to her. “I try to come prepared.”

“Hmmm, sounds like a pun, I think.” She giggled. “I just want you to come, lover,” she purred with a wink. “It’s okay, I want it bareback. We’ll be fine, love. And, oh fuck, I wanna feel that load inside, all hot and slippery in my pussy. Yeah, baby, I want it deep.”

“Oh, love, I’ll cum for you, I wanna cum all over you, and…” I nearly lost my breath. “Oh my goodness, what the hell, that feels wonderful,” I murmured softly into her ear as she stooped down and rubbed my cock. “Yummy, smells good, oh wow, feeling terrific, sweetie…”

“Uh huh, I knew you’d like it, good enough to eat, like me,” she whispered. Her Latina hotness simmered with a potency that’d melt the polar ice caps. “Yeah, baby, there we go.”

She knelt, pumped me and alternately used both hands to jack my penis up and down. As hard an iron poker, stoked in her lusciously molten seduction, she held me tightly. Rosa squeezed the head, teased the tip and rubbed the opening. Smoothly, with gentle manipulations, her warm hands felt wonderfully erotic. Skillfully, she brought me to the edge.

“Oh my god, that’s close, so close,” I mumbled as the buildup intensified. “Yummy, my dearest, so fucking good, you’re a goddess of sex.” I closed my eyes and felt the shudders.

“Not yet, baby,” she whispered hotly. “You’re dripping that sweet nectar, um, it tastes so good.” She flicked the tip of her tongue over the head of my cock. For a second, I thought I’d blow cum all over her beautiful face. “No, don’t do it. Come down here and taste me.”

“Speaking of that,” I started to say, “I wanna suck on you so badly…”

I swept her up, gripped the fleshy fullness of her ass, while we kissed and probed each other with a fury. When I set her down on her desk, I licked her big protruding nipples. Large, brown and erect, surrounded by exquisitely dark aureola, I suckled as much as would fit in my mouth. Rosa whimpered wildly and held my face to her chest. In the following moment, she braced herself and let out a gasp, when I pulled her legs apart and put my head between her well-toned and sculpted thighs. My mouth found the warmth of her thick outer vaginal lips.

Wow, the sculpted lush beauty of her plump mound was a sight to behold. Smooth, dark and creamy, with an inviting depth of glistening pinkness, she opened to my hunger. Like a slick Escort Kadıköy silken glove, velvety and milky, she had shaved all but a thin strip of black public hair. Her scent accentuated the luscious syrupy flesh pudding, as she squirmed and moaned. Slipping between the folds of her oozing wetness, my tongue rediscovered Rosa’s bulging hard clit. Gently, I nibbled, teased at first, and then sucked her full length into my mouth. She shrieked as though driven by a molten surge of madness. Rosa’s threw her head back and let out a squeal.

“Oh my god, fuck!” She blurted. “Yes, yes, make me come, baby!” Her fingers dug in the back of my head and pulled my face into her, as she shook and shivered. “Oh, fuck!” Rosa burst out and began to hump my face with increased tempo.

“Goddamnit, geezus, I’m cumming…”

Rocking back and forth, Rosa slammed me deeper, as though trying to pull me into her pelvis. For next few moments, she bounced up and down on the desk, massaged my face with her pussy lips, and hugged my head with her strong thighs. With each grinding groan, her muffled gasps fired my intense licking and sucking. With a deep guttural tone, she murmured excitedly.

“That’s it honey,” I whispered only to feel her shoving back down.

“Goddamnit! I’m exploding, oh hell it feels wonderful…” She screamed.

“That’s it, love, and go for it,” I urged her and between breaths kept lapping the folds of her pubic essence. My tongue went deeper inside of her and tickled the warm fleshy depths of her vagina. Her ass bounced on the desk with joyous slapping sounds. “You taste so good.”

“Eat me, suck me, lick me, baby,” she squealed and pulled my hair, as if trying to bury me inside her slippery vaginal walls. “Ooooh, damnit, that’s so good. Get that tongue up in there and lick that pussy, baby.” Wet, dripping and shuddering, Rosa came in powerful quivering successions. She rolled her head from side to side, bucked and humped intensely on my face. “Slurp it up, bitch boy, suck that clit, that’s it, baby…You’re my bitch!”

“Uh huh, you know it, love; I’m your bitch, your toy, your slave. Oh yeah, love it,” I said with a muffled breath and sucked harder. Her thick fleshy folds engulfed my face, while I dove in deeper, tugged with my teeth and slurped with my lips. “Juicy sweet, my dark mistress.”

“Oh damnit, you gotta fuck me, now,” she ordered, more like she demanded, with a voice that roared as though possessed by the carnality of hidden forces. Jerking my head up and down, forcing my face roughly between her thighs, her excitement increased. “What the hell, whew, that sent me over the edge. Oh damn,” she blurted madly and paused for a moment. “What’s your dick doing? Don’t tell me it’s getting limp. I want it stiff. Get that cock of yours on the floor now! I’m gonna ride your dick and fuck you so hard you’re gonna lose your mind.”

“Oh baby, I want it badly,” I mumbled in her fleshy folds.

She did not have to worry about my rigid attention. I was so erect I thought I burst. She knew how to get me there. Her very presence, the words and the intensity took me into another realm of my mind. An altered personality, of the many that dwell inside, emerged with a heated core. A cranking tightness twisted from balls to penis head. Bulging veins strained the stretch of skin, from groin to end of the dripping tip. My engorged dick begged for release. In the next few seconds, time ceased to exist, and only we mattered in the oozing union of our carnality. Fueled by a flooding stream of multiple orgasms, Rosa was on fire ready to explode again.

With a pleasing affectionate smile for my dear friend, I held her hands warmly, met her beautiful dark eyes, as she grinned back and flicked her pink tongue at me. Swiftly, I lifted her off the desk and admired her exquisitely curved nakedness. My fingers softly dipped into her flesh and I felt the smoldering heat of her sexual essence. In an instant, a wild banshee, sex charged and hungrily aggressive, Rosa shoved me against the wall again.

She was tough, aggressive and demanding. A powerfully dominant woman, she insisted on taking the lead. My back slapped with forceful impact against the concrete surface. With one hand, she gripped my throat, squeezed gently, and with the other hand jacked my lubed penis. Rosa teased and clutched the head as though pumping an inflatable toy.

Again, it seemed as though every fluid in my body would suddenly gush from my cock and flood the room. In the fantasy, I was in a daze, dizzy, nearly disoriented and felt as though her two fisted grip wrapped around a fire hose. Stretched by the pleasurable aches of the skin tube, bloated under the pressure of erotic agitation, I imagined Rosa’s face plastered with massive gobs of white thick sticky cum. Her intensity mounted with the inflamed passion of pure uninhibited carnality. Pumping, smacking and twisting my penis, she worked me over.

She threw her head back, laughed and squealed as if madness had struck her like a bolt of lightning. With one hand, her fingers tightened around my balls and cupped them with rough sensuality. The sack tightened and swelled, and when she shoved her tongue in my mouth, and sucked my lips, I thought I would lose consciousness. At any second, I did not know how much longer I could hold back. She expertly controlled me to the edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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