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(Disclaimer: These characters are mine. Any similarities between those living and dead, is purely coincidental.)

John Vanderbuilt was recently widowed and a young man only twenty-nine years old. Most of his wealth was inherited from his father who had it passed to him by his father. He was from a very long and prestigious line. The old money was made in stocks and antique furniture sells. He lived in a very chic and exclusive part of London and was very influential in high society. His wife passed suddenly while giving birth to their firstborn. Neither she nor his son survived the difficult birth. He held her in his arms as her life slipped from her body. He was still grieving for the loss of his wife but starting to get back out into the swing of things, attending parties and social gatherings of clubs and other events. He was one of the top bachelors that all the young available ladies were watching and he knew this all too well. He was rather bored with them though. Ladies of his class were so predictable and so hard to influence in the ways that he wanted to guide them in. Josephine was a maid in Mr. Vanderbuilt’s house. She was part of a long line of maids. Trained by her mother especially for this position after she could no longer fulfill it. Generations of her family had always served the Vanderbuilt family. She was a young woman, 23, very charming and statuesque. Her hair was brown and shoulder length and full of curls that framed her face rather nicely, hidden underneath her maids uniform was a very firm set of breasts and a plump heart shaped behind. All of the men where she grew up always called her quite a looker. The way she walked was so seductive. Her hips moved as she walked like she was dancing to a tune only she could hear. She had a habit of humming or whistling a tune while she worked.

Josephine always watched Mr. Vanderbuilt, John, as he came down the stairs every morning for breakfast and she was busying herself tidying up the parlor. She would glance over at him so as to be discrete and just sigh softly under her breath.

She was so extremely attracted to him. He was tall and slender. His green eyes seem to see right through her outfit. He had these long slender fingers that she would watch sometimes as he would play the piano. He had a sly smile and his eyes sparkled when he caught her looking at him. They had known each other since they were children and had been playmates when they were younger. John was six years older then her and they’d always played around like brother and sister. Now they had begun to view each other in a new light and both were beginning to become aware of these feelings. John approached her one-day while she was making his bed. He came up from behind her and slowly kissed the back of her neck. Sweeping aside her hair and deeply inhaling her scent. He whispered to her how beautiful she was and how fond he’d become of her lately. He pressed up against her closer and she could feel just how fond he was of her. She gasped slightly and pulled away flustered for a moment just looking at him. She was startled by this sudden approach. She started to tell him how they couldn’t because she was only a servant and he was the master of the house. Their worlds weren’t meant to be together. He sighed for a moment and then smiled. “Sometimes rules are made to be broken,” he told her. And from then she knew that this was going to be the beginning of something that she couldn’t back away from easily. She finished straightening his sheets and comforter and then feeling his eyes upon her she left the room. He lay back on the bed pulling his robe aside and sliding underneath the crisply folded sheets. He inhaled deeply and could still smell her scent on them. He felt his cock stroke up against them and he reached down to cup his balls as he strained to push his cock up against the soft sheets. He clutched it in his palm and began to stroke it down the entire length. He looked down and saw how hard and stiff he was. Damn her, he would have her. He coated his fingers in his hot saliva and began to stroke and pull on his cock. He slapped it against his stomach. Rubbing his fingers around the tip, his body quivering. His mind full of images of his cock sliding out of her hot and eager sex. He could nearly smell her as he continued stroking himself. His body quivering with each stroke as he grasp the head of his cock and stroked from the middle of his shaft upward. His fingers wrapping around the head and constantly pulling and stroking it. The pleasure was so intense he couldn’t hold back any longer and he spent himself against the fresh soft sheets. Josephine straggled into the kitchen after she’d wiped the perspiration off of her brow with her apron. She shuddered for a moment thinking about how excited he’d made her. The words he had spoke to her traveled back and forth through her mind over and over again. The way his breath felt on the back of her neck that made all of her hair stand on end. The soft sultry tones of his voice as he whispered into her ear his feelings. Her body was still tingling from the experience when she heard him walk into the dining room and sit down for breakfast. Josephine brought his breakfast into him and set it before him on the table. She hurried into the kitchen to get his coffee and bring that to the table as well. He watched her so closely as she went about her duties. She sighed to herself softly. How could this continue to happen if she were to do her job properly and not create a scandal. Turning to look at him she could see the look of lust and desire in his eyes and she could feel it burning deep in her own as well. She flushed scarlet red and scurried out of the dining room to her own small room. She washed her hands in the basin she had on the top of her chest of drawers. Pouring in some more water from the ceramic pitcher to fill the basin to the brim. She grabbed Ataşehir Escort a towel and washed her face and neck as well. She could feel the color returning to normal. She crossed over to her bed and lay back for a moment. She felt her hands brush against her skirts and slowly hike them up. One hand sliding beneath her knickers to brush against her sex. Parting the lips of her moist sex and sliding one finger deep inside. Her thumb rubbing against her swollen clitoris. She had sex only once in her life and that experience had left her curious about what more she could experience. The pleasures of the flesh as she had always heard it been called in church. Forbidden things, secret things, that made her hot and made her tremble wanting to learn more to feel more. How could something that felt so wonderful be so wrong? She shuddered as a small climax flowed through her body. Then rose from the bed, straightening her skirts and adjusting her outfit, knowing that she must get back to work. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Josephine rushed to answer it. There stood a man with a telegram for Mr. Vanderbuilt. She signed for it and took it quickly into the dining room where she knew that he was finishing his breakfast and about to read the morning paper. She set the telegram down before him on the table and took his dishes back to the kitchen. She could hear the other servants chirping like hens in there with all the latest gossip and smiled to them. She was curious as to what the telegram said as she rose from the kitchen table and went back into the dining room. She saw a look of sadness in his eyes. He told her that he had to go take care of some family business that his great aunt had passed away. He was in charge of her estate and her will and would be leaving on the next train to Bourneworth. Josephine nodded and he told her to pack his bags and that he’d probably be gone for several weeks. She sighed softly walking upstairs to his bedroom.

She began to fill his trunk with the items he would need for the trip. Blushing softly when she packed his undergarments, secretly holding them up against her nose and inhaling his scent. Oh how she would miss him while he was gone she thought to herself. But then again this would give them both a chance to evaluate the situation and see where this relationship between them was headed and if they dare continued to follow down this path. Sadly, Josephine finished packing his small trunk and got one of the other servants Christopher to carry it down the stairs and set it by the door for her. She watched John put his coat on and take the trunk in hand and walk out to the car waiting to take him to the train station. His ticket was there waiting for him like the telegram had said. John gazed out the window thinking of Josephine as the chauffeur steered his way to the station. Her hair so soft and smelled sweet. The curves of her body were so alluring and the way she walked enticed him so. She was like a diamond in the rough. How he wanted to take her and polish her and guide her to make her shine. But alas, it would be a couple of weeks before he would see her again. Now all he could do would be plan and wait for his return to his London home to see her and continue to woo her. The car gave a slight jolt as it pulled into the train station and the chauffeur opened the door carrying his small trunk. He took the trunk from the chauffeur and headed towards the station. He looked back at the car, an elegant shiny Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, it was blue and had been called “the best car in the world”. His chest welled up with pride while he traced the sleek lines of the car, watching his chauffeur speed away back to the house in it.

He smiled to himself and climbed aboard his awaiting train stowing his trunk above the seat across from him. It was going to be a two day trip so he might as well catch up on his sleep he said to himself as he pulled down the bunk and settled in after the porter came by to check his ticket. Softly he drifted into sleep as the train began to pull from the station and make its way to Bourneworth. As soon as he closed his eyes images of Josephine began pouring forth inside of his head. Suddenly a woman slipped into his cabin very quietly and knelt at the side of his bunk. She began to unbutton his pants and undo his belt buckle before John could even say a word. His cock sprang from his pants already hard from his dreams of Josephine. Her lips slid down it as smooth as silk and he gulped running his fingers through her hair pressing her down so her mouth engulfed him to the base. He closed his eyes and Josephine was down between his knees. He sighed softly both from pleasure and regret but made no move to stop the girl’s movements. She smiled and proceeded to wrap her tongue like a snake down between and under his balls. He groaned and began to pump his hips up and down in rhythm with her sucking. He pulled her hair tight and pushed his cock deep down her throat. He could hear her start to gag a little bit he eased up a little bit with his grip. She let out a groan as he pushed just the tip in and out of her eager little mouth. He trembled and shoved his cock in deep again. She gripped his thighs harder as her head pushed back a little from the force. Then teasingly she took his cock and wrapped it in her hair. She began to form a cave of hair around his cock continuing to stroke at his cock. Her hair was so thick and dense he couldn’t see his cock anymore. She began to stroke harder and suddenly his whole body pushed forth and he spilt his juices into her hair. She laughed softly and pulled his cock out of her hair rubbing his seed into her hair like a conditioner. He smiled and slipped several bills into the top of her dress and she left his compartment. Once she had left he felt a bit regretful for what had happened but it had been some time Ataşehir Escort Bayan since he’d been with a woman. This trollop was only a way to get off. Josephine was who he truly desired. He would figure out a way to win her and her hand. Josephine sighed as she did her day to day duties. It had already been a week since John had been gone and they received word by telegram that he had gotten there safe and sound and he would be there for another 2 days. She kept his room tidy and things in the house went on normally though some of the staff had a little time off because of Mr. Vanderbuilt being away for a while. The house was empty and lonely without the whole staff and John there. She lay back in her bed at night thinking of him. How his hands would feel touching her body, what sort of lover would he be, gentle or strong. Would he be slow and take his time or would he take her at a moment’s notice. She blushed thinking of a copy of a book called the Karma Sutra she had seen at a little bookshop once. All of the sexual positions it described and showed were so scandalous but looked to be so sexually stimulating. It made her wet now and she flushed bright red feeling the heat spread over her body as well as goose flesh. The fact that he desired her so made her begin to want him even more. Each night she tossed and turned in her bed. Thoughts of John kissing her and caressing her body ran through her head. Dreams of them naked lying close to each other stroking and tenderly touching one another. Each morning she would get up and have to take a hot shower. The pressure of the water pelting her body, only making her feelings of longing and desire more intense. Never washing away the memory of what happen and her wants and desires for John. More and more the desire to be with him filled her mind and body. The more she thought of it the less class began to matter in her mind. She could rise above her status. She could be with him. They would be together. John was sorting through the last of his aunt’s personal documents and he stumbled onto a letter addressed to her beloved nephew John. He smiled softly to himself and opened the envelope. He looked out the bay window in the living room next to the roaring fire he was seated by and sighed for a moment. What a dreary day it was. It had not stopped raining since he had gotten here. He smiled and turned his attentions back to the letter. Opening it slowly and beginning to read.

It read: Dear John, There is something I must confess to you. When I was the age you are now I was in love. Truly and madly in love with a man who was a butler in our home. We would meet each other in secret all the time in parts of town where no one knew who we were. We secretly carried on a relationship for two years with each other. He would profess his love for me every time we were together. We both knew that our relationship could never be completely fulfilled, as we wanted it to be. We were from two different classes…two different families and walks of life. Our hearts were always beating as one. My father found out about our relationship and fired him. He made me promise him that I would never see or think about my beloved again. That was when I was made to start going to parties and meeting all the eligible men of my own class to find a husband suitable for myself. This is the lesson I have learned from my life.

If you find love again, no matter where, no matter who, if the love is true and tender, never let it go. Hold onto the girl with all of your strength. Tender your relationship with sweet love and let it become as a flower and blossom from a bud into a beautiful rose. Never let anyone tear you apart. Happiness and love are so important in life. Be happy. I always regretted not running away with my true love. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Love, Aunt Isabelle

John smiled to himself after reading the note. The letter was dated a few months ago. This letter made him even more dedicated to winning over Josephine and making her his bride. Never before had a woman ever captivated him as much as she did. He could never get his mind off of her. He knew that if he could just be alone with Josephine a few moments both their true feelings would be revealed. John smiled and went to pack his belongings. He was nearly finished with his aunt’s will and the sell of her house. He would catch a train in the morning to go back to London. Josephine smiled upon hearing about Mr. Vanderbuilt’s return to London. He would be here on the morning train. She was so excited she went and changed into her best dress. It was Saturday and her one-day off and she wanted to make the best of this time. She had worked so hard this past week keeping the house clean enough to add up to the expectations of the Vanderbuilt’s status. She wiped her brow and went downstairs to grab a small breakfast before meeting Mr. Vanderbuilt at the station. The job had been assigned to her because the chauffeur was at home sick with the flu and she was the only other person in the household besides Mr. Vanderbuilt himself that knew how to drive. Growing up the only girl in a house full of boys definitely had its advantages.

She ate quickly and hurried out to the garage where all of the cars were kept. She marveled at these magnificent pieces of art. She strokes the curves and the lines of the fine expensive car. She knew that ordinary people would never have enough money to buy even one of these beauties. She decided she would drive the Speed 6 Bentley. She grabbed the keys from the hook and slid into the drivers’ seat. The leather felt comfortable against her bottom and back as she sat down. She turned the key and heard the engine come to life like a cat. She grinned slyly and hiked her skirt and underskirt up around her calves as she put her feet on the pedals and shifted into reverse to pull the car Escort Ataşehir out of the garage. Onward to the train station she thought to herself. She could hear the sound of the gravel that paved the street from the house to the open road. Josephine had felt bold that morning and just let her hair down and she had decided to leave the convertible top down so the wind could just blow through her hair. She had always wanted to drive a convertible car.

The sun was shining and the wind was rushing through her hair. When she finally pulled up the road to the train station she could feel the steady flow of adrenaline pulsing through her veins and her heart pounding like a bird caught in a trap. She patted the seat as she turned the car off and shifted into park, you are so exhilarating sweet car. She had arrived five minutes early and soon the train would be pulling into the station. John smiled looking at his watch. It was five minutes till his train would arrive at the station in London. He secretly wished that Josephine would be there to meet him. He closed his eyes for a moment and pictured her, her tight maid’s uniform caressing her soft curves. The corset underneath pushing her soft ripe melons up higher, her ass pushing outward as she bent to pick something up or tuck something in. He stiffened in his pants and shifted in his seat. How he always wanted to keep her bent over and just rip open her skirt and tear off her bloomers and ravish her sweet honeyed quim. He just knew that she would be tight, wet, warm and inviting for him to sink into. He reached down to adjust himself as he felt his cock strain against his pants and felt a jolt as the train stopped and the whistle blew. He was finally home. He grabbed his small trunk from the compartment next to him and made his way to the door of the car. Once he stepped out of the car he saw Josephine from a far. She was sitting in his Bentley on the driver’s side with the door open facing the train. She smiled and stepped out of the car to meet him. He went to embrace her dropping his trunk on the ground as their bodies touched. Their arms went to embrace each other and he pulled her close to him. His lips softly kissed her neck and he whispered how glad he was to see her. He laughed softly as she returned the thought in agreement. They each began to tell each other how much they had missed one another. He smiled grabbing his small trunk and strapping it to the back of the car. She smiled as she took the driver’s side once more. John smiled as well as she started the car. They zipped down the road both of them laughing. He was surprised at the ease and skill of her driving. She maneuvered turns like they were nothing and could stop on a dime. He smiled and placed his hand on her thigh, slowly pushing her skirt over her thigh. His hand gently slid underneath the waistband of her bloomers and knickers and cupped her sex. She gasped and nearly ran into an oncoming car. He laughed softly as she pulled over to the side of the road. She turned to him and pressed close to John to kiss him. The moment that both of them had been waiting for such a long while. His fingers began to brush against the edges of her outer lips and she could feel herself flush bright red and her body flush with heat and slight embarrassment. She could feel his cock strain against the fabric of his pants just as he could feel how wet and excited she was getting. His fingertips opened and spread her lips like flower petals. Her hips slid upward and his fingertips found her clitoris and began to rub against it. He smiled at her and slipped two fingers gently into her sex. Her whole body quivered and her sex clamped down on his fingers hungrily. He could feel his fingers begin to coat in her juices. He slid his wet fingers out of her knickers and then brought them to his mouth sliding them inside. He licked her juices off each of his fingers. He told her to give him the keys to the car and get out and wait for him. He got out of the car and went to the trunk and pulled out a blanket and took her hand and led her into the forest of trees next to the car. Once he found a small private clearing he laid the blanket down and patted the spot next to him for Josephine to sit on. She looked down at him sitting there and then tenderly straight into his beautiful eyes. She could see the passion and love for her in those glowing pools. She sat down next to him. He pulled her close and gently began to kiss her luscious lips. His hands fumbled for a moment and then started to unbutton each of the pearl buttons on the back of her dress. She smiled and stood letting the dress fall off of her body very slowly. He sighed dreamily just looking at her beauty. Light shined in from a clearing in the trees and her body seemed to glow as if enchanted. John felt like he was under a spell. She slipped off of her underskirt and teasingly stripped out of her bloomers, a little at a time till they too were sliding down her legs and she kicked them over to him. She started to untie the laces of her corset very slowly. John finished untying the laces and watched as her corset feel to the ground. Then she slipped out of her panties wiggling her hips as they slid slowly down her legs. She giggled softly and covered her breasts for a moment as she sat back down next to him. He reached over and took her hands in his as his head bent toward her soft perky breasts. He took her right nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it. Josephine moaned softly and cupped her breasts for him. He licked and sucked from one nipple to the other and they were becoming as hard as small pebbles. She could feel her sex moisten as his hot tongue slid from side to side and his teeth began to nibble at her flesh. Her body began to heaten from top to bottom. She felt as if she was a kettle kept on the burner too long. He quickly unbuttoned the buttons on his shirt and pants and slipped out of them. He slid his undershirt off and she watched him intently. Then he slid out of his shorts and socks. Both of them laughed taking each other’s shoes off. John laid their clothes at the top of the blanket to use as a pillow. He smiled and patted the pillow for Josephine and she lay down on the blanket.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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