Valerie Pt. 05

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The fun continues

Val came into the class with a wicked smile on her face.  She sat with a couple of Florida staff near the back and was relatively behaved during the class.  I stayed and chatted with a few of the class afterwards and then walked out with Val.  Got to a place with no one around us.

“I have a favor to ask,” said Val.


“I have the group project tonight and don’t know when I will be finished.  My roommate’s fiancé is here and they have been fucking when I have been up with you.  She knows I am fucking you, but I was wondering if I could just stay the night with you so her fiancé can stay with her.”

“Sure, not a problem.  If I don’t see you before then, I will leave the door unchained so you can get in if you guys run real late.  I look forward to waking up with you.”

I could tell she wanted to do something, but she just turned away.

“Thanks, I will see you tonight,” she said, smiling and winking over her shoulder.

Spent most of the day naked in my room working.  Took a break around 4 and went to the pool for a couple of beers and dinner.  Lazed around chatting with some of the other instructors, noticing again Carol from the Dallas office.  Decided to just hang out at the pool for the evening.  The students started coming out after 6pm.  Was glad I had my dark Oakley’s on so some of them could not see me staring at their hot bodies.  Was concentrating on a couple of them at the end of the pool when I sensed someone standing next to me.  Looked up to see the redhead I had been watching the night before in a sexy black bikini.  I smiled up at her.

“Hi, can I help you?”

“I wish, but I think my fiancé and Valerie would get upset.  I’m Bev, Valerie’s roommate,” she said, sticking her hand out.

“Dave, but you already knew that.”

“Yeah, mind if I join you for a minute?,” she said pointing to the end of the chaise lounge I was on.

“Go ahead,” I said as I pulled my feet up and moved my towel.

Bev looked around to make sure no one was right next to us.  

“Thanks for letting Valerie stay with you the rest of the week.  My fiancé is here and we would like to spend some more time together.  I appreciate it.”

“No problem.  Waking up with a sexy woman in my bed is one of my favorite things.  We were just trying to be careful, she has been in a little trouble at her office lately.”

She laughed, “Yeah she told me a little about it.”

“What did you think about what happened when she got back last night?”

I looked at her quizzically, “Not sure what you are talking about.”

“Oops, she did not tell you?”

“I only talked to her for a minute this morning to discuss staying in my room.  We did not have time to get into anything else.”

Bev looked at me for a moment and looked around again.  There was no one in the immediate vicinity.

“I shouldn’t tell you then if she hasn’t.  She might not want me to.”

“Seriously doubt she would mind us talking.  Pretty familiar with just about everything she has done, and seen her do most of it.  Including with her college roommate who I was fucking at the time.”

“Oh, Cathy?  She mentioned the fun you guys had in Miami.”

I nodded my head and sipped my beer.  Decided to let her talk if she wanted. Could tell she was really thinking about it.

“Ok, I think she would be good with this.  When she came back last night I had just finished fucking Mike, my fiancé, and was still naked in bed.  I had seen Valerie in the shower that morning and thought she would not mind.  She came in and we agreed to be naked when we were together.  Valerie took off her dress and we started talking about what we had done that night.”

“Wow, wish I had been there to see that.”

“It got better, she was telling me about the great assfucking she had just gotten.  As she told me I started touching my pussy, next thing she was eating me out, could taste Mike’s cum in me.  Made me cum hard.”

My cock was starting to stir in my shorts.  

“Now I am really sure I wish I had been there.”

Bev glanced around again, “When she finished, I got my dp strap on and fucked her with it.  We basically collapsed into the bed when we finished, wiped out. She is amazing, one of the best pussy eaters I have had and she loves to fuck.”

My cock was very hard by now, so I pulled the towel up into my lap. 


“She is.  Can’t wait to ask her about it.”

Bev tugged playfully at my towel, “What are you hiding there Dave?”

Looking straight into her eyes, “Something I wish I could share with you.”

“Me too,” She said as a guy walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Wondered where you had gone off to.  Hi, I’m Mike,” he said, sticking his hand out to shake.  

“Dave,” I said, shaking hands with him.

“Dave is Valerie’s friend,” said Bev.

Mike’s eyebrows went up and he gave me a smile.

“Can I get you guys some more drinks?,” Mike asked.

“Yes and I will be back over in a couple of minutes,” Bev said.

“No, I’m good,” I said.

Mike Elvankent Escort nodded and headed towards the bar.  

“Mike dropped by the room this morning looking for a quickie.  He got to see Valerie naked.  She went into the bathroom, and I started sucking Mike’s cock.  Valerie came back out and then helped me finish Mike off.  That’s probably why he was smiling.”

“Nice, lucky guy having both of you suck his cock.  Did he know you were bi?”

“Oh yeah.  He has seen me with another female before, but that was the first time that he had both of us play with him.  All of his other experiences were watching only.”

Visions of both of them sucking my cock made mine harder.  Bev had run her hand under my towel and reached across to squeeze my cock.

“Hmmmm can feel why Valerie likes fucking you,’ she said as she pulled her hand back.

“That’s naughty.  You shouldn’t leave me like this,” I said smiling.

“I don’t think it would be fair to Valerie if I took you.  Besides, what would Mike say?”

“Understand.  So you are going to keep playing with girls when you get married and he can only watch?”

“That probably won’t be fair, especially after this morning.  The couple of females I am involved with right now are more lesbian than bi and it is their boundary with him only watching.  But it does lead to a great fucking from him afterward,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“You think he wants to see you get fucked?”

Bev turned a little red and looked down.  

“I’m not sure, but I think him seeing my play has made him a little curious and being in a MMF might be possible.”


She looked up at me, “What do you mean, interesting?”

“I just think it is interesting that you want to do that.”

“Have you ever done something like that?”

“Like what?”

“Watched your wife get fucked?”

I shook my head no, smiling at her.

“OH, OH.  You were the one fucking someone’s wife with them watching? “


I could tell the wheels in her head were spinning.  She looked over to where Mike was sitting then back at me.

“Damnit, this would probably be the perfect opportunity, but Valerie would probably be pissed if we did that.  Do not want to risk anyone getting mad, it can have bad consequences.”

“True, we do need to consider that.”

The possibilities seemed to be overwhelming her.  She looked at Mike then back at me.  

“What about Valerie?”

“If you really want to do this you will need to talk to her. And to him,” I said, nodding in Mike’s direction.

“I had only thought it would be hot to do.  Even hotter that it could happen.  Wasn’t ready for it today, I need to sort this out and see where it can go.  Can I get back to you?”

“You know where to find me.”

I had a couple of more beers, chatted with some of the other instructors down at the pool and went up to my room about 9 pm.  As I walked in I noticed that there was another suitcase in my room.  Apparently, Val had just moved in.  Well, I guess it does make it more convenient.  There was also a note on the pillow.

“Looking forward to waking up with you.”

She had also refilled my ice bucket.  I took my clothes off, made a drink and watched some tv.  My mind wandered to the conversation with Bev.  Would she try to do anything about it?   What would Val do?  Imagining all of that made my cock stand up.  Was stroking my cock slowly when Val came flying into the room.

“Damn you are starting without me,” she said with a big smile on her face.

I just smiled at her, “Feel free to take over.”

“Oh god, I wish I could.  We are on a quick break and I needed something from my backpack.”

She walked over to her things but never took her eyes off of me stroking my cock.  Looking down she found what she was looking for and then turned back to me.


“You been doing that all night?”

“No, I just got up here.  Was thinking about the fun you had last night and this morning.”

“Oh shit, you talked to Bev.”

“Yes, a very exciting story.”

“What did she say?”

“Told me about the fun you guys had last night.”

“Oh, but you knew I played.”

“I don’t have a problem with it or what happened this morning.  Wish it had been me.”

She eyed my cock, “God I wish I could stay.”

“Any idea when you will be done?”

“No, but it will probably be after midnight.”

“I’ll try to wait for you,” I said, grinning and stroking.

“Fuck,” she said as she bent over and took my entire cock in her mouth as I moved my hand out of the way.  

Val bobbed up and down on my cock for about 30 seconds then pulled up.

“I will be back for the rest of that.  Don’t waste any of it.”

“Ok, I’ll try,” I said as I tried to grab her ass as she moved away.

“Be back as soon as I can,” she said, opening the door.

“Give Bev a call if you get a chance.”

Val stopped and looked at me, “Why?”

“She has a question for you,” I Beşevler Escort said, smiling at her.

As she went on out the door all I heard was “Shit, okay.”

I dropped my cock and went back to watching TV.  Had a couple of more drinks and went to sleep about 11 pm.  Was pretty soundly asleep when I felt the bed shift and a warm naked body cuddled up behind me.  I could feel her tits pressed against my back, her legs touching mine.

“HMMMM, what time is it?”

“Almost 2:30. Thought we would never get done.  Probably would have gone faster if we had not been drinking so much.”

“Always happens,” I said, turning to face her, my hand running over her hip onto her ass.

“I’m exhausted,” she said as she nestled her head in my chest and I rubbed her back.  

Being horny from before and feeling her hot body had the usual effect on my cock.  It stiffened between us and began to poke her.

“Oh god, I really want that but I’m not sure I can do it.”

Reaching down to grab my cock she just moaned.  I reached between us running my fingers over her pussy, she was wet and shivered as I touched her.

I pulled my cock from her grip and began flicking the head against her slit.  That started her moaning some more and pushing against me.  

“I need to feel you in me,’ she said, lifting her one leg up, opening herself up.

The head of my cock popped into her and she laid her head back on my chest.

“Did you wait for me?  Save it for me?”

“Yes, it’s all here for you.”

“Then just fuck me nice and slow and cum in me.  Fill me up.”

“I can do that.”

I pushed my hips forward my cock driving deeper into her.  Her breath eased out of her as my cock fully entered her.  I stayed there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her pussy then began to slowly fuck her.  She placed her hands around my neck hanging on to me as plunged in and out of her.  My strokes brought my cock almost out of her then back deeply in her.  

“Hmmm, that’s nice.  Love the feel of your cock like that.”

Her pussy was so smooth, my cock sliding in and out of it.  Her purring and nestled up against me was a wonderful feeling.  But my cock was aching for release.  I needed to pick up the pace a bit and get a different position.  

Was about to move when she looked up at me, “You need to cum?  I need you to cum, why don’t you get behind me?”

“Oh yeah I am ready.”

Val rolled away from me with her back facing me.  She bent over from the waist lying in bed and exposed herself to me, pulling her cheeks apart with her hands.  I lined up and reinserted my cock into her pussy.  I was ready to cum and started right away fucking her, grabbing her hips, pulling her to me, driving as deep and fast as I could.  Val could feel my urgency.  My need was physical, I just needed release.

“Cum for me baby, I need your cum in me.  Give me all of it.”

I was just grunting, making noises until I felt my cock swell and cum start blasting out of my cock.  I pushed as deep as I could, pulling her towards me with her hips.  The heat of her pussy, her massaging me with it, the release all felt amazing.

“Yeah, that’s it, I can feel your cock pulsing.  Give me your cum.”

I laid across her back, panting.

“I’ve been wanting to cum in you all night.  Your pussy just sucks it right out of me.”

“Hmmmmmmm, glad you like it.”

“What can I do for you?,” I asked, my breathing starting to return to normal.

Val slid off of my cock and turned to face me, “I am fine, wanted you to cum in me too.  But I need to sleep now, you can make it up to me in the morning.”

She kissed me and held me.  We disentangled ourselves and soon were both asleep.

I awoke to the phone ringing.  Rolling over I could see it was 6:30 in the morning.


“Hey, it’s Bev, can I talk to Valerie?”

“Sure.”  Handing the phone to Val, “It’s for you?”

Taking the phone from me she spoke sleepily, “Yes?”

I could only hear Val’s side of the conversation.  

“No, I got in at 2:30 and was wiped out.”

Val listened, occasionally answering yeah or uh huh.  Once she looked at me and went “Really?”

“Let me get back to you on that.  Thanks,” she handed me the phone to hang up.

“What did she want?”

“Anything you want to tell me?”

“Not sure what you mean.”

“Right.  What did you and Bev talk about last night?”

“We talked about lots of things.  DP strapons,  Mike watching Bev, me fucking her, her desire to see him do more.  Lots of things.

“Damn, she told you everything?”

“Yeah, why do you think I was so horny last night?  I really needed to cum for you.”

She laughed, “Yeah you did, I slept in a big wet spot all night.  I think it may still be leaking out.”

I looked at her, “So, what did she ask you?”

“She told me about wanting to see if Mike could watch her get fucked by you.  They talked about it last night and this morning.  She asked if it was okay with me if you fucked Cebeci Escort her in front of him.”

“Yeah that is pretty much what we discussed last night.  What are you going to tell her?”

“Well, honestly, I don’t want to share this,” she said, grabbing my cock.


“But, thinking about all of us being together and how hot it was to watch you fuck Cathy that time has me pretty excited,” she said as she squeezed my hardening cock.

Val moved closer to me, our bodies touching.  She moved up kissing me.  Then she trailed her tongue down my body reaching the head of my cock, licking all around it.

“Yum, you still taste like my pussy,” as she slid my cock into her mouth.  

Val started fucking me with her mouth, my cock growing to full hardness.  As I started to hump her face trying to get into her throat, she grabbed my cock and pulled her head up.

“No you owe me one,” she said as she slid over my body positioning her pussy right over my cock.  She sat down on my cock taking all of it in one move.  

I could not believe how wet she was.  She was clearly excited thinking about Bev and Mike.  Val was in a hurry, wanting to cum. Leaning forward on me, hands on my chest, she began to ride my cock as hard as she could.  Like me earlier in the morning, this was about need and release.  She fucked me with an urgency, slamming down all the way with every stroke, I held her hips, hanging on.

“OH FUCK that feels so good.  I love riding your cock.”

I could see her nipples were getting hard and I was holding her loosely by the hips.  Her eyes were closed, and she had a blissful look on her face.  With her face right over mine I was watching her up close as the orgasm built up in her.  

A long low growl escaped from her lips, the air shot from her lungs as she slammed down on me, the orgasm sweeping over her.  Her pussy clenched and pulled on my cock, her body trembling as she laid her head on my chest to ride it out, her release, her need fulfilled.

The words to “Night Moves” by Bob Seeger ran through my head -“I used her, she used me but neither one cared, we were getting our share.”

She laid on me slowly catching her breath.  I could feel the heat and dampness from her pussy as we laid there.

Slowly lifting her head up, she kissed me softly and quietly said, “Thank you, I needed that.”

“My pleasure,” I said, twitching my cock in her.

“Hmmmm, that still feels nice, but I really need to pee.  I am about to burst, I think some may have leaked out when I came.”

I laid on the bed and waited for her to return.  She slid under the covers with me and nestled her warm naked body against mine.

“What should I tell Bev?”, she said quietly.

“Depends, what do you want to do?  I am supportive of whatever you want to do.”

“Hmmmm, I think it would be hot to watch you fuck her.  I get the feeling he is a sub and just does not totally know it yet.  Could be interesting to see what she does with him.”

“Then let’s go for it.”

She smiled and slid her naked body over mine to grab the phone on my side of the bed.  Val was laying on me, her pussy on my stomach, legs spread slightly apart.  As she was dialing the phone my hand ran down the crack of her ass touching her bald still wet pussy.

“Hi, it’s Val.  He said he will do it.”

She listened, nodding her head.  My fingers brushed over her pussy causing her to gasp a bit.  

“We should meet up in his room.  He has a king sized bed and more room than we do.”

I slowly slid two fingers into her pussy as she listened to Bev talk.  She audibly inhaled as I did.

“No I’m fine, he just stuck two fingers in my pussy and now is swirling them around.  Yeah you should definitely bring your toys.”

She listened some more as I continued to work her pussy over with my fingers.  

“Uh uh, yeah.  8 tonite here, Oh God, yeah see you in a bit,” she said as she hung the phone up.

Val looked back at me, “Damnit do you know how hard it is to try to talk with you doing that, Oh shit,” she said as I slid a third finger into her.

She laid her head back down on the bed as I added my thumb to the fray, rubbing against her clit.  Pushing, twisting, fingers working in and out.  I could tell that her breath was getting a little labored.  Val was moaning, pushing back against my hand.  

“OH  FUCK, I’m cumming again,” she said as she slammed down on my hand.  I could feel her pussy contracting, squeezing my fingers, pushing back against me.  She was gasping, trembling.  Val then went limp on the bed, her full weight pushing on me. Pulling my fingers from her, my hand soaked, I moved to get out from under her.  

“You are going to kill me if I keep cumming like that.”  

“Then I guess you are going to die,” I laughed as I slapped her ass lightly and got out of bed.

“Where are you going?”

“As much as I would love to spend the day in bed with you, you need to get to class and I need to go teach one,” I said as I moved to the bathroom.

Val groaned as I moved out of the room.  I had just finished shaving when she walked in and turned the shower on.  

“I need some more sleep.”

“You can come up and take a nap this afternoon when you get done before Bev and Mike join us.”

She just groaned as she began washing off.  As I watched her in the mirror, I wondered what exactly might happen tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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