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Testing the water with my hand, I put the stopper in and started to undress. It had been a long, stressful day, and I felt harried. Pulling the tie around my hair out, I let it fall down to my shoulders. I ran my hand gently through it, then rubbed my scalp vigorously to get some circulation back. I hated having to wear my hair up in a tight bun like that, but that was the dress code. You had to look professional to be professional. Whatever that means, I thought tiredly to myself.

The room started to steam up, and I realized I forgot to turn the exhaust fan on when I got into the bathroom. Sighing, I flipped the switch and heard the whirl of the blades. Opening the cabinet under the sink, I searched around, pushing bottles and cleaners aside until I found what I was looking for. Unscrewing the cap, I inhaled the soft scent of rose petals. This was my favorite bubble bath, and hard to find, too.

I bent over the edge of the tub and poured some into the water rushing from the tap. A small mountain of bubbles started to form, spreading over the surface of the water. Putting the bottle back in the cabinet, I turned the tap off, satisfied with the level of the water. I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra, pulling the straps down off my shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. I pushed it into the growing pile of laundry in the corner of the room. “Great, just one more thing I have to add to my list of stuff to get done,” I groaned.

I shimmied out of my panties and added them alongside my bra. Stretching slightly, I arched my back, trying to loosen up some of my tight muscles. I massaged my breasts a little, mainly the undersides where the edges of the fabric seemed to cut into my skin.

Feeling slightly better after removing all my tight, restricting clothing, I stepped gratefully into the hot bath. I let out a long, low moan as I slowly lowered myself into the hot water, the bubbles tickling my bare skin. God, that felt good! I was so glad that we got a custom tub when we moved into the new house. I could actually enjoy my bath and completely submerge myself in the water with no problem.

No knees poking out of the water, or having to bend your legs to fit in the tub. Sometimes I would soak for hours, that’s how good it was. There was even plenty of room for someone else to fit in with me. I smiled, thinking of the last time he was in the tub with me. Jacob didn’t usually like taking baths, or, God forbid, soaking in the water. He thought that was a bit girly. Although he didn’t mind very much when he was in the tub with me.

My hands trailed slowly down my sides, to my hips. I massaged myself slowly, going upwards towards my shoulders, paying particular attention to my abs. I thought I might have overdone it a little at the gym this morning, as my abs still hurt. I rubbed them tenderly, then went higher, working on my breasts. Almost immediately, my nipples went stiff under the soft caressing of my hands. Kneading the soft flesh, and surrounded by the enveloping warmth of the water, I let my thoughts drift. The last trip I went on flashed through my mind’s eye, and I concentrated on it.


I had just gotten off the plane, and my friend was waiting in the terminal, with my bags in tow. “Already? Wow, that was quick. I’m used to having to wait at least a half hour, if not longer to get my luggage back.” I smiled at him, and slid the strap of my duffel bag off his shoulder and onto mine, lessening his load. He gave me a quick, awkward one armed hug, and we walked towards the car.

After we loaded the luggage into the trunk, we drove off the lot and into the small line of traffic waiting to get out of the airport. I let my head fall back against the cushioned headrest. I was so glad to get off that plane. I had flown many times, but long flights still took it out of me. I slept the rest of the drive to his place, but Jacob didn’t mind. He let me take my nap. It seemed like hours later when he gently shook me awake. “Wake up, Liz, we’re here.” He told me softly. I blinked sleepily at him for a moment, then stretched. “Okaaaay…” I said, stifling a yawn.

Pushing open the door, I stumbled to the trunk and began pulling out my bags. Jacob went to help me, and we walked towards the front of the house. Unlocking the door, he held it open for me to go in, and followed afterwards, closing and locking the door. I dumped my bags on the floor, then rummaged around through my duffel bag, looking for my little travel bag that had my toiletries in it.

“There it is,” I yawned, pulling it out of the tangle of clothing. “Where do you want to put these?” Jacob asked me, still holding the rest of my bags. “Oh, you can just leave them there for now, it’s not going to hurt. All I want to do is brush my teeth and go to sleep.” I mumbled. He placed the bags down next to the others. “Well, the bathroom is upstairs, and my room is right across from it, unless you want to sleep in the guest room again.” I wrinkled my nose. “No thanks. I don’t mind sleeping on an Bostancı Escort airplane, but I think it might be pushing it for the air mattress right now.” I said, grinning a little.

He nodded to me, then disappeared into the kitchen. He probably hadn’t eaten before picking me up, I thought, shaking my head. Climbing up the stairs, I saw the bathroom door was open, and detected a whiff of chemicals. Some kind of cleaner, I thought, my smile widening. He must have tried cleaning up earlier, when he found out I was coming over.

I pushed the door open wider, then pulled my toothbrush out. Once I finished washing my face and brushing my teeth, I wandered into Jacob’s bedroom. “This is more like it,” I laughed. It seemed as if Jacob had attempted to clean his entire place, but of course, didn’t manage to clean his room. Dirty clothes were strewn about the floor, empty soda bottles on the desk by his computer, and papers covered his nightstand and the unoccupied spaces of his desk where the plastic bottles weren’t covering it.

I cleared a path among the clothes to get to his bed, then picked the clothes off his bed and threw them on the floor. “Men. For some reason, they just can’t keep their own rooms clean. Unless, of course, a woman does it for them,” I mused, laughing softly to myself. Stripping my clothes off except the underwear (I hated sleeping in a bra), I put them in a small pile on the floor separate from Jacob’s. I didn’t want to lose them in his mountain of laundry on the floor.

The sheets, at least, looked clean, and I was grateful that he had done that one small thing, even if he didn’t clean the rest of his room. Lifting up the covers, I crawled inside, pulling a pillow towards me. I buried my face in the soft, fluffy pillow, and inhaled. I could smell a light trace of Jacob’s aftershave, and the more natural masculine scent of him. I groaned slightly, then stretched out, lying on my belly, and fell asleep.


Jacob climbed back up the stairs after having finished his sandwich, and went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. He saw the little bag of toiletries lying near the sink, and smiled. It was good to have Elizabeth visit again. It had been a long time since her last visit, and he could barely remember that one. She had to leave early, because of something happening at her job that they couldn’t take care of without her. He knew she was disappointed, but still she left. Her job meant a lot to her.

After he finished brushing his teeth, he went into his room, looking around to see where she had got to. “Already in bed. She really must have been tired,” he said softly to himself, then pulled his shirt off and threw it to the floor. He kicked off his shoes, then dropped his pants, stepping out of them. In his boxers, he slid carefully between the sheets, so he wouldn’t wake Elizabeth.

When his naked thigh touched her warm body, she moaned slightly, then turned over onto her side, facing him. He gasped softly at the view before him. She wasn’t wearing anything! She moved again, and he felt the velvet fabric of her panties rub against his leg. Ok, almost nothing, he thought, correcting himself. He groaned, looking back up at her breasts. The swayed slightly with her breathing, one lying on top of the other. One arm was tucked under her pillow, the other just beneath those beautiful breasts.

Her nipples were slightly hard, the skin of her areolas slightly puckered, but it wasn’t cold in the room. He tried really hard not to think of other reasons for them to react like that. He could feel his cock stirring slightly in his boxers. Shit! That was the last thing he needed. At least she was asleep, he thought desperately. Tearing his eyes from the sight of her naked skin, he growled, trying to control his rushing hormones. He layed down on his stomach, pressing his growing erection into the soft mattress.

Forcing his muscles to relax, he tried to go to sleep. He was tired from the last minute cleaning he had done before picking Elizabeth up, and the long drive to and from the airport. He felt himself start to drift asleep, then he felt the mattress dip slightly as Elizabeth shifted unconsciously in her sleep, moving closer to him. His muscles tensed and he nearly jumped out of bed when he felt one of her arms go over his back, and a leg pushed gently between his. She snuggled closer to him, head on his shoulder, warm breasts pressed against his arm.

Trying to breath evenly, he thought desperately of a way to get out of her grip without waking her. Nothing came to mind. His fully erect cock pulsed painfully beneath him. This was going to be a long night, he thought helplessly.


Despite Jacob’s difficulties, he finally managed to drift uncomfortably to sleep. He dreamed of the woman beside him, of the things he’d love to do with her, if she were willing. She’s your friend, his mind whispered to him. He didn’t want to ruin their relationship because he did something stupid. Dreams, though, Bostancı Escort Bayan dreams were not real, and it wouldn’t hurt for him to dream about Elizabeth, and the forbidden fruits of her luscious body. In his mind, she was lying beside him in bed, but awake, the covers pulled back so he could see the full glory of her naked body.

She was completely naked, her panties gone, and he could see a shimmer of something between her thighs. His cock twitched. He was bare ass beside her, and she wanted him. She looked down at his rigid cock, and smiled at him.

Spreading her legs, Elizabeth let him see just how wet she was. A slick coat of clear liquid covered her netherlips, trailing down her pussy, and smeared against her inner thighs. Jacob groaned, and his cock twitched again as she opened her legs to him, revealing her sweet treasure. He moved tentatively closer to her, wary of his bouncing cock, and reached out a hand to cup one of her breasts. It was soft and warm, and he could feel the weight of it in his hand as he lifted it up, and started massaging it. She moaned, arching her back, pushing against his hand. Bending his head, he gently took the hardened nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

Her hand gripped him, stroking his hard member, and he bucked his hips slightly. Releasing her breast, at least from his hand, he caressed the rest of her body. Moving down her taut stomach, he stopped just below her belly button, surprised. The skin beneath his fingers was completely smooth. She had shaved. He groaned, then started sucking harder on her nipple until she cried out, and her hand began moving faster on his shaft. Continuing his downward trail, he let his hands go further down her body, enjoying the smooth feel of her freshly shaven pussy. He stopped again when he reached her clit. She was extremely wet, some of her desire having overflowed onto her clit, giving him plenty of natural lube to work with.

He let her nipple go, and it came out of his mouth with a pop. Jacob started stroking her clit in slow circles, while he stared up at her face. Her eyes were half lidded, looking back at him through a haze of lust, still pumping his cock in her hand, slowly this time. He teased her clit a little more, then let his fingers glide down between her soaking wet lips, probing gently at her tight hole. She whimpered, lifting her hips towards him, wanting him to insert his fingers all the way inside her. He obliged happily, and plunged his index and middle finger deep inside her, feeling the walls of her vagina stretching slightly to accommodate him.

Her pussy clenched around his fingers, sending a wave of warm liquid cascading on his already sopping wet fingers. Man, she was really wet, he thought. A tendril of understanding crawled through his sleeping brain, and he realized she felt way too wet for this to still be a dream.


Slowly, he opened his eyes, his brain still sleep fogged, half afraid of what he might see. He had flipped over on his back, Elizabeth’s leg propped up against his thigh, her hand slowly stroking his cock, which had popped out of his boxers. His hand was buried in her panties, fingers deep inside her. When he looked up at her, he was slightly shocked that her eyes were open. She looked back at him, blinking sleepily. He had no idea how long she had been awake, but he must have started touching her while she was still asleep.

Jacob thought she would have woken up and stopped him, if that was the case, but maybe she was having a dream similar to his… Abruptly, he pulled his fingers out of her, his face hot. “What did you stop for?” she mumbled, still stroking his cock. “God, Liz, I’m so sorry, I didn’t…didn’t mean to..” he stuttered, but she leaned over and kissed him softly, stopping his halting apology. He hesitated, then kissed her back, pushing himself up off the bed a little. She grabbed his still wet hand and placed it back onto her very damp panties.

“Don’t stop. Please…” She almost begged him, pressing her body closer to his, her other hand still firmly holding his swollen cock. Jacob moaned when he felt her squeeze him, then release, and squeeze again. He growled, “God, woman, you’re driving me nuts!” then gently pulled her hand off him and shook his hand free of her grasp.

She looked at him, almost as if she was going to cry, thinking he was going to leave, but as soon as he got up he pushed her back down on the bed, peeled her soaked panties off, and placed himself to where his body partially covered hers, his erect penis poking her in the thigh. A smile lit up her face when she realized he wasn’t leaving, and he shook his head, a grin to match her own on his. “You are…incredible,” he breathed, then swooped down to kiss her again, harder this time, his tongue searching.

She opened her mouth wider, pushing her tongue into his mouth in response, her hips arching off the bed slightly. He put his hand back on her wet mound, Escort Bostancı stroking her slit, the edge of his hand rubbing against her clit. She moaned in his mouth, thrusting her hips with each stroke. He ground his cock into her soft, fleshy thigh, his hand working between her legs, then he pushed two fingers inside her, stroking her inner walls. She bucked hard against him, but he held on to her tightly, stroking her faster, his thumb working on her clit.

“Ooohh, Jacob…that’s….that’s tooo much…” she cried out, the sensations flooding her. He pulled his lips away from hers, grinning wolfishly. “It’s never too much,” he whispered, holding her tightly, increasing the speed of his strokes. Elizabeth moaned louder as his talented fingers worked on her, and she felt her climax building at an amazing speed. She tried pushing his hand away, but he wouldn’t allow it.

Instead, he shifted his body so he could pin her down better, his fingers still moving inside her. She bucked beneath him, moaning constantly, unconsciously fighting against her own orgasm. “Let it go, baby, just let it go…,” he whispered in her ear, his hot breath tickling the sensitive hairs at the back of her neck. She whined, pressing against his hand. “Come on, Elizabeth, cum for me, let it out.” He growled, his cock as hard as ever, pulsing against her leg.

Her arms wrapped around his chest, holding on for dear life as she felt her orgasm ripping out of her, making her body spasm beneath him. He kept stroking her, drawing out her climax, feeling her juices pouring out of her pussy, her inner muscles squeezing his fingers. Slowly, the waves of her orgasm subsided, but still he kept stroking her, this time more slowly. “What are you doing…oohh,” she gasped, as he pushed his fingers deep inside her, thrusting his hand back and forth hard and fast, sending her spiraling towards another orgasm. “Jacob…!!” She moaned, her hips bucking against his hand, her second orgasm imminent. He pulled his fingers out just as she was on the brink of cumming, and she cried out desperately.

Before she could say anything, he climbed on top of her, positioning his legs on either side of her body. He looked questioningly at her, and she nodded furiously, her hands clenching the blankets tightly in her fists, hips raised in the air invitingly. Jacob needed no further invitation. Guiding the head of his cock to her swollen lips, he gently pushed himself inside her, going as slowly as he could so he wouldn’t hurt her. Elizabeth wasn’t going to have any of that after what he just did. She thrust her hips upward towards him, taking him all the way inside her in one swift motion, making him gasp.

Groaning, he pressed his body close to hers, thrusting in and out of her, feeling her trembling against his body. He knew she was close. Purposefully, he made each stroke slow and deep, building up his own orgasm, making Elizabeth thrash beneath him, obviously wanting to cum very badly herself. He propped himself up on his elbows so he could take some of his weight off her, and began thrusting faster into her, the slick walls of her pussy molded to his cock. She cried out, lifting her own hips in response to his increased speed, thrusting her hips forward to meet his own. He bent his head down to kiss her briefly, his tongue darting inside her mouth, tasting her sweetness.

Moaning, she stopped moving, her body tense as her second orgasm tore through her body, her pussy clenching tightly against his cock, triggering his own orgasm.He groaned as he felt even more of her hot juice pour out of her, surrounding his rock hard cock, and held himself tight against her, buried as far as he could go inside her tight pussy, letting her inner muscles milk him. Thick loads of cum shot out of his cock, mixing with her own fluids.

He collapsed onto his back, not wanting to put all his weight on her, but taking her with him as he went down, flipping her around so she layed on his stomach. They held each other tight, letting the aftershocks of their orgasms wash over them. Jacob’s cock slowly began to shrink, but stayed inside her, and she made no move to get up. She smiled at him. “Thank you, Jacob. That was…awesome. I am never going to forget this night.” She purred. A tired, but happy grin was on his face, and he kissed her forehead. “Neither will I sweetheart, neither will I.” he answered softly. They both fell asleep, curled up in each other’s arms.


Fixing in my mind the moment Jacob began to caress me while we both slept, I began to pound my fingers inside me furiously, so close to cumming as it was, thinking about the night I had shared with Jacob, and what we did for the rest of my visit. Moaning, I arched my hips, making the water splash around me as I thrashed inside the tub, my climax consuming me.

After my orgasm had subsided a bit, I slid my fingers out of my slick pussy, gently rubbing my clit and outer lips. I looked up suddenly as I saw a shadow fall over me. It was Jacob, standing before me while I sat naked in the tub. Obviously he had been watching me while I was pleasuring myself, his rock hard erection sticking out away from his body, and I could see it wave around slightly with each pulse of his blood. I grinned, spreading my legs so he could join me, and he most definitely took me up on my offer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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