University Diaries Ch. 02

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If you read Entry 1 you know I came to the aid of a young man not getting fucked. He’s too young for me, but I see it as my duty to help him cum with a real woman and not just porn flashing on a screen.

I was afraid I embarrassed Joe. Masturbating in front of someone may have been too much for him.

I saw Joe in the hall and asked, “Are you okay with what we did last night?”

He wouldn’t look at me, but replied, “I’ve never cum so hard, it felt great to be close to you.”

I reminded him to think about how good it felt when he shot his load with me and just how much better it would feel in a tight, warm pussy with soft tits grazing his chest.

Joe looked a little distracted so grabbed his arm and told him, “Baby, I don’t think it is a good for us to be together-there are too many differences, but you are my favorite fantasy. Just seeing you makes my pussy so wet for that big dick of yours.”

I headed down the hall and said, “Have a great weekend and go out and meet some girls. Remember how if felt when you were cumming and send out that vibe. If you need to get together, I am here for you.”

I took a couple of days off and returned to work late in the week. I knew Joe would stop by.

I wore my thigh highs and figured I would slip off my bra if Joe and I hooked up

He didn’t disappoint and came to my office about six. We starting talking about his progress with girls, and he said he seemed to feel more confident and was getting a better reaction from women. I told him, our little sessions would end when he meets a girl. You need to focus all of your attention on the real cunt in your life.

I told Joe to come back to my office at about 7:00 p.m. when the coast would be clear. I took off my bra and unbuttoned my blouse an extra button and positioned my it so Joe would get Ümraniye Escort a good view of my tits while he was jerking off.

“Right on time, baby” I said as Joe came in to my boss’ private office.

He was much more relaxed now that he knew what was going to happen. I asked if he had jerked off since last week.

He nodded.

“Was it as good, alone” I asked Joe.

“No, but I jerked off to your voice, your legs, your tits.” Joe pulled me onto his lap.

I kissed his forehead and said, “Cool down, you came before I finished the story last time.”

I sat on the arm of the chair and this time I undid his belt and zipper.

He pulled out his big dick and started stroking it immediately.

I leaned very close to him so his head rested on my chest. I knew he could feel my hardening nipple under the thin material of the blouse and could see my other tit.

I began today’s masturbatory fantasy, again with the lovely Colleen.

“After fucking Colleen’s brains out a couple of days ago, you didn’t know if she wanted to see you again. She did. You were working late, alone. Colleen entered your office cube.

She was wearing a very short, tight black skirt, with a way too small university logo tank top. It was obvious she was not wearing anything underneath as you could see every ripple of her areola and the hard bud of her, heavy tits.

She straddles you on your chair and starts to kiss your sexy lips. She works her way down to your neck and you go crazy over her kisses. You can’t believe the heat coming from her pussy.

You know she can feel your cock stiffen as she grinds down onto your dick. You rub your hands down her back and ass and discover she has no panties on.

This makes your dick harden so bad it aches. You bring your hands Ümraniye Escort Bayan up to those beautiful tits of hers and pull them out over the top of her shirt. The top is so tight that her tits are pushed together so that you can suck both nipples at once.

She continues to grind her hot pussy into your hard dick as you hungrily suck her tits.

Then you hear someone walking towards your office. Colleen slides down your body so she is under your desk.

It was just the security officer making his rounds. Thankfully, he barely sticks his head into your office and continues on his way. After his footsteps disappear, Colleen takes advantage of her location.

You see her hand reach up and unbuckle and unzip your pants. She pulls out your semi-hard cock and your full ball sack. She wets your dick from tip to base with her tongue.

She starts stroking and pulling and squeezing that big, thick dick of yours while her mouth works on your cum heavy balls. She is kissing and licking your ball sack. Almost worshipping it. You feel her suck each ball into her mouth. She switches it up and massages your balls while her mouth works on that great big fuck stick of yours.”

I see Joe’s cock twitch as he vigorously strokes his meat. His mouth and head nuzzle into open blouse. I feel his warm, rapid breathe on my stiff nipples. I’m afraid he’s going to cum before my story ends. My pussy is so wet and contracting so hard I feel breathless as I continue the fantasy.

“Colleen is using her mouth like a tight pussy hole. Her lips are so tight around you cock and her head is bobbing up and down so fast.

Her hands seem to massage the cum from your balls. That’s it. You shoot you thick, hot cum down her waiting throat.

She swallows every drop. You sink into Escort Ümraniye your chair. Your balls have never felt so drained.

You look down at Colleen’s beautiful face as she licks your cock clean and you feel your manhood begin to stiffen again.

You pull her up and impale her, reverse cowgirl, on your hardening dick. You hike up her skirt so you can watch her tight little ass riding your fuck pole and watch as her tight,wet pussy swallows your cock.

You feel Colleen starting to fatigue so you stand up with your dick still in her pussy and force her over your desk. You grab her by her tits and use them to pull her towards you while you ram your fat cock into her pussy.”

I felt Joe push his face into my tits pushing open my blouse, his mouth aching for my nipple as he shot his cream all over the two of us. I held his head still as he squeezed the last bit of cum out of his cock. I held him close as we both tried to catch our breath.

I finally was able to move and grabbed some Kleenex from the desk to start cleaning up.

This time, though, I could not resist tasting Joe’s cream. He watched as I scraped his thick cum from my blouse and brought it to my waiting mouth. I love the taste and feel of cum in my mouth and I think Joe appreciated my enthusiasm as I licked it from my fingers. I took his hand and licked the cum off it.

We cleaned up our clothes the best we could and straightened out the office. He walked me to my car. It was a warm, early fall night. The pink and red sunset highlighted the trees on campus. I so wanted to pull Joe into my car and drive to the nearest forest preserve, pull out a blanket and have him fuck me until I couldn’t walk.

I did resist. I kissed him a little too suggestively on the cheek, and told him to make sure he had plans to meet girls this weekend.

“We can’t have your thick cream go to waste in a tissue anymore.”

I gave Joe a hug, and I got into my car to leave.

I really felt, a type of fondness for Joe; though guilty for using this young man for my own sexual fantasies. I got off as much as he did with my filthy scenarios.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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