Two Men and a Gay Girl

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Who doesn’t like a handyman, especially one with an Irish accent?

I don’t know what I was thinking. I really don’t. I had told myself after the sex filled day with Dave, I needed to stop. I had to stop having sex with men just because I felt like it. I thought it was wrong of me to treat men like objects. The only thing is, they didn’t seem to mind it. Go figure.

Jack is a handyman living within walking distance to my home. We have known each other for years. For a small fee and a few beers he would be my Mr. Fixit. I liked Jack’s sense of humor and ease with life. Nothing seemed to bother him.

As he said to me, “Life is grand, what is there to complain about.” His thick brogue matching his wide smile.

He reminded me of Gerard Butler with his manly unshaven appearance, but always with a hint of cologne I found very appealing and at times seductive.

It had been a long while since I had sex – with a woman. Too long. I was feeling overly horny without an outlet. Jack was convenient and it seemed his long glances and “I will have another beer,” during our many post work day chats were signs he was interested in some kind of relationship.

One night, while I was out of town I receive a text from Jack, “Hey Liz, when will you be back in town?”

“Not sure,” I replied, “Why?”

“We should get to together for a drink, it’s been awhile.”

It really hasn’t been awhile, so I wasn’t sure why he said that…

“Ok, sure. Have you had a few drinks already?” I decided to check if it was the alcohol talking.

“Stopped off at the local and had a few. Home now, feet up.”

“Ahhh, hope you had a good time.”

“Yes, but better if you were here.”

And then came the surprise text.

“You really like pussy Liz?”

I didn’t respond right away. I was a bit annoyed and a little tired of this question from men in general.

After about an hour, I responded.


“I do to!” He replied quickly.

I hate texting in these situations. What was he doing – playing with me?

“I assumed you did.”

“Send me a pic?”

“Of what?”

“Your pussy.”

Exasperated, I replied, “Clearly, you have been drinking.”

“Are you sending one?”

Ok – yes, I am probably not right in the head. I shouldn’t play these silly and reckless games. But there I was, lying in bed, bored and horny with an invitation to play. I found myself reaching down under my panties feeling my bush which needed major trimming. I parted my lips, my fingers feeling my wetness. I needed to get laid.

“I’m not camera ready,” I texted.

“What does that mean?”

“It’s a jungle down there.”

“I love that!”


“I love a full bush.”

I stared at my phone. Should I?

I pulled my panties off and kicked them with my foot. I have never been a fan of selfies. What angle is best? Flash on or off?

I spread my legs and parted my lips for a clit shot, holding my phone steady trying to hit the red button with a steady hand.

I looked at my pic – yikes! Pussy shots are ugly. So what do I do? I sent it to Jack.

No response. I guess he thought it was unattractive as well.

“I’m so hard Liz.”

“From that awful pic?”

“That was lovely.” As only an Irishman can say.

“Clearly, you need to get laid as much as I do if you think that was a good pic.” Jesus, I was actually getting turned on with this interaction.

I waited for a response, staring at my iphone. After a few minutes he responds.

“See you soon?”

“Sure.” I surmised Jack jacked off and was ready for nighty night.

A Few Weeks Later

My phone pings, “What are you up to?”

“Nothing much.”

“I’m across the street at the local, come over.”

I sat with that text. Don’t over think it Liz, I told myself. But just in case I decide to take it to the level, I needed to do some grooming. You would think I was rescued from the wilderness with the pubic jungle making a run for it from between my legs.

Thank you Bliss shaver! A fully charged shave on high with a thin comb and 10 minutes later I felt fuck worthy again. You would think there was a sheep sheared after I was finished, or a German tourist.

I walked into our local bar, quickly finding Jack situated at the end of the bar, watching soccer on the TV above the bar.

“I wasn’t sure if you would be sitting at the outside bar or not.”

“Too cold out with the wind. What will you have to drink?”

“Just a Chardonnay. No, I change my mind, I will have a vodka martini with extra olives.” I moved the stool closer to him and pulled myself up into the swivel Old Bavaria style bar stool.

That’s my serious drink. I have come to think of it as my no turning back drink. When I drink a martini, I feel deliciously filthy without inhibitions.

Colleen the bartender brought over my martini, filled to the brim. I had to take a sip before I could lift it. I wish they would invest in decent olives. It should be a crime serving martinis with pathetic little olives but I persevered Ataşehir Escort with my olive challenged cocktail. I’m a trooper.

Halfway through my martini I started thinking about what jack would be like in bed. He was talking to me but I wasn’t listening. I could care less about soccer and I suspected that wasn’t top of mind for him by the way he kept glancing at my cleavage.

I rested my sad olives, skewered on the red plastic sword on the side napkin while I swallowed the remainder of my drink.

“What do you want to do Jack?” trying to sound matter of fact.

“Maybe we should go over to my place.” He said without hesitation, swigging the last of his Coors Light.

“Sounds good.”

I followed him on the 500 feet journey across the street to his house.

Jack had a secluded property tucked away off the cul-de-sac on the street next to mine.

I parked my Jeep in the back of his house just in case nosey neighbors wondered by.

He unlocked the back door, holding the door open for me to walk in first. I thought that was a nice gentlemanly thing to do.

I always find it a bit strange walking into house I have never been in before. I took a few steps into the foyer and waited for Jack to close the door and turn on the light.

“This way, I think I have wine in the fridge. You like white, right?”

“That’s fine, whatever you have.”

I stood in the kitchen taking in the bachelor décor while he rummaged through his fridge for the wine bottle.

I always admire people that can live with sparse belongings. Jack didn’t have much stuff to look at while I stood by the counter, but the decorative items (I use that term loosely) that adorned his walls and side table were odd. One item in particular was hung in the middle of the beige wall was a beaded Indian looking thing. It looked like something you would buy at a casino gift shop.

“What’s the beaded thing on the wall represent Jack?”

“Oh that? Someone brought that back for me from vacation.”

I nodded, agreeing my first assumption was accurate.

He handed me a glass of wine, clinking his can of beer to mine glass, “Cheers Liz.”

We stood for an awkward moment until he broke the silence.

“Have a seat.”

“Sure,” Looking at the small love seat or the lazy boy options then deciding on the love seat.

Jack followed me over and squeezed in next to me. Ok, maybe I should have sat in the lazy boy, I felt like a teenager girl in a boys basement. Not sure where to put my hands as he put one arm around me.

Fortunately he turned on the TV which gave us a break from thinking of things to say.

I finished my wine too fast, nerves started to creep in.

Pushing myself out of the tight fitting love seat, “Hey Jack, would you like another beer? Do you mind if I help myself?”

“Yes Liz that would be fine.”

I took my time staring into the fridge, the wine bottle in front of me but I just wanted a moment to think about what was probably going to happen. He seemed shy tonight. Maybe he changed his mind? We are watching TV like an old married couple. He was probably too drunk a few weeks back to remember about asking for a pic of my pussy.

I selected the only bottle of wine from the fridge along with a Coors light. I backed away and turned so my ass could close the door with a booty bump.

As I poured the wine slowly, I noticed Jack wasn’t in the love seat. He was coming towards me, I assumed to get his beer – then he stopped a few feet away.

“Do you want your beer?”

He smiled and then did something completely unexpected. He unbuttoned his Jeans and unzipped his pants. Still smirking, he pulled out his cock, thick and hard.

“Yeah, I’ll have a beer.” Reaching for the can in my hand, his cock hanging out, like he drinks beer all the time with his cock hanging out. Maybe he does?

He took a swig of beer while taking my empty hand and bringing it to his cock.

“Get a good feel, Liz.”

I stood there, a bit shocked but held his cock while he drank his beer. I could feel it pulse, my fingers loosely wrapped around his shaft.

Jack reached into my low cut shirt and firmly grabbed one of my breasts like he was assessing the merchandise. I wasn’t used to this Neanderthal approach to foreplay but I found it arousing.

“Nice tits.”


He took his hand over mine and directed me to stroke him.

“That’s it Liz.”

He unbuttoned my blouse pulling both my tits out. We stood there while his hands kneaded my breasts like dough, pinching my nipples. As I stroked his cock he leaned his head back tweaking my nipples harder.

It felt surreal standing in his kitchen taking his primitive direction. I was enjoying it. The unapologetic, lack of consent fondling. I was getting wet.

Both my hands took his long shaft, the left hand stroked his hot cock up and down while my right hand took his head between my middle and index finger with my thumb circling the pink tip, feeling seaman seep out, rubbing his juice over his head Ataşehir Escort Bayan until he moaned.

Jack looked down, watching me play with his pre-cum. I think we both felt feral in that moment. He tore at my jeans, pulling them down while holding my hand to his cock, kicking them off me. His hand reaching between my legs. I realized just how wet I was with his fingers spreading my clit. His cock twitched in my hand as he slid his fingers between my folds.

We looked at each other, we didn’t even kiss yet but it didn’t matter. This was about being devoured and I was going to be submissive.

He turned me around quickly and bent me over the arm of the lazy boy. I could hear his jeans coming off and see his feet between my legs. He pushed my back lower, taking control, showing me he was in charge. His fingers fucking making a squish sound as he scooped up my juice and rubbed it over my ass, circling my hole. My god, he was going right for the anal fuck.

I was waiting for his fingers to enter my ass but he stopped. Then I felt his cock, the head rubbing up and down my clit, lubricating. I held onto the leather arm of the chair, pushing my ass up as a welcoming gesture…but nothing happened. He let go. I turned and he was walking toward the kitchen. Really? He needs another beer now?!

He took the wine bottle out of the fridge, about two thirds of it empty and came back, cock stiff, walking with a purpose.

He pushed my back down against the chair. I heard the cork. What was he doing?

“You want it hard Liz?”

“Yes please.”

He rolled the cold bottle over my ass and then I knew what I was in for.

He kicked my legs open with force, spreading my ass cheeks. His fingers playing with my swollen pussy, making me push against him, asking for more.

The lip of the cold glass touching my clit made me lurch forward. His hand grabbing my shoulder bringing me back to meet the neck of the bottle.

I braced myself as he played. The neck of the bottle rubbing in my folds, his hand rubbing my ass making me wait, wondering if I will submit to be fucked by cold glass.

He inserted the tip of the bottle in my pussy, the chilled glass against the hot walls of my wet pussy made me gasp. I pushed against it, making it go deeper without Jack’s assistance.

He let me set the rhythm as I rode the neck of the bottle as he twisted it.

“Fuck me in the ass.”

He pulled the bottle out and handed it to me. Wine still in it and wine dripping out of my pussy, I took a swig and handed it back to him.

He rimmed my ass with the bottle pouring a little wine lube. His cock was so big and hard. I felt the head push into me. Yes, I wanted it. He plunged into my ass, his full length to his balls with one swift motion. I let out a scream loving the pain and control he had. He grabbed the back of my hair as he thrust deep into my ass over and over.

“You like this fucking? You want it harder?”

“Yes.” What else could I say, it was true.

He pulled out of my ass and inserted the wine bottle. Twisting it in deeper stretching my ass wider.

His lovely thick cock slid into my pussy with ease, I was so wet. His hips making circles around moving his cock deep in me while twisting and thrusting the bottle in my ass. I loved the feeling of complete submission. He could do anything to me at that point.

With his cock and bottle in me, I thought is this what two guys fucking me at the same time feels like? I felt so depraved. What if there were three guys and I had to suck a cock. The thought made me reach between my legs and rub my clit.

Jack started to grunt as his thrusts got harder and faster. He ditched the bottle onto the chair with a little wine still left in it, to hold my hips, pounded into me with all his force.

I was going to climax but I wanted him to at the same time, “Cum in me.”

He thrust into me, balls slapping my pussy as I fingered my clit, my orgasm building. Each thrust releasing his seaman deep, pulling out and then thrusting in to deposit more spunk. His creamy juice seeped out and oozed through my fingers as I climaxed. He held onto my waist, cock still in me, his final spirt of juice matching my final cum soaked tremble.

It was running down my legs. I couldn’t believe what we had just done.

“Let me help you with that.” He said with heavy breaths as he went to kitchen to get a wash cloth.

He changed from being the master to being a gentle caregiver, “Sit back.”

He put one towel on the lazy boy and sat me down while he sat on the floor in front of me. He used a damp wash cloth to clean the juices from my legs and with the lightest touch clean my pussy.

“Was I too hard on ya Liz?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Your pussy is looking awfully red and swollen,” He said with a caring voice.

Chuckling, “Well you did just fucked the life out of me, what do you expect.”

He actually turned red and bashful as I kiddingly chastised him.

He continued to gently dab the cloth around my clit, his face inches Escort Ataşehir away. I was getting aroused again, thinking his tongue was so close, wanting him to eat me with the same aggression he used to fuck me.

“You have a pretty pink pussy Liz.”

“Thank you. Now lick it.”

I spread my legs wide, arms relaxed on the overstuffed leather chair.

I knew I was wet, I’m sure he could see the glistening of my excitement.

My hand parted my pussy lips to show just how wet and ready I was.

“You like watching?” I asked.

“You want to see me play with myself?”

He nodded yes as he positioned himself directly in front of my pussy, kneeling back on his legs.

Watching me touch myself gets you hard?”

He didn’t need to respond, his rising cock answered for him.

I held my parted lips open as I rubbed the swollen bud then dipped a finger in to gather juice, what was left of his cum mingled with mine, then spread it over my clit keeping the slickness as I massaged my pussy. Jack watched intently, his cock standing at attention, twitching as I spread wider for his viewing pleasure.

Jack placed his hands on my knees, pushing them as far apart as my legs could go. He leaned in and with the tip of his tongue gently flicked my clit up and down. He looked up at me as his mouth opened to take in my clit, sucking it in with a tug. I wanted to grad his head and pull his face into my pussy but I resisted. I wanted to be taken at his pace.

He dipped his fingers into me, slowly fucking me, swirling and rotating his hand to penetrate as deep as his rough fingers could go.

“Do you like the girls to do this to you Liz?”

“Their hands are smaller,” giggling as he thrust, his rough working man hands creating friction. It felt like he was going to fist me. He leaned over taking my nipple in his mouth, sucking hard as his fingers fucked me. I held his face to my breast as he tongue circled and nibbled my tit.

Then we heard it, “knock knock.”

What the fuck?! Jack looked at me, we both had that surprised expression.

I whispered to him, “Who is that?”

“I think it’s Josh. He drops by for a beer sometimes, let’s himself in.”

Josh is a mechanic now, he was once a Canadian Mounty but walked away from it for reasons unknown. He is tall, maybe 6’4″ with a muscular body. I think most people would say he is ruggedly handsome with wavy dark hair and a constant 5’oclock shadow.

Jack and I froze in the position we were in when we heard Josh say ‘knock knock’ somewhere by the front door. His fingers still deep in me, I felt my pussy muscles grip his fingers, the thought of getting caught was so arousing I didn’t want Jack to pull out. Jack wiggled his fingers as I moaned quietly.

He leaned in and whispered, “Do you want me to stop?”

My pussy was so swollen anticipating Josh’s reaction. Would he leave if we didn’t answer him or would he wonder through the house looking for Jack?

“Hey Josh, I’m in here, I need your help with something.” My eyes grew as wide as saucers.

“Sure thing, let me grab a beer.”

I heard footsteps, loud with the thump of his work boots. I couldn’t look over, I stared at Jack his fingers twisting as I heard, “Jesus!”

“Hey man, I’m sorry, I will leave.”

“Liz and I are having a play. She likes to be watched, isn’t that right Liz?”

Jack opens my legs wider. I know I should felt embarrassed or ashamed but I didn’t. I felt liberated. I didn’t care who was watching.

I pulled Jacks face to my tit again, his suckling noises bringing Josh closer and into my line of sight.

“There is beer in the fridge,” I said, watching Josh trying to process, witnessing his friend finger fucking his lesbian neighbor while sucking her tit. I guess for guys that’s a good image.

“Oh man.”

Josh walks sideways to the fridge, not taking his eyes off us. He opens the fridge and like a blind man slaps his hand around until he lands on the beer bottles. He takes one out and kicks the door shut with his heel.

I can’t help but watch Josh’s every move. Jack seems to have forgotten he is even in the room he is so into sucking my tits until I have red marks around my areola.

Josh backs himself into an old lazy boy five feet away, the chair happens to be at the perfect angle to see my pussy being worked over without Jacks back in the way.

“Take your shoes off Josh, make yourself comfortable. I think it’s going to be a long night.”

With that comment, Jack looks up at me then glances at Josh and back at me. I only gave a small smirk acknowledging what may happen.

“This is amazing, holy hell.” Josh says as he unties his boots and kicks them to the side. He sits back with beer in hand and his legs spread like he is ready for a good movie.

Jack cock looks like it’s going to explode, he is so hard.

“Let me take care of that,” as I direct him off his knees.

“I ‘m not very good at sucking cock but I will try.”

Jack stands with his side to Josh, holding his massive cock to my lips. My tongue licks the tip as I lock eyes with Josh.

“You taste good.”

Josh squirmed in his chair muttering, fuck yes as I licked Jacks shaft then wrapped my lips around his head, sucking the pre-cum, savoring the salty cream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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